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Apr 5th, 2012
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  1. <RaideR> oi! care to explain
  2. <RaideR> i dont mind you setting up a dev community
  3. <RaideR> but the "URL impersonation" sucks
  4. <slackin> not my domain
  5. <slackin> fyi
  6. <slackin> its nikkrz
  7. <slackin> she offered it for the community
  8. <slackin> and its no url impersonation
  9. <RaideR> :D
  10. <slackin> its easy for people to remember
  11. <RaideR> hums ...
  12. <slackin> you're welcome to be a part of the community, we are not claiming to be part of the official urt team
  13. <slackin> the only other 3rd party dev community is cmm which is not being run right(morally speaking) I've heard many people complain about the people running cmm and their attitude, one of the reasons I was prompted to bring back this community
  14. <slackin> its nothing new, its an old community
  15. <slackin> just trying to revitalize it
  16. <RaideR> lets be clear, i don't mind the project, it could even be a good thing, but what i don't like is that URL, you say because its easy for people to remember, there is a reason for that you know. Seems to me like a massive FUCK YOU, and its that point i dont much care for
  17. <RaideR> would have been less "toe tready"
  18. <RaideR> So let me be clear here, either adopt some form, a single tiny amount of respect, or im done
  19. <slackin> its not a fuck you, if you take it as a fuck you, you are retarded. We are a community aimed at supporting and continued development of the game YOU are a part of directly. If thats a fuck you, then ..... sorry I'm trying to help. I dont own anymore and dont want to put out more money, nikkrz offered the subdomain to me, i took the offered
  20. <slackin> you know I have respect for you
  21. <slackin> if you have an idea/suggestion, I'm listening
  22. <slackin> I'm not doing this to piss on FS, quite the oppisite
  23. <slackin> there has already been two people who joined started rambling on about urt going FOSS and i politey told them to drop it
  24. <slackin> (thinking of you there)
  25. <RaideR> i dont oppose the idea of your team or project
  26. <slackin> well, i really didnt want it to be a subdomain of pugbot, as its entirely seperate from pugbot
  27. <slackin> and i really didnt want to to be a subdomain of gamingtilt, as this project doesnt envolve therick
  28. <slackin> so i took what was offered
  29. <slackin> Do you have a suggestion as how to resolve this in a such a way you will be satisified?
  30. <RaideR> don't care mate, i'm simply done, this time is personal to me, i spent 3 years developing and maintaining and i don't take kindly on it in the slightest. But since im realistic and if you want to do it you will and i have no possible way of trying to stop you, i will just say i'm done. That's it, just done.
  31. <slackin> raider you are being totally unreasonable
  32. <slackin> I have done nothing but help you guys, i dont bad mouth you guys, even despite my difference of opinion
  33. <slackin> RaideR maybe if i had been on the dev team we could have done something like this legit with FS dev team, I think its absolutely retarded you guys are so irrational about stuff
  34. <slackin> you guys turn down legit devs constantly
  35. <slackin> and bring in 2 dozen retarded frenchies
  36. <slackin> and you have the nerve to say anything to me?
  37. <slackin> i do more for this fucking game than you do bro
  38. <slackin> BY A FUCKING LOT
  39. <slackin> bludshot, kbar, zkat, me, nikkrz, maj, rambetter
  40. <slackin> just to name a couple people who were dedicated to urt that FS has driven away
  41. <RaideR> oh so im the ungreatfull one n1
  42. <slackin> well, tbh, maybe not you specificly
  43. <slackin> but FS yes
  44. <slackin> very ungrateful to many people who have done nothing but help
  45. <slackin> why is everything a war with you guys? lol
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