SEO Strategy for SMM Panel?

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. SEO Strategy for SMM Panel?
  2. I own an Smm panel providing social media services ( selling likes and followers).
  3. Most of my users are coming from paid advertising and sm posts ( ig hashtags and stuff) but honestly my seo sucks.
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  15. What could be the best way to approach an seo strategy for the website to get more search traffic? Am currently focusing on long tail kw with low competetion and a not-so-low monthly searches for starting.
  16. How many keywords should i focus on (as i only have the home page to display written content) .
  17. Would web 2.0s help ?
  18. I would recommend a layer of Web 2.0s to begin, with some niche relevant blog posts and niche comments pointing to the inner pages of the Web 2.0s (2 tier link pyramid).
  19. That would be the first step.
  20. Hello I have the same struggle as you are. I'll shoot you a PM after the gym and work with you through this struggle because I'm still trying to figure it out as well.
  21. "The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of the Google search results."
  22. *back at analytics laboratory* ...."I'll just log into the keyword report.. annnnd they're gone."
  23. When you just launched a website and your client asks you why it isn't rank #1 on Google...
  24. @dragonfire5566 thanks of taking the time to reply.
  25. Yes that's what am planning to do, but am still trying to figure out what kw planning strategy should i follow and how many keywords to focus on.
  26. @Social God that's great then hit me up
  27. Into this face of declining value there is a rush of oversupply WITH irrational above-market pricing. And then the registries which spend next to nothing on marketing can't
  29. understand why their great new namespaces went nowhere.
  30. As much as I cringe at .biz & .info, I'd prefer either of them over just about any new TLD.
  31. Any baggage they may carry is less than the risk of going with an unproven new extension without any protections whatsoever.
  32. Losing Faith in the Zimbabwe Dollar
  34. Who really loses is anyone who read what these domain registry operators wrote & trusted them.
  36. Google indicated their interstitial penalty might apply to pop ups that appear on scroll, yet Google welcomes itself to installing a toxic enhanced version of the Diggbar at the
  38. top of AMP pages, which persistently eats 15% of the screen & can't be dismissed. An attempt to dismiss the bar leads the person back to Google to click on another listing other
  40. than your site.
  41. As bad as I may have made mobile search results appear earlier, I was perhaps being a little too kind. Google doesn't even have mass adoption of AMP yet & they already have 4
  43. AdWords ads in their mobile search results AND when you scroll down the page they are testing an ugly "back to top" button which outright blocks a user's view of the organic
  45. search results.
  46. What happens when Google suggests what people should read next as an overlay on your content & sells that as an ad unit where if you're lucky you get a tiny taste of the revenues?
  47. Is it worth doing anything that makes your desktop website worse in an attempt to try to rank a little higher on mobile devices?
  48. Given the small screen size of phones & the heavy ad load, the answer is no.
  49. I realize that optimizing a site design for mobile or desktop is not mutually exclusive. But it is an issue we will revisit later on in this post.
  50. Coercion Which Failed
  51. SEO Strategy for SMM Panel?
  52. Many people new to SEO likely don't remember the importance of using Google Checkout integration to lower AdWords ad pricing.
  53. You either supported Google Checkout & got about a 10% CTR lift (& thus 10% reduction in click cost) or you failed to adopt it and got priced out of the market on the margin
  55. difference.
  56. And if you chose to adopt it, the bad news was you were then spending yet again to undo it when the service was no longer worth running for Google.
  57. How about when Google first started hyping HTTPS & publishers using AdSense saw their ad revenue crash because the ads were no longer anywhere near as relevant.
  58. Oops.
  59. Not like Google cared much, as it is their goal to shift as much of the ad spend as they can onto Google.com & YouTube.
  60. Google is now testing product ads on YouTube.
  62. And, since Google is tracking the behavior of end users on their own website, anomalous behavior is easier to track than it is tracking something across the broader web where
  64. signals are more indirect. Google can take advantage of their wide distribution of Chrome & Android where users are regularly logged into Google & pervasively tracked to place
  66. more weight on users where they had credit card data, a long account history with regular normal search behavior, heavy Gmail users, etc.
  67. Plus there is a huge gap between the cost of traffic & the ability to monetize it. You might have to pay someone a dime or a quarter to search for something & there is no
  69. guarantee it will work on a sustainable basis even if you paid hundreds or thousands of people to do it. Any of those experimental searchers will have no lasting value unless they
  71. influence rank, but even if they do influence rankings it might only last temporarily. If you bought a bunch of traffic into something genuine Google searchers didn't like then
  73. even if it started to rank better temporarily the rankings would quickly fall back if the real end user searchers disliked the site relative to other sites which already rank.
  74. This is part of the reason why so many SEO blogs mention brand, brand, brand. If people are specifically looking for you in volume & Google can see that thousands or millions of
  76. people specifically want to access your site then that can impact how you rank elsewhere.
  77. Even looking at something inside the search results for a while (dwell time) or quickly skipping over it to have a deeper scroll depth can be a ranking signal. Some Google patents
  79. mention how they can use mouse pointer location on desktop or scroll data from the viewport on mobile devices as a quality signal.
  80. Neural Matching
  82. Last year Danny Sullivan mentioned how Google rolled out neural matching to better understand the intent behind a search query.
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  84. 8 ways to make money without working
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  86. darksurf.fr
  87. 2012-ptp.com
  88. c hoste ferrer
  89. growtheverywhere.com
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