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  1. People travel for different purposes. Some people travel on business, others travel to visit their relatives and friends, but most people travel to see the world.
  3. There are two ways of travelling: using one's own means of transport and using public transportation. One can travel by car, by plane, by ship, by train, by coach or on foot depending on what one prefers: comfort or speed.
  5. Going by air is the fastest way of travelling. Modern planes are comfortable and it is always nice to reach the destination point within hours, even if you travel to another part of the globe.
  7. Travelling by train is quite popular: people travel from one city to another by train if there is no flight connection between them or if the distance between the places is not too big. Modern trains are comfortable and travelling by train is convenient and cheaper than travelling by train or ship.
  9. My favourite way of travelling is by car. To my mind, this is one of the most comfortable means of travelling, especially if the destination is not too far. I always enjoy looking through the window while going in a car. One can travel to different towns and cities of your native country and even abroad. In summer I like travelling on foot, or hiking. My friends and I take tents, backpacks, food and start walking. This way travelling is rather slow, but you have an opportunity of spending a lot of time outdoors and you do not have to think about tickets or missing a train or a plane. It is so nice to sleep in a tent in the open air too.
  11. When travelling on vacation you should look for accommodation appropriate to your demands. There are hotels and motels which differ in price and comfort. Before the arrival you should make a room reservation at a hotel. All this should be done beforehand over the phone or on the Internet in case the hotel is full when you arrive. A special cheap kind of accommodation for young people is youth hostels where it is possible to stay overnight at a low price. Some tourists prefer to rent a room on their own.
  13. Travelling is always nice: it gives you an opportunity to see interesting places and meet new people. I like travelling a lot.
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