I Kain't Stand All This Fanservice

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  1. [02:20:43] <@Lenore> "So noooow can we go take a bath?  You were walking awfully slow there!"  It's probably not even a minute or two since last session ended!
  2. [02:21:44] <Natalie> "W-Well... if you insist."  In that case, she walks just a LITTLE nervously, but still as haughtily as ever.  "After all, it WAS awfully filthy back there."
  3. [02:22:44] * Natalie speeds up and presumably leads to... where would such a thing even be?
  4. [02:23:21] <@Lenore> "I thiiiink there was a place I saw when I was coming here!  But I was too busy going after the books.  That was my first priority, after all!"
  5. [02:24:36] <Natalie> "Hmmm.  The only books I found were bland and full of recycled knowledge."  Walk walk.  "I took a look at them myself because I was bored, but it wasn't the slightest bit satisfying.  It's... this way, right?"
  6. [02:25:39] <@Lenore> "Mmmhmm!  That way.  I didn't find anything I didn't already know either.  It was really disappointing, I was expecting a library as big as that to have something I didn't know!"
  7. [02:26:49] <Natalie> "That's right!"  Nat sticks her nose proudly into the air.  "A magician wise enough to have earned my respect wouldn't do to actually be fascinated by boring old tomes like the ones they had here.  The 'city of scholars' must be home to poor scholars, all things considered."
  8. [02:27:31] * Natalie pauses comically in place and lifts a finger, pointing. "... Is that where you were talking about?"
  9. [02:28:00] * @Lenore stares intently for a second... "Yep!"
  10. [02:29:04] <Natalie> "... I'm not quite sure it's classy enough.  But it's classier than those caverns, at least- in desperate times it'll have to do."  Heaving a sigh she proceeds inward... shivering for some reason.
  11. [02:30:14] * @Lenore marches in a little exaggeratedly, moving her arms and legs a bit higher than normal. "Some-thing bother-ing you?" She punctuates her words with steps.
  12. [02:30:40] <Natalie> "... You're imagining it."
  13. [02:31:10] * Natalie hmphs again and... how do these EVEN work?
  14. [02:32:16] <@Lenore> ('d be like...clothes off->wash self->rinse self->actual hot bath.)
  15. [02:32:33] <Natalie> (I mean are changing rooms separated?)
  16. [02:32:57] <Natalie> (THIS IS ACTUALLY IMPORTANT)
  17. [02:33:13] <castfromhp> (Nat's a dickgirl)
  18. [02:33:16] <Natalie> (shut up)
  19. [02:33:49] <@Lenore> (Within a gendered area?  I don't think so.  Might have it be that way here, I don't expect them to have something as sophisticated as lockers so maybe they just have you put your clothes in teh changing area nad walk ahead and I don't even know I'm guessing.)
  20. [02:34:01] <@Lenore> 1d2 does it have separate changing rooms?  1 yes 2 no
  21. [02:34:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, does it have separate changing rooms?  1 yes 2 no: 2 [1d2=2]
  22. [02:34:12] <Natalie> (awesome, this will be even funnier then)
  23. [02:34:53] <Natalie> "O... Oh.  So you..."  Her eyes glaze over a little.  "... Right, of course that's how it works."
  24. [02:35:37] <@Lenore> "...huh.  T-the ones I've been to before had a separate area..."  She shakes her head.  "It'll be okay!"
  25. [02:36:04] <Natalie> "Well, that's to be expected of a low-class place like this one.  But..."
  26. [02:36:16] * Natalie looks nervously out the door, then side-to-side.
  27. [02:36:34] <@Lenore> "Nervous?"
  28. [02:36:40] <Natalie> "E-Excuse me, could I ask..."
  29. [02:36:55] * Natalie turns around. "Please unzip me."
  30. [02:37:25] <@Lenore> (Oh man, now I'm trying to imagine her flailing about unzipping herself if it WAS seperated)
  31. [02:37:36] <Natalie> (gotta love)
  32. [02:37:47] <Natalie> (1,1but it gets better)
  33. [02:38:38] <@Lenore> "Ah, sure!"  She takes off her hat first, setting it down, then takes the zipper and starts slowly bringing it down, breathing in...then exhales, suddenly unzipping the rest of it all at once.
  34. [02:40:08] * Natalie EEPs and scurries over to a corner. "T-Thank you, normally I just have my servant do it." What is that EVEN.... is that ribbons? "You're free to handle your own business now, I'll be there momentarily."
  35. [02:40:29] <Natalie> She's trying to hide what's underneath either way.  And not doing very well.
  36. [02:42:05] <@Lenore> "Mine doesn't have a zipper, not that fancy, just buttons on the back but I-"  She realizes Nat's too nervous to do the rest of this with her.  Not like it's too hard to get the buttons...she fumbles with them for a bit but eventually undoes some of them, and just slips the rest of it off without undoing all of them.
  37. [02:42:26] <@Lenore> (I have it stuck in my head that only rich people have fancy things like zippers)
  38. [02:42:42] <Natalie> (actually I wouldn't doubt the truth of that in a setting like this one)
  39. [02:43:55] <Natalie> "Oh.  T-Then it's probably not a problem."  The noble actually does wait before disrobing, which... assuming Lenore goes first takes a freakishly long time.
  40. [02:44:22] <Natalie> For some mysterious reason.
  41. [02:46:19] * @Lenore doesn't take long at all after getting THOSE BUTTONS off, and quickly managed to get everything else off. "There! I guess we can get going, now!"
  42. [02:47:30] * Natalie hides a big black wad of... something with the rest of the dress and proceeds. "O-Of course. Right."
  43. [02:49:27] <@Lenore> 2d6 Is there a skill for balancing?  Regardless, Lenore doesn't have it.
  44. [02:49:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Is there a skill for balancing?  Regardless, Lenore doesn't have it.: 4 [2d6=3,1]
  45. [02:49:50] <Natalie> (>implying not athletics)
  46. [02:50:20] * @Lenore somehow manages to slip and trip over Nat's clothes, falling flat onto her face. "Ow, ow, ow."
  47. [02:51:40] <Natalie> ... As it happens a looooong length of black ribbon gets sprawled across the room, which Nat notices and quickly goes over to lean down and extend a hand as a distraction instead.  "Are you REALLY this clumsy?  How embarrassing."
  48. [02:53:55] * Lenore gets herself up slowly, because ow does tripping hurt when you're not wearing anything. Now, would she notice anything as she's getting herself up?
  49. [02:54:18] <Natalie> ... As it happens a looooong length of black ribbon gets sprawled across the room, which Nat notices and quickly goes over to lean down and extend a hand as a distraction instead.  "Are you REALLY this clumsy?  How embarrassing."
  50. [02:55:38] <Natalie> Not that a distraction really works when there's that much of it.  There's... like, more ribbon there than there is anything else.
  51. [02:56:48] * Lenore takes her hand, occasionally wincing. "Sorry I landed on your things..." As she dusts herself off, she reorients herself and... "That's a lot of ribbon..."
  52. [02:57:43] <Natalie> "It's... e-everybody has their preferences, pay it no mind."
  53. [02:57:50] * @Lenore blinks a few times. "How do you...even..."
  54. [02:57:58] * Natalie kicks it back in the pile and scurries in further.
  55. [02:58:51] <Natalie> For the record her big black hair ribbon is so iconic that she looks really weird without it, but it's pretty clearly separate.  As are... a lot of other big lengths of just ribbon.
  56. [02:59:03] <@Lenore> "Do you like, wrap yourself like a mummy under your dress, or- Oh!"  She hurries up to catch up with Nat!
  57. [02:59:58] <Natalie> "It's NONE of your business!  Do you intend to stay filthy and pry into others' clothing choices all day?"  Nat musters a kinda-fake 'hmph' and just stares at the water.
  58. [03:00:08] <Natalie> Staaaaaaaaare.
  59. [03:00:35] <Natalie> The sheer amount of embarrassment provides a 'yes' to that question, by the way.
  60. [03:03:00] * Lenore realizes that she's flustered Nat up pretty bad. "L-let's get washed up, then, okay?" Bugging her can wait until she's clean.
  61. [03:03:48] <Natalie> "Right."  Not even sure where to start, a groggy, low-volume "nnnn" emerges under her breath.
  62. [03:04:30] * @Lenore walks over to wherever there's soap and starts scrubbing. "Over here, Azure!"
  63. [03:05:07] <Natalie> "Well, of COURSE I knew that."  The nnnnn evolves into nnnnmph.  "It's just common knowledge, isn't it?"  Scrub scrub.
  64. [03:06:10] <Natalie> "Though, after all this travel..."  Scrubscrubscrubscrub.
  65. [03:07:26] * @Lenore scrubscrubscrubs a bit all over. "I haven't bathed in daaaays, maybe I should've done it before I visited the library." More scrubbing.
  66. [03:08:44] <@Lenore> "...haven't eaten in a while either."  Scrubscrub.
  67. [03:08:58] <Natalie> "Hmm.  Poor hygiene isn't something I'm proud to admit to by any means," scrubscrub.  "But... all our travel's made it difficult to live luxoriously.  I'm not fond of it, but... but..."
  68. [03:09:24] * Natalie slows down on the scrubbing to salivate a little. "... The creatures earlier had a decent amount of meat, didn't they?"
  69. [03:10:11] <@Lenore> " Ammy a good cook?"  She swallows.  Nope, no drooling her.  Then resumes scrubbing. "I figure she'd know how to, being a servant."
  70. [03:10:32] <Natalie> "Ammy- ... a-hem, my servant Amaryllis' culinary skills are the finest.  I would have accepted no less, wouldn't you think?"
  71. [03:11:11] <Natalie> "So I expect, if there's THAT much... there's a chance there may be some extra."
  72. [03:12:17] <Natalie> "While I'm not sure how fond I'd be of a rat partaking, I feel we do deserve a feast after felling that beast."  Scrubscrub.  "And the... various other... doings... we did."
  73. [03:12:38] * Natalie pauses mid-scrub to totally zone out, staring at a wall.
  74. [03:13:30] <@Lenore> "...Um, about Celina.  Why do you keep calling her a rat, I mean, Ammy is Burmecian too..."  She's doing her hair now.  Scrubscrubscrub.  It's usually in a ponytail, so its easy to forget how long it is!  How does that ponytail stay so...clumped together normally, anyway?  Static charge, maybe?
  75. [03:14:20] <Natalie> "Hmm?  Hmmmm?"  Leaningawayfromlenore.jpg.  "What EVER could make you think something like that?"
  76. [03:17:41] <@Lenore> "Well, she seemed rather skilled in the arts of war, and...well, I guess she could qualify for Alexandrian too, then..."
  77. [03:17:56] <@Lenore> " I thinking in stereotypes?  I think I am.  I-is that bad?"
  78. [03:19:09] <Natalie> "... Oh.  Oh HO, I see."  She's scrubbing herself with her feet while giggling.  "I call her a rodent because that's exactly what she looks like, straight down to the fur.  My servant isn't ratlike by any means, that wouldn't be acceptable."
  79. [03:19:49] <Natalie> "I'll admit they're both skilled warriors... but if the rat asks I didn't compliment her.  Not at all."  HMPH.
  80. [03:20:43] <@Lenore> "...but...singling out people by race is bad...then again...I'm sort of singling o-out Theta because..."  She blushes, starting to scrub EVER MORE FURIOUSLY on her long hair.
  81. [03:21:16] <@Lenore> (...well I guess you don't really scrub hair, you just sort of rub it, but EEEEEEEEEEEEEH)
  82. [03:21:53] <Natalie> "Alpha?"  Footscrub.  "Yes, yes, he's a strange one.  But as a combatant I wouldn't doubt him either."
  83. [03:22:34] <@Lenore> "Do you...d-do you find it weird that Genomes have tails?  T-they look so normal otherwise..."
  84. [03:22:56] * @Lenore WISHES she had the dexterity for footscrubbing as well as Natalie
  85. [03:23:06] <Natalie> "In all honesty, I just find 'rat' easiest to remember.  I suppose that doesn't excuse 'rodent,' but..."  Finishing up she just head-tilts.  "Weird?"
  86. [03:23:09] <Natalie> "Hmm..."
  87. [03:23:30] <Natalie> "Hmmnnnn...."  Her eyes glaze over again.  "Nnnn..."
  88. [03:23:48] <Natalie> "Er, right, uhm, yes.  Yes, definitely."
  89. [03:25:49] <Lenore> "I can accept the n-natives of Burmecia and Cleyra as having tails since they look so different, but..."
  90. [03:25:51] * @Lenore trails off... "You go 'nnn' a lot, Azure!" She's grabbing a bucket to dump on herself to rinse off by now.
  91. [03:26:42] <Natalie> "Nn- I-I mean, nnnno!  You're just imagining it!"  She DUMPS over herself too, really hastily.  "Anyway, I didn't think about that, since his SWORD was more helpful against monsters than his TAIL was."
  92. [03:27:41] * Natalie turns away after DUMPing, shivering a little. A lot. But then stands up and starts proceeding further.
  93. [03:28:01] * @Lenore dumps now, also shivering a bit. "Soak now?"
  94. [03:28:39] <Natalie> "Indeed.  If it isn't adequately relaxing I'm calling my lawyer."
  95. [03:29:28] * @Lenore walks over, then climbs in slooowly. It's hot! She eventually acclimates and submerges herself up to her neck, though.
  96. [03:30:57] * Natalie walks over and sticks a foot in, then pulls back and wiggles her toes while glaring at the water. Slowly she sticks it in again.... and YANKS back. It's a few more attempts of this before eventually taking a slow step in, then another.
  97. [03:32:20] <Natalie> "... It's hot.  B-Better hot than cold though, I suppose."  Apparently angry at the water or something Nat treads in a little further and plops down to the point where she could blow bubbles.
  98. [03:32:39] <@Lenore> "It's nnnnnice...although pretty hot."  She giggles a little.  "So, about that ribbonnnn..."
  99. [03:33:01] <@Lenore> "Nnnn~. It's kind of fun to say~!"
  100. [03:33:51] <Natalie> "Nnnn~"  Nnnnat pleasantly hums the noise under the water, eyes closed, before they FLING open and she frees her mouth from its watery embrace.  "N-No, stop that!  I never did that!"
  101. [03:34:09] <Natalie> "... Okay, maybe just a little sometimes possibly."
  102. [03:39:26] <Lenore> "You know, I hear that getting past dennnnnial is a good way to fix mennnnntal issues!"  She has this big goofy smile.
  103. [03:40:04] <Natalie> "It's... It's just not very elegant, that's all.  A habit.  Not a word of it to anybody, understand?"  She points an accusing finger but submerges it again, shuffling.  Still shivering for some weird reason.  "Ribbons... ribbons are different."
  104. [03:40:42] <Natalie> "They're as elegant as elegant can be.  Soft, nice to look at, comfy..."
  105. [03:41:05] <@Lenore> "Like a pillow?"
  106. [03:41:34] * Natalie blows a few bubbles anyway. "Only better. Indeed, any noble who DOESN'T wear them brings shame upon the name of their house."
  107. [03:42:49] <@Lenore> "...well, I've got a few...too bad I'm not a noble, though."
  108. [03:43:08] <@Lenore> "Can't you just wear a dress like mine that has ribbons on it?  And that ribbon in your hair?"
  109. [03:44:05] <Natalie> "Of course, they're still fashionable."  Another head-tilt.  "You mean you don't think it has enough?  There were... six on the dress by itself, last I counted."
  110. [03:44:36] * @Lenore shakes her head. "Well, what I'm getting at is...why does Azure have to wear them under her clothes?"
  111. [03:44:36] <Natalie> "And then two each on the stockings, and my footwear..."
  112. [03:44:53] * Natalie flushes red. "B-Because! There's never enough of them!"
  113. [03:45:19] <Natalie> She kinda just drifts back under the water with a defeated "nnnnn."
  114. [03:45:21] <@Lenore> "That's not good enough of a reasonnnnn~!"
  115. [03:45:45] <Natalie> "Well!  It's not important and I think it's rude to pry, s-so there!"
  116. [03:46:32] <Natalie> "Ennnnough about that!  Tell me more... about black magic.  I decided not to learn it because it's too easy."
  117. [03:46:37] <@Lenore> "...I won't tell the others, I'm good at keeping secrets.  Or at least, I think so!"
  118. [03:46:59] * Natalie gets all smug again. "For your sake I hope so. ... Nnn."
  119. [03:47:16] <@Lenore> "Black Magic?  Hmmm, well...although it's a bit easy early on...there's something that bugs me."
  120. [03:48:21] <@Lenore> "All the elements have these amazing high level spells that are all unique and interesting..."
  121. [03:48:27] <@Lenore> "...except for Lightning."
  122. [03:48:45] <Natalie> "Does it not?"  Head-tilt.  "... It doesn't, does it?"
  123. [03:49:38] <Natalie> "Then why choose lightning?  Is there something you aim to do with it, in particular?"
  124. [03:50:01] <@Lenore> "My dad...told me not to bother with lightning..."
  125. [03:50:06] <@Lenore> "He told me a lot of things."
  126. [03:50:28] * Natalie crawls on over to Lenore's side like a shark.
  127. [03:50:28] <@Lenore> "And he probably knows better, but...for once I...want to show him I'm right where he's not."
  128. [03:51:02] <Natalie> "So you're one of those children?  I see, I see~  The greatest of wizards write their own spells to cast, you know."
  129. [03:51:36] <Natalie> "You could probably scribe a powerful lightning spell yourself after decades, perhaps longer, of practice.  Or at the very least improvise one."
  130. [03:51:59] <@Lenore> "W-what do you mean by those childrennn?"  She starts using the imitated vocal tic nervously.
  131. [03:52:26] <Natalie> "Defiant~  Rebellious~"  She says it singsongily.  "They're common in stories, too."
  132. [03:52:54] <Natalie> "In fact, I'm sure Amaryllis would tell you you sound like a protagonist, with that sort of backstory."
  133. [03:53:31] <@Lenore> "A-ah..."  She blushes a bit. "Honestly brother would be the rebellious one..."
  134. [03:53:59] <Natalie> "Your brother wants to act against your father, too?"
  135. [03:54:06] * Natalie wears a curious, peppy smile now.
  136. [03:55:24] <@Lenore> "My brother's really angry with him, maybe a bit too much...I really don't think they'd be able to be near each other without getting in a fight, now."
  137. [03:56:47] * @Lenore lowers herself a bit, her mouth almost going to the water. "I...haven't seen him in a few years, actually."
  138. [03:57:27] <Natalie> "Ohh?  That's more an antihero, then.  Typical in writing."  She yaaaaaawns.  "Since I only hear stories and don't tell them I'm certain my opinion as a critic isn't entirely too valuable, but I'd rate it a three out of ten.  Though... I have to wonder.  If you say he's rebellious, would that mean he studies lightning magic too?"
  139. [03:58:01] <@Lenore> "Only a little.  He doesn't really have a specialization...he's kind of like Ammy."
  140. [03:59:06] <Natalie> "Oh!"  Nat wears an arrogant smirk.  "Or like me.  White magic practically comes to me naturally, so I don't find it necessary to specialize."
  141. [03:59:27] <Natalie> "Not that it has as many branches, but..."
  142. [03:59:47] <@Lenore> "He thinks use of the blade is just as important to learn as use of magic."
  143. [04:00:09] <Natalie> "Well, self-defense IS important."
  144. [04:01:01] * Natalie shakes her head. "It wouldn't do if I were to be a helpless damsel-in-distress if caught without my servant, so I learned to protect myself. Any self-respecting anybody should do that."
  145. [04:01:14] * @Lenore siiiighs, her eyes half-closed. "Yeah, I guess..."
  146. [04:03:00] <Natalie> "Though," a haughty 'hmph' again.  "It's... nnnnnnice to have a focus.  At least you won't get lost along the way, which is... helpful for normal people who aren't prodigies."
  147. [04:03:01] <@Lenore> "But power for power's sake..." She's getting a little incoherent. "...I...worry about him..."  Her eyes start drooping more.
  148. [04:03:55] <Natalie> "Worry... mmmm.... nnnn."  Nat just drifts back to the other side.  "Nnnn."
  149. [04:04:24] * @Lenore starts nodding off...then her face goes in the water. "Mmmph!" She bolts upright, with a bit of a splash. "Azure, I think...I need a nap."
  150. [04:04:35] <@Lenore> "All this heat is making me sleepier..."
  151. [04:05:00] * Natalie YAAAAAAAAWNS and stretches. "Any more and I'd fall asleep in the water myself, I'm sure. That would be awful."
  152. [04:06:11] * @Lenore stands up, climbing out of the water and looking for where there'd be towels...ah! There they are. She grabs two. "C'mon, let's dry off."
  153. [04:06:25] <Natalie> "Especially not with the meeting I arranged..."  Mumbling and grumbling she crawls out, totally grabbing out with a nod.
  154. [04:07:19] <Natalie> "Well then, hopefully we'll get to work together again in the future.  With all the travel my servant and I do, allies are sometimes necessary."
  155. [04:07:50] * Natalie dries desperately, really hoping to be not-wet as soon as possible.
  156. [04:08:40] * @Lenore starts drying herself off, first drying her body quickly, and then rubbing it in her hair. "That'd be nice, yeah. I really...don't know where to look for information on spellcrafting or anything now that the most obvious place is out of the running..."
  157. [04:09:58] <Natalie> "I'm sure it at least exists."  Rubrub.  "You'll find it eventually if you look hard enough.  That's really all there is."
  158. [04:10:24] <Natalie> "Overcomplicated thought about it won't get anywhere until you get there."
  159. [04:10:35] <@Lenore> "Only real lead I've got is that crystal, now."  Rubrubrub.
  160. [04:10:50] * Natalie zones out and stares at a wall for a good few seconds again, before headshaking and re-approaching the massive ribbon pile.
  161. [04:11:14] <Natalie> "IF it actually talks again.  Maybe it's decided to nap for hundreds of years?"
  162. [04:11:45] * @Lenore wraps the towel around her torso before walking to her clothes. "Well, it said where to find another one, right?" Rather than put her dress on, she starts fishing around in her hat.
  163. [04:13:16] <Natalie> "Hmm... did it?  Well, I think it prattled a bit much.  I'd hope its brethren know when to shut up."  Shuffling around in the ribbons she picks up a tiny booklet of some kind, maybe a diary?  Either way she sets it to the side and, flushing red, starts ACTUALLY putting the ribbons on.  Arms first, wrapping them like really long gloves.
  164. [04:15:51] * @Lenore after a bit of reeeeaching pulls out a dress that's nearly identical to the one she was wearing before, along with a new pair of socks and undergarments. She starts putting on the clean clothes. "Could you...button me up?"
  165. [04:16:10] <@Lenore> "I'll help you with the ribbons, if you want."
  166. [04:16:41] <Natalie> "How DA- ..."  Pausing to think for a bit she just shakes her head and walks over, towel still on.  "Nnnnnnot necessary.  But hold still."
  167. [04:17:30] <@Lenore> "Okay..."  She does just that.  "I wonder where a good place to clean up my clothes would be, around here..."
  168. [04:18:04] * Natalie does the buttons with.... okay, it's not actually a whole lot of precision and she probably gets poked a few times. "Considering scholars tend to have robes that aren't filthy, I would be surprised if there WASN'T one."
  169. [04:19:00] <Natalie> "Annnnnd.... there.  I'm sure I can zip myself without help at least once, anyway."
  170. [04:19:44] <@Lenore> "Eeee~!"  She does get poked, but takes it in stride.  "Okay, then."  She walks over to her dirty clothes and starts putting them in the hat, carefully, before putting on her shoes and lastly, her hat.
  171. [04:19:55] <Natalie> Notably, the ribbon-wrapping is really comical because they're strewn about the place and she wears a HUGE :3 face when covered in them.
  172. [04:20:45] * @Lenore starts straining to 1) Not smile, and 2) Not stare. "When did you get in the habit of wearing that many ribbons?"
  173. [04:20:45] <Natalie> It's... really weird that it even works.  In fact it's supposed to be physically impossible as some people have pointed out already but it works.
  174. [04:21:01] <Natalie> "Nnnn.... I forgot."
  175. [04:21:37] <@Lenore> "Really?  Huh."
  176. [04:22:08] <Natalie> "But it's comfy, so I decided it didn't matter."  She's totally snuggling the big hair ribbon before putting that in, too.
  177. [04:22:44] <@Lenore> "Comfort and aesthetic are all that matters with clothing, after all~"
  178. [04:23:02] <Natalie> "And it's easy to move around in.  That's how I protect myself instead of being a sluggish mage who hides behind others."  She HMPHS and starts on the dress.  "And that's all that matters."
  179. [04:23:23] <Natalie> "... That wasn't aimed at anybody in particular, I might add."  SHFFFF.
  180. [04:24:44] * Natalie spends the next few moments in silence, comically reaching behind her back with clawed grabby-hands, then gives up and starts trying to use her shoeless feet to do it instead, toes a-wiggling. It doesn't get far.
  181. [04:24:46] <@Lenore> "...I guess my talent, if it really is talent, is how effective my spells are, not how graceful I am in doing it or anything like that..."  She starts getting her hair in a ponytail.
  182. [04:26:21] * Natalie spins in place a few times, "nnn"ing all the while.
  183. [04:31:31] * Lenore finishes up her hair, although it looks a bit messy still. With a snap of her fingers, though, it all suddenly clumps together all nicelike. "Lightning is nice to specialize in. Static electricity is useful for-" She starts staring at Nat.
  184. [04:31:36] <Lenore> ", Miss Azure, c-cannn I be of service?"
  185. [04:32:36] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnno I-"  Spinspinspin.  Eventually she leans against the wall in exhaustion.  "... Yes, please.  White magic is hardly the slightest bit helpful for this."
  186. [04:33:11] * @Lenore walks over and zips it. "I can also dry hair with my knowledge of fire~."
  187. [04:34:03] * Natalie armfolds poutily, after giving a little thankful nod. "I-It's not like I'm envious. At least White can be helpful for when you're feeling sick, or need a mirror..."
  188. [04:34:37] * @Lenore nods. "Red Mages probably have it the best."
  189. [04:34:40] <Natalie> "It's almost ironic that it's more practical in combat than elsewhere."
  190. [04:35:40] * Natalie sighs but nods along. "Regardless, I'm satisfied. Both types of spellcasters working together are infinitely more effective anyway."
  191. [04:36:17] <Natalie> And... shff, shff.  Shoes on.  Ribbon adjusted... okay!  "Nn... I mean, your time was appreciated.  I'll be going now."
  192. [04:36:39] * @Lenore smiles. "That's why we're so good together! Electric Yellow and Royal Azure~"
  193. [04:37:04] <@Lenore> "...okay.  But I'm coming along, at least to eat some of whatever Ammy's making...if...that's okay."
  194. [04:37:22] * Natalie giggles a little, for... is that actually the first time? Huh. "Well... you'll be here for a while, yes?"
  195. [04:37:53] <@Lenore> "I'm here until I leave~" She giggles a bit, too.
  196. [04:38:25] <Natalie> "I'm sure a feast would be in order sometime regardless, most likely tonight.  Though... perhaps not.  I have a meeting to attend, anyway."
  197. [04:39:00] <Natalie> "I'm sure the town is small enough that we could get everybody together for a celebration, so it probably won't be an issue."
  198. [04:39:19] * @Lenore nods. "It sounds nnnnnice."
  199. [04:40:12] * Natalie narrows her eyes and points a finger, waggling it around kind-of-goofily. "Nnnno more of that! I'm trying not to do it too much."
  200. [04:40:14] <Natalie> POUT.
  201. [04:40:30] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnn."
  202. [04:40:49] <Natalie> For clarification, that's like... okay, it's Maria, okay?  It's 'uuuuu' while pouting, only you turn the letters upside-down.
  203. [04:40:50] <@Lenore> "Hypocrit~!"  Usual Lenore goofy smile is a go!
  204. [04:40:52] <Natalie> That's what's happening here.
  205. [04:41:44] * Natalie sticks her tongue out, hands at hips, but giggles afterward. "Then, we'll meet again soon. Do take care."
  206. [04:42:35] <@Lenore> "Oh I will!  Make sure you don't scare off help, now~."  Gigglegiggle
  207. [04:43:30] <Natalie> Nat's steps off into the distance start as an elegant walk but devolve into a silly march which in itself devolves into a full-on skip.  And before long she's gone, in a much more energetic way than probably expected.
  208. [04:43:37] <Natalie> AND SO THE ADVENTURE OF LIFE GOdamnit I can't do this
  209. [04:44:21] * @Lenore marches out a little exaggerated, along with the mini. It's over. Done, I tell you.
  210. [04:44:31] <Natalie> Or is iyes it is
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