Xenos Hunters Session 10

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  1. antoine As the horde rushes ever onward the whine of engines passes over head as an aquila lander and two thunderbolt fighter escorts roar overhead.
  2.         Sinbad  lowers his heavy bolter, and lets more of his metal storm shells fly into the body of the oncoming bio-hulk
  3.         Sinbad  "Die! I'll carve your shell as a home before this day is through!"
  4.         antoine While many of Sinbad's shot merely fall to the ground after bouncing off and exploding near the creature, a few embed themselves before detonating to cause the creature a measure of discomfort.
  5.         Cadmus  follows Sinbad's salvo up with one of his own at the massive xenos
  6.         antoine Cadmus' shots continue to chip away at the mighty beast.
  7.         Omniel  zeroes in on the thing's legs, aiming to cut it down before it can get any closer. He thumbs the triggers twice in quick succession.
  8.         Bellerophon     stares down the grotesquely large xenoform and attempts to cut its (right) leg out from under it with a mighty hail of bolter shells
  9.         antoine The series of lascannon shots lance through the bio-tank's legs, sheering them off. The body is still for a moment until gravity takes hold and it falls into the two lines of death being pushed out against it by Omniel, further bisecting it into smaller pieces.
  10.         Omniel  ++Target neutralized.++
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  13.         Bellerophon     fires into the horde*
  14.         antoine Bellerophon cuts a swathe through the front lines of the advancing gaunts. Over head the thunderbolt fighter's autocannons chatter as they attempt to make an opening for the aquila lander, unfortunately a swarm of gargoyles manage to latch onto the lander and while some fall from the sudden jinks and turns the pilot makes enough latch on to burn and cut their way through half of a wing,...
  15.         antoine ...sheering off the lift surface. This sends the craft into a large circular lazy dive like that of a insect that has had a wing pulled off.
  16.         Bellerophon     ++Oh dear.++
  17.         Sinbad  ++Looks like...not fun. ...Should we...try that?++
  18.         Cadmus  ++They're on their own. We must hold this position.++
  19.         Sinbad  watches the falling Thunderbolt with a morbid curiosity
  20.         Sinbad  ++Indeed, Brother Leader.++
  21.         Bellerophon     ++It had two Thunderbolt escorts. It had to be one of ours.++
  22.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Cadmus, Omniel, Bell, Arkias, gaunts, imperial guard, bio-tanks”
  23.         Arkias  ++Your perception does you credit, Brother.++ Arkias says with not a little irony.
  24.         Cadmus  ++Aquilla lander, this is Cadmus Boitr of the Deathwatch. Who are you carrying?++ Cadmus transmits, trying to reach someone on it.
  25.         Sinbad  joins in, ++Ha! Are you sure the xenos have not seen the superiority of the Imperial aircraft?++
  26.         Bellerophon     scans the wreckage with his autosenses zoomed in, examining it
  27.         antoine You hear this as Arkias arrives on his bike, returning from dealing with a rogue astropath who went mad with the shadow of the warp so close.
  28.         antoine The craft slowly descends before impacting near the horde rushing your position.
  29.         antoine You make out forms of people climbing out of the craft, the flash of gunfire coming from the position.
  30.         Sinbad  gasps
  31.         Omniel  ++Brother Leader, should we maintain position?++
  32.         Bellerophon     ++Sororitas were in that craft, brothers.++
  33.         Sinbad  "Our allies are going to be swamped by the xenos!"
  34.         Bellerophon     ++One presumes they are capable.++
  35.         Arkias  ++You assume too much of mortals.++
  36.         Bellerophon     ++But I have the utmost faith in the bolter.++
  37.         Bellerophon     ++It would be a disgrace if we were to let them die.++
  38.         antoine Over the vox a voice laced with gunfire comes through ++This is Canoness Commander Isabella Chevalier, escorting Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave. We have been shot down outside the city, any assistance would be BANG, zzzzztttttt++
  39.         Arkias  ++Only if their deaths would not serve the greater cause.++
  40.         Sinbad  pales within his beaked helmet
  41.         Arkias  ++Brother-Leader, while the decision is in your hands, I am not sure of the wisdom of such a diversion.++
  42.         Cadmus  ++As much as i dislike the Inquisitor's personality, we still need to attempt to save them. Let's move to recover them then fall back to our current position.++ Cadmus says over the squad channel
  43.         Arkias  ++Understood, Brother-Leader.++ Arkias responds, firing his bike's boltguns at the swarm as he speaks.
  44.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Cadmus, Omniel, Bell, Arkias, gaunts, sisters, imperial guard”
  45.         Cadmus  ++Commander, we are on our way to pick you up, hang in there.++
  46.         Arkias  ++Let us hope that the xenos do not exploit the opening this provides.++
  47.         Cadmus  ++They are straight ahead of us, Arkias.++
  48.         antoine Arkias' bolters shots tear past the battle sisters and slam into the approaching horde.
  49.         antoine A portion of the sea of monsters surrounds and harasses the sisters as the rest surge onwards towards the breach.
  50.         Sinbad  "NO!"
  51.         antoine The imperial guard holding the breach fire a deadly fusillade into the gaunts, picking them off one by one.
  52.         Sinbad  rockets forth on his warbike
  54.         antoine Sinbad drives like a bat out of the warp, smashing aside gaunts that are in his way. As he rides several leap at him only to be smacked down or grabbed by the throat before having their necks snapped. Drawing his chainsword he lays waste around him, breaking through to the wreckage of the aquila lander and the battle sisters desperately holding their ground mix of furious elegance, each shot...
  55.         antoine ...from them a marksman's finest but backed up by a frenzy-like zeal
  56.         Arkias  ++Another brilliant maneuver.++ Arkias mutters into his vox-grille, as he guns his engines.
  57.         Cadmus  opens up on the horde of gaunts surrounding the lander
  58.         antoine Cadmus cuts a hole, in the tyranid lines, punishing the xenos.
  59.         Omniel  ++Hold on tight, Brothers.++
  60.         Omniel  puts the pedal to the metal, charging forward into the oncoming horde.
  61.         Bellerophon     directs his fire towards protecting the wreckage of the lander from the tyranid swarm
  62.         antoine Bellerophon's shot pound the enemy opening a hole for the rhino to punch through, the throaty grumble of it's engines being pushed hard by the techmarine.
  63.         antoine Arkias keeps pace with the Rhino, laying about at the xenos snapping at his heels.
  64.         Arkias  "Blasted, xeno, VERMIN!" Arkias roars as something goes crunch under the tyres.
  65.         antoine The gaunts swarm over the two vehicles as the rest of the horde push onwards into the imperial guard.
  66.         antoine The horde engages the men in melee, scything talons rising and falling in bloody arcs.
  67.         Arkias  ++If we dally, this charge will be for naught!++
  68.         antoine The sisters hold their ground as the imperial guard draw combat knives and fix bayonets, counter attacking the tyranids in their lines.
  69.         antoine You can hear Sinbad shouting soon followed by the sisters beginning to sing a lovely hymn, matching the one being broadcast by the Razorback.
  70.         antoine You see Sinbad carrying the inquisitor while cutting his way through the horde
  71.         Bellerophon     continues to cut the horde to ribbons with well applied heavy bolter fire
  72.         Cadmus  opens up on the horde surrounding them.
  73.         antoine Cadmus opens up an area in the swarm near the aquila lander for the razorback to park, his bolter rounds sending chitin in every direction.
  74.         Omniel  slows the Razorback to a more reasonable speed, skidding through Tyranid innards to present the rear hatch to the Sisters. ++Assistance has arrived!++
  75.         Omniel  triggers another blast of the lascannons, almost as an afterthought, hopefully frying a few more enemies.
  76.         Bellerophon     lets his heavy bolter do the talking
  77.         Bellerophon     cuts another large swathe of gaunts down
  78.         Arkias  ++The mortals falter.++ Arkias snaps irritably. ++A moment, Brother-Leader...++
  79.         Arkias  turns on his bike, hand outstretched over the back of the bike and finger pointed at where the guardsmen are in melee.
  80.         Arkias  clenches his fist.
  81.         antoine warp flame leaps from arkia's hand, discouraging the swarm and sending it towards the gap in the defense lines while the sisters move to load up the razorback.
  82.         Arkias  "Bid haste."
  83.         Sinbad  "Hurry, Sisters! The Xenos attack our brothers in arms!"
  84.         Arkias  "The deaths of these weaklings will be on your heads should you delay."
  85.         antoine The massive swarm slams into the guardsmen, shattering their morale as they break and run from the horde that vastly outnumbers them.
  86.         Arkias  "And you delayed."
  87.         Arkias  ++Brother-Leader, your orders?++
  88.         antoine The sisters climb into the razorback and begin tending their wounds, taking the inquisitor from Sinbad
  89.         Sinbad  "My thanks!"
  90.         Cadmus  ++We must halt the xenos advance, get us in front of them.++
  91.         Sinbad  again throws himself through the attacking xenos, attempting to cut them off at the chargepoint at the Guard line
  93.         antoine Sinbad's commands manage to rally the faltering men, they form a ragged line to prevent the tyranids from entering the city proper.
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  97.         Cadmus  opes up on the horde assaulting the guard
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  99.         antoine Cadmus chases the horde of tyranids moving away from you into the city with his heavy bolter fire.
  100.         Omniel  closes up the rear hatch and sends the Razorback barreling back towards the Imperial lines, eking out as much speed as possible.
  101.         Bellerophon     continues hosing down the swarm
  102.         antoine Omniel smashes the Razorback into the rear of the swarm, crushing several under his mighty tracks, Bellerophon adds to the cacophony of destruction with his heavy bolter, purging the xenos as he plays the buckling bolter from left to right across the enemy formation.
  103.         Bellerophon     manipulates his heavy bolter like a third arm, carving up the tyranids closest to the guardsman, impressing them with his mad skills as he restores their confidence
  104.         Arkias  turns his bike around with a twist of the handlebars, wheels squealing in protest.
  105.         Arkias  raises a hand, murmuring a rite of focusing...and nothing happens.
  106.         Sinbad  stares at the Brother Psyker in the distance
  107.         Sinbad  ++You''re...summoning...storms. Right? And they're...gathering?++
  108.         Arkias  ++The Emperor gives, and He takes away.++ Arkias responds as he clutches the handlebars again.
  109.         antoine The swarm takes the guardsmen down to about one third of their starting strength but the men hold, they realise that breaking and running with the whole horde there is just inviting a talon in the back and they fight bravely with what little they have.
  110.         Sinbad  lets his chainsword scream, and lays into the swarm with the Guardsmen
  112.         antoine Sinbad fights in economical motions, doing just enough to slay his target before moving onto the next, a neccessity when fighting so many. He kicks, punches and swings his chainsword to slay the charging chitinous beasts.
  113.         Cadmus  opens up on the horde, his weapons spitting explosive death
  114.         antoine the combination of chainsword and heavy bolter fire whittles down the enemy to about 20% of it's original number, severely blunting its impact. it
  115.         Omniel  lances the horde like a chitinous boil with his trusty lascannons, making the most of a target rich environment.
  116.         Bellerophon     keeps his finger on the trigger, sending more bolter shells into the horde
  117.         antoine The two sweeping shots leave a burned trail in the ground and charred remain of a large portion of the group while Bellerophon manages to kill slightly less as the heavy bolter's effect lessens as the enemies tight grouping starts to disperse.
  118.         Bellerophon     uses this moment of tyranid death as an oppurtunity to attempt to rally the guardsman again
  119.         Arkias  pushes his bike forwards.
  120.         Arkias  holds the skull-focus up high.
  121.         Arkias  's helmet wiring crackles with blue flame.
  122.         antoine The blue flame jumps outwards, bathing the nearby Tyranids in the balefires being controlled by the Blood Raven. They screech as their chitin sloughs off in chunks and their ichor boils inside their bodies.
  123.         Arkias  "Victory from discipline!" Arkias cries as his bike screeches to a halt.
  124.         antoine The guardsmen and the tyranids fight to a standstill before two immolators and two rhinos charge into the breach, unloading battle sisters who put the last of them to the sword and flame.
  125.         Cadmus  ++Nicely timed reinforcements, i must say.++
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  127.         Sinbad  "BISAL-MALIK! +
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