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Pokemon RedBlue 150 Co-op Glitchless FAQ

SurrealGuy Apr 1st, 2015 (edited) 570 Never
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  1. Pokemon Red/Blue (Catch 'em all) 150 Co-op glitchless speedrun
  2. Frequently asked questions
  4. - What are you guys trying to do?
  5. We are trying to catch all 150 Pokemon in shortest amount of time possible, without the use of glitches.
  6. At the end of the run both of us have to have 150 Pokedex entries. Time ends once we get the diploma from the guy in Celadon City. Trebien is playing the Red Version and I (SurrealGuy) am playing Blue.
  8. - How long will this run go? Do you have a break or is this in one sitting?
  9. We are doing this in one sitting. We have a few breaks to go to the bathroom (f.e while watching the credits after Elite 4 and while trading which can easily be done by one player). This run will take us somewhere around 7 hours, hopefully below the 7h mark. Our latest record was a 7:28:08. Between every run there have been quite some route changes, because we always see something that we can improve.
  11. - But how do you get all the starters then? Do you trade?
  12. Yes, this run involves quite a lot of trades (the last hour of the run is pure trading - a pretty boring part to be honest).
  14. - What are you playing on?
  15. We are playing on an emulator called BGB. This is the only accurate emulator that includes a link function which is essential for this run.
  17. - What is that colored grid at the bottom?
  18. That is a "Pokedex-Counter". If a Pokemon is marked red, that means that the red player has caught that pokemon, blue means blue has caught it and green means we both have the Pokedex entry. It helps us a lot to keep track of what we've caught and what not. Unfortunately we tend to forget to mark everything right away. Most of the marking will be done during trading as we don't have a lot to do in that time.
  20. - What about Mew? How can you catch that without glitches?
  21. That's why it's called 150 glitchless. You cannot get Mew without glitches. If you want to see a really glitchy run, that catches all 151 Pokemon in about 2 hours, check out and follow this guy  http://www.twitch.tv/shenanagans_/
  23. - How do you obtain the third Eevee?
  24. The red player has to create sort of a dummy file. He rushes to Celadon City as fast as possible and trades the  1st Eevee and his starter pokemon over to Blue (he also buys a Dratini in the Game Corner). Then he resets his game and his real run begins (that reset happens about 1:15 into the run).
  26. - Why do you only use Great Balls? Aren't Ultra Balls better?
  27. (1) Great Balls are actually better. You only need to weaken Pokemon to 50% of health to have the maximum potential for the Great Ball to catch. You can refer to this guide if you want to learn more about Gen1 catch rates: http://www.dragonflycave.com/rbycapture.aspx
  28. (2) Great Balls cost 600$, Ultras cost 1200$. We definitely want to conserve money.
  30. - What about Safari Zone? Is it really that bad?
  31. Yes and no. Luckily we can catch a Chansey in Cerulean cave. But there are 4 Pokemon that we have to catch in the SafariZone and are really hard to catch: Tauros, Kanghaskhan, Scyther (Red), Pinsir (Blue).
  32. Finding them is not too hard (although each of them only has a 4% encounter rate), because we use DSum manipulation and "repel strats" (see the two questions below). Catching them is a real problem though. We can always throw one ball, then it's RNG. Each of them has about a 10.4% catchrate and has a chance of about 44% of fleeing on the next turn.
  33. Mathematically each of them should be caught in 10 balls (~roughly on the fourth encounter). That wouldn't be too bad, would be about 10 minutes each. However this game can troll you really bad: you can be done with SafariZone in 20 minutes, but it can also go on for an hour or more (including throwing 50 Safariballs at Pinsir and still not catching it). We will see how that goes (we enter Safari somewhere around the 6hour mark).
  35. - Why are you sometimes waiting in the grass before you search for wild Pokemon? and
  36.   How do you know what encounters you get?
  37. It's a technique called DSum Manipulation. In each area there are 10 different types of encounters (referred to as slots 1 to 10 with 10 being the rarest). The game sort of cycles through them (takes about 6,88 seconds for one cycle). With that in mind you know when you can get the encounter you want. This is especially helpful in the SafariZone. There's only a handful of frames in each cycle where we can get the rare encounter (slots 9&10) we want (Tauros, Kanghaskan, Scyther, Pinsir). F.e after i fled from a Nidorino encounter, I know that i have to get an encounter after about a second and a half to have a chance that it is a Scyther. Hard stuff to explain, but here's a guide for that (pretty hard to understand at first, but once you get it, it's not that hard).
  38. http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red/Blue/Yellow_DSum_Manipulation
  40. - What are "Repel strats"?
  41. This is a really simple technique which we just call repel strats. F.e. we need to find a Level 30 (or higher) leveled Tentacool on the sea routes around Cinnabar Island. So we just switch a Level 21-30 Pokemon to the top of our team, use a Repel and search. That way we only see L30 (or higher leveled) Tentacools.
  42. This is also extensively used in SafariZone. DSumming for a 4%/1% slot is really hard. With repel strats we don't see 3-4 encounters which we don't need. This especially cuts out the 20% slot right in front of the rare slots, so DSumming doesn't have to be too precise and you don't have to deal with a useless Nidoran encounter just because you began searching a few frames earlier.
  44. - Is this World Record?
  45. This is a really arbitrary category. I wouldn't really want to call this WR as there is no real competition at all. But yeah, our PB (7:28h) is the fastest known time. As of right now Trebien and me are the only ones, who really routed this and did runs. 2Dos and IAteYourPie did some runs of this a while back, but their fastest time is about 3 hours slower or so. 2Dos and Shenanagans also routed this run a few months ago and tried doing a run (which unfortunately died to bad Safari luck). They will hopefully try again soon!
  47. - Do you always talk german? Can you speak english?
  48. We sometimes explain some strats or weird things that happened in english. For the most part we stick to german though. For us it's a really chill atmosphere, having a lot of fun and we're talking shit all the time. We don't do this to get a lot of viewers or twitch bucks or so, we just want to have fun and optimize this game/category.
  49. Though it is cool if we can entertain some people and we are always happy when we cross the 20 viewer mark once in a while. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in chat, we'll be happy to answer (in english of course or german if you want) :)
  51. Have fun :)
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