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[F4M] [Script Offer] Sucking the Life Out of You [Fdom][Rape

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Jan 28th, 2016
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  1. (Put this in bottom of post description: This audio contains multiple orgasm cues. If you are treating it as a HFO audio, take your time with it if you’re not yet ready to cum by the first cue, don’t worry or force it, wait till the second cue. You don’t have to cum at all of the cues.)
  3. *Whispered sighing and moaning*
  4. I’m here, I’m here with you. I can see you, but you can’t see me. You look so pathetic down there, Lying down naked.
  5. *giggling*
  6. (Moaning and gasping gently between words/sentences You can choose) Awwww, you’re so exposed. I could do anything to you right now and you wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it. I could ride you into the fucking ground until you spill your life into me. *deranged laughing* But not yet.
  7. *giggles*
  8. Hear my voice in your head, filling your mind. My voice resonates within you and you can hear my need. I have to be fed, and I’ve found myself my next hunt.
  9. *heavy breathing*
  10. You can feel the room growing colder. Your windows are closed and your bedroom door is closed. But you feel the area around you grow to a frightening chill.
  11. *Voice comes closer*
  12. *Relaxing voice* Now I want you to breath and Relax your body. Take a deep breath in (Slow inhales.) (Jittery exhale) and then out. In (Slow inhale) (slow exhale) and back out. Now keep that going until you feel the tension in your body begin to slip away. Let my voice carry you, let it take away any stress and tension that may have built up during the day.
  13. *soft laughing*
  14. So relaxed for me right now, doing exactly what I say. You’re already submitting to me and I haven’t even started. So easy to manipulate you. *giggles* This might be the best one yet.
  15. *soft moans*
  16. Now..... I want you to breath a little quicker now... a little slower... That’s it, Good boy. I hope you can keep this obedience up. Now focus on your groin. I want you to feel a tingling down there, as if there is a entity very, very close to it. Anticipate the touch. Hmmmm. Good boy. I can see the blood pumping through it. Pumping into it. And I bet you can feel it. It’s already throbbing and I haven’t even touched it yet. Ahh god, and I can hear it pulsing.
  17. *moaning*
  18. I think its time I exposed myself huh? Will you be calm, or will it scare you. (Voice raises and becomes angry) You fucking better be scared.
  19. I appear. You can see me sitting on your stomach. My body has a tight, yet curvy figure. My abdomen appears very strong when I tense. My breasts, perfectly plump, are mesmerising. My brown hair is tucked behind and my skin is devil red. You notice my tail which I have full control of. I can taste your fear and it tastes fucking amazing. So scared right now, I love it I place my hands on your chest and dig my fingernails in a bit, *improvised moaning, giggling and/or gasping* harder..... harder.... until I draw blood and they seep into your skin. Ahhhh. God. Let the pain, fear and pleasure mix together, creating an experience like no other. It goes beyond intimate. Look into these red eyes and feel me project into you, more pleasure. My hands move up to rest on your neck, they don’t squeeze, they just rest there.
  20. I have something to admit to you. *giggling* you’re not going to survive this. Hehe. No mortal is able to sustain the amount of pleasure that a succubus can give. Yes! Your heard that right. I’m a succubus. A demon. And I’m here to feed on your life force and energy. By the time I’m done with you, there will be nothing left. You will be dead. Well at least you’ll have a happy death. *giggling* I can see you trying to struggle. Its so funny to watch. Stop it!! It’s useless. You can’t move. You cant move your head, or your body, or your arms, or your legs. You’re completely paralysed. And your mine *moans*
  21. I’ve been watching you lately, from the shadows, in the dark. I’ve seen you lying there naked hoping for something to happen. Oh, how I have resisted the urge. Isn’t this what you wanted? I know you’ve always wanted a succubus to use you. And now that I’m actually here.... Well.... Just look at you, you’re shaking. You’re so frightened right now. And its all my doing! I’m doing this to you. *jittery moans*
  22. I move down between your legs and face your cock, which is now standing at full attention. Ooh, hello there. You’re already riddled with pleasure. And you’re going to let it build and build. Ahhh. Feel my hand slowly wrap around the base of your cock, gripping tight. My skin is unnaturally soft and it makes you shudder. *laughs* just accept it. There’s no stopping what I’m about to do *deep groaning* *stroking sounds throughout entire jerk off sequence* the pores of the skin on my hand eject an intense lubrication that instantly increases the pleasure as I begin to stoke your cock. My hand sliding up to the head, squeezing it hard as my fist creates a suction around it. I slide back down and begin stroking faster. Hmmm, feel like cumming? Well tough! Your going to let that raw pleasure build and build until you can’t even fucking think. Yeah that’s it, your pelvis is shuddering with each stroke, oh you fucking love it don’t you?
  23. *voice turns to a demonic sounding pitch. (However it suits the filler. As long as its intimidating) moans/grunts between words*
  24. Fucking let that cum build for me. You’re gonna cum more than once. You’re gonna cum, and then I’m going to give you more pleasure and you’ll cum again even harder, and you’re going to keep cumming until your body can’t take it anymore. Ahh god you’re so exited right now. At least you don’t have to worry about the future. Tomorrow, the day ahead. They no longer exist for you. Just tonight, and the fatal experience we will share. Oh I can feel your cum wanting to shoot out of you. I stop. Hahaha. Not yet bitch! In my mouth. You see my head Bob over your pulsing cock. My hair falling and tickling your lower abdomen as I suction my lips around the head of your cock, sliding my mouth down, down, down to your balls. *improvised period of sucking sounds and gagging (separate from voice at this point)* ahh your so full for me. I can feel you about to burst. This is far better than anything you’ve ever had. No human has felt this much pleasure and lived to tell the tale and its only building. Its already built way , way past where you would usually cum and stop like a pathetic human.
  25. *Second improvised period of sucking/gagging, picking up pace and intensity over time. Moaning on cock*
  26. The look on your face right now. Your entire body is going wild, shaking, shivering, shuddering, tensing. Its as if you’re possessed. Hehehe. The irony. Now feel me as I begin sucking harder. And you are going to cum in my mouth, down my throat. Feel it building even more now. *Final improvised period of sucking/gagging with voice in the foreground*
  27. You can see a purple liquid now coating your cock as I suck. Don’t worry, that’s just my saliva venom. *laughing* when your cock head absorbs this, your balls will begin producing more and more cum from your body’s energy and life force. And it will make your cock soo much more sensitive.
  28. *sucking gets more intense* Ahh God, you wanna cum? Tense those muscles down there, your PC muscle just between your balls and anus, and the muscle right above your cock, but below your belly button if you can. Tighten and release those muscles in an increasing rhythm as I suck. And feel the pleasure becoming unbearable. Fuck..... Fuck..... I place my hand on your stomach and suck harder. Fuck..... Cum!... Cum! Cum down my throat *moaning, swallowing and grunting while sucking and gagging* ahh you’re shuddering so much it looks like your having a seizure. Feel the cum shooting out of you, your cock pumping it out. So much of it. It just won’t stop and I’m swallowing every fucking drop. Your growing weaker and the pleasure is mind blowing. I take my mouth off you and stroke your cock hard and fast, watching the fountain of cum splatter everywhere *grunting and lube sounds* look into my eyes as you approach the end of your first orgasm. I take my hand off you and you stop cumming but your breath is wild and shaky.
  29. Are you okay? You better not be tired. We’ve so much more to do bitch! Hmm, looks like you need a little cool down. Well I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m going to treat myself as you calm down and sit on your face *russling noises* Let me just put my thighs on either side of your head. Hmmm. All you can see is my pussy, thighs and my belly as I ride... *moans throughout facesit sequence* as I ride against your face. You can feel the weight of me bearing down on your lips. You can’t move your head. You can’t stick your tongue out. My pussy juices will sink down between your lips as I, fuck.... As I grind against your face. Feel my body on your face, pushing down, my stomach tensing and my breath quickening. Oh god, I’m gonna cum on your face soon. My tail emerges and you see at the end if it, a purple bulging gland with a moist opening. Hmmm, does this scare you. Don’t worry. Its like a second pussy. You feel my tail’s gland position itself over your cock head, pushing down, sucking it in. It completely covers the head and goes no deeper, but its tight and throbs extremely quickly, matching your pulse, building in pace as your cock pulses faster. My thighs tighten against your cheeks, gripping your face tight as my body moves forward ever so slightly, to seal off your mouth and nose, blocking off your air. Hmmm, how does it feel to not be able to breath. Does it burn, does it hurt. Aww baby, but I’m going to cum, I can’t let you breathe, not yet. Feel my body shuddering against you, my pussy juices flooding your mouth as you struggle, trying to breath. You’re gonna cum with me, can you survive this one. Being suffocated and cumming. *giggles* let’s see. My pussy throbs and clenches as my breath hitches.
  30. *period of moaning and gasping*
  31. Ahh fuck fuck fuck.. I’m cumming oh god. Feel me push down harder on your face, suffocating you. As my tail throbs harder, creating a perfect suction. Ahh you see my belly tightening, shuddering in ecstasy as your vision darkens. Cum for me!! You can’t breath until you cum. *moaning builds* that’s it. Ahh its pumping so much out and my tail ingests it all, not a single drop escapes as you keep cumming and cumming. Hmmm I lift off of your face. Now breath!! Hahaha. Those gasps, so needy, so deep. So how about we get straight to it?
  32. *rustling sounds (Voice switches suddenly to a sadistic tone for remainder of audio)* Now watch as I straddle your hips. My hand once again wraps tight around your cock which is still rock hard. (Improvised and building moans throughout) Look into my fucking red eyes as I lower my pussy onto you, my tight lips engulfing you as I slide down to your pelvis. Hmmm, my pussy is like no other pussy you’ve ever felt. Its devastatingly tight, yet so lubricated and your oh so sensitive cock feels as if its about to literally explode. I place my hands on your chest, and begin riding you slowly *Moans loud and close to mic* now feel your pleasure building once again. This is going to be the big one. This will be the orgasm that kills you. And we’re going to let it build up twice as much as before. *moaning between words. Fucking sounds (squidges, pussy sounds)* oh fucking god! Watch my pussy throb and clench. You can’t stop this. There’s nothing you can do. The damage I am doing to you is devastating. You’re getting closer and closer to your death with each thrust, and you can feel your body shuddering, and shivering and shaking with pure, divine demonic bliss. I lean down and kiss you, My venomous saliva entering your bloodstream through your mouth as we kiss. *Sloppy kissing sounds merged with muffled moans* ahaha yes. You can feel our stomachs touching, grinding against each others as I ride you. Feel it building. I want you to once again, clench those muscles in a rhythm. I want you to match your clenches and releases to my speed. Every time our pelvises meet, I want you to clench, and as your cock slips out, I want you to release. Now feel it building even more *moans grow more intense and the fucking sounds speed up* that’s it, now speed up those clenches. Match my pace baby and feel your energy being drained into your balls. Ahh fuck it feels so fucking good. I am sucking the life out of you through your cock, don’t cum yet. I want it to build even more. Mmmhhhhm. Look at you. You can hardly hold back. But I have commanded you to, so you will. You can see my belly tensing as I clench my muscles with you, matching your pace. Ahh fucking god feel walls closing tightly around you. I’m so fucking close. And you are too! *moans and fucking sounds grow louder faster and more intense, the moans almost psyco. Heartbeat sound that increases in pace up to finish with the moans* faster... Clench faster now..... Oh god. Looks like there’s no energy left in you for your balls to produce cum with. *psychotic giggling. Heartbeats grow faster* now im going to ride you even faster. As soon as all of thia energy filled cum leaves your cock, you will die. I look down on you with an pleasured, but almost evil look as my moans grow demonic. Feel your cock throb hard. You can feel the cum rising up your cock, ready to shoot. And I speed up yet again, I lean my head close to yours so that my entire body rests and grinds against yours. My breasts crushed into your chest and my lips centimetres from yours. An evil smile brews across my face as I gasp and crash my hips down onto you. (Heartbeats at maximum speed then stops abruptly after cumming) CUM!! *loud, crazy moans with really heavy breathing and crazy fast heartbeat* hmm, pump it all into me, every last drop. Ahh look at you, your pale and your body is convulsing against mine, with mine as my pussy grows unbearably tight around you, pulling the cum out, sucking the life out of you. Ahh that’s it keep going, let it all out and feel the mind-blowing pleasure wreck you. Let it make you weal and dizzy. Oh I can feel your body under me, every single muscle tensing and contracting, your legs extended and shuddering, your body twitching. Feel me riding you, fucking you, killing you, sucking everything out. Your vision starts to fade and you become weaker and weaker, the orgasm only growing stronger. I grind forcefully against your body and my eyes have yours entrapped. I kiss you and moan into your mouth, which is dry. It just keeps growing and growing. You’re cumming even more. Flooding my pussy with every sentiment your body has left to give. All you can see now is me above you, everything else is black but me and my glowing eyes. *Improvisation up to end of orgasm and death* I begin to slow down as i feel the stream of cum slow down to halt. You’re so cold. And you’re skinny too, oh nnd your pale. Hehe. Its because you’re dead. We’re in hell now, the two of us, forever. *psyco laughing.
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