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  1. Hello, I've been lurking for a while and wanted to post my own CB story.
  2. So for context, I work in a market on weekends as I go to University during the week, everything there is cheap and such, and we sell Plants and Flowers. Now it's not uncommon for people to come up to me and ask for a discount, I mean at least once a week I get called a C**t or peasant by someone because I won't offer them a discount, mostly from foreigners who don't get how things work here, as in some countries most people who work in markets are peasants (it's the opposite here in Australia). So this story is in 2 parts, 1 happening at the beginning of 2018 and the other happening at the end of it.
  3. This first part happens on a Friday in January 2018 (Uni hadn't started back yet so I worked all day on Fridays). So I was working in the indoor plants section, we weren't that busy and I was walking around to keep moving so I would get tired and to look busy. In comes CB, this woman is old probably late 60s to early 70s European woman, judging by her accent she was either Italian or Maltese. So I was selling these orchids for $25 and honestly they were beautiful, and I was also selling this flower plant for $18, it was quite large and full of flowers. CB looks at the plants, picks them up and wants to buy them, she asks me how much and I tell her "All together that'll be $43". As I tell her you can see the colour draining from her face, "$43 that is WAY too expensive, I am a very old woman who is very poor on pension please give me a discount". I was a little baffled but was not super effected as this was common, "I'm sorry madam but my prices are set in stone and are quite cheap, may I then interest you in these smaller and cheap versions over here for less?", I direct her to the other table where I have small versions of these plants for a much lower price.
  4. She looks at the prices and goes to me "Why can't you give me for these prices, please I'm very poor I'm on the pension, I have hardly any money". It was at this point she starts to cry, my senior co-worker comes over to ask what's the problem, I tell her everything, she smirks and says she'll handle it. She goes to this woman "I'm sorry, but the prices are set, he has offered you a cheaper option if you like, but thats all I can do", the woman who's still crying pulls the same routine and her and she just has none of it, "Look if your going to be like this I won't sell to you", she walks off. CB then turns to me and says she'll take the smaller ones with her still crying slight, so I go and bag them up. As she pulls out her wallet and goes to pay me, I can see that her wallet is FILLED with $50 and $100 notes, there would've EASILY been $1000 in there if not more. She takes the plants and goes, and I just sigh that thats over and go back to work.
  5. Fast forward to November 2018. It was a Saturday and it was the end of the day, I had just finished packing all the indoor plants into the trolley as it was my job to pack them away as I was the most careful with them. I was about to start putting the tables away when CB from January walks in. Now at first I kinda recognised her but wasn't too sure if she was the same woman, as I've never had someone cry on me and you don't forget a face like that. She wants to buy some indoor plants, I was slightly angry at this because I had just packed them all away, was tired and wanted to go home, but again this happens a lot so it wasn't uncommon. She makes me pull out ALL the indoor plants, and she again goes for the SAME large ones she tried to buy last time. She says she'll take them, I tell her the price and she again pulls the same routine "Oh please please please, I am very poor, I'm on the pension I have no money, I need these plants". Right then I knew exactly who she was, and this time I was going to let her have it, "Listen, I'm not stupid, I remember you VERY clearly and you tried this on me before." She goes "Then you have to give them to me for cheaper, I don't have money anymore, I need them more than anything, they're that important", I knew already from last time that she was lying through her teeth "Lady if you are that poor and don't have enough money to buy things, then why are you wasting money and plants and not spending it on things like Fruit and Veg, stuff you need to live." At this point she starts crying again "Oh please have a heart, I need it, I need my home to look beautiful, you're a young man you wouldn't understand anything", again tired, I didn't want any of it and just said "I'm not giving you a discount, take it or walk away because you are wasting my time." CB then gives in and goes to pay me, when she opens her wallet WHAT DO YOU KNOW filled with $50 and $100 notes again. This time I wasn't going to say nothing so I go "You know you say that your poor, but thats an awful lot of money that you carry around", CB just looks at me and hisses "You're a heartless c**t", I just laugh at her as she walks away.
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