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  1. Story shenanigans
  2. The world is thrown in upheaval after the appearance of strange humanoid figures from a deep  chasm within the earth. They had pointy ears, sharp, animalistic teeth, and some features. Some had milky white skin, and deep as the darkness depths of skin. There hair came in much like there skin. But the range, and color differed more. They came in the night. Abducting humans, mainly males Some females. The odd thing is that they where all young. No leaders, important people, only young males, and some females. Disappearing in the night like they never existed. The government of course was alerted almost immediately, scouts sent out. Parties of the strongest men and women that the US has to offer. They all simply....disappeared....or so they thought.
  4. My name is Mason. I was one of the many boys kidnapped. But i got out, free....and this is what happened to all the other people you sent out. This is what happened to all the boy, and some girls that where taken with me. Your men, and women are dead...strung up..after they had been captured, tortured, experimented on, and so, so much more.
  6. “Hey, boy, wake up.” I feel a cold hand touch my neck. The voice was husky, deep, but feminine all the same. My eyes fluttered open, and they widened at the pupils, black as night, and as wide as the whole eye. “There we are...are you feeling ok? Does it hurt anywhere?” She asks. I shake my head lightly, not saying a word yet.
  8. I look at my surroundings. There are fungi growing from the ceiling glowing a faint blue, or green. The cave is cold, they explains why her hand is like that. “Where...” she puts her finger over my mouth. “Shhh...its ok... your safe...” She says. “Your mine now.” She smiles softly. “All. Mine.” She says, looking at me. Her gaze was predatory, lustful, and wanting. I try to move my arms. They move, although sluggishly. “Awe, trying to move already?” She asks. “The sleeping agent we use is very potent, and causes some paralyzation properties as well. Hence why you cant move all that well...” I open my mouth, and i try to speak, but i feel a sudden dryness in my throat and mouth. I open my mouth and close it a few more times. “Dry...” I say barely above a whisper. “Ah..theres the other side effect..dry, and or the absence of moisture in the mouth and throat...would you like something to drink..? Have no fear, it has not been tampered with in any way.”
  10. I nod softly, and then she brings a small vial, it has a blue tinge, the liquid glowing softly. “Drink should combat the effectiveness of the drug, and act as a sort of boost to get you awake and moving again...” I nod again, and she pours the surprisingly tasteless liquid in my mouth. I swallow it in a couple gulps. I feel a warmth travel through my body, my vision brightens surprisingly. “Oh, I forgot to add, it should help the darkness.” I nod softly. “Thank you..” She turns back, and raised a brow. “Thank you what?” She says slightly sternly. “Im your Owner, Mistress. Goddess. I own you...” She says. “W-what..? I-i never signed up for this...w-where am I always..? I wanna go home...”
  12. Her eyes widen slightly. “It.....has no effect on you..? That..that should be imp- cant be...” she says, then walks back to me. “What is the name of your Mother? Your Father as well.” She demands. “I-i don’t know...I-i was in a foster home until i woke up here!” I say, starting to get angry. “They abandoned me at the doorstep of a filthy children’s home!” She steps back, her hand over her mouth, mouth agape in slight from my statement. “You...had had no mother..? Then how did you survive..? How did you love, and live..” she asks. “I learned to take care of myself....I kept to myself, only talking when absolutely necessary...I didn’t one wants a child that was dumped on a doorstep at birth...” I look down, and away. I sit up, and try to move my feet, and hear the jingle of chains. I close my eyes as i try to suppress the horrid, dark memories trying to well up at the sound. I say in a low, almost too dead, and somber tone to he said from a 16 year old. “Why are my feet chained..?” I look at the heavy shackles on my ankles, as if i was trying to bore holes in them. “Most boys try to we do that as a safety precaution for them....” The woman is looking at the shackles on my ankles then, flinches from the expression on my face. “I’ll take them off...and put them away...” She says, her composure starting to re-harden in place. I nod softly, and close my eyes, my hands coming up to my ears, and covering them so to not hear the god-awful noise of the chain’s jingle.
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