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  1. Discord: <link="">CLICK HERE</link>
  3. <color="red"> <size=80%> Welcome to The Nuketown Facility, If you are here to stay then we welcome you to the server.
  4. <color="orange"> <size=80%>  Rules:
  5. <indent=15%> Be nice, you don't have to be extra nice, just don't be a cunt.
  6. <indent=15%> Do not be racist, you can joke, but do not cross the line
  7. <indent=15%> Do not mic spam, you can play music but not in spectator chat or scp chat.
  8. <indent=15%> if someone is being a douche, do not be a dick towards them, just tell the staff.
  9. <indent=15%> Don't team with SCP's if you're a Facility Guard, Scientist or MTF, you can make deals but not team.
  10. <indent=15%> holding up the round by staying in the same spot or constantly running around in an area can result in a kick or a slay.
  11. <indent=15%> we have no tolerance for hacking, if you hack you will be perm banned.
  12. <color="orange"> <size=80%> Friendly fire rules:
  13. <indent=15%> Do not teamkill without a reason, doing so will result in a kick/ban.
  14. <indent=15%> MTF can teamkill if lower ranked MTF or guards refuse to follow orders. (to an extent)
  15. <indent=15%> If you are being annoying, for example, killing disarmed D-Class or closing doors on people constantly, or locking your teammates out/in, then you can be teamkilled.
  16. <indent=15%> If a commander of MTF is disarming random people, or anyone for that matter then, they can be teamkilled.
  17. <indent=15%> D-Class can kill other D-classes for the right reason, so for example if they steal a keycard or are trying to betray or leave you for their own personal gain.
  18. <indent=15%> You can teamkill someone if they steal something from you like if you are a scientist or d boy about to escape and someone takes your stuff, or if someone takes your card or gun inside 914.
  19. <indent=15%> If one of your mtf teammates team with an SCP you can teamkill em.
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