Jul 18th, 2020
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  1. Name: Lily
  2. Age: 9
  3. Premonition: Hope
  4. Position/Class/Subclass: Court/Requiem/Baroque
  5. Starting Zone: Limbo
  6. Total Body Integrity: 19/19
  7. AP: 11/11
  9. ARM: 3 / MUT: 0 / ENH: 2+1
  11. HEAD: 6/6
  12. -Brain Maximum Action Points +2.
  13. -Eyeballs Maximum Action Points +1.
  14. -Jaw [Timing: Action/Cost: 2/Range: 0] - Unarmed Attack 1
  15. -Kung-Fu: +1 AP
  16. -Extra Eyes [Check/1/0-1] Support 2
  17. "Six eyes crammed into one socket, all of them looking around independently of the others. Disgusting but the awareness they facilitate allows her to spot openings and call them out."
  18. -Corpse Mushroom [Check/0/0] Hinder 2
  19. "When threatened, she spits up a cloud of noxious smoke. How unpleasant."
  21. ARMS: 6/6
  22. -Fists [Timing: Action/Cost: 2/Range: 0] - Unarmed Attack 1.
  23. -Forearm [Timing: Check/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - Support 1.
  24. -Shoulders [Timing: Action/ Cost: 4/Range: Self] - Move 1.
  25. -Shotgun [Action/2/0-1] S1+Ex. +1 to the Attack check
  26. "One arm has mutated such that her hand has turned into the barrel of a gun. The bone white muzzle spits a shower of fragments that shreds the target. The tips of her fingers stick out in the shape of a star, as if mocking the loss of her hand."
  27. -Undead Gun [Action/3/1-2] S1+Ex+Area
  28. "The other arm has mutated even more heavily. The upper arm, lower arm, and hand melding into each other to form a cannon of meat and bone that hangs from her shoulder. When it fires it rains shrapnel over an entire area."
  29. -Clothes (Treasure)
  30. "A short yellow skirt and a plain white shirt. Perhaps their importance to her lies in the fact that she can no longer dress herself."
  32. TORSO: 3/3
  33. -Spine [Timing: Action/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - One Maneuver you use on the next Count during this Round has its Cost reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0.) Stacks if used repeatedly. Discount may be divided totally arbitrarily.
  34. -Entrails [Timing: Auto/Cost: None/Range: None] - None.
  35. -Entrails [Timing: Auto/Cost: None/Range: None] - None.
  37. LEGS: 4/4
  38. -Bone [Timing: Action/Cost: 3/Range: Self] - Move 1.
  39. -Bone [Timing: Action/Cost: 3/Range: Self] - Move 1.
  40. -Foot [Timing: Check/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - Hinder 1.
  41. -Tail: +1 AP
  42. "It appears to be a platypus tail. It doesn't seem to do much other than make her look more ridiculous."
  44. SKILLS:
  45. P1: Advise [Check/0/0-3] Support or Hinder 1
  46. C1: Gun God [Auto/None/Self] +1 to Shooting Attack Checks
  47. C2: Lullaby [Auto/None/Self] -1 cost to shooting attacks. -1 to attack checks with shooting attacks.
  48. S1: Extreme Mutation +1 Tier 3 Mutation
  50. Fragments of Memory: 2
  51. 1 Closed Door: The door of the shelter was closed. You were shut out. Exiled. It wasn't something you did, it was what you were.
  52. 2 Camera: There were cameras set up next to you and people who are operating them. What are they taking photos of? Was it a movie? What was being reflected behind those lens? You notice the cameras. Are you a model? It is very suspicious.
  54. Fetters:
  55. Treasure: Dependent (X) (X) (X) ()
  56. Jane: Idolatrous (X) (X) (X) ()
  57. "A mutant like her. Unlike her, however, their mutations don't seem to get in the way. Perhaps someday she can be like that too?
  58. Wednesday: Trusting (X) (X) (X) ()
  59. "Something about them makes her want to trust them. Even if they eat corpses, they do nothing to hurt her."
  60. Ares: Protective (X) (X) (X) ()
  61. "They seem to be everything she is not. She must do everything she can to protect them and keep that intact."
  63. Hair: Red
  64. Eyes: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Hazel
  65. Skin tone: Pale
  66. Height: 4'
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