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Grand Time Temple Solomon

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  2. In life, Solomon had no will of his own; He was a device to run the kingdom, that reflected the will of god and the people.
  4. Solomon won the grail war with Olga's father and his wish was to become human. Not to become human as Solomon, but to become a new true human, Roman. But just as he became human, while losing his ability to see the future, he saw the end of mankind. He didn't know any further details but knew that it had something to do with him, and so set out to try and stop it.
  6. Olga's father summoned him using that one ring Roman has. Solomon had left it behind aside from the others through one of his instructions from god.
  8. Goetia is the sum of all 72 demons in control of Solomon's corpse. The demons were the ones in the visions complaining about why Solomon wasn't do anything about mankind. They/he got sick of mankind and after Solomon's death plotted this whole thing: Turning all of mankind over 3000 years into energy to power Ars Armadillo Salmonella which would allow him to go back in time to the birth of the planet and create a new world that is home to a new, perfect life form free of death, with Goetia serving as the new planet itself. The "mirror" stuff is actually the personality of different demons surfacing to talk to whoever's talking to "Solomon".
  10. Goetia is defeated because Roman/Solomon uses his true first noble phantasm, Ars Nova, in which he returns all of his powers and rings to God and dies. This saps Goetia's power since he's using Solomon's body.
  12. Da Vinci knew that Roman was Solomon but they kept it a secret as a trump card to use against Goetia.
  14. Fou/Four is the fourth Beast, known as Primate Murder in other worlds. Merlin took him in in this world but let him loose to follow Chaldea's journey, and watching over them let him stay in this form (he mentions that he becomes very ugly in other worlds). He uses all the mana he's built up over all this time to bring Mashu back to life which is something that surpasses even the limits of true magic, but in exchange he loses his sentience and becomes a mere animal. He congratulates Mashu saying that they managed to defeat a Beast without swords.
  16. Gilgamesh says that since he's not a Grand he doesn't know all that much about the Beasts. What he does know, however, is that they're said to appear in a chain: A world where a Human Evil appears is one that will be wrought with disasters as it heads towards the "ultimate evil". The fact that I (Goetia) has appeared probably means that VII has already appeared somewhere else in this world.
  18. In the ending the world is back, but time has passed while all this shit was going on and so everyone else just instantly lost a year. The mages' association is in an uproar and sending people over to Chaldea to figure out what happened. Also there are still a bunch of masters in cold storage in Chaldea.
  20. Most of the servants have left, but the ones like Da Vinci who'd been summoned before all this started, and a few who felt that they couldn't leave Guda behind stayed back (no names are mentioned, presumably the ones you have). Da Vinci says their patterns are all recorded anyway so if a ley shift ever happens again they can all be re-summoned. It's unsure if any ley shifts will happen ever again, though, as they'll probably need approval from a lot of places to do any.
  22. >Goetia is defeated because Roman/Solomon uses his true first noble phantasm, Ars Nova, in which he returns all of his powers and rings to God and dies. This saps Goetia's power since he's using Solomon's body.
  24. Oh, and this also results in the true complete death of Solomon himself, something that Goetia says has never ever actually happened in all of history; Solomon's entire existence is erased entirely, even from the Throne of Heroes.
  26.     Roman derived his name from "romanticism" (which is just "roman" in Japanese).
  28. There's no mention of where Archeman comes from but Goetia refers to him as his archetype (Archeman: アーキマン, archetype: アーキタイプ).
  30. >Roman/Solomon's death
  32. He was just killed extra hard. He wasn't erased from history.  
  34. Fou(r) is this parallel world's version of Primate Murder that didn't grow up thanks to Merlin and Chaldea.
  36. >Solomon looking like Olga's father
  38. No mention of this at all. In fact there's no mention of what ever happened to the guy either. And no mention of Olga at all too.
  40. People like Flauros were seeded by Goetia as lines of mages that would sprout into demons when the time for incineration came, so Flauros wasn't some human who was persuaded to join Goetia; He was one of the 72 demons and part of Goetia before he was even born. He was also a classmate of Roman's and Goetia calls him a dumbass for not noticing that Roman is Solomon.
  42. It's unclear if Solomon ever even was a grand caster. Goetia's profile says that his class as Grand Caster was false, and Solomon's card identifies him as a regular Caster. They don't really mention anything about Grand Servants at all (the only mention in the story is from Gilgamesh starting his explanation of Beasts with "I'm not a grand so I don't really know but...").
  44. FYI Fou(r) does identify himself as "the fourth beast" (第四の獣). And I haven't read Fragments but apparently the Beast in there is Beast IV (ビーストIV).
  46. >Chaldea's casualties
  48. The 200 dead are still dead.
  50. It's mention that there are a bunch of masters (forgot the exact number, 40+, think 48?) in cold sleep who can be revived once they get help from outside.
  52. 60% of the facility was wrecked by the demons. There are only about 20 staff left (it's not mention if there were any casualties from the Time Temple so it's unclear if there were 20 left to begin with or 20 left after the demons attacked here).
  54. >David
  56. He did seem to have noticed that it was someone else claiming to be Solomon (when he appears in the story he says something like "even if the enemy is my son, or someone claiming to be him")
  58. >Olga's father
  60. Just to elaborate on the guy: In the flashback at the beginning of the chapter it's revealed that they just totally won the grail war normally, and reached the grail. But Malihoweveryouspellhisnamebilly doesn't want to activate the third magic and reach the origin and use the Einzbern's wacky shit, and uses the grail as an actual real wish-granting machine. Apparently it CAN work as a real wish-granting machine. He uses it to get money while Solomon uses it to become human (this isn't revealed at that point though), and covers up what he did by making it look like Saber won the grail war (no real details on what he did).
  62. When Soloroman uses Ars Nova this results in the 72 demons splitting up from Goetia. Some continue fighting, some "abandon life", some refuse to rejoin with Goetia, Gusion Eligos and Caym want to debate with the servants, Allocer and Orobas become shields (!?) and die protecting the servants, etc.
  64. Goetia empathised with Mashu. All but one of the 72 demons had agreed on the whole "go back in time and remake the world" plan and Goetia wanted her to agree with their plan for reassurance, and offered to bring her with him to the start of the new world if she did so.
  66. Goetia has clairvoyance because this is a skill that rests in the body, but not the ability to hear the words of God since this is a skill that rests in the soul.
  68. Solomon (Roman)'s high-speed incantation skill is a C because he gets over-anxious and makes mistakes.
  70. >Goetia is "Pity"
  71. There's an additional line below that in his material which elaborates on what it means: "the sheer arrogance of people pitying and being disappointed in other people".
  74. In both Tiamat and Goetia's cases it's mentioned that they gained the class of Beast (number) at some point (Tiamat when she decides to reset all life, Goetia when he starts his instrumentality project) so yeah, it seems possible that Beast is a class, with Beast-number being a category in said class, that multiple beings can attain.
  77. Solomon's Material refers to him as a "grand mage" (冠位の魔術師) which is what he called Merlin in Babylon. I'm still unsure if this means Grand Caster or that Clock Tower rank thing someone mentioned before. His card says Caster though.
  79. Solomon seems to be strong-willed but this comes from how he just speaks his mind all the time without caring. At heart he's a chicken (exact words). He takes thing seriously but doesn't put his heart into it, and perpetually puts no more than 80% into doing everything. But even than he was loved by his people as a wise, gentle, and loving king. However, none of this was from his own will, as he had no way of living except as a king listening to the voice of god. He is a non-human that only reacts to the emotions of people around him.
  81. Oh and Fou(r) says that because he's not at full power he can only give Mashu a normal lifespan.
  83. (So if he was at full power he could make her immortal or something?)
  85. >- Solomon's rings (the ending takes the time to pan over them)
  86. Tapping on the chapter button gives you a message saying that the time temple is completely destroyed, except for the throne which still exists there (and the rings are on the throne, yeah)
  88. >Nega Messiah
  89. It's not in his Material but Goetia has one of those nega skills too, his is Nega Summon (the one he uses on turn 1 that makes him super resistant to NPs)
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