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Sep 10th, 2013
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  1. Map Making Basic Tutorial
  2. Every map is composed of groups, these groups each have layers, the groups are the tabs on the left side, and under each tab is the group's layers. A group can have any amount of layers. There are 3 kinds of layers:
  4. Game Layer - There is only *one* game layer per map for regular Vanilla Teeworlds. This layer is invisible when the map is played, but is the actual game tiles the tees walk on and use. For mods like DDRace you have extra game layers like teleports, speedups, switches, and a front layer which is just another game layer. Find an explanation for all the XXL entities on the forums.
  6. Tile Layer - This layer takes an png image, which is then divided up into tiles of 16x16. The editor looks in the /teeworlds/data/mapres folder first for these images.
  8. Quad Layer - Quad layers are for pictures, either static or animated through assigned envelopes (animation instructions). This layer can have any number of images (quads) attached to it.
  10. The map will overlay lower groups and layers over higher ones (located on the left side), so to order how the graphics will look, make the layers you want behind, the higher up layers, and the graphics you want in front to be the lowest layers.
  12. To add images to your map click the tab "Layers," this then changes into "Images." Images can be "external" or "embedded." External images are the default ones that come with Teeworlds, embedded images are saved with the map so that each player can see them. If you don't embed your images people will see rainbow generic tiles or blank images in their place.
  14. To paint tiles onto the map, first push "spacebar" to see your current tileset. Click on a layer to highlight it and use it's tileset. If a layer's image is blank, there will be no tileset visible. You can set a layer's image by right clicking it. While holding space bar down, left click the tile you want to paint. You can drag over more than one tile. You can also create a brush on the map itself, by right clicking and dragging over tiles. Then your paint brush will be those tiles you selected. Push N and M to flip your brush and R to rotate it. Select blank tiles to get an "eraser." All tiles on the border of the map will be repeated out endlessly.
  16. In the Quad layers, after setting an image, click in the upper right "Add Quad." If there is no image, it will be a colored block. You can set the coloration of each quad by right clicking the four red corners of it. You can resize the quad by left-click dragging the corners. Right click the green center for some options. Control-left click the center to move the quad. Right-click and drag over quads to paint more of those quads down.
  18. The default map when you open the editor comes with a sky looking background color quad in group 1, and the gamer layer in the game group 2.
  20. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the map, and control-left-click drag to move around the map.
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