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Lonxu's planetside2 .ini tweaks

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Jan 1st, 2013
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  1. Here some stuff you might want to change in search for higher FPS or better GFX. A lot of stuff like ultra graphics or disabling shadows is only available through tweaking your userOptions.ini file located in your planetside2 - folder.
  3. [Display]
  4. RenderQuality=0.8000 (Very important setting if you have a weak GPU (LEFT ALT + F shows your fps ingame under the minimap and also where the low fps is coming from..for most people it should be CPU, but if you often get GPU you might want to tweak this to a smaller number
  6. default is 1.0
  7. 0.8 = looks ugly, but greatly reduces GPU load
  8. 1.4, 2.0 = are pretty much AA, but haven't tried if it works)
  10. [Rendering]
  11. GraphicsQuality=1 (1= lowest, 3=highest) Overall fps increase pretty good, but makes game a lot uglier
  12. TextureQuality=4 (0 = the hidden ultra textures not available in ingame menus, 1 = high, mostly affects memory usage, if you get big slowdowns when entering big fights, you might want to tweak this to HIGHER number)
  13. ShadowQuality=0 (0 = no shadows, makes game ugly, but it's at least 25% more fps)
  14. RenderDistance=1200.000000 (TERRAIN RENDER DISTANCE IN METERS, DOES NOT AFFECT INF. / VEHICLES. Default is 9999 or something, which is crazy far. 2000-3000 looks decent still, I went for 1200 in quest for MOAR FPS. Vehicles only render to about 800 and infrantry to about 300 maximum)
  15. Gamma=0.000000
  16. MaximumFPS=60 (put your monitor hz here = usually 60,75,120)
  17. UseLod0a=0
  18. OverallQuality=-1 (keep it -1 = custom settings)
  19. LightingQuality=5 (5 makes weapons shiny I think. only slightly affects GPU usage)
  20. EffectsQuality=1 (1=lowest, 4=ultra, afaik)
  21. TerrainQuality=1 (1=lowest, 4=ultra, afaik)
  22. FloraQuality=1 (1=lowest, 4=ultra, afaik)
  23. FloraDistanceScale=0.0 (not sure if real setting, just testing something)
  24. ModelQuality=1 (1=lowest, 4=ultra, afaik)
  25. VerticalFOV=74
  26. ParticleLOD=0
  27. ParticleDistanceScale=0.650000
  28. FogShadowsEnable=0
  29. MotionBlur=0
  30. VSync=0
  31. GpuPhysics=0 (IMPORTANT. I think this affects RADEONS more. Anyway should give some FPS. 1 = enables more vehicle explosion shit and stuff like more sparks from gunfire, afaik default is neither and 1 isn't offically supported since it's unavailabe ingame)
  32. AO=0
  34. [Terrain]
  35. RenderFlora=Off (pretty big fps gain)
  38. I think the ingame VOIP is trash and you shouldn't use it. Disabling everything here is a good idea and might get you a couple more fps.
  40. [VoiceChat]
  41. EchoEnabled=0
  42. ProximityEnabled=0
  43. FactionEnabled=0
  44. GroupEnabled=0
  45. GroupLeaderEnabled=0
  46. RaidEnabled=0
  47. GuildEnabled=0
  48. CustomEnabled=0
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