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  1. <Narrator> <A new group of travellers, adventurers, fameseekers, heroes, fools, martyrs, whatever you wanted to call them...had arrived at the Keep. After being introduced to the place and directed to their rooms, the lot of them eager to get started, each was asked for the entrance fee required to go delving into the Dungeons below, and after paying the small sum the five of them strode down the hallway and into the first floor of the infamous Windmill
  2. <Narrator> Keep Dungeons.>
  3. <Cambi> >new tfs abridged
  4. <Claude> > saw it, it's decent
  5. * Kai|Cathair wasn't a hero, adventurer, fameseeker, martyr, anything like that. A fool, maybe to some. He was... well, it's doubtful anyone would call him EAGER, considering the solemn look on his face. One might find the term 'resigned' a bit more fitting; resigned to what, only he knew.
  6. <Narrator> <The first floor of this place is apparantly constructed of stone, brick, and wood for the doors, with a fine layer of dust mingling with the dirt around your feet. With the stairs leading down from the Keep being the only truly remarkable piece of the area, the group can see a wooden door to the north, the east, and the south, with the western wall bare as a newborn.>
  7. <Narrator> > And because why not, it's classic roguelike dungeon-crawling music:
  8. * Roderick marched into the dungeon with these new companions he was to meet only today, and yet this was those he´d owe his life to if he made it through this... the last thing he needed was yet another debt, but at least that could be paid in other ways. That was fine; there were more pressing matters at the moment, for when he actually made it out
  9. <Narrator> [! ]
  10. * Kai|Cathair was expecting Darkest Dungeon OST
  11. * Trotsky is now known as Asimah
  12. * Claude actually had a hint of excitement to his face, eager to see what he would experience. Expanding his knowledge of the unknown was key to advancing through the ranks, and perhaps he might even make off with an ancient forgotten tome or two. After all, it's only his age and inexperience that's keeping him from surpassing his peers, right?
  13. <Claude> > There also seems to be a faint breeze eminating from him, some of the dust blowing away under his feet
  14. <Chyarn> >a well dressed woman looks along the keep, her hand pressed carefully against one of the walls, she sets her staff down in her other hand waiting quietly
  15. * Asimah stands tall and large with placid yet determined expression. A warrior in spirit, she comes here seeking treasures to aid her kingdom. Finding herself amidst others, she decides to tag along as she used to armed forces.
  16. <Narrator> > You are now in [Strata 1, Level 1]. You have your various pathways to the north, east, and south.
  17. <Claude> (What's our order?)
  18. <Asimah> (I'll have a number 2 with a side order of fries)
  19. * SoarinPegasus ( has left
  20. <Narrator> > Ha :3
  21. <Narrator> > But yes
  22. <Narrator> > Please state what Row you're going to be in
  23. * Kai|Cathair is probably going to be in the front
  24. <Asimah> > Front
  25. <Claude> > Back
  26. * Roderick is going at the back as well. Probably mid, considering the sorc
  27. <Chyarn> >back
  28. <Narrator> > And what's the order of in who's first, second, third, fourth, and fifth? Matters for determining initiative.
  29. * Claude would probably be fifth due to extreme frailty
  30. <Asimah> > Initiative +1
  31. <Roderick> > Initiative +4
  32. <Chyarn> >initiative +2
  33. <Kai|Cathair> +3
  34. <Claude> > Iniative +2
  35. <Narrator> > Mmkay, then gonna say the order is 1. Cathair, 2. Asimah, 3. 'unknown lady with a staff -u-', 4. Roderick, and 5. Claude
  36. <Narrator> > Now then. Wat do?
  37. * SoarinPegasus ( has joined
  38. <Kai|Cathair> > I dunno lel
  39. * Claude votes to go east
  40. * Roderick will go with east as well, going with that vote.
  41. * Kai|Cathair isn't picky about which way they go
  42. * Asimah goes with East
  43. <Chyarn> >lady with staff heads east keeping her eyes ahead
  44. <Claude> (Going to make myself a minimap)
  45. * SoarinPegasus ( has left
  46. <Narrator> !roll 1d3
  47. <GameServ> Narrator rolled 1d3: 3  <Total: 3>
  48. <Kai|Cathair> > How gruesome is our death
  49. <Narrator> <The group decides to move in through the eastern door. The door puts up no hassle for them as they go inside, and on the inside they find a scattered bit of rubble on the floor along with a small crimson-red potion in the center of the room.>
  50. <Roderick> ...what. Already? We´re barely a room into this place.
  51. <Kai|Cathair> Mmh, it's likely a trap.
  52. <Kai|Cathair> to weed out the ignorant early on.
  53. <Claude> Obviously. Then again, what if it's not? We'd be declining something that may give us an edge.
  54. <Chyarn> >The lady nods
  55. <Asimah> Do you all have a tool to scan the room for strangeness?
  56. <Kai|Cathair> Do you
  57. <Kai|Cathair> ?
  58. <Roderick> Could be either. Depends on whatever´s being tested here... either that, or just a stick to poke the thing and see what happens
  59. <Claude> Hmm... Well, seems we have some sticks to spare
  60. * Claude points to the rubble
  61. <Asimah> If we can reach them without triggers, we should be well.
  62. <Asimah> You has the lightest feet?
  63. <Asimah> *Who
  64. <Chyarn> >The lady shakes her head looking around
  65. * Claude nods
  66. <Asimah> Then forward!
  67. * Asimah says with enthusiasm
  68. <Narrator> > As a note: To walk softly and try to avoid weight-based traps is [Balance]. To try and grab it and rush away is [Reflex]. To try and spot any traps is [Perception], but if you try and fail to spot the trap, you have a -2 to your check if it goes off on you.
  69. <Roderick> Lemme have a look first, just in case I actually spot ´em... (Can I roll perception here, to check if something´s out of the ordinary?)
  70. <Narrator> > You can. Like I said, you can check Perception as wished, but if you fail to notice something and it goes off on you you'll have a penalty against it.
  71. <Chyarn> (She'll check for traps too)
  72. <Roderick> !roll 2d6+5
  73. <GameServ> Roderick rolled 2d6: 3 6  <Total: 9(+5) = 14>
  74. * Kai|Cathair has shit perception, balance, and reflex, so he'll with for the others
  75. <Narrator> > Alright, both check Perception
  76. <Chyarn> !roll 2d6+3
  77. <Roderick> > That roll was my check
  78. <GameServ> Chyarn rolled 2d6: 5 5  <Total: 10(+3) = 13>
  79. <Narrator> > I know :3
  80. <Claude> (So it's roll 2d6 + the stat?)
  81. <Narrator> > Yup. Nice and easy.
  82. <Roderick> ...this might actually be just a bottle in the middle of the floor. Didn´t spot anything outta the ordinary.
  83. * Chyarn >she proceeds forwards towards the potion
  84. * Claude readies himself in case some speed is required
  85. <Roderick> {Testin´ our trust like this already...}
  86. * Asimah looks on at the situation, admiring the cautiousness of the others with a noticeable smile
  87. <Claude> {No sense getting in trouble already}
  88. <Narrator> > Mmkay. Is the lady taking the potion herself then?
  89. <Chyarn> >yep she'll do that
  90. <Narrator> <The lady bends down, and takes the potion.>
  91. <Narrator> <Nothing appears to happen...>
  92. <Roderick> ...well, so far the roof ain´t falling on us, so we´re good.
  93. <Chyarn> >she walks back to the others with a smile putting the potion in her satchel
  94. <Claude> > The only door back the way we came?
  95. <Narrator> > Lady now has [Unidentified Potion]
  96. <Narrator> <The room itself has three exits. West, where you came, as well as North and East.>
  97. <Asimah> Impressive work. If that's everything in the room, we can continue north.
  98. <Roderick> North sounds fine
  99. <Claude> May as well
  100. <Kai|Cathair> ..right then.
  101. <Asimah> The chipper young one and I have made directional choices, so the rest of you shall decide next time.
  102. <Narrator> <The group enters the northern door. Inside this room are two things of note; there is a slender green flask resting on a wooden table that is otherwise empty in the corner of the room, an overturned chair before it, and there is a staircase heading down. There is also a door to the west, and to the south is the door you just came in.>
  103. <Claude> Another one? This place is being far too generous
  104. <Kai|Cathair> Or trying to earn our trust so that it may betray it later on.
  105. <Roderick> Either works... at least a table´s less likely to be trapped than the floor. I think.
  106. <Asimah> It's better to build up our treasure early on. No need for risks right now.
  107. <Roderick> {Are these things even labeled?}
  108. <Kai|Cathair> Heh, that may be the trap right there, perhaps these things are poisoned.
  109. * Chyarn >the lady watches the potion on this table nodding taking out her own and trying to identify it (Identify I guess? :d)
  110. <Narrator> > Yup...and :D
  111. <Narrator> > One thing to note
  112. <Roderick> Or ARE poison in the first place.
  113. <Chyarn> !roll 2d6+1
  114. <GameServ> Chyarn rolled 2d6: 6 6  <Total: 12(+1) = 13>
  115. <Narrator> > Only the character that picks up the item can take and use it. It cannot be given to another character, though it can be used on them by the holder.
  116. <Roderick> Whole thing´s a gamble if none of us actually knows anything about potions
  117. <Claude> > I'm assuming bad things happen if we take too many actions in the same room?
  118. <Narrator> > Thus, only the holder can try to identify their items.
  119. * Chyarn identifies that potion like a champ -3-)
  120. <Roderick> > Alright then
  121. <Chyarn> >she swishes the liquid in the vial nodding to the potion setting it back down and looking to the other, looking at all the others
  122. <Roderick> So?
  123. <Chyarn> > lady: :?
  124. <Chyarn> >lady: ...yes it's poison :)
  125. <Roderick> {...heh. I guessed it right.}
  126. <Narrator> > Note that was the Crimson vial
  127. <Narrator> > Green vial can't be Identified until it belongs to someone
  128. <Claude> Heh. Never know, it might come in handy. Pour it down some abomination's throat.
  129. <Claude> In a meantime, let's see about vial number two here
  130. <Roderick> Who wants it then? Any of ya?
  131. * Claude swiftly steps towards the vial, simply attempting to swipe it off the table. He was becoming a little impatient and just wanted to move on
  132. * Salamenace ( has joined
  133. <Roderick> Alright then...
  134. * gatwillbbl ( has joined
  135. <Chyarn> >The lady stays back and out of the way her staff gripped in both hands as she waited to see any traps
  136. <Claude> !roll 2d6+2
  137. <GameServ> Claude rolled 2d6: 6 2  <Total: 8(+2) = 10>
  138. <Narrator> > That your identify Claude?
  139. <Claude> > Reflex, actually
  140. <Narrator> <Claude dashes in fast and grabs the vial off the table, then hops back.>
  141. <Narrator> <Nothing seems to happen...whether he was just fast enough or whether there is nothing there, he's fine.>
  142. <Roderick> Well, another drink down. Whether it's actually a drink or just more poison, we'll see. Movin' on.
  143. <Claude> Mpf...
  144. <Chyarn> >Lady: Mmmm west I believe or we head deeper in? :)
  145. <Claude> The deeper we go, the more dangers lurk, right? I say we should try and make off with some coin before we head down.
  146. <Claude> I didn't come here to drink potions, after all.
  147. <Roderick> Alright, so we ain't going down then.
  148. <Chyarn> >L: to the west then, we are better off in agreement no complaints from more coin~ ^^
  149. <Asimah> West, then.
  150. <Roderick> Let's get going then
  151. <Chyarn> >The lady heads down that path...after the more sturdy looking gents and women went
  152. <Claude> (and think I'll stick around for this one room, need to get some sleep soon)
  153. <Asimah> To lose confusion, what are all your names?
  154. <Roderick> Roderick
  155. <Chyarn> >Lady: Varan :)
  156. <Claude> Claude
  157. * Rydrake ( has joined
  158. <Asimah> My name is Asimah. Pleased to meet you all.
  159. <Kai|Cathair> me Cathair.
  160. * Kizaru (androirc@50.153.txn.j) has joined
  161. * Asimah gives a pleasant smile that counters her robust features before continuing on
  162. <Narrator> <The group decides to head to the west. Entering the next room is a *COMPLETE* tonal shift, as the solemn stone and brick gives way to a brightly-lit chamber of polished marble and stone. A young woman in a large silver robe is kneeling before a large chunk of smooth stone fashioned into an Altar of some sort, chanting quietly with her hands clasped in prayer, turning to face and nod at the group as they enter inside. Large decorative symbols
  163. <Narrator> ordain a massive stone slab on the wall behind her that is covered in golden plates. Aside from the Lady and her Altar and the scrawlings behind her, there is a room to the west, a room to the east where you just entered from, and a room to the south>
  164. <Roderick> ...well ain't this a change of pace.
  165. <Narrator> Woman: Ahh...? o.o
  166. <Claude> Huh. You're telling me. It's like we've entered another area altogether
  167. <Asimah> Greetings. We come here... Well, not for aggression.
  168. * Kai|Cathair readies his weapon; he wasn't oging to be fooled so early.
  169. * Sala has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
  170. <Narrator> Woman: Kumorah, travellers, and welcome. ^^
  171. <Asimah> Steady, Cathair...
  172. <Claude> {Kumorah? Seems she's versed in divine magic. Tch...}
  173. * Roderick looks around... he was never much of a religious man, aside from certain moments that inevitably led to letdowns, so he naturally had no idea who this shrine was dedicated to
  174. <Narrator> Holly: I am Holly, a Keeper of the Stone and Priest of the Divine. Tell me...are you harmed? u.u
  175. * Kizaru has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
  176. <Asimah> We have not been injured yet, no.
  177. <Roderick> Well, no. {Not yet at least}.
  178. <Roderick> No resistance yet, but...
  179. * Kizaru ( has joined
  180. <Claude> Someone seems to be leaving bottles of poison around
  181. * Kizaru is now known as Sala
  182. <Chyarn> >V: not at all Holly are you? :)
  183. <Narrator> Holly: I am not. This place is sacred, protected by the Stone. Outside dangers will not enter here. :)
  184. <Narrator> Holly: Poison, you say...?
  185. <Narrator> Holly: Be wary of the dangers that disguise themselves. They are many within these walls. >.>
  186. <Roderick> ...{heh, stroke of luck there}. Finding the safe haven before the actual threats, always nice
  187. <Asimah> And we can trust you because? You are within these walls, too.
  188. <Kai|Cathair> My thoughts exactly.
  189. <Claude> (Just wondering, can we attack or cast spells when not in battle?)
  190. * Asimah gives a dispassionate look, wanting to know as much as possible before she risks her life
  191. <Narrator> Holly: I am. I dwell here as to make use of my healing artes, provide shelter and restoration to those that need it. :)
  192. <Chyarn> >V: what a most kind soul you must be :)
  193. <Narrator> (You can enter combat any time. If you want to attack someone that isn't currently fighting you, you'll get an Ambush attack on them if they aren't expecting a fight.)
  194. <Chyarn> >varan says giving a small bow
  195. <Narrator> (For spells, yes, you can use them any time. It may count as entering combat depending on the spell.)
  196. <Claude> (The dream of a party of battle hungry brigands is alive)
  197. <Roderick> Well, if we need any of that...WHEN we need any of that, we know where to go now
  198. <Narrator> <Holly lowers her head and places both hands folded together on the back of her head, then slowly stands up and places her hands together just beneath her stomach>
  199. * Salamenace has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  200. * Asimah places a finger on her weapon and slides it gently across the blade, causing a small cut that still allows droplets of blood to appear. She shows Holly the wound.
  201. <Narrator> Holly: This place is inhospitable and dangerous, and many are those in need. I would be remiss not to do what I could. >.>
  202. <Asimah> Can you fix this?
  203. <Narrator> Holly: Yes, I can... o.o
  204. <Narrator> Holly: Though such a small wound I will not charge for. ^^
  205. * Asimah waits patiently, not expecting a miracle
  206. <Claude> Ah, a healer? Hm...
  207. <Asimah> Sounds fair.
  208. <Chyarn> >V: ah how much do you charge? <.<
  209. <Roderick> {The testin' sort. Always need one}
  210. <Claude> {She just sits here and waits? What a life.}
  211. <Narrator> <Holly reaches forwards and touches the wound with her finger. A small covering of dust forms on Asimah's cut, which forms into stone, and then falls away to show the finger clear of any damage>
  212. <Narrator> Holly: I charge 8 Gold for a healing session. :)
  213. * Sala has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  214. * Salamenace ( has joined
  215. <Roderick> Healing session covering...?
  216. * Asimah clenches her hand into a fist, and moves her digit around. She looks down at Holly with a sincere expression
  217. <Asimah> Much appreciated.
  218. <Narrator> Holly: I shall enact a Restoration upon you, and attempt to take away your pains. ^^
  219. <Narrator> Holly: You are quite welcome. :)
  220. <Claude> Do you offer potions or trinkets, by any chance?
  221. <Narrator> Holly: I do sell some small potions of Healing. They do cost more than my own touch, however. >.>
  222. <Asimah> (I may have to go soon. I'll comment again when I have to go. Sorry, everyone.)
  223. <Roderick> {Hrm, obviously.}
  224. <Narrator> (No problem Trotskeh)
  225. <Roderick> (Alright then)
  226. <Chyarn> >V: how much do they sale for? :)
  227. <Chyarn> >V: I might wish one bought ^^
  228. <Narrator> Holly: Fifteen pieces of Gold each. u.u
  229. * FlightFetti ( has joined
  230. <Chyarn> >V: I'll take one :)
  231. <Roderick> {...let's... take our chances... after all this place is still here.}
  232. <FlightFetti> > what's happening.
  233. <Chyarn> >she offers the other woman fifteen gold
  234. * Asimah shows 15 gold in her hand, wanting a potion as well
  235. <Chyarn> (Dark fantasy setting test -3-)
  236. * Claude meanwhile takes out the green poiton he acquired, curious if he can save his money for now
  237. <Narrator> <The Priestess nods, taking the gold from both Varan and Asimah and placing it into her robes. She then withdraws two small blue potions from within and hands one to each of them.>
  238. <Asimah> What do blue potions do?
  239. <Narrator> > Varan and Asimah: -15 Gold, +1 Minor Healing Potion
  240. <Chyarn> >varan takes hers with a grateful smile
  241. <Narrator> Holly: Many different things. The coloration of a potion is far from the only factor in determining what it may do. ^^
  242. <Narrator> Holly: These shall restore a small portion of your life force to you, cleansing and removing your wounds. :)
  243. <Claude> (Roll identify?)
  244. <Narrator> > Yup :3
  245. <Claude> !roll 2d6+2
  246. <Roderick> Something that's guaranteed to work then.
  247. <GameServ> Claude rolled 2d6: 2 4  <Total: 6(+2) = 8>
  248. <Asimah> Hmm... Thank you. I have a feeling I will be drunk off these later on.
  249. <Narrator> Holly: Precisely. I know my work quite well. ^^
  250. <Narrator> <She laughs softly>
  251. <Narrator> Holly: Perhaps you shall ^^'
  252. <Claude> ...
  253. <Roderick> {Knowing this place...}
  254. <Claude> Speaking of which? Seems we have two vials of poison. This one's no better than the first,.
  255. <Claude> Liquid plague.
  256. <FlightFetti> > Or don't, alright.
  257. <Narrator> Holly: Oh my :<
  258. <Narrator> > <Chyarn> (Dark fantasy setting test -3-)
  259. <Narrator> > Silly :3
  260. <Roderick> Two traps in two rooms then. Delayed traps at that, so you'll drink 'em in a pickle. Clever.
  261. * Claude stuffs the vial back into his inventory
  262. <Roderick> Should be useful for... throwing at some beast later, maybe. We'll find out
  263. <Claude> With any luck, we'll find a constructive way to use these
  264. <Narrator> Holly: Be cautious not to confuse them with your healing potables. >.>
  265. <Asimah> Or we could dab our weapons with poison, but it will be a hazard in close areas.
  266. <Roderick> Your weapons, maybe.
  267. <Claude> Hmm...
  268. * Kai|Cathair is now known as Cathair
  269. <Chyarn> >V: many wise uses they aren't too much a hazard :)
  270. <Claude> Combined with some magic, this could even form a hazardous mist.
  271. <Asimah> You don't know how frantic battle can be. As long as we're experienced in some way, the plan won't be bad.
  272. <Narrator> Holly: I see that you are each taking your time here quite seriously. That is a good sign for your continued health u.u
  273. <Roderick> ...well, that's a clever one. Either way, good to have around, even if it was a trick
  274. <Cathair> ...shall we continue, then?
  275. <Asimah> Carthair, do you need anything. Otherwise we should probably go.
  276. <Roderick> I'm fine, so I vote for continuing
  277. * Palis|Bya is now known as Byakhee
  278. <Claude> Westward, then?
  279. <Cathair> No, I'm fine.
  280. * Sala ( has joined
  281. <Cathair> let's go.
  282. * Chyarn is now known as Varan
  283. * SoarinPegasus ( has joined
  284. * Varan nods giving Holly another bow before heading off to the next room the dungeon not seeming so bad yet
  285. * SoarinPegasus ( has left
  286. * Roderick limited himself to giving the priestess a little nod before following along
  287. <Narrator> <Holly bows back, then returns to her stone, clasping her hands once more to continue to pray>
  288. <Claude> (and I need to sleep)
  289. <Narrator> <The group then heads into the door to the west...and time stops via ZA WARUDO>
  290. <Varan> (Night and should be it I guess sleepy peeps)
  291. <Cathair> (Night autumn.)
  292. <Narrator> > Yups yups. Well no combat yet but that'll change in a session -3-
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