The Toucan's Guide to /ona/ 2019

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  1. The Toucan Guide
  2. /jp/ onahole pastebin (/ona/) 2019
  3. Rev v0.7.4 - June 23rd, 2019
  4. Written by Rjob !!o1HOiv6DpsF and the Toucan Guide Staff
  5. Supported by the community.
  6. Love you guys.
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  8. News/Status:
  9. MotD: Remember that all browsers have a search function (ctrl +f) if you need to find something in this guide.
  10. USPS will never get faster, only slower. Shipping to the USA with E-packet is a fate worse than death.
  11. The Discord:
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  14. "Pray to Hermes - get stuff delivered quicker"
  16. DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse breaking the law in any state or province of any country. All information presented in this guide is for educational use. Use the information in this guide at your own risk.
  19. There are ZERO (0) paid links in this guide. Everything in here is recommended based on merit. If we DO receive a sponsorship, I will be marking it as such in the guide for all to see.
  21. 09/28/17:
  22. I revised the guide again. Removed the wall of weird stuff that does not belong there in the beginning.
  23. This is stage one of an overhaul I am doing on the guide.
  24. Any concerns please reach out to me via email or discord.
  26. 09/12/17:
  27. New discord, for all your circle jerking needs -
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  30. Rest in peace's, NLS. Updated all English NLS links to Japanese ones for ease of product identification. Slight pruning and editing.
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  33. Fixed dead link for fap hero torrent. Replaced with Mega link curated by faphero discord
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  39. Minor grammatical adjustments. Happy New Year /ona/
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  42. 0.7.3
  43. Queencat's entry updated to reflect that they will no longer ship to Canada. RIP Canadians.
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  46. 0.7.4
  47. General guide update. Rest in peace, QueenCat; Hello, Amazon JP. Links in the rec list updated to Daimaoh and HotPowers where possible for consistency. OtonaJP moved further down for being JList-tier naughty. Oppai paste removed and rewritten into section 2h for a much simpler, concise aid. Recommendations expanded. Retailers/vendors modified. Anal-guide never.
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  51. Table of Contents:
  53. 00. Introduction
  54. 01. FAQ
  55. 02. Shopping
  56.     2a. The Producers
  57.     2b. The Vendors
  58.     2c. Shipping
  59.     2d. EU Shopping (Avoiding VAT)
  60.     2e. Customs
  61.     2f. The Canadian Section
  62.     2g. Guide to Shopping in Japan
  63.     2h. Oppai
  64. 03. Use
  65.         3a. Lube
  66.         3b. Quality of Life Enhancements
  67.         3c. Stamina Remedies
  68.         3d. Supplements
  69. 04. Care
  70.     4a. Cleaning
  71.     4b. Drying
  72.     4c. Storage
  73.     4d. Repair
  74.         4e. Lube Alchemy
  75. 05. Warnings and all(some) things negative
  76. 06. Recommendations
  77.         6a. Reviews
  78.         6b. Videos/Demos
  79. 07. Further Reading
  80. 08. Changelog
  81.         8a. Contact & Credits
  82. 09. Formalities
  83. 10. Conclusion
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  88. 00. Introduction
  90. Forward:
  92. Is your hand not doing it anymore? You are among friends. This guide will get you from hand pleb race to glorious plastic vagina race in less than an hour. This guide is intended to answer most common questions that come up in every onahole thread. It will attempt to guide new and experienced uses through the purchasing process. There is also a section on use, along with tips. The long awaited review section is under construction, and is accepting new contributions.
  94. Suggest any improvements or additions for future pastebins in our thread or via email.
  96. ~Rjob
  98. As a general rule of thumb, if there is no information from the manufacturer/retailer about the internals, tunnel length, overall length and width, then it’s shit. Sometimes, you won’t see information from the manufacturer, but at the retailers instead, due to selective information sharing with the market. Unfortunately, the Western market panders to SEXY COVER GIRLS XXX printed on the box with near-zero information, solely relying on that as a marketing tactic to sell. They mostly don’t have the habit of putting images of cross-sections, despite being so easy to do. While we really shouldn't put them down on that, it’s not very smart to actively avoid the publication of accurate information regarding what you sell, especially if it’s on the box.
  100. ========
  101. 01. FAQ
  103. This section will attempt to answer the constantly asked questions in each thread. If you ask these questions you'll probably be trolled instead.
  105. Q: Is the packaging Discreet?
  106. A: Yes. All the distributors listed in the shopping section will discreetly ship your fake vaginas in a brown box. Name and address. Customs declaration of “figures” if sent overseas. DHL puts something else. Will explain in shipping section.
  108. Q: Is (Loli Hole Here) legal in the USA?
  109. A: If it’s being sold on Amazon USA, Queencat Adult Toys, ToyDemon, or CoolMaleSextoy then it is LEGAL to own in the USA. If you are still worried, ask the shop to remove the packaging before sending it. Always check your country's laws about owning pictures of animated little girls before ordering, or you'll be bubba's onahole.
  111. Q: Do I have to clean and dry it?
  112. A: If you're going to buy these marvels, take care of them for toucan's sake. Clean your cum out and dry them thoroughly.
  114. Q: Which hole feels like the real thing?
  115. A: Rjob’s experience with real pussy points to the Venus Real in Soft as the closest to the real thing. You'll need Onatsuyu lube and a warmer.
  117. Q: Will my buying habits appear on my bank account/paypal for my parents to see?
  118. A: No. All the listed companies (except Jlist) will charge you under a different, unrelated name.
  120. Q: How are the Bad Dragon Holes?
  121. A: Reports say they lack texture, suction, and are overpriced.
  123. Q: Difference between single and dual layer onaholes?
  124. A: Dual layer is when there's a second layer of rubber inside the toy, often with a darker colour. Look at the R20 (single) and seventeen bordeaux (double) to see the difference. These second layers often have different properties compared to the main layer, usually being of softer, more elastic material. These usually have molding issues, such as inconsistent layer thickness and minor delamination in rarer cases.
  126. Q: Difference between the material levels of TOMAX holes?
  127. A: It's the hardness of the material the onahole is made of. Soft will be less rough on your penis than hard. Hard will provide more stimulation though (i.e: you'll cum faster). You have to experiment to see what you're comfortable with.
  129. Q: Which is better? X or Y?
  130. A: >whynotboth.jpg
  131. Anon if it's not clear by now, every dick is different and will like different holes. This journey is self discovery is one which you'll have to embark on your own.
  133. Q: Do onaholes feel better than real pussy?
  134. A: Depends on who you ask. We say yes.
  136. Q: So J-list has...
  137. A: Don’t even think about it.
  139. Q: Can my hole freeze or melt during shipping or if I leave it outside when I can’t pick it up? I live in X country.
  140. A: Drastic change in temps are alright, depending on what hole. Lower temperatures, as far as I have found, increase the likelihood of plasticizer leaking due to a difference in thermal expansion(in this case, contraction). Just expect it to be rather oily when you first get it. For higher temperatures, it may deform and “melt”, depending on where pressure is exerted in its packaging.
  142. Q: Is it safe to ingest water based lube?
  143. A: Generally, yes. Ingesting water based lube isn't too dangerous as long as it's simple and don't contain too many preservatives and additives that could upset the gastrointestinal system.
  145. Because it's water based, your national poisons agency will most likely tell you to drink plenty of water to dilute it, and possibly even tell you not to induce vomiting to avoid dehydration or further irritation. The lube can be thick, slimy and often stays cohesive which can be a danger when ingesting in moderate amounts. Lube can absorb water, and depending on its contents, can absorb varying amounts until it's flushed out of the system. If you do end up chugging down a lot of lube for any reason, you might find that your poop ends up slimy.
  149. Q: What’s the difference between Fleshlights and Japanese onaholes?
  150. A: Different materials, namely materials based on TPE and silicone respectively. Because of this, there are varying limitations to items in both categories such as molding and material abilities. Silicone is much more structurally rigid than TPE and is generally more resistant to wear. TPE provides the benefits of being able to mold awkward structures, tunnels and shapes, unlike silicone based ones. Generally, silicone based ones are tougher and harder. Again, properties are dependent on the mix. Onas are often close ended and can offer suction. As with silicone based products, they are generally harder and thus provide more stimulation and often cannot produce a closed end due to molding processes. FL has boring tunnel structures, albeit still stimulating. Onas can have crazy tunnels that keep you interested and mentally active - you could forget that you're stroking at a certain area, then you suddenly feel a certain bump, and so on. The same silicone stuff applies to BD holes. While they come up with varying designs, they are still limited because of their material choices. The benefits of FL and BD is that they offer products for the more endowed, unlike onas that go up to 7" at most, but average at 4"-5". Fleshlights also come with a case that restricts the expansion of the material, forcing more pressure onto you if you are very girthy.
  152. Q: What are these made of?
  153. A: Thermoplastic Elastomers. Read the science section for more information.
  155. Q: How are these made?
  156. A: Mostly injection molded, but some are poured into a cast and the end is cut off.
  158. Q: Can I make one of these?
  159. A: Sure you can. Be it ballistics gel or recycling old holes, making these are fairly simple!
  161. Q: My parents found my plastic butt under my bed! What do I do?
  162. A: Talk to them about your privacy and try to slap some sense into them. Your belongs are your belongings. If they take it, it’s theft. Hide it in other places or get a lock for your collection.
  164. Q: Can I use a hole that I haven’t cleaned for a day since I last used it?
  165. A: Sure you can, you just risk fungal and bacterial infection!
  167. Q: How long can I leave a hole during a fap break? How long is too long?
  168. A: Generally, try not to leave it out in the open for long periods. A ten minute break from fapping and having a go again should be fine. Having it attached to your dick during your break is ideal as you don’t let too much air in it, however whatever you have inside can still grow. It all depends on your living conditions and hygiene, so only you can tell how much of a dirty NEET you want to be.
  170. Q: Do I lube my warmer before I put it in?
  171. A: Well, yes. You can put it in without lube, but pulling it out can be difficult. Lube inside can also get warmed up, which is pretty great since water has a high heat capacity. Lube also provides a little buffer zone between the warmer and the tunnel itself, reducing the chances of specific areas deforming from heat.
  173. Q: Is this image too lewd for customs?
  174. A: If it has any focus on the labia, nipples, any very suggestive images(such as removal of bras and underwear), and extreme focus on the hole itself(such as closeup of the human labia), then the image may be too lewd. Overly sexual images such as depictions of semen or any other fluids, wet thighs, hands down in panties will obviously count as lewd and sexual in nature. Anything that depicts penetration, rape or just sex in general can be counted as “obscene” by the standards of most countries and is often in the “banned imports” list, depending on the country or state you are in. It may also be punishable. Government agencies such as customs and law enforcement may act upon seeing these images.
  176. Q: Are there any pink, semi-transparent onaholes like in my east-Asian illustrations? Are there any like in my east-Asian illustrations?
  177. A: Short answer, no. Long answer, yes. There are a few holes that are semi-transparent, but they’re all clear and colorless, wildly different from most things you see in doujinshis. Open ended holes are also available, but are in low demand due to generally poorer performance.
  179. Q: Any exercises I can do to last longer/increase stamina so I can actually enjoy my onahole for more than 3 minutes?
  180. A: Kegels and general endurance training with holes. Keep going until you’re about to blow, then stop. Resume when ready and repeat. No immediate results, but long term effects can be apparent.
  182. Q: Can I use a condom?
  183. A: Yes, as long as your lube is still water based. The only thing that makes cleaning up easier is the removal of organic matter inside the hole, which isn’t much of a difference. Condoms also usually lessen the stimulation a bit. Be sure to clean your onahole afterwards and don’t be a lazy fuck.
  185. Q: Can I pay via X??
  186. A: Ask the store. They have a wide variety of payment options. If you can’t be bothered to read that or ask, then you don’t deserve the ability to pay at all.
  188. Q: Is there any way to identify a bootleg onahole? I can’t read Asian!
  189. A: Not really. There aren’t enough bootlegs to begin with, if there are any. The market is too small and is very volatile for there to be any bootlegs
  191. Q: How do you measure girth?
  192. A: String and a ruler. Wrap the string around your supposedly erect penis and measure the string length with the ruler.
  194. Q: >porous
  195. A: The only thing porous here is your head. Porosity is an absolute, and pore size depends on production and material. Unfortunately, this meme circulates around in uneducated Western communities that regurgitate information they can’t understand or give reason to, let alone think about.
  197. Q: Can I use these without lube?
  198. A: Yes! Go ahead and try! Though it won’t be as pleasant with lube.
  204. ========
  205. 02. Shopping
  207. DO NOT BUY WHILE HORNY. Make sure to stay objective by browsing reviews before purchasing. Its like walking into a food store hungry.
  209. Choosing the appropriate onahole:
  210. 1) Get your max erect length and girth, bone pressed erect length(BPEL). BPEL is used so that you don't impale a hole whenever you go balls deep and press yourself against it.
  212. 2) Look for any item that piques your interest and find the tunnel length of the item. It is often safe to say that the end of the tunnel is at 1cm from the end, but be sure to check. If tunnel length is provided, skip to step number 5.
  214. 3) Find the dimensions of the tunnel and the hole. Daimaoh often has dimensions and specs. The tunnel dimensions and shape are important for your usage and how you use it. Google the possible English names and the Japanese names if you can.
  216. 4) Provided M’s sells the item, get the Japanese name of the product, copy paste it into M's website and check for product specs in the images or description. Sometimes HotPowers will have this information. You may have to scrounge around the internet to find information.
  218. 5) If the tunnel length is ±3cm from your length then it should be fine for you. How you use it will determine its lifespan. Too short and you will have trouble with strokes and risk impaling it. Too long and lube will pool up at the end, assuming it has a closed end. Holes will loosen up over time, so tightness won’t last long if you’re very girthy compared to the tunnel.
  220. 6) Read absolutely objective reviews that take as many factors into account as possible, especially the user length and girth. If you can't find any in English, go use google translate. Reviews that don't give any information aren't useful at all. Be aware of any reviews that don't account for their how battered their dicks are, since they may have DGS or are just numbed. Simple, short reviews can be useful, too!
  222. 7) Choose an appropriate lube. Lube will change how something feels, and your overall experience will change. Some holes have a small packet, and some have a small bottle. Try them out and see what you like.
  224. 8) Be sure to hydrate and edge/no-fap until you get it for a bit of an adventure.
  227. There are a few main classifications based on size, mass and shape to help classify and generalize a few points with their pros and cons. Your living conditions, space and privacy will determine what you can get and operate with in your home.
  229. -Onaholes - 100-650g tube-shaped onaholes. Generally referred to as “onahole”, regardless of length. Includes those designed as a small, tubular torso like Julia+.
  231. -Full Hip - 1/1 scale hip such as the Kiwami, Gokujo Namagoshi and others of similar size. Generally, these weigh around 4kg+ and have the contours of the lower abdomen, butt and the hip area in general.
  233. -Half Hip - Hips that are cut flat in one face to be placed on a flat surface such as a table, and are often made with doggy style in mind. Examples of these are Premium Chastity and the Yume Namagoshi. Not necessarily butt facing up and doesn’t have to be of any scale. Usually made with size and weight reduction in mind.
  235. -Mini Hip - Hips that are much smaller than full hips, have the same contour as full hips and weigh as much as half hips. Examples of which are the Puni DX, Puni Fuwa Mocchi 2000 and Cocolo. Also includes those with two small hips, like in Squishy Sisters.
  237. -Torso - Behemoths in terms of size and mass. Often in 1/1 scale and is in the general shape of a torso, from the neck down to the crotch. Iconic examples are Miracle Angel Body Mao, Aya, and NLS’ own Girlfriend. You can buy clothes for them. Onahofan made reviews of Mao and Girlfriend, taking loads of photos, but it’s all in Japanese. This should also include slightly smaller torsos for ease of reference, such as Haruka’s Onedari Body.
  239. -Mini-torso - A very new size category. Some have a bone structure in them for stability. The width of a larger onahole, the shape of a torso and the length of around 16cm+. Notable examples are the Kaitai Shinsho, Puni Ana SPDX.
  241. -Oppai/Breasts - An absolute aid when you need something to fondle.
  243.  The sites below contain collective information on onaholes. Use them if you can into moon and want to browse.
  247. is a collective review site on onaholes. While lacking tunnel information, they often include information such as firmness, oiliness, stimulation, smell, size, maker, rough price, website availability, ease of maintenance, tunnel design, durability, tightness, cost performance, release date, flippability and popularity.
  251. M's is a retailer of adult goods and will often have detailed information regarding items such as tunnel length(except for older holes), as well as having reviews for the items they sell.
  253. They are often updated with retail-friendly companies such as Magic Eyes.
  257. Onahodouga is a reviewer of holes, often commenting on hardness, flexibility, stimulation and major flaws in the hole. Flips the holes inside-out to give a clear impression of the tunnel
  259. structure, but does not provide detailed information such as tunnel length. Often comical in nature and even makes 4komas for notable events. The music they use for their videos is Tuxedo Junction.
  262. A list of reviewers in English and other languages. A few to note are:
  271. When looking for new onaholes being released into retail, go to the following link.
  277. And finally, one anon has compiled a list of holes to choose from, along with their important specs such as dimensions and weight. Use the temporary filter function as default filters are inaccessible to all users. Filter views is the funnel symbol on the toolbar. Rest in peace, data anon.
  280. Listed below are the companies that make the onaholes that the vendors sell. Listed in order of popularity.
  282. 2a. The Producers:
  285. - Outvision/アウトビジョン: Parent company of G Project, eXe and Dogma, as well as other stuff. Also their logo is an illuminati reference or something.
  286.     eXe: vast branch, quality go from 2000JPY. Durability is average. Large catalog.
  287.     PPP: Does many artist collaborations with their products. Despite the alluring packaging, it's overpriced, is of questionable quality and is small. Sells because of packaging.
  289. Nothing special to note. Anons with their random goodie bags have reported sub-par performance and quality. Little to no information shown on products.
  291. - TOMAX( Best single-layer Onaholes on the market. Excellent lifespan, durability, and feeling. Prices range from 35USD-50USD. Also the producers of the Busty Ai-Chan. Exclusively found at their retail partners - OmochaDreams(EU), and Daimaoh(JP), and soon enough, Motsutoys. Getting these anywhere else may require a forwarding or proxy service. Finally set up a US-based website at late Jan-2016 with prices.
  293. - ToysHeart/TH( Very good cost-perfomance. Recommended for first-timers.
  295. - NPG/日暮里ギフト: Large price-range, from 800JPY to 8000JPY. Maker of the meiki(名器) series. Prices known to be exaggerated. Weak dual-layers.
  297. - Magic Eyes/マジックアイズ( ; - artist blog): Good cost-performance, most advanced dual-layers on the market. Quality is VERY inconsistent. Also makes lubes and cleaner. Reports continue to come in about poor quality Mouth of Truth products. These are not without merit. Buyer Beware!
  299. - Alice Stage( Otaku-oriented marketing. Can only order through proxy.
  301. - Rends( Maker of various items such as cleaning products, vibrators, onaholes and lubricant. Famous for their R1 series, which includes the A10 Piston and Cyclone.
  303. - Tenga ( : Producers of disposable masturbators. Most such as Tenga Cup or Tenga Egg are one use toys, possibly 2 or 3 with proper cleaning and maintenance. Sensation and feeling is usually middle of the road. Highest selling point is the ease of cleanup. The tenga flip is remarkably easy to clean although it is not the best feeling toy by far. Pricey.
  305. - Ride Japan/ライドジャパン( : Low cost, good cost-performance. Length is fairly short in most cases. Has a consistent lineup of materials, so you can expect how something will feel if you have another item of the same material.
  307. - Maccos Japan - ( : A fairly newish make! Relatively cheap and accomodates a wide variety of dicks. Worth a look.
  309. - Lovecloud/ラブクラウド( Low prices and good cost-performance.
  311. - Tokyo Libido( Brand of highly customisable air-doll created by an air-doll aficionado. Also made an onahole to attach on BJD so you can fuggle them.
  313. - Tamatoys/タマトイズ: Maker of low-cost parody onahole. Some are good, though. Has released a high number of lubricants as well. Leader in "girl smell" products - while expensive, they can be worth it.
  315. - A-one/エーワン( Famous for their love-body series. Their onaholes are generally sub-par but some are good. Also a maker of parody onaholes.
  317. - HotPowers/ホットパワーズ/ホッパ( Maker of the Kunoichi line. Actively develops and reviews onaholes among staff members and operates their own shop. Older models are in the 5000+JPY range.
  319. - Prime/プライム: Underground as shit. Has no publicly available website and does not release information on their products. Break Insert is their only promising looking onahole. Recently available on ToyDemon as their "international debut".
  321. -SSI Japan( Parent company of Wild One and DNA. Pushes out products from all three names. Makes vibrators, lubes, prostate massagers, breasts, a few hips, the new Julia torso, onaholes, denma attachments and lots of other things. Prides their products for being made in Japan. Also makes the G-Mode series of products. Onaholes are small but relatively cheap. Stock photos often seem cheap.
  323. If you want to be a truHIPSTER, buy from those: soft on demand, toys sakai, E-noa, enjoy toys, arms, tobelca, ssi japan, merci, mode-design.
  326. 2b. The Vendors
  328. This guide's shopping recommendations will be assuming you live in the USA. If you are looking for the best deal, proceed down the list starting at one until you find what you want. Each store will have pros and cons.
  330. Tip: Use your bank to convert currency. It lets you avoid paypal's huge conversion rate. They charge you a lot of money extra on conversions to guarantee that they get money for the transaction. Banks often have the lowest conversion rates. Keep in mind some banks may have a fee involved with converting currency. Do some research before trying this.
  333. North America:
  334. (USA)
  335. Illinois. Has a wide selection but some markup. Makes/sells a plush doll of their own design. A good site for reading English-language product reviews. Can be pricey but may save you on big purchases.
  337. (USA)
  338. California based distributor. Has a good selection of both Western and Eastern male toys with quick, discrete shipping. The prices seem higher up front, but the shipping is included with the costs. Has a price match service. If you find one of their items cheaper on another site, just tell them and they will match the price for you. Shipping is very quick within the States and you can even contact them with item suggestions if they don't carry something you're looking for. Very convenient and fast service if you happen to live in the US.
  341. JAPAN
  342. (Japan)
  343. Not in english, will not ship internationally. You'll need a forwarding service. They have some exclusive stuff/good prices though. Also has H-manga and a wide variety of products. Staff seem to be able to speak English, but the extent of their fluency is currently unknown.
  345. (Japan)
  346. Site in Japanese language only. Store ships also internationally, EMS only. Hotpowers sells products from the major manufacturers but also makes and sells toys of their own design. Some Hotpowers models can be found on Amazon. Now has a much more detailed product info chart for new products, akin to's.
  348. Guide to ordering for non-Japanese speakers:
  349. Guide to the Hotpowers ¥10k package:
  351. (Japan)
  352. With the most recent development, Amazon Japan now offers international shipping! We've had issues with anons having trouble with DHL rejecting onaholes and lube due to a lack of information from Amazon's side about the package. So far, Spain and Canada have been affected, so buyer beware.
  354. (Japan)
  355. A child-site of Nippon-Yasan.
  357. (Japan)
  358. Markup, EMS and a horrendous website.
  361. EUROPE
  362. (Netherlands / Europe)
  363. Actually has stock. Has the site split into normal goods(motsu) and dolls(mytenga). The cheapest vendor for EU, can ship via DHL. Super friendly staff and can organize shipping worldwide.
  365. (Germany / Europe)
  366. Will never have stock. Distributor of Tomax related goods in the EU. Much like any post-war German technology, overpriced.
  368. (UK / Europe)
  369. VAT inclusive. Free shipping >£40, probably only within the UK.
  371. (Germany / Europe)
  372. Superjews. Loved omochadreams so much they even copied their prices.
  375. Other vendors:
  383. (Japan) - The former go-to of international orders, ceasing international services since December 15, 2017. Their Japanese website is still up and will require a forwarder.
  384. - Insane markup for a forwarding service that doesn't even have domestic stock, don't bother. Also stores your information unhashed!
  385. / - Germany / UK amazon. Worth a check.
  386. - Star Erotic Germany / EU - Has Tomax products in stock and ships rather quickly, despite a slightly higher price.
  387. (Poland) - Newish(?) vendor, ships to the rest of the EU.
  388. (Japan or USA)
  389. Based in Japan, advertises to exploit ““““otaku””””. Markups as high as 300%. Plus shipping FROM JAPAN. Almost anything stocked on Jlist is cheaper someplace else.
  390. (Japan)
  391. Dont buy from otona unless you absolutely have to. They take forever to ship.
  392. >>21519148
  393. If you take a look at their terms and conditions, it is set up in a way that they have literally no liability or obligation to fulfill your order if they don't feel like it, and they will not be held liable if they fail to deliver.
  395. 2.3 in their terms: "Upon receipt of the Customer’s order, Seller will verify the availability of the Product(s) and the Customer’s credit card or other payment details. Seller has not accepted the Customer’s offer and is not obliged to supply the Product(s) until Seller has shipped the Product(s) and sent an order confirmation to the Customer by email."
  397. 5.2 "Any dates quoted by Seller for the delivery of Product(s) are estimates only and shall not form part of the contract. Seller aims to deliver promptly, however delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen factors. Seller shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the Product(s) within the estimated delivery time."
  399. This means they can delay as long as they want, and since they are not liable for the order until it is shipped, and also that they will not be liable for any delay or failure to deliver, they can literally just delay your order for years, or just fuck off with your money and not even ship your order. This is what happened to me in my case. Worst case scenario this could even mean that they can list items on their website that they don't even have or are unable to acquire.
  401. (Japan)
  402. REST IN PEACE ;_;7
  403. (USA)
  404. REST IN PEACE ;_;7
  407. If you have any more to add, we can always add more to the plethora of vendors. The more we all order from them and the better general rep a vendor gets, the more notable they are and the more trustworthy they can be, we'll add them to the main list.
  410. 2c. Shipping:
  412. SAL or e-packet has less of a chance of being inspected by customs. No inspection means less chance of import tax for Europeans.
  415. Lockers:
  416. A breakthrough in hole ordering anonymity. You can have amazon deliver your hole to a 7-11. In some states there are public places (mostly 7-11 store locations) where you can have amazon packages picked up at rather than shipping it to your home. Amazon ships the item to your 7-11, and you pick it up from 7-11 without anyone at your house seeing what got shipped to you.
  417. Findlocker - A good option for anons living with people who might go through their mail.
  420. Common forwarders:
  423. And everything else you can find over at buyfag.
  425. Shipping times:
  427. The advertised shipping times by carriers can be inaccurate, both for and against you. They put that time span to cover their ass when someone complains. Here's an estimate.
  429. Rough shipping times:
  431. New York Area:
  432. Domestic USPS Priority: 2-3 Days
  433. SAL: 7-9 Days (Don't use this unless you have to)
  434. EMS 2-3 Days
  435. DHL: 2 Days
  437. Oceania:
  438. EMS:3 Days fastest
  439. DHL:3 Days
  440. E-packet: 6 days to Aus, no tracking after leaving Japan
  443. 2d. EU Shopping (Avoiding VAT)
  445. Taken from:
  447. From what i gathered most EU countries have a lousy €22 tax free limit for goods imported outside the Eurozone. Anything above that and you get raped with Sales tax, Tariff and Administration costs.
  449. In Holland where i live the Administration costs are €13 on top of the 21% sales tax. Not sure about tariff though. You only pay tariff here for goods with a value higher than €150 and i never ordered something that expensive.
  451. Also in holland they charge extra administration costs for EMS packages: €17.50 instead of €13,-
  452. Its also worth noting DHL on the other hand only charges €10,- administration costs.
  454. Over here DHL also handles costums stuff MUCH better than the regular mail by way. They text you with a code you can use to access their website to pay the costums charges in advance so you dont have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for them to calculate taxes and pay them with cash at the door like with EMS/E-Packet/SAL
  457. 2e. Customs:
  458. DHL which requires accurate declarations like "rubber toy" and "lotion". Hotpowers default is "cushion". You may use the order comments field to request that NLS change the declaration to your preferences. You can also request that a seller remove packaging / artwork that your local customs inspectors might find offensive.
  460. SAL has the least chance to be inspected by customs, and thus also least chance for extra tax for Europeans.
  461. Small packet under 2kg (boxes removed helps) + unregistered mail has very low chance of triggering said inspections.
  463. The USA has no customs charge until you reach around 1000$ for a single package. AMERICA, F-YEAH!
  466. /jp/ seems particularly concerned about the legal status of certain holes, usually due to box art. Understand that all products sold at the above vendor sites comply with the local laws of the fulfilling business. Because Queen Cat sold the Puni Hole DX out of Los Angeles and because Toydemon sells Rina/Roa/Lolinco/COCOLO out of Chicago, these are legal products for Americans to purchase and own. Stop asking if you will be sent to jail for buying holes and embrace your freedoms. If you live elsewhere, do some research on your local laws before you order.
  468. Obviously, customs is not an issue if you are shopping within your own country.
  470. Customs differ from country to country, and each country will have varying laws and regulations around certain objects. They are on alert for materials such as uneven solids, granules and suspicious objects that don't match package description. The package is first passed through an x-ray machine to scan for material unevenness, hidden pockets, granulated solids, funny material properties and to have a general outline of the item. If a customs officer deems it suspicious(or just on a whim or randomly), they will open the box to inspect and run tests on such as swabs for residue. If the package is benign and is deemed of no danger, then they will tape it back up and move on. If the package contains malicious things such as chemical traces of drugs, illicit paraphernalia and material to make paraphernalia, they will either seize it or let it through and track further packages to the destination and from the originating country. Should customs destroy your package, they should inform you by letter or call, but this will depend on the country.Customs may or may not put a sticker or tape that says "Searched by customs", depending on your country's laws and regulations regarding customs. Depending on the country, the postal service may do the same if they operate on the same level as customs do when it comes package inspection. Generally, this applies to most countries. Whatever customs deems dangerous to the country and its people will depend on each country. If customs does something to your package, they can either tell you or not tell you about it. If it gets destroyed, they will inform you of it, and you most likely can't do anything. If you think that they destroyed it on unreasonable grounds, you can always ask them about it. While they have governmental power over the border and things that go through it, you can probably contest it, as long as you have good knowledge of your importation laws, restrictions and regulations. Customs can always contact you, the seller or the shipper for details. If it gets held up, it'll just say that the package is still in customs. Whether or not they're processing it, in a backlog, or even inspecting it in detail, it won't say on your tracking number. Time like this you should just wait it out. Most packages can spend 2-8 hours in customs before being sent to the post offices, sometimes even longer. If it does get opened, nicer people in customs will put tape or a sticker over it saying "opened by customs" or "checked by customs". If it gets quarantined, you are notified after a certain time. If it goes through quarantine quickly, they don't really bother in notifying you quickly. If it gets confiscated, they inform you, and you most likely have to pick it up. If you live in a tax-heavy area, bring some money and prepare for probable tax. In most places, you can call customs about it, and they can tell you your options. Whether or not they put you on a watchlist, you may never know. You may not intervene or retrieve a package before or during a check at customs, unless permitted by customs in circumstances such as identification of goods or even interrogation regarding the import of goods. You may not intervene or retrieve a package in transit to the postal service or while it is at your postal service station, unless permitted by your postal service station in circumstances such as identification of goods to be sent or even a missed delivery.
  472. 2f. The Canadian Section
  474. -IMPORTANT-
  475. As an update, one anon who used to visit the threads is no longer in trial. His package consisted of Cocolo, Lolinco and MoT. Customs deemed the illustration of Cocolo to be illegal.
  477. (June, 2015)
  478.     The government, upon finding the package from DHL, performed a month long investigation, including undercover surveillance, delivered the package as part of an undercover sting operation, arrested me once it was confirmed I opened the package, was in RCMP custody for about half a day, interrogated by an officer for a few hours, and then released on bail. To clarify, the package had the Cocolo, Mouth of Truth, and Lolinco. Customs only found issue with the Cocolo packaging, and the entirety of the charges is based on that one picture.
  480. I think there's reasonable grounds to defend in this case though--the package has a character bio that gives reason to believe she's 18 (says she's majoring in psychology), and the product is available from canadian retailers such as The RCMP's case is based on a shaky interpretation of the character's physical traits: no breasts, no hips, no pubic, which is fairly weak given the image. And there's no current legal framework for determining the age of a drawing, and no precedent.
  482. (Oct, 2015)
  483.     The RCMP had conducted a month long investigation over the period that they had the package. This included one week where they staked out my home and work, and at one point even
  485. tailed me with my friends to a restaurant while monitoring me. They went through my twitter and online profile too. They conducted an undercover sting, where they posed as a DHL delivery
  487. driver to give me the package. They arrested me in the parking lot of my workplace where I had the package in my vehicle. I was charged at the time with possession of child pornography,
  489. importing obscene goods, and smuggling or attempting to smuggle prohibited goods. To clarify, the illustration was the only evidence.
  491.     After dragging on for months, the prosecutor agreed to drop the charges in exchange for me accepting a peace bond.
  493.     The media has basically reported everything as it happened, full with my name and info.
  496. Here's what to do if you live in Canada, and are buying loli holes. (LOLI IS ILLEGAL IN CANADA)
  498. 1. Ask wherever you are buying from to remove the packaging and anything depicting "young" girls so you don't go to prison.
  499. 2. Use Epacket, slower shipping is less likely to be opened and investigated.
  500. 3. Get the H-E Double Hockey Sticks out of Canada, their laws suck.
  501. 4. Stop clogging up our thread with the same questions.
  503. Loli is notably illegal in Canada and Australia, due to being classified as child pornography. Remove packaging on anything that can vaguely even depict “young” girls. Use E-packet, as it is slower and is less likely to be opened by customs and investigated. If you’re worried about getting vanned and taken into court, read up on your laws, purge all content, write 0’s on drives, melt the platters down, and prepare your defense. There isn’t much we can do to help you apart from tell you that you fucked up somewhere.
  506. 2g. Brick and Mortar Shopping In Japan and Bringing Them Home
  508. If you are in Japan and are buying from a brick and mortar store, then you'll find plenty in Akihabara, with Love Merci being one of the more popular ones. Some stores such as M's allow you to get exempted from tax if you show them your foreign passport so do take advantage of that. If you aren't near Akihabara, you can always look around for shops in your area.
  510. If you have a place to live where you're rather free and unrestrained, feel free to order from Daimaoh, Hot Powers or any other online store that offers shipping within Japan. Ask your landlord or accommodation about receiving packages to ensure you get your items.
  512. Because you don't need to pay for shipping, it'll be cheaper to buy stuff if you're in Japan, especially for heavy items such as lubricants and hips. Because of the nature of liquids and customs, shipping liquids tend to get your boxes opened and inspected by customs.
  514. If you're buying plenty of items, ask about overweight charges and make sure you weigh all of your bags. Some companies are lenient with their bag weights due to the flight, some charge cheaply for increments of five kilograms, some charge highly per kilogram, so be sure to ask about it.
  516. Toranoana Store C is the one with the onahole section. They also have insert-pillows in normal size and DX size, along with covers for both. Toranoana Store C carries the popular tengas, a few parody holes, and some small holes.
  518. Trader 3 has an onahole section on the 4th floor. They carry all of the G Project holes and accessories. Their insert-pillows are 100円 cheaper that Toranoana's.
  520. Lammtarra DVD is a hyper-cramped JAV store spanning 5 floors. The onaholes are on the 5th floor in an aisle and two corners. They had small holes, hips, tengas, and parody holes. All were slightly cheaper than anywhere else. It was only the only place that had smells. (I was correct yesterday when I said there were no smells in Love Merci. I checked there again today to be sure.) The insert-pillow covers in Lammtarra were more expensive than anywhere else however (the lowest at 1864円!)
  522. Lammtarra DVD BOOK GAME down the street is equally packed with JAV for 5 floors. However, its onahole section is on the 4th floor and has hips, lotions, tengas, small holes, fewer smells than the other Lammtarra, and parody holes. There is a bit more room for the onas here and you have a wider selection of hips.
  525. Bringing them home through the airport:
  527. If you are concerned about the box art but still want to have it, wrap them in a non-transparent plastic bag(ideally black), seal it up and sandwich them deep between clothing items.
  529. Customs officers are unlikely to rifle deep through personal belongings and wouldn't bother to open up a sealed/tightly tied non-transparent bag if it's obvious that a product box is in it and the x-ray did not pick up anything suspicious.
  531. Alternatively, feel free to rip apart the box, flatten it and cover it in thick paper or a non-transparent plastic bag and sandwich it between clothes.
  533. All Onaholes and lubricants MUST go into your check-in luggage and NOT in your carry on luggage to reduce the risk of inspection. Make sure to tape up lubricants to make sure they don't spill. Lubricants that have a snap lid squeezable bottle can open up in transit and can lead to a mess when you get home, not to mention loss of lube.
  535. If you're trying to save up on space, wrap your onaholes in soft clothing items. Most onaholes will come in a plastic covering bag to protect them inside the box, so wrap around that plastic bag to avoid crease lines. If you're boxes are too big, pull them apart, flatten them and put them somewhere in your bag.
  539. 2h. Oppai
  541. We have a few things to consider when choosing a breast toy:
  543. -Your penis
  544. Greatly determines how easily you can have some fun by sliding it in and keeping it between the breasts instead of slipping out all the time. You may find it very difficult to keep it in without having to angle the breasts right, hold the breasts in its entirety, or even go prone. Generally, the more your penis tends to point upwards with an erection, the more difficulty you might have in terms of positioning. Sure enough you can find a way to get around all the physical limitations if your body by sitting right or whatever, but that's up for you to explore.
  546. -Clothing
  547. Both as a support item or something to enhance the experience, clothing can change how you play with breasts. You can mount them, cover them and essentially protect them from general wear and tear if you even sleep with them. Bras can be an excellent add-on, but the shoulder straps may dig in and cut the material, so care must be taken. Sports bras that fit appropriately can help cup the breasts in place upon mounting, but size should be a consideration; trial and error! Clothing can help cup the breasts for you, reduce splay and overall may even provide a better groping experience for you. Elastic clothing works best as taut or tightly fitting items reduce the soft breasts into a solid, inelastic mass - a coarsely knitted cotton shirt works best to provide just enough elasticity for body contact and groping while just enough support to keep the breasts from falling apart when mounted. Some have had success in using nursing bra's, but the cup size can be difficult to gauge without having a reference body. Clothing will eventually soak up some of that oiliness over time and really can't be washed off very easily, so treat all clothing items as disposables.
  549. Sizing-wise, we've had success in mounting the Ai-Chan onto a plush with a 34C nursing bra. With the relatively small torso of most plushes, I've managed to put a sports bra onto the Ai-Chan, and a US Men's Small/Medium shirt over Akari to keep it loosely in place. Having Akari out almost 9 month's a year, I've only gone through 3 shirts that are now far too oily for use. I've also used a sports bra and a 34C nursing bra to contain Akari alone as best as it could, unfortunately unmounted. Many anons have had success in using tie-on bras and lingerie to spice up their breasts as you can easily adjust them. It's best for you to find out what you want in terms of clothing.
  551. -Use
  552. Are you buying this solely to fulfill a groping need, visual aesthetics, a need to suckle, or perhaps as a sleeping aid to keep your hands busy? What you're wanting it for can determine what key features you should look out for in breasts. If you're looking for firmer nipples to nibble, pull and play with, you might want to look at things with more pronounced nipples or maybe even ones with a separate material for the nipple. Chances are you'd want to stick your dick between some massive honkers so their general shape will be very important - if they're incredibly splayed and separated or too small you will have some trouble wrapping them around your penis. You'd want a lot of breast volume and cleavage where the breasts touch. Would you be mounting this on a pillow or a plush for use? Consider how it'll fall apart when you're hugging it or rolling around in bed with it. The correct amount of lube is entirely up for you to find out and see how much you like. Just enough to keep it free or just enough to retain a little friction?
  554. -Care and space
  555. Breasts have a natural tendency to have rough areas where lots of friction can occur, particularly the base of the cleavage and the under boob. Washing and cleaning is fairly straightforward, some mild soap and some water and off you go. Bits of stuck powder or dirt may need some gentle soapy groping won't remove. A small tub would be ideal for these since you can very easily submerge, fondle and clean very easily. It is a well known fact that breasts are natural flotation devices, so they will end up floating. Powdering is key to ensure a lint-free and dirt-free experience and lessens the amount of friction the contacting parts will receive, and thus less of that roughness appearing. The boxes they come in will have a blister package to keep the breasts safe. Breasts will naturally feel a bit oily, but powdering will not completely remove that feeling. Clothing can mask the oiliness and can soak it up over prolonged periods.
  557. -Repair
  558. If you've managed to have some fabric indentation or lightly pressed marking on the surface of the breasts, let them relax for a while and they will eventually iron themselves out to a point where they're almost unnoticeable. Only exception is when it's far too deep for the material to uncompress and unstretch itself. A fallen or detached nipple can always be unsightly. Using a heat source to melt the materials back together might have unsightly results, and using a hard cyanoacrylate adhesive might result in stiffness in that area. Prevention is better than the cure.
  560. -Concerns
  561. Gel-filled oppai can have varying quality control(looking at you, Magic Eyes) and can lead to underfilling, which makes it look and feel like a deflated, botched tit-job. Cut your fingernails and avoid sharp things as you can easily marr, scratch and dig into the solid mass of a breast, making it look visually unappealing despite being functionally the same.
  563. -Choice
  564. There ends up being a few kinds of breasts out there: naturally splayed, naturally supported, and ribbed. Ribbed breasts(like cheapo tamatoys breasts) have a ribbed cleavage for additional stimulation and are generally cheap. Naturally splayed breasts often don't have enough solid cleavage(Magic Eyes Ane Oppai as an example) and don't have enough breast volume to be fun, but exceptions such as the new Chichifueta and the Chichifueta Rocket that have enough breast volume exist. Naturally supported breasts are ones that look like they're most natural facing up, like the Ai-Chan, Saccuel and many others. These tend to have a rather thick base to support the breasts and are generally the easiest to keep your penis in as they tend to naturally cup it.
  566. The mass, volume and shape of the breasts play a rather important role in how it feels, so be sure to take those into account. Larger, thicker bases end up eating a lot of the reported weight of the breasts, so be sure to gauge that up.
  568. Due to availability and the wide variety of breast toys out there, your purchase is entirely dependent on what you're looking for specifically. Check out the rec list below, but be sure to explore your options and what is available to you. As always, shipping will be a bitch.
  571. ========
  572. 03. Use
  574. 3a. Lube
  575. *Use water-based lube ONLY.*
  577. This cannot be stressed enough. WATER BASED. It's on the label. It will also be in the product's description on the various vendor sites. Lube can either be applied onto the penis directly, on the entrance of the hole, or both. It’s not the quantity of lube that matters, it’s the coverage you get with it. As long as the contact areas of your penis and the hole are lubed, you will be fine. Lube quantity will affect the sensation you get, so experiment with the amount. Feel free to spread the lube with your hand and fingers on your penis and the hole, as long as things get covered with it. If applying directly to the hole, pinch the area beneath the entrance to pool the lube there, as lube may simply drip down into the end of the hole, then slowly penetrate and get as much lube coverage as possible. Water based lube will eventually dry out and can be “reactivated” by applying water or even saliva, so the need to reapply lube is lessened.
  579. Now there have been a few instances of a few people having allergic reactions to some lubes, notably Onatsuyu. Be sure to do a quick test patch on yourself if you ever question it.
  581. Recommended Japanese brands:
  583. Onatsuyu
  584. Peace's
  585. Pepee
  586. Inshu lotion
  587. Ubujiru
  588. Golden Lotion
  589. Lovely Girl's Drool is Sweet (BJ holes) Actually sweet.
  590. Honki Jiru/Serious Lotion
  591. Tamatoys Lube Powder
  593. Western lubes such as Astroglide or Durex are fine but they become sticky and dry out faster. See above for steps to resolve this.
  595. Self-Healing: Vitamin E will help repair dry skin. Western lube companies sell vitamin-E enriched versions of their lubes. One example is the Lifestyles Vitamin-E and Aloe. Check for them
  597. at your local walmart, walgreens, or target.
  599. -J lube-
  601. A highly recommended western lube would be J-Lube. It's extremely effective, but it ships as a dry powder which you add water to until it reaches the desired consistency. 1 bottle mixes into about 26 liters of lube so it's also, by far, the most cost effective.
  603. J-Lube as a Healing Salve: Vitamin-E will help you remoisturize your skin. They can be taken as supplements or mixed in with your lube to help regain sensitivity in your dick.
  605. -/ J lube-
  607. WARNING:
  609. Do not use oils, hand lotion, or silicone-based lubricants as these can destroy/deform rubber.
  613. It's important to only use the minimum amount of lubricant possible. Too much lube or lube that is too thick / viscous can dull the feeling of a hole. Different brands work better with different rubbers, so experiment.
  616. 3b. Quality of Life Enhancements:
  618. -Heating
  619. Warm rubber feels better than cold rubber. You can immerse a hole in hot tap water for 3-5 minutes before use, or you can use a hole warmer to heat the inside. Alternatively, a bed/sheet warmer or even a heated pet bed can also work, especially efficient for dolls!
  621. Some anons recommend microwaving lubricant in a small vat of water before use.
  623. DO NOT microwave your hole. Do not apply heat, be it a warmer or through fluid, for prolonged periods of time, as it will deform thermoplastics, no matter how little heat you apply. That does mean that creep is constantly happening, even through usage and storage, albeit in a slower rate than with heating.
  625. Superguide to warming:
  629. -Dolls
  630. The difference between fapping with a handheld onahole and using the same toy hands-free can be huge. If your budget and living situation permit, consider a doll.
  632. AIR DOLL:
  633. Inflatable dolls are cheaper and more easily stored, but come with some predictable issues (vinyl odor, air leaks). They can be upgraded with breast toys or stuffed with cotton / poly fiber filling, but these are pretty hands-on projects.
  635. Air Usahane Love Doll:
  636. She has changeable skin color, facial expressions, fits real women's clothes, and can have wigs put on her. Its actually pretty cool, but the different addons cost around 30$ each, and getting one of each plus the doll is a bit costly.
  640. Plush dolls are the superior method of using onaholes, apart from letting your "friend" hold it between their thighs. Using your hips with a natural, primal motion can offer a vastly different set of experiences and sensations than using your hands to hold the toy. These dolls only hold your onaholes, they are not usable on their own. These are felt/fabric with foam stuffing and are easily sewn and modified to your own needs, such as a maintenance zipper.
  642. Nui
  644. The cheapest and possibly the easiest to ship and hide. Has a zip at the back to insert stuffing. Has a tendency to rip at the seams when stuffed to bursting, so some sewing skills may be required.
  646. Meiki Plush DX
  648. TD improved the plush and has dropped the price. Has a zipper at the rear for stuffing and maintenance. The old Meiki Plush is now discontinued. Old plush album:
  650. Love Venus
  652. Pre-filled and ready for some loving.
  654. Love Venus R
  656. Quite pricy. Interior has foam backing to the thin-fiber felt. Has no zipper at the rear.
  658. Love Venus S
  660. Just the hip!
  664. The Pillow Trick:
  666. Engineered by yours truly, this trick will let you enjoy a hole hands free. People say it works wonders. I even made a sexy inforgraphic.
  670. Pillow Trick v2 Oppai Edition:
  672. For those with oppai needs, clothes and smells. Can become heavy and contoured but requires a bit of work.
  676. Dolls and More:
  678. Real Dolls are a different beast entirely. To learn more about them see our Doll+ section below:
  682. -Smells
  684. I would count this as a subdivision of dolls because, lets be honest, you're not going to sit there and huff a ziplock bag of smell while stroking. They're for body pillows, dolls, or your sheets. Anyways you can get anything from the smell of perfume, to sweaty hair, to urine and poopy. Its really up to you.
  686. -Aural Stimulation.
  688. They make mp3s of anime girls doing various sexual things. It is really quite stimulating. Ideal conditions are in the dark with your eyes closed. Here's the master list. It’s too big so it gets its own paste. ASMR is a meme name. 音声(おんせい) is the proper term. ASMR is a term that gets thrown around a lot despite people not knowing what they’re actually listening to. Physical and mental responses from aural stimuli can vary from person to person, and generically labelling audio as ASMR is dumb.
  693. 3c. Stamina Remedies:
  695. If you are cumming too quickly, consider using a trainer to help practice your stamina. These trainers are known as faphero. You can find the links to them below...
  699. Mega link for collection of fap hero videos:
  702. If you are cumming too slowly or cannot enjoy your onaholes due to excessive masturbation, take a look at the link below. You may be suffering from "Death Grip Syndrome". It is also possible the hole could not be one you enjoy. Make sure your problem is persistent before self-diagnosis.
  707. Toy Bags:
  709. Yes you should buy a bag if youre ordering a hole. Get them on NLS by searching "toy bag" and select a size, or visit this amazon JP link to purchase the medium sized ones (which fit almost all stroking holes barring Venus series and Large meikis
  714. Kegels:
  716. You can do kegels to strengthen your pelvic muscles. It will allow you to control your orgasms a bit better. Also is healthy for you to avoid problems with your urinary tract when you're older.
  721. Jelqing:
  723. No.
  726. It's very unfortunate that jelqers never have good experiment conduct - they never provide data, don’t put a control, no records or logs, no measurements, no illustration or accurate depiction of technique; basically very little to base anything on. The majority of jelqers also do not have any knowledge of the tissues and processes that their penis has, so very little correct information is circulated. Physical growth stimuli is a topic of much debate and not so furious research due to >medical discussion of sex. Stress placed on non-structural pressure vessels for prolonged periods has never been studied, but while it should be, all of the jelqers have never provided sufficient evidence to support their claims. So far, no evidence for penis size modification is present for compressive forces, so penis reduction can only really be done via the operating table.If you simply aren't content with your own body, either you grow up, try this, or have cosmetic surgery done.
  729. Death Grip Syndrome:
  731. Death Grip Syndrome, or DGS, is not limited to the hand. Simply put, it is the lack of nervous response to physical stimuli due to constant stimulus. DGS is a non-permanent numbing of the nervous system that, in essence, lets you feel less. The name is simply coined because of masturbation by hand, but it is not limited to the hand at all. Even male porn actors have it at times. What your nervous system responds to changes depending on what is “normal” to it. If you have DGS, simply abstain, use far softer and less stimulating toys.
  736. 3d. Supplements
  740. =======
  741. 04. Care
  743. 4a. Cleaning
  745. After use, it is best to wash and dry a hole immediately. Please don't ask whether you can let a jizzed-in hole sit overnight without getting up to clean it. Only you can decide how much of a filthy otaku you want to be.
  747. To wash, hold the opening under running water and use a finger to loosen the slurry of lube and semen inside, rinsing thoroughly. A mild liquid hand soap can be used for more thorough cleaning.
  749. Most holes should not be turned inside out for cleaning, as this stresses the rubber and can shorten the toy's life. If you don't care or are profoundly lazy, feel free to do it anyway.
  751. Just don't say we didn't warn you. TOMAX holes can take the abuse, but it is not recommended. Should you flip it, ensure that you spend the least amount of time possible when flipped. Creep occurs the most when flipped, compared to use. Creep is a time dependent deformation. While some may argue that onahole death by creep will happen outside its life span, this guide is here to help take care, not test.
  753. Got a hole you want to disinfect? Leaving it soaked with hydrogen peroxide or even isopropyl alcohol is generally fine. Once a hole gets tainted or infected with whatever malicious growth, it's usually terminal and it will be best to say your goodbyes and have a proper farewell.
  756. 4b. Drying
  758. Drying the insides is not a precaution, but prevention. Globs of moisture on any surface simply traps any particles that float around, be it bacteria, spores or dead skin. If you take out water completely, you stunt any growth that can occur before use. At least this way, you don't have a raging country of cells trying to blast their way into you, but instead have a small town of them.
  760. To dry the inside, tightly roll tissue or paper towel and gently work it into the hole to the very end with your finger, a pen or even a chopstick. Knead and roll the hole around to maximize the contact area between the paper towel and the tunnel. To get further inside, use a flat surface such as a table, and squish the hole downwards with your drying hand, allowing your drying fingers to reach the bottom. Remove wet paper and repeat if necessary until all water absorbed. Do not store holes with damp tissue or even moisture inside them. If using cloth rather than paper, microfiber towels are better for drying because they leave less lint behind than cotton. Using a chopstick to insert your cloth or paper may help. For holes with service tunnels, it may help to run the whole cloth through the entrance all the way out of the service tunnel, like a boresnake.
  762. Air drying is a long and arduous process that involves the rate at which water evaporates. Water evaporation depends on surface area of the water in contact with outside air, temperature of the water, air temperature, humidity and a lot of other factors. To get the best out of air drying, be sure to open up the onahole as much as possible(this may loosen her up!) to increase the active surface area.
  764. Powdering holes can help keep the material from becoming sticky and dirty. After drying, use a blush brush or a cocoa shaker to apply a powder to the outside of the onahole. Stickiness is a property of molding and material. Van der Waals forces are what causes the stickiness, and surface area plays a large part of how sticky it gets. Despite looking smooth, there can be microscopic cliffs and overhangs, resulting in a large surface area than what we perceive, thus becoming sticky. The stickiness can also be caused by the plasticizer leaking out. Putting a hole in a bag with powder and shaking rigorously isn’t a surefire way to cover all areas, as non-porous bags may stick to the surface and make it more difficult for powder to reach that place.
  766. The kind of powder you use doesn't matter! Feel free to use fine Cocobolo or rosewood sawdust!
  768. ----
  769. Comparing Talc and Corn Starch
  771. Inhalation:
  772. They're both powders, they're small, they're both health risks. Inhaling copious amounts of both substances will engage mucus membranes along your respiratory system, and your body will try its best to fight it off. Corn starch particles are rounded, where talc particles are jagged. How efficient your respiratory system removes these particles is currently not known, but an exponential decay is expected.
  774. Food Grade:
  775. Means it's safe for ingestion, and generally prolonged body contact. I would rather bathe in something I can eat or drink, than in something that feels nice. Remember that talc only feels smooth because of Van der Waals forces. Food grade talc exists as an anti-caking agent as the most popular use, and the FDA allows a maximum of 2% in food salt as an anti-caking agent.
  777. Usage on Holes:
  778. Both are smooth, but for different reasons. Under a microscope, corn starch is rounded, whereas talc goes in jagged slates. Corn starch rolls around and absorbs moisture. Talc that is on top of the hole repels other talc particles due to Van der Waals. How talc affects TPE/your holes in the long run can possibly be ignored.
  780. Storage with Corn Starch and Talc:
  781. Both last indefinitely, and will only house bad things if improperly stored. Store in an airtight container away from sunlight.
  783. Talc based powders, while aren't just pure talc, will have additives and preservatives and other things that can get nasty in the right conditions, that aren't hopefully reached. Either way, store both with care.
  785. Both powders work for the purpose of avoiding dirt, lint and dust sticking to onaholes, they both pose different risks and have different properties. Use of either is fine. If you have an empty spice shaker of sorts, feel free to use it to sprinkle powder.
  787. Reading material:
  789. The following were taken from CIR(
  790. Talc -
  791. Corn Starch -
  793. The purity and form of talc or corn starch powders can have large variations, and the deaths and illnesses reported in the CIR reports were taken from an era where information regarding experiments were scarce, often unrecorded and untested. The reports do state that there are missing information that plays a critical role in determining the results. Check ingredient and their percentages if you want.
  795. ----
  797. It is not necessary OR RECOMMENDED to powder the hole's insides.
  800. PAT DRY, DO NOT DRAG. Dragging rough rags across the onahole may be abrasive to the surface and cause ugly ripples.
  803. 4c. Storage
  805. Most vendors sell onahole storage bags at low prices. These are good add-ons to any order that keep your hole clean and discrete. Be sure not to let onaholes touch as different types of rubber can "melt" each other through contact. Heavy Ziplock freezer bags and tupperware work just as well. When storing, be sure that they are dry and are free of loose debris such as tissue fibers. Creasing may occur when an area of pressure is placed on the surface for a prolonged period of time, such as with bags folding when storing, and can be remedied by storing the holes with their original plastic packaging cut for ease of use. NLS has these small bags and these ones for bigger things like hips.
  807. If you are concerned about the health of your onaholes during storage, feel free to store them in a container , along with desiccants such as uncooked rice and silica gel packs. The container doesn't need to be airtight, but at least guard your belongings from itty bitty insects or even dust.
  809. Should you choose to do so, ensure that the tunnel openings are not blocked. To avoid creases, stop creasing up the toy bag.
  811. Store away from direct sunlight, heat and pressure. Prolonged pressure such as dumping them in a bag in a closet for a year will deform them due to creep. Don’t forget to zip the bags up and put them somewhere insects and other creepy crawlies can get into.
  813. Hide your onaholes however you want - only you can determine the urgency to hide. Common hiding places include shoe boxes, drawers and under your bed. Less common hiding places include
  815. Magic Fat Pack boxes, suitcases with combo locks and even a cabinets with locks. Make sure to scale your hiding place with your collection, you don't want to have to worry about people finding your homeless onaholes. Use your creativity when finding hiding spots.
  818. 4d. Repair
  822. After you get it in the mail, examine it when it comes out of the box but keep it in the bag. If its visibly broken, don't open the bag, contact the seller, and get a refund or replacement.
  824. It's not uncommon for an onahole to become damaged due to age, neglect, or manufacturing defect. If you want to try your hand at repairing a toy that has developed a rip or tear, the tool of choice is an adjustable-temperature soldering iron. A complete guide to toy repair can be found at
  826. Before attempting a soldering repair, be certain that your toy does not contain phthalates. Even if minor exposure to the fumes or even the material itself causes only minor health disruptions, the sheer breadth of the vital health problems it causes isn't worth sealing up some superficial tears in your toy.
  828. That said, if your cyberskin product is phthalate free (or if you really could not give a damn either way), the procedure is remarkably simple, quick, and effective. Open a window to get some ventilation going. The fumes can and will cause headaches if you get a nose full. Now it's just a matter of understanding the principles of the material repair which is idiot proof.
  830. This all must be done within maybe 1 second or less, so work quickly.
  832. What you want to do is use the iron to QUICKLY melt/liquify the walls of the split area and then quickly force the split back together. It should melt instantly and It should resolidify almost as instantly so, again, you have roughly 1 second to do this. Tada! all done. If you are working with a very large split, you will want to do this is segments, starting by sealing the further part of the tear and slowly working your way towards the front. If you screw it up, don't worry. It shouldn't take you more than a single attempt for you to realize what you need to do. Just start over and get it right this time.
  834. You may be left with a few black singe marks if you weren't fast enough, but this is of no worry. You can either leave it as-is or treat the area with some dabs of bleach.
  836. A soldering iron is essential for a good repair. Attempts at using chunks of metals, such as knives or needles will result in an uneven application of heat, resulting in a difficult operation. If you don’t have a soldering iron, either get one or don’t bother with the repair. Do not combust, as it will degrade everything, releasing noxious fumes. GET PROPER VENTILATION.
  838. 4e. Lube Alchemy
  840. It took up so much space, I made it a separate paste. I didn't change any of the content.
  842. Here:
  845. ========
  846. 05. Warnings, Caveats and all things Negative
  848. So far, at least four anons reported genital infections of some sort (soreness, forming of bumpy rash, skin peeling off) from using unclean holes. It's unknown if this was fungal or bacterial, but sanitization is something that needs to be taken very seriously for exactly this reason. These moist, humid holes (oftentimes with decaying organic matter still in them) are ideal breeding conditions for both bacteria and molds.  Clean your toys thoroughly unless you want to lose the ability to fap for the next couple weeks. Also don't forget to wash yourself after a fap.
  850. One anon has had a Candida infection, a fungal infection, by using a hole he has used the day prior, which was unwashed, still filled with lube and seminal fluid. He has reported bladder pain, pain during urination, pain upon sugar intake(it’s a fungus!). He was out of lube and used a used hole he used the day prior without cleaning.
  852. Using a hole for prolonged periods can be fine as long as it's generally plugged up with your (hopefully) rather clean dick. This way, contaminants from your bed or elsewhere won't go in, and the inside stays sealed up. If you wake up well, well after the deed has been done, be sure to wash yourself up well, clean your hole and inspect very carefully for any foreign growth.
  854. Got a new hole, a weird redness, soreness on the skin, despite being clean and washed and immaculate? You might be allergic to something! It's not as rare as you'd think!
  856. Leaving lube on skin for prolonged periods of time may result in dryness, flaking and possibly even allergic reactions. Be sure to clean yourself well. If a quick wash doesn't get rid of all the lube, it might warrant a nice shower.
  858. Bacterial growths are often superficial and feed on organic matter, while mold can reach deep down into the onahole itself. Should there be a growth of sorts, you can try 70% isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Prolonged superficial exposure of 70% isopropyl alcohol might lead to damage such as superficial cracking and splitting, but currently lacks detailed evidence.
  860. Exposure to hydrogen peroxide should be safe as it decomposes into water and oxygen. Sterilization through boiling isn't recommended, as you require the hole itself to heat to the boiling temperature of water, and that may result in deformation. Be careful when using previously infected holes, as they can still harbor whatever infected you. A single onahole costs less than 100 USD, but you can't get your dick back for that much.
  862. If you have bacterial or fungal infections, you can take regular doses of antibiotics or apply topical antibacterial/fungal creams, taken with good hygienic practices if you don't want to go outside. However, it can become difficult to assess the severity or nature of the infection without some knowledge. Home remedies exist, too, so don't forget them. If it persists for more than 3-5 days, go to a doctor or a dermatologist.
  864. People have gotten into trouble with religious parents over this stuff. Be careful.
  866. Don't show your girlfriend or wife unless you know they're going to be cool with it. You don't want her feeling like she's being replaced. This may cause problems.
  868. Of course obey all laws and regulations about importing questionable age content.
  870. ========
  871. 06. Recommendations
  872. We get these every thread guys. Here they are. Even broken into sections for you.
  875. General/Biggus Dickus:
  876. Venus Real -
  877. Venus Clone -
  878. Lilith Uterus -
  879. Romanesco -
  880. Dolphin -
  881. R20 -
  882. Chimera  -
  883. Kunoichi -
  884. Kunoichi/Hanjuku Succubus -
  885. Virgin Eight Loop -
  886. Vacuum Witch -
  887. Golden Moeten -
  888. Lolinco Virgo -
  889. Rina Big -
  890. Tanetsuke Press -
  891. Julia+ -
  892. Fuwa Cyun W -
  894. Small Pecker:
  895. Ideally these recs are for our smaller friends who can't enjoy the bigger, stretchier holes out there.
  896. Coming soon! Or never!
  898. Loli Holes:
  899. Twin Tales Kana/Sana -
  900. Virgin Age Admission -
  901. Lolinco -
  902. Rina -
  903. Roa -
  904. Lolinco Virgo -
  905. Rina Big -
  906. Setsuna -
  908. Oral:
  909. Mouth of Truth -
  910. Puni Ana F -
  911. Oni Fellamatio -
  913. Uterus:
  914. Lilith Uterus -
  915. Dolphin -
  916. Tanetsuke Press -
  917. Gokusai Uterus -
  918. Gokusai Uterus Duo -
  919. Korezo -
  921. Stimulating Holes:
  922. Chimera Hard -
  923. Kunoichi Black Hard -
  924. Basically anything in Hard
  926. Hips and Small Torsos:
  927. Puni Ana DX -
  928. Puni Ana SPDX -
  929. Puni Ana 3D -
  930. Puni Ana Miracle DX -
  931. Meiki Cherry Evolution:
  932. COCOLO -
  933. Alice Dayo -
  934. Gokujo Namagoshi -
  935. KIWAMI -
  936. Akari -
  937. Yachika -
  938. Real -
  939. Kaitai Shinsho -
  940. Real Body Julia -
  942. Tits:
  943. Busty Ai-Chan -
  944. Busty Eve -
  945. Utea Grace -
  946. Succuel Oppai DX -
  947. I Cup Paizuri Bakunyuu -
  948. Bakunyuu Infinity -
  949. Chichifueta -
  950. Chichifueta Rocket -
  951. Akari -
  952. Akari 2 -
  954. Monmusu:
  955. Chimera  -
  956. Gucho Nure Monster -
  957. Alraune -
  958. Squamate -
  960. Weird shit and Chink Shit:
  961. (I'm not gonna give a shit about names anymore)
  962. Girl's Dungeon -
  963. Keisha Grey -
  964. Futanari Dildo Hole -
  965. Futanarikko Double Hole -
  966. DWU Drill Hair Hole -
  967. Ear Hole -
  968. Nipple Hole -
  969. Brain Feels -
  970. Fella & Fuck -
  971. LIFE -
  972. Toilet Hole -
  973. Puni Ashi DX -
  974. Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Cock -
  975. Sinthetics Vanjankle -
  976. Shequ Exodia -
  977. Shequ Puni DX - CHINESIUM WARNING
  982. 6a. Reviews
  984. To submit your own, post it in the discord.
  985. You may also reach me at
  987. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>USE OUR NEW TEMPLATE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  990. My Reviews:
  992. AKD4Infinity (updated 12/30):
  995. High Schooler's Smell (Big Tits Ver.)
  998. Squamate Hole (Mermaid Hole):
  1001. Anon Reviews:
  1003. 6/20/17:
  1004. Puni Ana, Puni Ana Fuwatoro and AGM Ver1 Alice - NoodleCandy:
  1007. 7/20/16: Tits of Utea - L A I N
  1010. 12/19/15
  1011. Puni Virgin Mini:
  1014. 6/19/15:
  1015. Anon Reviews
  1016. Lolinco -
  1017. Vibra Cup -
  1019. 6/13/15:
  1020. Mr. Science Guy's reviews.
  1021. Mitsugekka -
  1022. Superb Fella 3 -
  1024. 4/1/15: Bunny Girl's Hole, Wild Animal Hole, Others
  1027. 3/18/15: Hot Gimmick
  1030. 3/06 Lube Reviews - australian guy:
  1033. Rina, Roa, Lolinco AKA Magic Eyes Essentials:
  1036. Tsun Ero, CQ Roll, Nekokko Minyan, Kunoichi normal:
  1039. Lilith Uterus + Mouth of Truth
  1042. Takuya the Blowjob Master - "SI13NT"
  1045. Half-Mature Succubus White Ver.
  1048. Short Smell Reviews
  1051. Slut Announcer + Neko MI-NYAN
  1055. 6b. Videos/Demos
  1057. This section is totally heterosexual in nature, and for educational purposes only.
  1058. (You can watch fellow /ona/holers screw their toys.)
  1060. Link:
  1064. Here are a few other miscellaneous videos and channels that are relevant.
  1078. ========
  1079. 07. Further Reading
  1081. These are old pastebins. The following content was not written for 2015 and therefore may be out of date.
  1088. ========
  1089. 08. Changelog
  1093. Yes the version guide at the top actually changes when I update or add stuff.
  1096. 8a. Contact & Credits
  1098. The Toucan Staff:
  1099. Rjob
  1100. NN
  1101. Muggo
  1102. Strikeraider
  1103. SeniorMudkip
  1104. Miller
  1106. Anon Contributions:
  1107. Onafaggot
  1108. cider26
  1109. Alan
  1110. Readers like you
  1112. Contact info:
  1114. Email -
  1115. 8chan board -
  1116. Discord –  TheRealRjob#1711
  1121. ========
  1122. 09. Formalities
  1124. © Rjob, 2014-2017. All rights reserved.
  1125. Reproduction of this guide is NOT allowed.
  1126. If you would like to use the guide please email me and we can discuss.
  1128. DISCLAIMER:  I do not endorse breaking the law in any state or province of any country. All information presented in this guide is for educational use. Use the information in this guide at your own risk.
  1132. ========
  1133. 10. Conclusion
  1135. This guide has attempted to answer the problems that are coming up every thread, from recommendations to customs, and more.
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