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Nov 20th, 2013
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  1. Sorry to say but ESEA are a bunch of money hungry jews in every way. They don't do this for the community they do this for the money and only the money. They couldn't give 2 shits about us and i've been saying this for a while. Just *think* for a moment about how much money they truly profit from us. We come up with excuses like we have prizes, we have LANs, etc. They can toss out 300k as if it's nothing. Wake up people. Someone with enough time should go over how many people paid this season and do the math minus the prizes. I'd be surprised to see what comes up. On top of the advertising and whatever trojan viruses they installed on our pc's to make money off us. We're all a bunch of pawns. No wonder the anti-cheat doesn't work they were using it as a cheat not an anti-cheat. Silly little jewbag cunts.
  3. I'd like to note I don't hate all jewish people just the ones who put money above all else with no heart. Which unfortunately a lot of jews adopt that strategy. Bernstein, Bergman, Benstein, Horowitz. Fuck off.
  5. Shit servers, shit adminning, shit scheduling, the only thing that we actually like about ESEA (lets be honest here) are the stats after the match and the crap prize money we get reimbursed from paying. Oh and the 3 day LAN that 90% of the players don't go too. It's really a mastery of manipulation and deception on there part. Bravo to them for getting away with it for so long. Seriously though we need to wake up and SOMETHING has to change. We have a lot of talented programmers in the community. Look at what enigma did with this site. All a league is, is an organized and well coded website. It shouldn't be hard to accomplish. All other nations have been able to do it without having to be cheated out by a mainstream league who lost its lust YEARS ago.. The St.Patrick thing is just totally absurd. That is the cherry on top. WAKE THE FUCK UP!
  7. /endrant
  8. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I'd like to note I don't hate all jewish people just the ones who put money above all else with no heart. Which unfortunately a lot of jews adopt that strategy. Bernstein, Bergman, Benstein, Horowitz. Fuck off.
  12. All of the owners of ESEA are all jewish. Levine, Thunberg, etc. They're all scam artists and a bunch of money hungry jews. That's a fact. I guess living in NYC/NJ and seeing them run rampant all over the corporate world makes you grow angry towards them. I'm no Hitler by any means. I have a lot of jewish friends and african. There's a difference in my head. I'm not stereotyping ALL jewish people, just the money hungry no hearted ones that I mentioned. Le Heim.
  14. I just think it's funny how people think they run their business for the good of us, the players. You're an idiot if you think it's not about money above all else.
  16. I can't tell you how many times in NYC I see jews getting out of there Mercedes or BMW's going into a supermarket.. And then paying with an EBT card at the register because they're claiming to be poor. It makes me sick. Not just jewish people do this though but where I live a majority are. The Russians in particular. Mink coats and are on medicaid while real hard working Americans are living the proper way and suffering because of it. Integrity goes a long way.
  17. -----------------------------------------------------------
  19. It's true that any religion or race can be cheap, cold hearted, and money hungry. But the jews are notorious for it. Knowing ESEA is ran by a bunch of jewish people with the above traits in my area of the country is typical. If you're not from NY/NJ you wouldn't really be able to relate. For whatever reason we're like the Russian-Jewish capital of America. Nobody likes a racist I understand that i'm just speaking my mind because I really don't care and it's the truth from where I live. These guys are the exact portrait of a money hungry, cold hearted jew.
  20. ------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Obviously just very angry that we all got played like a bunch of fairies and a buddy of mine got banned for 10 years. Including you in the angry department. I just don't sugar coat much with words on our own forums because I don't need too at this point. People can try to rationalize or be clever worded but the truth is apparent. We're all just a bunch of pawns.
  24. The invite illuminati is dead the real illuminati just showed their faces.
  26. You guys are right i'm angry right now obviously and I apologize to any jewish people in the community. It just enrages me more than the normal person I guess because where I live and what i've seen.
  28. If it makes you feel any better i'm an over grown, italian, new york faggot who likes meatballs who goes to church on Sundays as a catholic. I shouldn't judge it's just very fresh. Ok now I feel better. Have a good day!
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