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  1. They will also take a couple other kittens. Shannon said YCAS is chock o block full and needs help. But Nissa also has two kittens. I am going to let Nissa know Eleanor can take them unless you say otherwise.
  3. You both know I think we need to work on our appeals and placement of cats and kittens. Leslie and Shel would be good assets to help us be more pro-active about rescuing. I have only done it peripherally but I know we can improve.
  5. Eileen
  6. --------------------------------------------
  7. On Mon, 10/16/17, Yolo SPCA <> wrote:
  9.  Subject: Re: Fwd: Unable to offer permanent home to Rupert
  10.  To: "Eileen Tutt" <>
  11.  Cc: "Zara" <>
  12.  Date: Monday, October 16, 2017, 3:49 PM
  15. Yolo SPCA
  16. 5:23 PM (2 hours ago)
  18. to Eileen, me
  19. We need to make sure the kittens Nissa has are well-socialized.  I believe she has two black and a tuxedo.  My preference would be to take one of the black and the tuxedo.  Please ask Nissa to send some photos to this email.  She sent some to my email, but they could be better photos.  
  21. I am at a loss at to why you think we need to improve our rescue appeals.  I think we've done a great job at rescuing a good mix of kittens and adults and quite frankly we are pretty full right now.  As I've stated, I don't send out the appeals to everyone as I've had a good idea as to who is open and who needs what type of kittens.  Or in the case of Andrea and Shannon, I asked them to go to YCAS and pull their own kittens when they were ready.  You've pulled your own kittens, Shelley often pulls what Sue T. takes in, Karen V. always has kittens in need on her radar, when Leslie let me know she was ready, I found her kittens right away... so again I really don't get the "we need to work on our appeals and placement." and would be happy to talk further about it.
  23. sigh.
  25. Kim
  28. Eileen Tutt
  29. 6:01 PM (1 hour ago)
  31. to Yolo, me
  32. We should definitely talk further. And probably include Shelley and Leslie. We can improve. The problem with thinking you know what people want is that you cannot really know that. Shelley did a really good job of sending out mass appeals and checking with foster homes she thought might be suited. We need the mix, in my opinion. Also, a great appeal, like Shelley and Angela used to send can be a life saver. Zara can likely handle this well. It is an important component we have been missing for awhile.
  34. Th kittens from Nissa are not from her 5 but two she knows of that are friendly. If you don’t want to pull from the shelter I will reach out to Nissa but she already made it clear these are friendly kittens. I am referring to the lynx point and black kittens. She may have already placed them in which case I agree, two of the three tame ones she has (of the 5) would be good. Unless we need to pull from the shelter.
  36. Sigh.
  39. Yolo SPCA
  40. 6:57 PM (49 minutes ago)
  42. to Eileen, me
  43. It sounds like you have some ideas on how Zara should do things moving forward that are different from how I've done things which is absolutely fine. So, yes, let's have a meeting to guide Zara on how you'd like to see things move forward with cat foster homes, appeals, placements etc.  Let me know if you'd like to organize it or if you'd like me to are there any others you want included?  Also, it might be good to review ASM stuff just to make sure I covered everything she needs to know.
  45. Kim
  48. Eileen Tutt
  49. 7:05 PM (41 minutes ago)
  51. to Yolo, me
  52. Yes. We need to improve our cat program. I will be happy to send out an email asking for volunteers to help. I will work with Zara on that as she is the obvious lead.
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