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Open Letter in Response to Coordinated Attacks on Occupy Cam

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  1. Open Letter in Response to Coordinated Attacks on Occupy Camps by FBI, DHS and Mayors
  3. 17 November 2011
  5. Recent statements from Mayor Sam Adams office deny collaboration between U.S. Mayors, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to coordinate violent attacks on Occupy encampments last weekend.  These statements are in direct contradiction to what Mayor Sam Adams told city and police liaisons during a liaison meeting with the City of Portland on November 7th.
  7. On November 7th Mayor Adams discussed a national conference call between Mayors offices across the U.S. that he had participated in minutes before joining the liaison meeting.  He said that the purpose of these calls were to share the nature of the encampments and to share information.  It was conveyed that it was natural for Mayors to work together and share information about Occupy camps.  Adams would not disclose all cities represented but did specifically mention Vancouver, British Columbia and Washington D.C.
  9. Amy Ruiz, spokesman for Mayor Sam Adams, told msnbc.com on Tuesday that a November 10th call between Mayors "was more like a therapy session".  This is not what was communicated to Occupy liaisons during our meeting on the 7th.
  11. Mayor Adams has not been forthcoming about the number or the full nature of national conference calls that preceded the string of coordinated attacks on Occupations last weekend.  These attacks resulted in numerous unnecessary injuries.  It is ridiculous to praise police for not using rubber bullets, tear gas and other extreme tactics when they did use of blunt physical force and pepper spray on protesters who were within their rights, unarmed and posing no threat to the physical safety of others.
  13. I call on Mayor Sam Adams and all Mayors to be honest about federal involvement in nationally coordinated attacks designed to deprive us of our first amendment rights and end the violent against Occupy protesters immediately.
  15. Sincerely,
  17. Alaina Melville
  18. Former Police Liaison
  19. Occupy Portland
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