It's Time For War

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  1. Scientists speak of a great construction
  2. Start the war and mass destruction
  3. Evil spirits got what they wanted
  4. Walk down the hall dark and haunted
  5.         Gurrr, Stop!
  6. Through all the pain,
  7. Through all the glory
  8. We have a gain
  9. No time for worry
  11.     It's
  12.     Time
  13.     For
  14.     War
  16.     War!
  18.     Yeah!
  19. It's over, you've been captured
  20. Close your eyes, get ready to die
  21. Lay on the ground, spine is ruptured
  22. I'll spread my wings, take off and fly
  24.         Gurrr, Stop!
  25. Through all the pain,
  26. Through all the glory
  27. We have a gain
  28. No time to worry
  30.     It's
  31.     Time
  32.     For
  33.     Warrrrrrrrrrrrrra!
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