Shinomas FAQ

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  1. =-=-=-=-=-=-SHINOBI MASTERS: SENRAN KAGURA: NEW LINK FAQ-=-=-=-=-=-=
  3. START HERE (created upon release, VERY outdated, but covers the basics very well):
  6. RAW INFORMATION ABOUT STATS, OTHER ABILITIES, INDIVIDUAL CARDS (maintained by >reddit, kinda hard to read, datamined info comes before updates (with pictures!)):
  9. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  12. [00] MENUING
  18. [03] "HOW DO I BEAT...?" (GAME TIPS)
  24. [06] DAILIES
  26. [07] EVENTS/RAIDS
  32. [10] WHAT NOW?
  36. [PC] List of powercreep units, as of January 2019
  37. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  38. [00]
  39. General guide for menus:
  40. Hitting the top right menu expansion (three white bars, purple background), you'll be given the general menu
  41. From left to right:
  43. Missions [Two Swords, brings you to four option menu to pick between Story, PVP, Yoma Raid, and Events]
  44. Cards [Scroll, opens a sub-menu; from left to right: Current squad, leveling, ascension, secret scrolls, selling, browsing]
  45. Store [Dojo, opens a sub-menu; from left to right: Shop, Base unlock/selection]
  46. Gacha [Masked shinobi]
  47. Customization [Chibi Hanzo squad, brings you to a menu to customize the girls]
  48. Options [Clipboard]
  49. Home Base [Shinomas logo, not present when on your home screen]
  52. [01-A]
  53. Q: How do I start/I just started. What should I know?
  55. A: Check out the link above. If presented with a dialogue box, the right
  56.     option is YES and the left is NO, usually. After completing the tutorial, you'll get
  57.     a free leader roll ticket. You can roll this ticket as many times as you'd like until
  58.     you get the card you want. The only SSRs available here are one for each leader. After rolling,
  59.     you'll get a dialogue box. Hit "no" to roll the ticket again. From there, you'll get
  60.     some starter gems. From here, you can reroll or play the game normally.
  64. [01-B]
  65. Q: What's rerolling/how do I reroll?
  67. A: Rerolling is reinstalling the game to "reroll" your starter gems. The basic process is
  68.     installing the game, running through the tutorial, rolling for an SSR leader card, and
  69.     then pulling from the gacha. You can also run a few easy story/event missions to get
  70.     enough gems for a 10-pull (50 gems). To uninstall, you only need to clear the game's
  71.     data from the app settings on your phone/device. You can also uninstall completely, though
  72.     it's more time consuming. Ideally, you want to go for a leader SSR and two other SSRs, but
  73.     other anons prefer going for one SSR of a specific senran. Ask in the thread about any recent
  74.     powercreep if you're looking for a good card.
  78. [02-A]
  79. Q: Do the Blue/Yellow/Red/Magenta/Green colors do anything?
  81. A: Most support and leader abilities have matching colors (陰=Blue=Yin, 陽=Red=Yang, 閃=Yellow=Flash, etc.)
  82.     In addition, some missions have bonuses for said colors that range from 25% to 200%. These bonuses apply
  83.     to your support cards as well.
  87. [02-B]
  88. Q: What about the black/white icons in the bottom right corner of the cards?
  90. A: These are Good (black kanji w/ white background), Evil (white kanji w/ black background),
  91.     and Neutral (white kanji w/ white background) alignments. These also have bonuses
  92.     from leader, mission, and support abilities.
  96. [03-A]
  97. Q: I can't beat a mission.
  99. A: -Make sure your cards are leveled and ascended
  100.     -Abuse link bonuses (leaders get 50% boosts, squadmates 10%, other links vary from 30% to 90% from events and other relationships)
  101.     -Turn off auto, change up when you use abilities (sometimes more, sometimes less)
  102.     -Sync up your squad's colors/attributes to your support, leader, and mission boosts
  103.         -In cases of missions with double attributes (eg. good and yang), even having one gets you a partial bonus!
  104.         -Some missions also have specific cards that are boosted; check the info menu for the event (big purple button) for more info
  105.     -Use the target function to focus fire on troublesome enemies (usually senrans, big mooks)
  106.     -Buy gems like a good goy
  107.     -See [HARD] for a small wall of text for "harder" content
  111. [03-B]
  112. Q: How do I handle PVP?
  114. A: Ask in the thread. It's easier for one of the resident spergs to make a team for you and explain
  115.     their reasoning than it is to make a set of rules for everyone to use. Generally, speed boosts,
  116.     stuns [freeze/paralysis], damage debuffs, and fast ninpos are desirable. Links don't matter for PvP as it
  117.     runs on auto. Powercreep is also an issue here.
  119.     You're gonna want to shoot for daily wins to gain silver coins before worrying about gold coins, unless you've got
  120.     a really good team.
  124. [03-C]
  125. Q: The Yoma Raid?
  127. A: The Yoma Raid is a special event in which the goal is to get a high total damage in a limited number of turns.
  128.     With a 50 turn limit, you must kill two waves of five puppets (classified as a "Yoma" faction) and, finally,
  129.     a Yoma general. Once the Yoma is defeated, you're given an opportunity to deal bonus damage for the remaining turns.
  130.     There are rewards for those who do more damage, total, as well as a side reward for players who do the most damage
  131.     in a single strike.
  133.     This mode is presently (as of February 2019) the primary source of power creep for Shinomas, so DO NOT feel bad if you're outside
  134.     of even the top 5000. What's important is meeting the daily and event-long damage rewards, which are cumulative totals
  135.     for your damage done for the day and event, respectively. The rewards include hearts, Hanzos, gems, and store currency
  136.     for a special shop related to the event.
  138.     As with PvP, just ask the thread or check the list of top damage dealers to see the best team composition. The staples are
  139.         -Defense debuff
  140.         -Attack buff
  141.         -flavor of the month powercreep units that usually include
  142.             -freeze
  143.             -good links
  144.             -very high damage bonuses
  148. [04-A]
  149. Q: What do the cards' stats mean? Which ones matter?
  151. A:
  152.     -Attack, Defense, and HP are usually within a negligible range between cards of the same rarity
  153.     -Speed determines turn order
  154.     -Luck determines NEW LINK CHANCE... chance, and is displayed on the bottom of your cards next to the
  155.         gold star
  156.     -LINK lists show which cards can link. The bonuses stack.
  157.     -Check out each card's passives and ninpo side effects, as well. Earlier cards (like swimsuit cards
  158.         for the main cast, for example) have simple status immunity passives, while newer cards sometimes
  159.         have VERY large damage bonuses, so keep an eye out!
  160.     -Below the rest of the info is stats for a card's secret scroll boosts: see [04-C]
  163. [04-B]
  164. Q: How does leveling and ascension work?
  166. A: Leveling occurs by using Nintos (or other cards) to increase the stats of a given card. Matching
  167.     color Nintos are worth 1.5x the amount of mismatched Nintos. Combining duplicate cards increases
  168.     luck, which is most relevant for events and raids (see [08]). Once a card is at maximum level, it
  169.     can be ascended with magatamas, then leveled further. Cards obtained from gacha can be ascended twice
  170.     (R->SSR, SR->UR-, SSR->UR). URs obtained from SSRs are somewhat stronger than URs obtained from SRs.
  171.     Event cards can only be ascended once. In addition, some SSRs have been given their own events for a
  172.     secondary UR ascension (awakening) (SSR->UR->UR+). Special currency and ascension materials are used for this awakening,
  173.     and adds an all around stat boost. It also changes the card's art and sometimes unlocks a new outfit.
  175.     In addition, a card's luck can be increased by feeding cards Hanzos (the elephants). R->1 luck,
  176.     SR->5 luck, SSR-> 10 luck. DO NOT use Hanzos on Raid/Event cards unless you're desperate. Instead,
  177.     try saving them for your best units.
  181. [04-C]
  182. Q: What do the icons mean below a card's stats?/Secret Scrolls
  184. A: In the secret scroll menu, you'll be greeted to a list of URs. Select a card to view its secret scrolls.
  185.     These scrolls, down a set path, boost a given card's general stats. There are four pages of scrolls with different
  186.     focuses (eg. attack or defense) with each page having the latter half grayed out. To unlock the latter half, you need
  187.     a duplicate card of the one you'd like to upgrade, per page. In other words, a 100% full scroll [indicated by a rainbow
  188.     luck number] requires *five* copies of a card. ***You CANNOT reselect which page you use the dupe on!***
  189.     Leveling is as simple as tapping the scrolls, with tapping the further along scrolls automatically selecting the preceding scrolls.
  190.     The rainbow scrolls require a selection of a special attribute. You can swap this selection later at the cost of 5 gems.
  192.     Here's an info-graphic for the attributes:
  194.     For currency in this section, you'll use special orbs that match the card's color. There is currently no way to indefinitely
  195.     farm these, but they're often tied to event rewards and the yoma raid. You'll be well acquainted with the game before you get
  196.     around to actually being able to do much here, so don't worry about this too much.
  200. [04-D]
  201. Q: Does luck matter?
  203. A: In terms of farming items, see [05]. Aside from items, luck scales the
  204.     multiplier that determines the damage (or healing) for ninpos. For example, if a senran's base damage is 10,
  205.     and her super ninpo damages five enemies, there's a multiplier of 2x applied to the base damage
  206.     done to five enemies: 10*2 = 20, 20 damage to five enemies. At max luck, however, that 2x multiplier
  207.     becomes a 3x multiplier, making for a 50% damage increase on the super ninpo: 10*3 = 30, 30 damage
  208.     to five enemies. The increases in damage are far more drastic in ninpos that deal damage to fewer
  209.     enemies.
  213. [04-E]
  214. Q: What do the support/leader bonuses do?
  216. A: For the non-nip, the best way to select a bonus is to look for specific kanji to match color/affiliation
  217.     and bonus. For most UR support skills, there's a 20%-30% bonus to both attack and health for two
  218.     colors that includes both kanji denoting [not direct translations] attack (攻撃) and
  219.     health (体). When presented with the following three skills, for example
  220.     1. 陽・閃スタイルの体力・攻撃力を20%アップ
  221.     2. 陽・閃スタイルの体力を30%アップ
  222.     3. 陽・閃スタイルの攻撃力を30%アップ
  223.     All three affect Red and Yellow (Yang and Flash) cards. The first gives bonus health and attack, the second
  224.     only health, the third only attack. I usually check for two kanji for attack, one for health.
  225.     In addition, support abilities that go to all cards begin with a 全, denoting "all."
  226.     Practice matching 全 or a color and 体 or 攻撃 to figure out what the bonuses mean.
  227.     Also check for bonuses for Evil/Good shinobi and specific squads. The wedding cards, for example,
  228.     provide bonuses for squads.
  230.     Most recently, cards have been added that include better than standard bonuses with high damage single ninpos. These include:
  231.         -Final Form Kagura (Blue and Yellow) [30% health and attack]
  232.         -Punk Naraku (Red and Blue) [30% health and attack]
  233.         -Deep Freeze Yumi (Red and Yellow) [30% health and attack]
  234.         -Sen Asuka (Yellow) [70% attack]
  235.         -Yin Hikage (Blue) [70% attack]
  236.         -Swimsuit Gekkou (Magenta) [70% attack]
  239. [04-F]
  240. Q: What about the smaller cards below the main cards?
  242. A: These are individual supports for each card that boost stats based on matching affiliations. You need to level
  243.     the girls' affections to 3 from their special training menu [Gold Whistle + Heart icon] to use a second support.
  244.     The right-most yellow button in the squad selection menu will pick out the best supports for your cards. Your
  245.     supports are affected by all passive boosts from leaders, friends, and missions, so make sure to auto-select your
  246.     supports before every run if you're barely getting by!
  250. [05]
  251. Q: What's the number in the top right?/How do I get the extra [Red] chests to drop? (NEW LINK CHANCE info)
  253. A: The number in the top right is the chance for NEW LINK CHANCE, expressed as a percent value.
  254.     NEW LINK CHANCE chance, if you will, is determined by your squad's total luck. To find
  255.     out your NEW LINK CHANCE chance, calculate the average Luck of your squad. From there,
  256.     cut the calculated value in half, and round it up. This value is added to your NEW LINK
  257.     CHANCE chance at the end of the first and second waves of a mission. Here's an example:
  258.         Luck values: 99, 99, 99, 99, 99 [max across the board]
  259.         Average: (99+99+99+99+99)/5 = 99
  260.         Cut in half: 99/2 = 49.5
  261.         Round up: 50 (value per wave)
  262.         Two waves of value: 50*2 = 100%, guaranteed NEW LINK CHANCE
  263.     If NEW LINK CHANCE procs, extra chests drop with the same drop rate as other chests in
  264.     the mission, including, usually, event cards. Sometimes items are exclusive for new link
  265.     chance or are guaranteed for new link chance chests; this case is made very clear in
  266.     event banners with pink borders around said items.
  270. [06-A]
  271. Q: What are the different types of time sensitive missions?
  273. A: Color codes for different time sensitive mission types:
  274.     Purple = Daily, always present, bottom tab
  275.     Blue = Event, repeat on a yearly basis if the devs feel like it but otherwise should be assumed to not come back any time soon
  276.     Red = Raid, repeats whenever the devs feel like, from the middle tab. Wait until the end of the month for a RUSH to do these
  277.             unless you've got nothing better to do [you probably don't]
  278.     Gold = Awakening Raid, similar to raids, but are used to farm for awakening tokens. No reason to do these unless you want
  279.             the gems from completing them for the first time or you have the card it's linked to.
  283. [06-B]
  284. Q: What are the different Dailies? (Bottom tab in the selection menu)
  286. A: Colored Ninto is for leveling fodder.
  287.    Golden Bebe-tan is for currency fodder.
  288.    Colored magatamas are for ascension fodder.
  292. [07-A]
  293. Q: Raids?
  295. A: Raids are presently the only way to obtain 99 luck cards without whaling or lots of Hanzos.
  296.     The first two missions have abysmally low drop rates,
  297.     the third is significantly higher, and the fourth is guaranteed for one, if not multiple.
  298.     The third mission is usually best for farming if you don't have any higher luck URs.
  299.     This is a good time to mention that you should NEVER use Hanzos on raid/event cards unless
  300.         you're VERY desperate.
  302.     Try and wait for a RUSH, which happens ~once every month, to do raids, as you get
  303.     bonus drops and achievements for doing lots of raid missions during this time frame.
  305.     Raid SRs also serve as the primary fodder for awakening. For example, the Ryou sisters' swimsuit awakening
  306.     both require a raid ryoubi and raid ryouna with 40 luck each.
  308. [07-B]
  309. Q: Events?
  311. A: Events often have a gimmick to them, but there are a few different types of farmable items
  312.     -Event currency: used to buy stuff from the store, which is stocked for just the event
  313.              There's usually a BOX gacha, with which you can use event currency to
  314.              get a unique outfit for all (or some) of the senrans.
  316.     -Event cards: these, similar to raids, are farmed to get a maximum luck card. You'll need
  317.               to farm 90 to get maximum luck for Rs (not common anymore), and 99 for SRs or SSRs. Remember
  318.               to ascend the SR to SSR before going past 90 luck.
  320.     -Base parts: these get stocked in the store during later events, but not during the event's
  321.               duration. Check the Base select menu to see what materials you need. Consider getting double
  322.               the quantity you need for the base, eventually, as you need to unlock the base a second time
  323.               to use it in the game's [very barebones] diorama mode.
  325.     -Achievement items: In the achievement menu (below the gift box icon on the main menu),
  326.                the third (bottom) list gives event achievements, which will give
  327.                items for completing missions a certain number of times (or other
  328.                tasks).
  330.     -Hanzos (the elephants): Largely exclusive to 30 mission dungeons and the Yoma raid, but can pop up anywhere.
  331.                  These can be used to increase the luck of a card with matching colors.
  332.                  See section 04-B for more info.
  336. [08-A]
  337. Q: What's the best way to farm/grind?
  339. A: The key is to find the maximum amount of luck to complete the mission you're running, while still
  340.     being able to complete the mission consistently. Running five URs can clear most event missions,
  341.     but then you might be forced to forgo luck, thus drastically reducing extra items from NEW LINK CHANCE.
  345. [08-B]
  346. Q: What about getting more gems?
  348. A: You'll get a steady flow of gems as you play. Most of the gems are from achievements, but there are some
  349.     250 gems you can get from completing the story missions. In addition, completing a mission for the
  350.     first time will always give you at least one gem.
  354. [09]
  355. Q: I can't find any reference for what this menu item means/this is new, what does it mean?
  357. A: Google Translate is your friend. Take a screenshot, and you can upload it directly to the
  358.     Translate app to scan the image. This method is especially useful for figuring out
  359.     new support abilities and passives. You can also check out the Google sheet maintained by >reddit,
  360.     which is linked above.
  364. [10]
  365. Q: I've done everything for the event and raids, what else is there to do?
  367. A: Farming magatamas is a great way to burn stamina between events, as they can be sold from the Options menu
  368.     for big bucks. Likewise, it's useful to farm SSR nintos. At 25 stamina a pop, they can clear your stamina
  369.     in very little time.
  371.     Always check out the achievement menu, as well, for sometimes there are special achievements for beating certain
  372.     missions.
  374.     You probably haven't done everything for the raids, by the way: check your awakening menu for possible awakenings.
  375.     Every single swimsuit card has an awakening that uses two, 40 luck SRs from the raids to awaken
  379. [HARD]
  380.     Here's a general troubleshooting statement for harder missions, namely the 30 mission dungeons:
  381.     the biggest factor in "challenge" content is the bonuses, which typically ramp up to 200% by the final
  382.     missions. For those not good with math, double the stats of cards affected by the bonuses when selecting
  383.     a squad. Further, they expect proper UR cards (upgraded from SSRs, not SRs) with matching bonuses to
  384.     beat the hardest missions. Sometimes you're just boned, but think of it this way: it's not worth buying
  385.     50+ gems to MAYBE get 6 gems back.
  387.     The goal should always be to reduce the number of attacks the enemy can initiate, while still leaving
  388.     time to build meter. This means you should take out as many enemies as possible before they can
  389.     attack while avoiding the use of ninpos. For example: if there are four mooks and a senran, and
  390.     your abilities can't kill the senran in one turn, you should focus on the mooks, instead. The
  391.     ideal is killing the four mooks during the first turn and using regular attacks on the senran to
  392.     build meter for the next wave, rinse, and repeat.
  394.     Sometimes the support bonus can be forfeited for a healer as well. Some cases will require you to use
  395.     the support in waves one or two, as these waves might have "beefier" ranks. Again, the rule of thumb
  396.     is killing as many as possible in the first turn; if more than 2 are standing or everyone is dead (on waves 1 or 2),
  397.     you need to adjust to get in that 1-2 range. Sometimes it's necessary to take the hits on one wave
  398.     so that you can clear beefier waves later on.
  402. [PC]
  403. When referring to powercreep in this context, I'll be referring to cards that are still pretty good despite not being the latest
  404. wave of powercreep. In other words, if these are on rotation, then these are the ones to roll for. As a note, the unawakened forms for these cards are VERY bland, by design. Cards marked with an * are on limited rotation, which means you can only pull them if they're
  405. rate boosted.
  407. These first three are staples for single color teams and have good stats, overall, but aren't as good as the rest on this list
  408. Maid Ikaruga: Good for flash (yellow) teams
  409. Spa Asuka: Good for yang (red) teams
  410. Queen Yumi: Good for yin (blue) teams
  413. Punk Naraku*: has an ability that sometimes makes her attack normally after her turn in addition to a 10% damage ramp per attack, up to a 150% boost. Shares a 60% boost with Kagura and has a 30% health/attack boost for two colors.
  415. Final Form Kagura*: VERY high damage, very nice ninpos (5 regular, 1 ultimate) for PvE. VERY high bonuses against yoma. Shares a 60% link with naraku and has a 30% health/attack boost for two colors.
  417. Bondage Twins*: Ryoubi and Ryouna [separate cards] with generally good stats for PvE, including yoma killer boosts. These cards share a 90% link with one another, Ryouna has a strong freeze attribute and a double-attack passive, and Ryoubi has high damage single target ninpos. As with the above, these also have 30% health/attack boosts for two colors.
  419. Gacha Twins*: Gekkou and Senkou [separate cards]. Doubles as their swimsuit cards. Gekkou is the ken (purple) 70% attack booster and Senkou is the ken (purple) 30% health/attack booster. Both have high damage single target ninpos and senkou has passives that are VERY good for the yoma raid. In addition, they both have a passive that boosts their attack if there is at least two gessen units in your squad and share a 70% link with one another.
  421. Deep Freeze Yumi*: The only card in the game with the deep freeze ability, which is VERY good for the yoma raid and is otherwise pretty great in general. High damage ninpos, decent freeze rate on regular ninpo, has a yoma killer attribute. Has a two color 30% attack/health boost for two colors.
  423. Sen Asuka*: Named for her 70% boost to sen (flash/yellow) attack. Also has many of the aforementioned desirable stats: high single target damage, defense debuff, etc.
  425. Yin Hikage*: Named for her 70% boost to yin (blue) attack. Yoma killer, defense debuff, high single target damage, etc. etc.
  427. There's also been a pattern of having at least one broken card thrown in with crossovers, of which there have been two of now.
  428. Ayane [NO LONGER OBTAINABLE]: Uses her ninpo in two-hit bursts (in other words, uses her ninpo then automatically uses her ninpo a second time]
  429. Fate Yumi: Still new as of writing this (21 January 2019): has a "ninpo seal" ability that prevents ninpo usage. Paired with a high speed, this card will be a 100% for PvP.
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