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  1. Username:Hearty333
  2. Password:turn up
  4. Name: Ryu Nari
  6. Nickname(s):flower-she is beautiful,also her name means lily flower
  8. Birthday:6.2.1999
  10. Age: (in slots):16
  12. Birthplace:Seul
  14. Hometown: Seul (for all)
  16. Nationality: Korean
  18. Ethnicity: Korean
  20. Height: (in cm)167
  22. Weight : (in kg)50
  24. Blood Type:A+
  26. Face Claim:Park Chae Young(Rose from Blackpink
  28. Backup:Seohyun(from Girls Generation)
  30. Slot:Sassy type
  31. [WINGS]
  33. Personality:She is a very nice and polite person.She is beautiful and she knows how to use it.She can wrap any boy around her finger but she doesnt,because she knows how it feels like to be led on.She cares very much for her family and friends.Her parents are divorced but neither one of them got another partner,leaving the girl with some hope.Even if she appears to be only thinking about boys,she is a very smart and thoughtful person.She doesnt think in situations,she is led by her emotions and intuicion.Being the only child developed in her having a very strong bond with her cousin,who(along with the other girls) has compassion for her and knows she isnt really that opsessed with boys.She actally only had one boyfriend but she seems to know how to handle herself around boys,so she helps other girls when they have a crush on someone.She always wanted a dog or a cat,but since her mom is allergic,she got a hamster(cue the sarcastic yay).Her behaviour seems to be typical girly,but she is actually very skilled in martial arts.
  35. Background: When she was 6 years old,her parents divorced and it wasnt a nice and peacful divorce.With the often fighting and yelling she was placed in the middle of it all,with her parents to buisy fighting each other to care about her feelings.Only later did they realise with what kind of damage did they leave her.Every time they fought,she would escape to her cousins house,where she was always welcomed.Her knowlege of boys came with spendind time with her male cousins and often asking them if they have girlfriends and what do they like in girls.She also learned how to play video games with them.Having crooked teeth while she was young,she had to get braces and later had to get glasses for being short-sighted.That led to her getting ridiculed by her peers in middle school,some boys giving her attention just to get her to write their homework or cover for them when they were in trouble.After a while she got sick of it and gained some conidence,got a lot more blunt and sassy.In high schools he met the other girls(excluding her cousin)and finnaly she felt at place.
  37. Family: Ryu Seoyun/mom/41/nurse/6
  38. Ryu Jongdae/dad/42/biology proffesor/6
  40. Likes: dancing,animals,dirty jokes,ice cream,teasing her friends,talking to boys,hanging out with her cousins
  42. Dislikes: getting embaressed,people pointing out her past,talking to her parents
  44. Fears: drowning,small spaces
  46. Habits: she doesnt look where she is going somethimes,bites her lip when she is nervous,doesnt make eye-contact when she is lying
  48. Trivia:
  49. -Favorite color:purple
  50. -Favorite genre of music:kpop
  51. (opptional- Favorite song/artist:)
  52. -Favorite genre of movies &/or books:mystery and horror
  53. (opptional- Favourite book/movie:)
  54. -Grades:mostly A's and B' s
  55. -Favorite subject:Music class
  56. -Hobbies:martial arts
  57. -Other facts:she gets jealous very easily but she doesnt show it
  58. -Fashion style: girly
  59.    —casual:tights and tshirts
  60.    —club:one-coloured short dresses(not ultra-short)
  61.    —summer:skirts and dresses
  62.    —winter:jeans,undershirt,shirt,jacket,cap,scarf etc.
  63.    —at home:sweatpants ans tshirts
  64.    —gala party/wedding:long gowns
  66. Something that's most important to have in her dream universe: big wordrobe
  69. Love interest:Jimin
  71. Backup love interest:RapMonster
  73. His personality:he is a gentleman and every girls dream.He doesnt go around and breaking hearts.He seems to be perfect but he really enjoys teasing his hyungs and Nari.
  75. How you met:they wanted the same can of beans in the grocery store,and he ended up giving it to her but he managed to annoy her while doing so.
  77. Your first impression of him:cute,seems to be rather confident about himself and he just catched her eye
  79. How do you act with him: she will open up to him once she realises he can be trusted,and that he is,even if he seems perfect,after all just a normal human being(see what i did there)
  81. How does he act with you:trys to be confident but she is somehow resisting his charms
  83. ~~
  85. Color of his eyes: (they all have different eye colors from humans, because they are aliens, so choose a color and a backup color, (just know I maybe change it 'cause.. well I just can)):violet
  87. Requested scenes or any ideas:the scene in the grocery store
  89. Note to autor-nim:hello,hope you like it!
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