Rule 63 Tom & Jerry: The Prelude

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  1. [20:08:01] * @Amaryllis returns to Nat and Ammy's part of the camp set up in the castle, careful to make sure no one is around to eavesdrop before sitting down in front of Nat with a sigh and a concerned gaze. "Bloody hell Nat, what were you going to do if you had another amnesiac episode while you were off ahead?"
  2. [20:10:00] * @Natalie sits playfully, scribbling in her usual diary bit-by-bit. As soon as Ammy comes around she jolts her hear upward and stares, sighing as she closes the book and focuses. "Nnnn. I'm really sorry, Ammy, but it's okay, I had this with me! That way I at least remember who you are, right?"
  3. [20:10:36] <@Natalie> "But... I really wanted to go train more, 'cause I'm a lot weaker than I used to be.  Even if I don't remember what I used to be like.  But I just FEEL it, y'know?"
  4. [20:10:44] <@Amaryllis> "And if you had lost it?"
  5. [20:10:50] <@Natalie> "..."
  6. [20:10:56] <@Natalie> "Oh yeah, good point!  Oopsies~!"
  7. [20:11:15] * @Natalie shifts position around and wears a goofy grin. "But it's okay, I didn't and I didn't. And I even met a new friend!"
  8. [20:11:17] * @Amaryllis closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "I am not as strong as I wish I were either. But that is why we stay together, isn't it?"
  9. [20:12:02] <@Natalie> "Yeah, I guess you're right, huh."  There's a small pause with the faintest hint of a muttered 'nnn.'  "I guess I just wanted to get away and think."
  10. [20:12:04] <@Amaryllis> "Terrato, yes." Ammy sips from her waterskin.
  11. [20:12:37] * @Natalie shuffles again and sits straight up. "Ooh, you heard? Awesome, I totally forgot what he said his name was!"
  12. [20:12:38] <@Amaryllis> "I imagine there is quite the story behind that."
  13. [20:12:46] <@Natalie> Book opens.  Scribblscrib- "... Waiiiit."
  14. [20:12:57] <@Natalie> "Where did you hear that?  Did I tell you and forget?"
  15. [20:13:56] <@Natalie> "Did you meet him?  Is he back already?"
  16. [20:13:57] <@Amaryllis> "Baron told me. I have been perusing his personal library, remember?" Ammy lifts the Tantarian book.
  17. [20:14:16] * @Natalie peps up again. "Oh!"
  18. [20:14:53] <@Natalie> "Story... yeah, you bet!  While I was off I kept thinking 'this'd be a good story to tell Ammy,' mm-hmm," she nods matter-of-factly with a satisfied grin.
  19. [20:14:59] <@Natalie> "..."
  20. [20:15:08] <@Natalie> "And... then I think I lost most of it."
  21. [20:15:57] <@Natalie> "Something about food... and Durandal..."  Flipflip.  "And breaking a bridge..."
  22. [20:16:13] * @Natalie squints at the diary. "Oh, it says I wasn't supposed to tell you that part."
  23. [20:16:20] <@Natalie> "Oops."
  24. [20:17:09] <@Amaryllis> "I had surmised that anyhow." A small smile forms at the corner of Ammy's lips as she produces a scrap of ribbon from her bag. "You left this on what remained of the bridge."
  25. [20:17:51] <@Amaryllis> "No matter, crossing a chasm by way of precariously perched boulder makes for a more exciting tale than merely crossing by bridge."
  26. [20:17:57] <@Natalie> "Ehehehe."  Nat gives an innocent smile.  "Well, the others couldn't get any madder than they already are, huh?"
  27. [20:18:20] <@Natalie> "So it's all fine!  Nnnn, I had something more important to talk about anyway."
  28. [20:18:24] <@Natalie> "I think."
  29. [20:18:25] <@Natalie> "Maybe."
  30. [20:19:20] * @Natalie stands up and stretches before plopping down again. "Tell me all about the adventures you had later, okay, Ammy? This could be kinda important."
  31. [20:21:00] <@Amaryllis> "Any more angry than they are..." Ammy looks Nat in the eyes. "You are playing a dangerous game with the Burmecian."
  32. [20:21:44] <@Natalie> "Hnnnnn.  Yeah, aaaactually," Nat looks down, a little disheartened, "I was gonna do something so she'd stop trying to pick fights.  Or try to, when she got here."
  33. [20:22:04] <@Natalie> "'Cause if she could like me, then she'd be able to like all eidolons, yeah?  Then everyone could be happy."
  34. [20:22:05] <@Amaryllis> "She already holds great disdain for Eidolons. Out of everyone, she is who we need most to be wary around."
  35. [20:22:23] <@Natalie> "Then I'll shut her hate down by being so nice she can't stand it!"
  36. [20:22:40] <@Amaryllis> "And if she were perchance to suspect this," Ammy very lightly prods at Nat's forehead, "then we will have no shortage of trouble."
  37. [20:22:47] * @Natalie stands up with a determined posture. "After all, what's she gonna do if I- oof!"
  38. [20:23:03] <@Natalie> "Owww, wellll."
  39. [20:24:09] <@Natalie> "I don't actually hate her so all I gotta do is tell the truth!  I think she's pretty strong, even if I could probably beat her up.  And even if she DID find that out what'd she do, eat me?"
  40. [20:24:29] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn... I'd say 'I don't taste good' but I uhh... I actually heard the whole Durandal thing."
  41. [20:25:02] <@Amaryllis> "How much of the truth?" Ammy gets a worried expression.
  42. [20:25:06] * @Natalie sits back down, with a worried expression.
  43. [20:25:13] * @Amaryllis is worrieder. >:V
  44. [20:25:14] <@Natalie> "Oh, not THAT truth.  The other truth."
  45. [20:25:35] <@Natalie> "Like a 'I was just kidding about being so spoiled, let's be friends, okay?' kinda thing."
  46. [20:25:41] <@Natalie> "'Cause it'd catch her OFF-GUARD."
  47. [20:25:44] <@Natalie> "... Isn't that how it works?"
  48. [20:26:29] <@Amaryllis> "Not in the tales I have read, but we shall see, shall we not?" Ammy flips her journal open. "As for Durandal..."
  49. [20:26:47] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn, hold that thought.  I wanna talk about the crystal."
  50. [20:27:01] * @Natalie starts challenging Ammy's worriedness again, :<ing all the way.
  51. [20:27:13] <@Amaryllis> "Of course. It didn't speak this time. Did it also fail to awake your memories?"
  52. [20:27:29] <@Natalie> "Nuh-uh, I saw something.  But it was... weird."
  53. [20:27:51] <@Natalie> "That's how I knew Baron was a nice guy!  I was old-me and I was talking to him, so he definitely wasn't lying."
  54. [20:28:41] * @Natalie pouts a little. "But I was telling him that I already forgot... plus I actually DID have the piece of the crystal for real."
  55. [20:29:17] <@Amaryllis> (oh right, Kain if you're here this is a bit of chronology I wanted to clear up - when exactly did Ammy find Nat in Ipsen's Castle?)
  56. [20:31:36] * @Amaryllis nods along. "It is a shame his tale ends with such a fade into obscurity. You your other form then?"
  57. [20:32:43] <@Natalie> "Nn-hnn," Nat nods.  "Yeah, I was a lot smaller!  I remembered the feeling of how straining it is having to look up from the ground, yuck.  Oh, and my voice was the same, I totally forgot that one too."
  58. [20:33:52] <@Natalie> "But here's what gets me," she looks up and waggles a finger.  "The other ones were memories of being with my summoner and stuff, yeah?  But this one was from AFTER the crystal already shattered.  Isn't that kinda weird?"
  59. [20:34:47] <@Amaryllis> "A cat that nnnns instead of meowing. Cute." Ammy then thinks on that last bit. "Perhaps that was the specific memory this shard bore because you carried it after the shattering?"
  60. [20:35:23] <@Amaryllis> "And the others all left you before. There was no opportunity to impart new memories to them."
  61. [20:35:26] <@Natalie> "Nnnnnnnn!"  Poutymode!  "Well... oh, that might be right."
  62. [20:35:45] <@Natalie> "Maybe I was paranoid for nothing?  That'd be nnnnnnnice."
  63. [20:36:37] <@Kaingaskhan> (I don't remember truth be told)
  64. [20:36:41] <@Amaryllis> "I hope so. This is the only real lead we have seen in years when it comes to recovering your memories."
  65. [20:36:42] <@Kaingaskhan> (So I was really vague about it with baron)
  66. [20:36:43] <@Natalie> "I just thought... someone told me to do something with the crystal shard I had.  If the 'something' was putting them back together, wouldn't that mean they already knew about it breaking however long ago it was?"
  67. [20:37:13] <@Amaryllis> (oh I see okay. I had thought it was 10 years ago, but let's say 5 or something to better fit what Baron said then?)
  68. [20:37:34] <@Natalie> (I get the leisure of being amnesiac enough to say "I totally don't even know when it was")
  69. [20:38:09] <@Amaryllis> "Your summoner charged you with the task, did she not? Perhaps we shall ask her, if she can be found."
  70. [20:38:27] <@Amaryllis> (okay now I forget - did we learn IC that Eiko was in Lindblum, or do I just remember that OOC for some reason?)
  71. [20:38:37] <@Natalie> (It was IC, I made sure to check before this)
  72. [20:38:38] <@Amaryllis> (I think Quina told us IC, but jussttttt making sure)
  73. [20:38:51] <@Natalie> (s/he DID just say 'horned girl' though)
  74. [20:38:59] <@Natalie> (but I'm fairly sure we know Eiko is the last summoner with a horn)
  75. [20:39:15] <@Amaryllis> (Ammy has the book about the events of the war)
  76. [20:39:32] <@Natalie> "Nnn," Nat pouts again.  "It MIGHT've been her, but if the Qu from earlier was right- oh yeah, I was eavesdropping on that one too.  Sorry~"
  77. [20:39:53] <@Amaryllis> "It will be difficult to keep up our farce in Lindblum of all places, however." Ammy shrugs it off, expecting that kind of spying by this point.
  78. [20:40:20] <@Natalie> "If she's really there... yyyyeah.  If we keep up the story that we're FROM there we can't get back all that easily."
  79. [20:41:04] <@Natalie> "And if the crystal warriors," she strikes an overdramatic pose, "are gonna keep us with them then it's gonna be REALLY suspicious if we try.  But if there're crystal shards there..."
  80. [20:41:38] <@Amaryllis> "We have enough setpieces to play the role adequately. If we learn the lines, we can keep the audience dazzled for long enough to maintain the illusion."
  81. [20:42:11] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn.  I'm really glad to have you around for stuff like this, Ammy."
  82. [20:42:54] * @Natalie sits back down in a more comfortable yet casual position. "'Kay! So, first I gotta clear up the thing with Leeny, right?"
  83. [20:43:05] <@Amaryllis> "But, we must stay in their good graces. The human is carefree enough. The Genome has the worries of his own people to bear, the potential that their tale may end. The Burmecian..." Ammy trails off, but her stern gaze finishes the sentence for Nat.
  84. [20:43:27] <@Natalie> Gulp+nod.
  85. [20:44:16] <@Natalie> "I did kinda save her life back there, though.  I mean, if she attacked him we all saw how hard I was hitting without ANY weapons so he could've snapped her in half, right?"
  86. [20:44:26] <@Amaryllis> "One more thing." Amaryllis reaches in her bag and pulls out the bottle of Mist. "I am no great scholar of Mist, but I suspect from the state of Baron that it is a substance capable of conveying a tale past its natural end. I suspect it could be of use in recovering your memories, but I won't try anything without your permission." She sets it down.
  87. [20:44:44] <@Natalie> "Ohh... ohhh!"
  88. [20:44:54] * @Natalie cuts herself off and stares at it sparkly-eyed.
  89. [20:45:44] <@Natalie> "Yeah but..." She pokes it.  "Nothing happened while we were in the room with all of it.  And even if it did something like that, that'd be a weird way of doing it."
  90. [20:45:48] <@Amaryllis> "Celina will not see it that way, I am afraid." Amaryllis nudges the bottle toward Natalie. "Not tonight, unless you really wish it. I am unsure what will happen, to be honest, and it is important that you quell Celina's anger."
  91. [20:46:45] * @Amaryllis stares at the bottle as well, silent for a few seconds before she speaks again, much more quietly this time, but still audible. "I am quite sure it will serve some purpose in our endeavors."
  92. [20:46:47] * @Natalie keeps staring at the bottle. "Yeah... if I accidentally turned into old-me again or something that'd be bad, since I forgot how I became like this in the first place."
  93. [20:46:53] <@Natalie> "Or maybe I'd remember something bad..."
  94. [20:47:13] <@Natalie> "... Nah!  All the other Eidolons who didn't lose their memories are fine with everything they know so it probably won't be THAT bad."
  95. [20:47:15] <@Amaryllis> "The truth of a tale is always worth bearing, no matter how unpleasant."
  96. [20:47:28] * @Natalie nods and pushes the back. "Keep it safe for me, okay?"
  97. [20:47:32] <@Natalie> -the +it
  98. [20:47:40] <@Amaryllis> "I will."
  99. [20:48:31] <@Natalie> "But... ohhh, I guess all I gotta do is prove to Leeny that I'm NOT doing anything bad.  Or you know, to hurt her or anything.  And if she attacks me I could probably win.  Hmph."
  100. [20:48:41] <@Natalie> "... Oh wait, that's kinda contradicting, huh?"
  101. [20:49:50] <@Natalie> "Well!  Unless she's actually a Durandal spy who knew my secret all along she's a proud Burmecian warrior who won't really get anything from trying to beat up a cute little girl, so I bet there's nothing to worry about!"
  102. [20:49:52] <@Amaryllis> "It will take time to win her over. I do not believe it to be that simple."
  103. [20:50:13] * @Natalie jumps up again! "Oh... yeah, Duraaaandal."
  104. [20:50:44] <@Natalie> "Unn, how bad do you think it really is?  The Eidolon-eating thing?"
  105. [20:52:14] <@Amaryllis> "I am grieviously worried." Ammy reaches in her bag for the carefully wrapped and preserved dragon's mane, setting it in front of Nat. "I only hope I will not have to make use of this when we visit."
  106. [20:52:55] <@Natalie> A slow nod.  "Yeah... I was gonna take Terry with me and go there instead of here, actually," cough.  "... Butwekindagotlost."
  107. [20:53:33] <@Natalie> "Now I'm worried since we spent all night in here, w-what if he got caught?  Since he didn't want to come in here with me..."
  108. [20:53:36] * @Amaryllis sighs. "And I must admit I am glad for that. The Qu's weapon inflicted unhealing wounds upon Leviathan. Can you imagine what it would do to you, weakened as you are?"
  109. [20:54:04] * @Natalie places hands-at-hips. "Well, Levvie's a giant snake! I don't think they could find out who I am on ACCIDENT."
  110. [20:54:19] <@Natalie> "I'm just a noble from Lindblum investigating because of..."
  111. [20:54:22] <@Natalie> "..."
  112. [20:54:30] <@Natalie> "Oh, yeah, maybe I should think of something."
  113. [20:55:27] <@Amaryllis> "There is time enough for that. Worry about Terrato later. For now, let us keep our traveling companions happy with us."
  114. [20:56:02] <@Natalie> "Okay!  But I wanna go to that place next anyway.  Don't worry, they SO totally won't catch me."
  115. [20:56:38] <@Natalie> "We can at least take a look from outside, can't we?  And what if they know something about that other crystal shard there?"
  116. [20:57:40] <@Amaryllis> "I believe our companions think similarly Nat. We shall visit this oppressed city."
  117. [20:58:29] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn!  Okay~!  I'm glad, if that's really true.  I guess I'll see what the ra- ... I mean, what Leeny thinks about it too after we get it all cleared up."
  118. [20:58:40] * @Natalie grumbles. "That's gonna be a weird habit to get out of."
  119. [20:59:31] * @Amaryllis chuckles. "A cat stepping on a rat's tail. A scene straight out of a children's book isn' it?"
  120. [21:00:14] * @Natalie wears the weirdest smile ever. "I kind of remember having a tail! Sort of! ... I think! ... Maybe. So uh, I can relate to how she feels!"
  121. [21:00:24] <@Natalie> "Can't tell her that though."
  122. [21:00:25] <@Natalie> Cough.
  123. [21:00:26] <@Amaryllis> "Do make peace with the Burmecian. She and I cannot see eye to eye on on fundamental philosophy, so it is all the more important you two come to an accord."
  124. [21:00:57] <@Natalie> "Yeah, don't worry, Ammy.  I already convinced two snakes to be my friend in just a couple days, sooooo..."
  125. [21:02:10] * @Natalie gets up and stretches again, loosening up before turning around to face the... direction the others are probably at.
  126. [21:02:15] <@Amaryllis> "Eidolons are one matter." Ammy groans as she lies down on something comfy. "You share a kinship with them, even if it is not conscious. Celina is one who hates Eidolons unequivocally, and I would not be surprised if some unconscious sense draws her to despise you."
  127. [21:02:47] <@Natalie> "But like I said earlier... if we can be friends, then she can understand Eidolons, can't she?"
  128. [21:03:13] <@Amaryllis> "I will stay to rest. It is not pleasant learning first hand how it feels to be struck by a legendary weapon." And she rolls over, covering herself with a blanket or cloth. "Perhaps Nat. We can hope. I trust you."
  129. [21:03:18] <@Natalie> "I'm pretty sure she didn't hate me because I was an Eidolon, she hated me just... uh, just because she could I guess.  I mean, the noble act sets people off, we've been through that before, yeah?"
  130. [21:03:59] * @Natalie turns back around and nods, smiley. "Yeah, okay. Sorry for worrying you so much, Ammy."
  131. [21:04:11] <@Natalie> "Thanks for understanding, too, nnnn.  I'll be back!"
  132. [21:04:31] * @Natalie tramples off!
  133. [21:05:29] * @Amaryllis watches Nat go off with one eye until she disappears into the gloomy castle, then settles into sleep.
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