Coc2: Minotuar run but it's alpha

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  1.  stout rope bridge across a chasm that runs from north to south — the chasm itself seems like a section of underground caves or tunnels, only that the roof has collapsed here, creating a massive gash in the earth. Peering into the inky blackness the chasm has on offer, one can only imagine how many tunnels run underneath the foothills, waiting to be explored...
  3. Whatever the case, the bridge has been carefully maintained. It creaks ominously in the wind, but it looks sturdy enough — it has to be, because there are signs of recent use. Footprints, swept gravel, new nails... the engineers here didn't have access to the best materials, but they clearly did their best with the hand they'd been dealt. Wide enough to allow people travelling in single file to cross with ease, it sways slightly in the wind as it bridges the chasm's wide span.
  5. There's a sign on the western side of the bridge, sheltered against the elements and positioned to face any who might approach from that end:
  7. King Kelsaz guarantees your safety on this bridge, traveler; his engineers have devised this simple yet sturdy solution for your convenience. Cross without fear, and cause no trouble in our lands.
  9. Please note that the maximum safe load on this bridge is the weight of seven adult minotaurs.
  11. Beneath the towering black gate, a small camp has been established against the rockface. Four tall, burly figures are sitting on the stones scattered around a campfire, while a fifth stands in the path between you and the gate. As you draw near, you can see these are hardly orcs or harpies: the figures are each nearly eight feet tall, and covered with thick pelts of shaggy fur beneath worn links of silvery scale armor. Their faces are sculpted like those of bulls, complete with mighty horns and in half of their cases, big golden rings through the nose.
  13. The bull-man standing in the path raises a hand to you, less in greeting than to stop you. A glance shows that a broad, spade-pointed blade is slung at his hip and a circular shield is strapped to his other arm. His head is mostly hidden beneath a weather-worn, red-plumed helm.
  15. "Ay-ah, traveler. The King's Gate is closed. Turn ye and be gone."
  17. You step up to the towering bull-man in the middle of the path and ask what he means. What's a King's Gate, and why is it closed?
  19. The minotaur snorts down at you, resting his meaty paw on the hilt of his blade. Behind him, the other men, soldiers you suppose, glance up from their repose and lock you with their black eyes.
  21. "King Kelsaz has ordered the gates closed," the plume-helmed leader says, his accent thick and guttural. "Things are not safe in the Deeplands. Monsters and folk go mad in the tunnels. Not safe anymore for outsiders."
  23. Glancing at the black gate behind them, solid and imposing, you can hardly imagine that any of the local factions could have mustered enough brute force to punch through that bulwark. Could this be Kasyrra's doing?
  25. The plumed 'taur grunts, a deep sound from the gut like crunching rocks. "No, traveler. King Kelsaz himself has decreed the gates remain closed to your kind. We will not have your fate on our hands... nor do we wish you to see our homeland in chaos. Make ye gone, for your sake."
  27. "Good. Nah-sayya, surface walker," the lead minotaur says. "With fortune, the gates will open again some day."
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