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  1. [2019/02/18 19:19]  Sari pinched her brow, a large sigh escaping through her nose. The damn drycan had too much energy for her tastes before the full moon. She nodded to Angi, to Vox, lingering a while to absorb the atmosphere. And /then/ she followed again her mate. Ku was glanced at in passing -- a curiously callous look -- that ended as soon as it began. Likely, no correlation had been made between she and the pale bath house attendant in the sun elf's mind. Not unless Felix had mentioned it. If he dared to. A grin curved Sari's lips before she disappeared into the hall.
  3. [2019/02/18 19:20]  Angilias: nodded her head politely to the elfen woman " i appreciate it very much so." her eyes looking to noel" it's good ot see you and ill be right with you soon as our council meeting is over, business first then bathing!" as she chuckled softly. "trust me if i could avoid the boring things.. i would but this is ut-most importance" as she sighed and would turn on her heels. a nod to the woman in red " safe paths miss" she called out. She turned on he r tip ties to head for inside as she looked ot the large black wolf on her way in a low throated growl to the guard captain Rorg --only council--. The large wolf captain would dip his head as he understood.
  5. [2019/02/18 19:23]  Ku'Mari: gave a small waggle of her fingers as the others went in moving slowly and mostly steadily down the path a bit. "another reason why I'm glad I'm not in a pack. All the politics." She gave a smile to the guards, pawing a little at the ground. next time she'd have to practice on a smaller form.
  7. [2019/02/18 19:25]  Noel Solstice: nods to Angi with a smile. "I would not wish to interrupt." she states while waving to the Queen. She turns around to go get some more drinks in vloss while the important meeting was held.
  9. [2019/02/18 19:27]  Markos Vallonfort: Smiles to the other people there, noting the comment about politics. ''All so you could live in peace, we would'nt be able to do this without your efforts to supporting the grove as one of its inhabitants.'' a warm smile was offered before he'd turn around and follow behind Angi, heading into the town hall to meet with the council.
  11. [2019/02/18 19:37]  Angilias: would make her wauy insie as she would move to grab a lcoth form the desk as she made her way over to the table. " i hate to call you ll so late, but we have much to discuss, and of course as you all are my council.. well i need everyones input as seems big changes are in the works, and a lot of unknowns. Both maros and i have been approached by multiple leads laity looking to ally now with the sudden shift in leadership with the empire."
  13. [2019/02/18 19:42]  Ap'zen Drathir put his hands together in front of him as he sighed, letting his head drop limp for a few moments. One personality fell to the background, before another took the stage of the handsome drow. Raising his head and pushing back his glasses, his lips curled inward in thought. "Yes... our illustrious empress has returned with an iron thumb, hasn't she?" A stern voice spoke now, much less bubbly than before and it seemed a consensual switch of hands. "So long as she doesn't start to chop down trees for her war machine, I think there's not much to worry about. But foresight is the wisest thing to consult." Leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, the drycan looked over the table. "You mentioned orcs. Orcs whom only a fortnight ago beat you down and attempted to kidnap you for..." He paused. "Well, we knew what would have happened."
  15. [2019/02/18 19:52]  Sari slouched like the broodiest of mofos. Eh. She didn't have the wherewithal to give over many shits about the returned empress. It was all sorts of hassle. Details, though. Details. She likewise knew it wasn't information with which she should be negligent. Her slothful, dry drawl soon suffered the air, "The level of their advancement is...frightening. I was dubious before of how they'd have managed to take an entire continent for, I am reluctantly inclined to say it will take the entire continent united to be rid of them. Not a thing possible as it stands." Her back sloooowly sank lower and lower. Oof. "Orcs. Dragons. Thing is, the first are at our doorstep, aye? The dragons far away. They fly fast, 'tis true, but that's still leagues to cover with their portal to these lands destroyed."
  17. [2019/02/18 19:57]  Markos Vallonfort: Would stop by the library before going back to the table and taking a seat, a pile of papers and rolled parchments was dropped onto the table as he was very much the type to carry documents around, they made him look serious and sophisticated even if only a portion of the pile might be of use, which was how people always showed up to meetings right? A nodded to Angi, confirming her statement and faced Felix. ''I dont think her war machines can compete against our natural fortress. We've cliffs overlooking the city in the perfect position to threaten them, and i'm not naive enough to believe they don't realize that, which is why we must put measures in place to secure these locations.'' he went silent for a moment, thinking. ''True, i hardly trust those orcs yet, but we share a common goal. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer kinda deal.'' and finaly he looked at Sari. ''Look at it this way, their empress is now here, within our reach. Take her down and the empire goes into
  19. [2019/02/18 19:57]  Markos Vallonfort: turmoil. I'm sure Felix knows how bad it would be.''
  21. [2019/02/18 20:04]  Angilias: would open the cloth as markos sat down. a small bell and silver twin  sat inside the cloth. her eyes glowing softly as she would wave her hand over it as both articles diapered and created a 10 meter  circular invisible ward of alarm around the group in case others tried to sneak past the guard. She looked ot felix. " seems a troll has taken control of the orcs, her name is Moja She apologized personally to me yesterday saying the orcs acted whiteout her consent and she put the leader who called the attack upon me to death." sh e sighed and nodded as her eyes wander to the three. " there i much to consider, the Dragons will be placing there portal here in the forest. Aethina came ot me personally seeking an alliance with us as they are unsure of there alliance with the empire now, the fae are already our allies and the orcs seek alliance with us .. but more so all three leaders agree we need a treaty of working together in case the empire attacks. and what we would want should we
  23. [2019/02/18 20:04]  Angilias: call these alliances together.. they want a unison for us all as without the forest, dragons, orcs , fae, grove are all screwed.. royally"
  25. [2019/02/18 20:09]  Ap'zen Drathir nodded to his mate in complete agreement to his mate before turning to Markos. "Height does not matter to a pyramid that can hover in the skies. May I remind you, that trees burn, pyramids do not." Ap'zen quipped before sighing at speaking of downfall. "Flexing muscles and bombastic egos are better left for the orcs my friend. Let them throw their green hide to the walls of the empire and see how they fail." A deep sigh flared his nostrils. "May I also remind you where your children sleep Markos? Deep within the 'supposed' safety of the king regent's fortress? Who has just had his entire guard swapped for the empress' regime. Glancing to Angi he sighed, truly he must swipe the reality card here. "The dragons do not need the forest. They do not even /live/ in the forest. They have wings, and place portals around the world. We are a hot-spot for them, nothing more." A whisk of his hand to that matter. "The fae have lived hundreds of thousands years longer than any creature on this
  27. [2019/02/18 20:09]  Ap'zen Drathir: Earth. They have survived near reckonings of this planet... they have survived the crown wars of the elves... they will survive this." Finally he came to the orcs. "Orcs..." He nearly spit the word. "Apologies in the form of the words comes so cheaply to me... No. They are chaotic beings to the core. Order does not dwell in the orgy pit that they call home. I don't trust them." Honesty to the end!
  29. [2019/02/18 20:24]  Sari just sniffed and rolled her head, a horn wedging itself between she and chair. The petty, non-compliant thing. Comfort was shrugged aside, "The orcs rebel by nature, chaos is their nurturing sustenance, blood their reward. They are barbaric, simple. Manipulatable. If they do not listen to their leader now, there's little to assure us they will in the future. Make your alliance with them. Expect it to fail. The dragons...requested a portal? On forest earth, again." She thrummed her fingers idly upon chair arms, "I feel they would fall back upon their neutrality before taking a stand /with/ us, should a stalemate break. It is what I would do. Distance provides one the happy excuses of ignorance and denial. Even if we all /do/ ally, say 'fuck it' to the glorious empress...the Empire, if it wanted to, could just abandon Vlossifarne and set up elsewhere. It isn't as if they've no options. There's no possible way for us, as we currently are or can be within any decent span of time, to
  31. [2019/02/18 20:24]  Sari: threaten her without losing /everything/."
  33. [2019/02/18 20:28]  Sari "Which is why....everyone is concerned, no? And wanting to align at all. Desperation spawned necessity. This meeting is a pointless bid -- our direction was set before we ever gathered. A nations' wide treaty is the only practical route. Even then, we need to play as being weak. The Empire won't be bothered by whatever we do until it has grounds to impact them."
  35. [2019/02/18 20:38]  Markos Vallonfort: Remained silent during the time it took for the others to express their thoughts. He took a moment to think things over before raising from his chair and he begun to walk in circles infront of them, such was his one bad habit when he was being conflicted in considering things. ''First, let us adress what you've mentionned first. That is correct, mine and Angi's childrens reside within the very fortress of our potential enemies. However, that if we play our cards right, this is possibly the safest place they could be. Until recently, i kept Angi on a leash, something i doubt they have failed to notice. It would be easy, in our position, to pretend use this opening to gain information from within. Then again, I am also aware of how many ways this could go wrong.'' he cleared his throat, trying to rid himself of these worrisome thoughts. ''Secondly, the Drows have recently successfully claimed a region of the demon realms, meaning two significant things. One: Everybody understands that
  37. [2019/02/18 20:38]  Markos Vallonfort: if they would reach so far as to another realm, nobody is safe and would eventually be on their path to conquest and two: Their efforts are split.'' he went back to the table and leaned against it. ''Finally, orcs are crude, barbaric, but also easy to manipulate. So long as their bloodlust is targetted at Vlorissfarne, i don't think we should be too mindful of them trying anything and right now, we need a solid alliance that will keep us from being simply stomped.''
  39. [2019/02/18 20:48]  Angilias: would move ot get up as she would head to the throne and grab her pipe. As her hand moved out of the circle a little bell jingling would be heard. she took her pipe back to her chair as she plopped down and lit it. " never said i trusted any of them, however i do believe moja when she said she killed him, orcs may be many things but good lairs ive yet to ever see. Moja unlike the others seems to be well spoken and understanding. As for the queen reagents consort, he has given up all ties to the empire. As for the the temple holds no alliance with the empire, and as for whispermere i have been confirmed.. there is no longer our fort, all of the hard work put into that is kaput. Gone with the Empresses return." She added as he blew smoke form her nose. " As for the dragons, if the empire has a flying machine.. wouldn't the dragons be more useful to us then naught then? The dragons also use the forest, Hunting, bathing, and even come to visit me during the day. They have enjoyed there
  41. [2019/02/18 20:48]  Angilias: time here. Even they see a looming threat.. and like it or not wile no one wishes to push the war button.. what if the empire comes here? From the word ive heard around, it is likely and very possible forces may come here even without provocation. so what do we do then? lay over? i know i refuse to give up my home to them like such, as the other leads seem to agree with such. we'd rather die fighting for a chance of our home then letting the empire walk in and claim it with all the work we've put in."
  43. [2019/02/18 20:56]  Ap'zen Drathir shook his head. "I would never leave my children within the hands of such a fickle power. Sol's power flickers like a candle's light under a winter wind." He said, leaning up slowly. "You make my point more me. They /claimed/ a region of the demons. I do not have the magical ability to compare to demons... and the empire crushed them in less than a week." He reminded Markos. "The ONLY reason why the empire doesn't come after us, is because we're already under their thumb... we're on their doorstep and right now, the spotlight isn't on us. I don't mind preparing for the warden's mighty gaze." To continue the spotlight phrase akin to a prison. "I remind you Markos, that we are not some colony far from the empire... dependent on shipments of food or supplies. We're a /walk/ away. Any sign of rebellion? And we have a pyramid teleporting their drow super soldiers on our homes." Glancing over to Sari for a few moments, he would need to make preparations for a quick escape for his family
  45. [2019/02/18 20:56]  Ap'zen Drathir: if they needed it. Absolute worse case scenario. "The orcs are not stupid Markos, do not underestimate them. Nor should you think of manipulating your allies for personal gain. In the end, would that not make you any better than the common drow?" Takes one to know one. Angi began to speak and Ap'zen glanced down to the table in front of him, growing quiet as he could now understand why politics could drag on so slowly. "Create a loose alliance with the orcs, something akin to a non-aggression pact. See how that develops. Plant the seed of trust. And watch the plant die." That last word ended so brutally as if judging her innocent trust. Of course, when you see the most devilish of creatures in the underdark... and make a literal demon your mate, one becomes numb to the cruel nature of humanoid life. "The dragons come here as..." He rotated his hand in thought. "A tourist spot... holiday. Angi, they treat you as a host for their fun. There is PLENTY of forest on this planet for them to
  47. [2019/02/18 20:56]  Ap'zen Drathir: pick. Trust me, we are nothing more than a fad for them to get bored of and move on from. Blinking his eyes a few times to her words, he moved to push his hands up his face. In a double face palm he groaned. "Okay... it's noble, hero's sacrifice... blah blah blah... but it's stupid." Ap'zen didn't hesitate. "You hold the secrets of Gaia, you are a powerful wolf... what sense would it make to die for a settlement.. that you've only built for a few months?" Shaking his head, he motioned between the leadership. "If the empire comes, roll over. Do their bidding... and gain strength from the inside. If you fight, you will die, they will burn your corpses, and you will be written away from history... forgotten. Forever." Eyes showed an evil only the drow would know. "Put your pride in the backseat so your kids can have parents. So they can grow up with a future."
  49. [2019/02/18 21:07]  Niar: tugged on Kro all the way until they were up to the house. He knew Felix and Sari would be away for a little longer so he figured why not bring the Drow over. Looking over to him he flashed a toothy smile as he gestured to the home. "Tada! This is where I live, for the most part.. If I don't get locked out or thrown out for licking things.. Don't lick the glass vials with ink in them.. Someone gets pretty pissy about it." He huffed some before pushing open the door and gesturing him on inside.
  51. [2019/02/18 21:12]  Kro: stumbled his way past the threshold of the door with a little apprehension.  He was always bit uneasy when it came to meeting fellow drow for his experiences with them usually didn't pan out well in his favor.  But he'd swallow his anxiety and follow his companion.  He could tell that he really wanted him to meet his family so he'd channel good thoughts and keep his smile as genuine as possible.  "Yeaaah, I'm surprised you still haven't learned your lesson from when you got into my jar of ipecac poisons and you threw up all night haha." he chuckled
  53. [2019/02/18 21:13]  Markos Vallonfort: Walked in circles some more, listening carefully with his chin up and his hands behind his back. ''A reminder -they- came to us for an alliance. Both faes and Dragons lived for millenias and i'm sure it is not only due to their strength and magic. They know what threat the empire poses and so do we.'' he came to the table and Slammed his fist on the table with clear irritation, right next to his pile of papers. His gaze locked with Felix's. ''It is as you say, but heed my word... I would rather die than let these motherfuckers take everything from me again. I would rather be tortured in the deepest confines of Whispermere then have my Pups live in a world tainted by the empire's influece. If we stand down now, we will forever regret it. We have a chance, here and now. They don't think of us as a threat. We are the weak, and we shall fight as the weak. Have you never questionned how it was humans lived in a world where everyone and their mother was stronger, smarter, more magically
  55. [2019/02/18 21:13]  Markos Vallonfort: potent then them?'' he took a deep breath and sighed.
  57. [2019/02/18 21:17]  Niar: soured his features as he waved a hand in dismissal. "... It smelled like something I ate before and thought it was a treat. I didn't know you carried poison like that." Old habits died hard. Gesturing over towards the couch he would offer a place for him to sit. "Relax.. Master is nice enough if he's not on one of his moods and Sari is.." He pondered. "Nice enough if you're entertaining." Daring not to say 'nice' on it's own as if she could strike him down from afar. "If you plan on sticking around this area this time, you'll have to meet them at some point... And I do hope you plan on it.." There was a sober tone tacked onto his words as he went to the kitchen to pour himself some water before calling out. "Anything you want to drink? Or eat?"
  59. [2019/02/18 21:19]  Sari let Felix speak...and speak some more...and...wasn't he done yet? Useful words, all, but spoken without brevity in his elegant, long-winded way. Fucking elves. She decided to summarize the spiel in case their woefully human-esque listeners had zoned out somewhere in the middle -- and clearly they had, as Markos ranted on. "I would agree that, in this case, the belly of the beast is the safest place for your spawn. We /cannot/ afford now or, must I stress it /again/, in the near future to paint ourselves insurgents. At what point does survival surpass pride? If you wish to plot against the Drow, it needs to be out of their sights and away from their ears. A stone's throw from an occupied city hardly counts as a good base of resistance. Is that the plan? To try and overthrow the empress? To assassinate her? I thought we came to discuss treaties. Alliance. Not rebellion. A change in leadership may look opportune to enact your....vengeance? Justice?" Her gaze darkened, lips peeling
  61. [2019/02/18 21:19]  Sari: back. "I would think more than /any/ of you, I've a right to hate them. A wish to see their Empire destroyed. But I am not a fool who will cling to rash plausibilities. /You will not win/. There isn't a stand up, a stand down. The only reason we've a town here at all is because Thea, the once queen regent, was more lenient and could not be /fucked/ to mess with a forest that wasn't worth her trouble. She didn't have their main forces with her. The empress does."
  63. [2019/02/18 21:22]  Kro: nodded and sat down on the offered couch cushions as his gaze raked around the room, taking in all the small details as he usually did.  "This place is pretty snazzy.  It has a nice homey feel that makes you wanna nap, so I've got a sense of a reason why you like it."  He cracked his knuckles at the sound of the light hearted threats and fear but he'd let his shoulders drop a little.  Some of the tight tension in his back leaving in release at hearing that they wouldn't try and kill him outright.  "Well you know me.  I'm always traveling around but I'm sure I can find my way back here often if this is where you'll reside.  And uhhh, I'll just take some water if you've got it." he said.
  65. [2019/02/18 21:27]  Niar: poured him a cup of water and eyed a few candied sardines he had made himself earlier. Taking one on a stick he would walk over with the cups before plopping down with a content sigh. "I think Sari is the one that made it all warm and stuff. Before we had a room above a tavern. It was nice but cramped." Handing his cup over he would bring his feet up to rest on the coffee table. idly he took a bite from the fish and let the odd.. Crispy sugar coating crunch. Probably not a pleasant snack for most. "They even gave me my own tank upstairs.." He seemed genuinely content with the lot he was given in life after his spiel of hardships.
  67. [2019/02/18 21:27]  Sari: "An Empire the size of this one can /last/ for millennia. Of course the fae and dragons would be worried by it's figurehead's return. You propose readying to attack a stronger foe without knowing their movements, before intelligence has been gathered. Even a Drow child can discern the difference between war preparations and our fortification."
  69. [2019/02/18 21:30]  Angilias: would lean back in her hair as she listens to the two.. her nails moving to dig into the wood as it splinters some under her grasp. " i will not ever lay on my back to the empire and play good doggy.. it is not whom i am.. i Promised you all freedom and even at the cost of my life. I do not plan on changing that in my mind. If i do die my children have an inheritance and my journal to teach them anything thy need to know. Sol dose not hold my children as the embassy is outside his temple. They are under the care of my uncle." she looked between felix and sari. " no one is speaking of usurping the throne. What we are discussing is alliances, but the reason for these alliances are being called is because of the threat of the empire coming to the forest. Should they not we will go on our marry ways.. But all the leads are worried -if- they do. Were notlooking to storm the castle but if they come here looking to put there thumb down. and i know many of the grove would feel the same. " as
  71. [2019/02/18 21:30]  Angilias: she leaned forward ater letting go of the wood. " felix i trust you and sari more then any others of the grove, but in the end you both could get away with what you are in the empire.." she looked to markos and sighed and then back to the two of them. " Even if considered outcasts of your kind they are still your kin, for us however.. we will likely die no matter what, siding with this empress or not... most of those of the grove wouldn't last a day. which is what we need to prepare this grove for.. if they come to use .no one of the forest is looking to go to them. They do come were all doomed but it seems were all united in wishing to fight for a brave death then lay over and die like cowards.We don't get much choice in this.Orc, Dragon,Wolf,Fae were all doomed if that day comes."
  73. [2019/02/18 21:34]  Sari: Sart'ir rolled 11 (9 + 2 untyped bonus) as an untyped roll (
  74. [2019/02/18 21:35]  Kro: accepted the cup with a smile and took a short sip.  He'd scoot to the side a bit to allow Sulta some room to sit down but the crafty drow was quick to slink an arm around him and tug the boy against his chest as he'd down many times before.  If he said that they're nice people he might as well be comfortable and genuine.  So he'll just act as he always would around the other.  With a complete lack of a sense of personal space.  Above Violet would caw and fly to the window sill before taking off, most likely to try and hunt for dinner.  Running his hands along the boys arms, he says.  "Well I'm just glad you've got a warm safe place to stay with people who care and treat you right.  A stark farcry from where I first found you thats for sure." he said.
  76. [2019/02/18 21:36]  Ap'zen Drathir watched the fist slam down on the table in front of him, eyes not reacting much before glancing to Markos. "I have... plans. Plans that will not come to see the light of the moon if I die. So forgive me for not throwing my life away on some heroic suicide quest." The bit about humans made Ap'zen! Of all people! Smile! "Humans are but jesters in the world's court. We, the more powerful races do not strike you down because humans amuse us, entertain us. When that stops, so too will the existence of your race." Bringing his hands together, nodded a few times... growing quiet. FOR ONCE. Glancing to Angi as she spoke, when she said no one is speaking usurping the throne, he motioned to Markos. "He sounds all for it." Though when she simply said that they could get away living in the empire, he smiled. "Need I remind you I lost a pinkie? There are many more scars that damage my body... from... /conforming/." Reaching over he grabbed Sari's hand. "We /worked/ to fit in. It took blood,
  78. [2019/02/18 21:36]  Ap'zen Drathir: sweat, and tears. Do /not/ make it sound like some idle gift of our blood. We are both hybrids..." Leaning back in his chair, he crossed his leg over. "Don't get your hopes up with this alligance. Shake hands with your left hand, Angi, hold a dagger behind your back with your right."
  80. [2019/02/18 21:42]  Niar: chuckled as he felt him being tugged up against his chest. Resting his head against him he would take another crunchy bite as he watched Violent fly off to go hunt. Though as he spoke of when they first met he would huff some. "Locked in a cage too small for me to move in.. Surrounded by other locked creatures. I will say most things have changed but I must say I'm still surrounded by odd creatures." After taking a sip of his water he would lean forward to put his cup down before settling back against him. Though after some squirming he looked up to him and just stared.. Intently. Far too intently. And then suddenly.. He flipped the lens of his glasses down. Chaos!
  82. [2019/02/18 21:49]  Kro: rested his chin atop of his head as he spoke of the horrific conditions.  The memory of that night flashing before his eyes like some film as it it'd just happened yesterday.  Even now he could still feel the blood of the men he'd slain...he could feel the mans hands wrapped around his throat from when he'd plunged his blade within his heart and most of all.  He could see the light fade from his eyes.  But in truth all of this just made his eyes gloss over in sick satisfaction.  Fortunately he was yanked from his mind by the boys treacherous and with a gasp. "Le heretic!" he joked, planting a smooch on the dragons nose playfully
  84. [2019/02/18 21:53]  Markos Vallonfort: Did'nt really have much to add for Angi, simply nodding as he agreed entirely. That served to calm him some, to have somebody else who thought somewhat similarly however Felix's comment was clearly not sitting well with the Man whose teeth were clearly grinding. He clicked his tongue and went back to sit on the chair before he'd do anything rash, fortunately Vox was behaved but his agressivity still served to affect Markos' mood. ''You are sounding just like them.'' he simply retorts to the drycan spitefully, this sort of arrogance would only bring his own undoing. ''I'll not agress them if they keep to their city but if they do... I'll spare no efforts and go for the throat.'' he tapped his finger on the wooden surface for a time, still clearly filtering himself from saying more. ''Were getting nowhere. I think we all agree that we need this alliance, so we should discuss the terms.''
  86. [2019/02/18 21:55]  Niar: perhaps saw the change in his eyes. While he held no love for those that put him in that crammed cage it had been his first instance with death around him. Having lived a sheltered life it surely woke him up that he was no longer in the world of entertainment but rather the real world. Feeling the smooch on his nose he would grin wide in response. "Don't you know? I'm eeeevil. As evil as the dark shade of skin I appear.." Because obviously he was the evil type of Drow that folks feared. Not at all a lad wearing a false form.
  88. [2019/02/18 22:00]  Kro: raised a brow with a chuckle. "Riiiiiiiight...and I'm a mass murderer......Actually...hold that...don't answer that one!" he laughed, unsure of what some his past exploits in certain slave states might constitute as.  But regardless of that he was just happy to see his companion happy and content without having to keep looking over his shoulder all the time.  Nothing could ever give him the same satisfaction as having the peace of mind that he was comfortable.
  90. [2019/02/18 22:05]  Sari barked a grotesque laugh. Gods, she couldn't even help herself. The damnable sound simply ripped out of her, a thick twang of disbelief. "Pfahahaha~! Please, please keep going. I...I can't...." Hoooo. Fucking bitch of a woman. For a time after the laughter subsided, Sari was silent. Her frame poised and eye lids closed, arms laying easy upon rests. The quiet shattered. "A journal will not replace a parent. An inheritance. /Nothing/ replaces a mother, a father. A family. A real, functioning family. You're both a pair of stupid mutts....Felix never said lay over for the Empire to abuse. Neither did I. What we said was to be /smart/ when you decided to work around or against something that can utterly /crush/ you -- where and how -- bones and all. Or is deception of the scale required something too difficult for you both?" Elegantly she rose, disgust and frustration evident. "You are the most visible here. The nearest, the most vulnerable. A stepping stone, a barricade. A first
  92. [2019/02/18 22:05]  Sari: resort. A last gambit. Doesn't it make sense for our lie to be all the stronger, that being the case? You say you trust us, Angi-love...and here we are, speaking as Drow would. For you. So that you can /understand/ them -- as the people who cast us out, and your opposition." She didn't want touched. Oho no. Kin? Who were her kin? Certainly nobody here. This she was beginning to feel reinforced by the minute, one of her proverbial land-mines having been stomped on thrice. A glacial stare pinned Ap'zen down for a moment, slitted pupils emotionless. "They are thankless...and presumptuous...I cannot breathe here. A non-aggression pact with the orcs is obvious...a treaty with the dragons. If a portal is re-instituted, it will be viewed as a tactical point by all parties. For commerce...the movement of men. Soldiers. Access to these lands should require an exchanged portion of theirs if Embergrove falls. The wolves will need a new place to live."
  94. [2019/02/18 22:07]  Niar: lifted both brows. "Yes.. Surely not the person that has started tavern fights that ended with a few stabbed and a lot more in a daze.." He gave him a pointed look before resting his head back down against him. "Can't even remember what the last one started over." Of course there was no malice as he recalled what happened; if anything he seemed as entertained with the thought as he had been when it all happened. Looking at a fur blanket he would reach over to drag it over them. Might as well get comfortable while they waited right?
  96. [2019/02/18 22:14]  Kro: Kro raised his hands in a show of innocence, all the while that grin oh his remained.  "Who me?  I'm a total innocent angel.  I never started those fights but when those guys started looking at us funny...and when the liquor starts pouring I get well...invincible ya know.  Or at least I feel that way.  They only left with a couple broken fingers and bottle up the ass so I'd say they got off pretty peachy if you  ask me..." he jested, appreciative of the blanket being pulled over them.  If he had to wait much longer he might just curl up with the dragon and take a light nap.
  98. [2019/02/18 22:16]  Angilias: would sigh and lean forward at felixe's words as she stared at him. she moved to take her pipe from her mouth. " don't think me naive felix ,im aware of both your situations, and im aware of your births. I care about you -both- but i also have to care for everyone of the grove as well. But my point being you two could make it longer then anyone else within this grove, if we bowed to the Empress. But if i bow to her reign we all die, you two might get away .. just the rest of us wouldn't under any means. We'd be spotted faster then a  horse in a hay pile. There is no happy take a knee and live under our rule option for the grove's citizens." she sighed as she mulled it all over in her head. " I'm not worried on my children, if worse comes ot worse uncle conway will take them to safety and when they are old enough they will learn to contact myself, and others should we pass. Least you forget garou can walk in the realm of spirits,. they would never be alone. Death doesn't scare me, ive
  100. [2019/02/18 22:16]  Angilias: died once before." She puffed on her pipe as she looked between sari and felix. " ad if death is the price to pay to ive you and everyone of this rove a fighting chance, then so be it, ill be the dumb one willing to lay her life down for you all should the time arise." as she sat back in her chair. her eyes looking to markos. "What were mojas terms? Aethina left us a blank slate, i believe she wants us to write what we want from them."
  102. [2019/02/18 22:19]  Niar: let out a huff as he heard him. Turning onto his side as he snuggled up against him. "You think anyone looking at us is doing so in a funny way. You are a Drow and at that point.. I looked a lot different. They were probably thinking you were some slaver. Or lost." Though his smile hadn't faded in the least as he relaxed. "Well, if I keep up my training maybe I'll actually help you in those fights.. Instead of just trying to pull you away or others away for their own safety.." Idly he rubbed at his leg as he felt the warmth of the house nearly lull him to sleep.
  104. [2019/02/18 22:22]  Ap'zen Drathir simply watched, relaxed as ever in his seat as Markos seemed on the brink of losing his temper. A smile joined the calm and collected face of the drow as Markos implied he spoke like his kinsman. "Thank you." Ap'zen said with a toothy grin. Oh no, he's faaar too amused by this jester to get angry with him now! Then... another, and much more frightful source of anger began to brew. Closing his eyes, oh the amusement simmered down to a serious nature as his head hung once more for a few moments. Looking like he took a small, momentary nap, he rose from his 'switch' and glanced over to Sari. With a stronger, more empathic gaze, he watched her while he wondered just where this might lead. Angi's words made /Felix/ bite his lower lip. Standing up from his chair, he brushed his pants down. "Well it's clear that our words of warning are not getting through to either of you. There's love in my warnings. Even if /he/ came off as brash." Felix touched his own chest to imply himself.
  106. [2019/02/18 22:22]  Ap'zen Drathir: "However, I do not feel like either of us are breaking through this wall of zealotry that you two are building." A deep sigh pushed from the male as he glanced over to Sari. "Come, they can discuss terms and present them to us. Refinement can continue from there." Returning his gaze to Angi, he gave a head bow. "If you keep to what you laid out with the fae, I'm sure we can agree to something with the dragons. With the orcs, I'd suggest keeping limited in agreements." With that, he glanced once more to his demonic mate and gave a confident jerk of his head towards the door. He was leaving.
  108. [2019/02/18 22:25]  Kro: huffed and puffed out his cheeks in defiance.  "Guess I'm just used to people always looking at me with preconceived disdain, always thinking I'm gonna enslave someone oooooo." That last part was said with flair as he waves his hands above his head like some benevolent ethereal creature.  "Speaking of your training,  I could always help you out.  Although I'm more of up a fast up close and personal kind of guy.  My aim is to take the enemy down before they have a chance to recover.  Soooo I'm aggressively personal.  Not too sure how you'd prefer to fight just yet." he said.
  110. [2019/02/18 22:32]  Niar: chuckled as he reached up to squeeze the puffed out cheeks. "Because you scream 'Look at me! here to raid all your villages of wenches!' ." He spoke with obvious sarcasm as he lowered his hand back down. "I have been watching guards in the city below training. A few have either mockingly invited me join them.. Or do so earnestly. I can't tell with them half the time but nonetheless I learn." He would squirm against him some more to put emphasis in what he was about to say. "I get up close but for a different reason. Distract and disorientate.. I may have two swords but I use one at a time.. They focus on the blade while my other hand is is at their belt.. Suddenly that drops, distracted by it they are open.. Or other ways. Though I still care little to actually kill or cause serious harm." He frowned some as he continued. "I coated my swords in my venom, if I can get them to fall stiff I can leave without needing to kill."
  112. [2019/02/18 22:36]  Markos Vallonfort: Crossed his arms and slouched in his chair with a grumble. ''I don't know what you two find so funny when we are literally one move away from complete annihilation. You've not been summoned to give us lessons on drow society through whatever you are trying to pull, as much as i appreciate your concern you would do well not to underestimate me nor Angi, Felix.'' he glared at the drow, apparently taking the situation way more seriously. ''What we need now is immediate measures to even get a chance to fight another day be it whatever way. Bowing down means our death, no less, get it through your skull.'' he growled some and reached out for one of the parchments in his pile, sliding it over to Angi. it was the one written yesterday with moja which explained what the orcs sought... mostly simple in nature: Sheltering one another in case one came to fall, standing as one to protect the forest, freedom to provide necessary resources from the forest for survival. ''All were missing on there
  114. [2019/02/18 22:36]  Markos Vallonfort: is our own terms.''
  116. [2019/02/18 22:41]  Kro: simply grunts and says.  "Well I can understand the raiding of their wenches alright...Who wouldn't be fearful of a handsome drow plundering their women better then them~" he said, waggling his eyebrows like a fool.  Taking a few moments to ponder what the boy had told him, he scratched at his chin and said.  "Hmmm, well in that case I can help you out some.  I use my opponents offenses and weight against them for my own gain.  I'll strike quickly and efficiently at their most vital weak points.  Plus the added psychological warfare goes into the ploy as well.  Violet can makes things pretty creepy for me.  Especially a commander walks out of his tent with a hooded figure standing before him with bloodsoaked bayonets on both hands.  All his men slaughtered before him without them even hearing an utterence of a struggle.  So if you can fuck his mind you've generally already won the battle." he said
  118. [2019/02/18 22:42]  Angilias: huffed as felix got up " i never said i wasn't listening, nor did i say a choice was made, i simply asked mojas terms as im not aware of them. only aware she laid some down." her hand moving to place her pipe in her mouth again. " id rather hear all aspects then blindly make a choice" a she gruffed.. her head looking ot the scroll and then to markos. "And what is that?" as she perked a brow at him and stared at him...
  120. [2019/02/18 22:46]  Niar: snorted hard as he heard him. "Sure.. Ladykiller.. Just don't come back here after you catch something." He said sticking his tongue out. Though as he held out his arm to show him what he meant by tricks. "Really only works against folks who are used to low lighting.." Soon rhythmically slow fading lights could be seen against his arm.. In fact it seemed to be coming from under his skin. Though the more he focused on it the more the false Drow facade started to fall away. Since Kros eyes were shielded last he knew he would focus fully on the lights as they suddenly lit up intensely. Partially blinding even himself as he had to look away. Eventually he put his arm down and returned it under the blanket. "... No matter how much blood is on me or around I highly doubt someone is going to find me intimidating Chimney."
  122. [2019/02/18 22:48]  Sari wanted out of there. Desperately. "........" She was a few long, strong strides away from this headache to freedom -- but matters unresolved were weighty things. They drug her down, slowed her steps. "Zealotry is a word for it...resolve born of ignorance, a passion by way of everything /right/. You too, Vox, would do well not to overestimate yourselves." How thin was her smile! How very strained. Painful. "I care about this place, in my own way. Don't you know? Either of you. I've said it many a time. Before joining the Empire, I will first depart these lands and resume it stands, with or without the kin who left me behind." Sari made for the door as well, looking as if she's just swallowed bile. The gravity of her last statement would doubtless be lost on the majority of the room. " not feel so well." Still. The orc treaty. Quid pro quo, was it? She took the document and read it aloud -- it held staple requirements, after all. But then she
  124. [2019/02/18 22:48]  Sari: paused. "Angi, the stipulations here are more or less in line with what could be expected. Reply with the same...but emphasize a stance of non-aggression, especially on full moons and nights were the wolves are mobile. A cease of their predation."
  126. [2019/02/18 22:53]  Ap'zen Drathir glanced over his mate and stopped for a few moments, arms crossed before hearing words of kin that left her behind. A glaring wince watched her movements before shaking his head. That's... that's too much lead in the barrel for him to handle tonight. Perhaps sometime soon... perhaps in his most desired form of fluff to appease all things disgustingly... /cute/. Her advice on the treaty seemed far more than fair, though Ap'zen's output on the matter was given and denied by the power couple.
  128. [2019/02/18 22:57]  Insidious Whim (pheradoc): Information too* The trade of it needs to be free while all of this is going on. What one knows, the others need to know as well if it could affect them. )
  130. [2019/02/18 23:01]  Angilias: would sigh as she listens and would sit there quietly as the two would make there way out. a lot on her mind as she mulled everything over. "safe paths you two" she murmured out. Still a lot of weight on her shoulders about it all as she sighed hevily. She didin't like having this unresolved.
  132. [2019/02/18 23:05]  Markos Vallonfort: Watches them leave, tracking them with his eyes until they would be out, using this time to think over their words before finally shaking his head and turning his attention to Angi. ''With the added part about the moon hunt, I think we'll be fine with the orcs. Simple makes perfect, as smart as this Moja might be, trying to be too complex with it would only confuse them, and they'll break the agreement if they feel like it regardless.''
  134. [2019/02/18 23:06]  Niar: went red to the face as he swatted his chest. "I can't molt with clothes on. And if I recall you just chose to be -naked-. I didn't tell you too." He huffed, now getting all flustered before shaking his head. Feeling the poking he would let out a playful growl. "Of course I did, I was in pain and itchy.." The blush never ceased from his cheeks as he wrapped the fur blanket fully around himself, stealing it from the Drow. "Next time I -won't- cuddle you then! Hmph!" Sour puss.
  136. [2019/02/18 23:09]  Angilias: would go to lean forward as she picked up the cloth and snapped her fingers. the bell and the wire coming back to there original spot. she folded it over as she placed them down on the table. Gently she sat back her eyes looking back and forth as she mulled over everything. " im not sure what to do.." she murmured as she puffed on her pipe and sighed out.
  138. [2019/02/18 23:09]  Ap'zen Drathir looked over his shoulder to the tailing, and fuming mate. He looked furious himself, only able to contain himself to outside the main hall. Damn, he needed to stop outside for a few moments, rubbing his forehead with a deep growl vibrating his chest. He stayed calm for so long in that meeting. "What a waste of time. I just... I need a drink." Felix told his mate. "I wonder if I have any growl laying around..." Moving to open the door and walk in, he looked right at a cuddling pair of drow. Eyes went wide as only his imagination could handle what exactly took place under the fur blanket. Mouth parted and eyelid twitched. Violet orbs trained on Sulta for a few moments, and then a drow... a male drow, one he saw in the underdark. One, that could make a fucking connection between the underdark Felix and the Felix that lived on the surface. An eyelid twitched, he stood only partially blocking the doorwar. Did he blink? No! He just wanted to make sure that his pet didn't lead a total
  140. [2019/02/18 23:09]  Ap'zen Drathir: stranger into his and Sari's house... a stranger that could OUT Felix to the entire underdark with a snap of his fingers! His heart slammed in his chest as he could feel pressure in his ears. "I..." Did he sound pissed? Annoyed? Angry? Surprised? The answer? Yes.
  142. [2019/02/18 23:11]  Kro: grinned and squeezed him closer.  "Well it's too hot underneath all those furs with clothes on.  Plus my jimmy gets all tight if I sleep in breeches.  I always end up taking them off in my sleep anyhow." he says, digging his face in his soft white hair.  "Besides I can't recall a single night where you've slept alone...and you know you love having a drow as your pillow~" That last part was muffled coming from his hair
  144. [2019/02/18 23:15]  Markos Vallonfort: Stood up from his chair and went around behind Angi's, putting one hand on her shoulder. He was still irritated from their earlier conversation. ''Don't worry. The empire might be strong, i doubt it can take down an alliance of Dragons, Faes, Orcs and Werewolves. We already know what we must do for now, and that is unite. When that's done, we can discuss our course of action. One thing at a time.'' he tried to smile to her to lighten the mood
  146. [2019/02/18 23:17]  Sari wasn't fuming! Excuse you. She was far, far beyond it. Felix could be considered the more temperate of the pair by a long run, albeit, her mask was the stronger. She didn't have the double-edged blessing of dual personalities to hide behind. Pausing as her mate did, the woman remained cool and distant as she walked behind him back to their home -- the door thrown open to reveal....uh. Something. A /thing/ with Sulta. Indeed, the smoking fellow wasn't a man, he wasn't a Drow. He was an object of disgust personified in a slightly less evil incarnation by way of cannabis fumes. Sari arched a brow and said /nothing/. Their pet had drug home someone else's trash.
  148. [2019/02/18 23:20]  Niar: was happy laying against the man as he just enjoyed the quiet time. Normally they were together in the Drows camp so being within a house with him almost felt a bit odd. As he heard Kro he would let out a snort. "Did.. You really just call it your jimmy.. Going to name it little timmy next?" He let out a laugh that was cut short as he saw.. A very angry looking Felix. His smile fell into a 'oh that.. That's not what I planned' look across his features. Slowly as if caught in headlights he would sit up with the fur blanket around his shoulders. Luckily.. Everyone was still clothed and they had just been resting. ".. Welcome home Master?" He said hoping he wouldn't burst a blood vessel. Seeing Sari come up behind him he would sloooowly melt back down as he tried to speak up. "Ah.. I wanted you both to meet someone!" He said trying to sound like he wasn't terrified of messing up. "This is Krojacque.. He's.. The one that originally got me out of my cage before.." Hooopefully trying to
  150. [2019/02/18 23:20]  Niar: paint him as someone.. Who wasn't entirely bad. He wouldn't label him good. More.. Aight.
  152. [2019/02/18 23:23]  Angilias: sighed heavily as she looked up to markos. "and if felix and sari are right and we still stand no chance? and its all for naught?, our choices are side with the empress who will likely try to kill us off anyways cause were not drow.. or side with the others and fight till we all die anyways.." as she frowned a good bit.
  154. [2019/02/18 23:25]  Ap'zen Drathir heard the man speak of his 'jimmy' and closed his eyes, taking a deep, low, and nostril intensive intake of air. He would pretend, for now, that he just didn't hear that. Felix glanced over to Sari for a few moments, as if what he saw didn't come pure insanity. Sure! He has a few too many roommates up in the gray matter castle, but he didn't hallucinate... not while sober... oh so fucking painfully sober. Than his pet began to speak... trying to explain this away. Reaching up with both hands, he began to crack knuckles, eyes trained on Sulta more than the stranger. A stranger who just suggested to sleep nude... under top quality furs that he either paid top coin for, or that he and Sari hunted for... and skinned together. Slowly licking his lips, Ap'zen and Felix and Lix all watched his pet, each personality /dying/ to have at him. Blood flowed from his nose, flowing over his parted lips and dripping on the floor as he slowly approached the love birds on his couch.
  156. [2019/02/18 23:27]  Kro: 's eyes shifted from person to person, his brain smoking as he connected the dots.  Flipping up his shades, the drow straightened himself, feeling a sense of relief at recognizing the familiar face before him.  Although he could feel the air thicken in those short moments he'd roll with it and simply introduce himself the best he could.  "Uuhhh hello...I'm an old friend of Sulta here and what he says is true.  I freed him some years ago and we'd traveled together all over for some time.  We'd recently found each other again as we always seem to do and he just wanted me to meet his new family."  Standing up, he'd take a bow or gratitude and honor.  "I really appreciate that you two have shown him kindness and have given him a safe place to call home." he said, almost out of breath from the speed at which he'd spoken.
  158. [2019/02/18 23:29]  Insidious Whim (pheradoc): sec I need to restart )
  160. [2019/02/18 23:32]  Markos Vallonfort: Wrapped his arm around Angi's shoulders and leaned in to press his forehead against hers. ''The empire might be strong, we will have the strength of three other factions behind us, as well as several individuals im sure you've built connections with. If this won't stop them, nobody will be able to. My main concern is the dwarves, the empire helped them in securing the routes there but it was mostly mercenaries like you and I boarding the ship... if we can somehow secure an alliance with them too, we'd have the empire surrounded and isolated. Trust me, war is not all in numbers, dear.''
  162. [2019/02/18 23:32]  Niar: took in a deep breath as he saw his Master coming closer. He had to be a big dragon boy now. At least he hoped. All he knew is that his Master looked angry and that Kro was innocent here. Pushing the fur away he would stand up and purposefully stand between the Drow as he let out a low throaty hiss at him to back off.. At least from his companion. "Master, he's good. I wanted you and Sari to meet him. He means a lot to me." His words were accented with hisses as he spoke. Then again this was one of the first times he quite literally stood -up- to his Master. He wasn't sure if he'd get struck down or pushed away.
  164. [2019/02/18 23:35]  Angilias: sighed as he pressed his forehead to hers. she closed her eyes a moment. " yes well i still do not like the idea of making alliances the whole council cannot agree upon either.... i understand there distrust with the orcs, and the dragons. But what options do we truly have a this point?"
  166. [2019/02/18 23:37]  Ap'zen Drathir looked to the male as he made a quick explanation of the situation and as to his identity. Right. He didn't need to say anything yet. another blood drop fell to his feet, probably staining the fucking rug. Better than a stranger's semen... or jimmy juice as one might coin a phrase. Aaaand then his pet hissed at him... standing between this stranger in his home. Ap'zen slowly reached up and took his own glasses off, tossing them over somewhere as they shattered on the ground. An eyelid twitched again, they burned with a furious fire as he stared down the pet. His mind raced with everything and anything that might come of this. Continuing to glare, both hands returned to his side, clutched into fists as his own necklace began to faintly glow, a sign of emotional turmoil. Fingernails dug deep into the flesh of his palms, drawing blood to fill the gaps between digits.
  168. [2019/02/18 23:44]  Kro: being used to situations with fellow drow getting out of hand.  Kro was quick side step in front of the dragon, a hand resting on his sheathed bayonet.  "Hold on there fellah...I don't remember you acting all irrational the last time I met you.  But I'd advise you keep your temper in check.  You're already bleeding and I'd hate for all this lovely furniture to get ruined.  After all why not just chill out and lets smoke it out." he said, hoping that his threat wouldn't be taken as a true challenge.  He understood that this wasn't his home but he'd be damned if he let the male before him lay a finger on the Sulta if it meant the boy harm.  He'd killed men for far less in regards to the dragon.
  170. [2019/02/18 23:44]  Markos Vallonfort: Rose a finger to her lips, hushing her as he forced himself to act more calmly. ''We don't have a choice. They don't either, and the terms are clear and simple, we only stand to gain from one another. To be safe, i will work on developping trades with both the dragons and the Orcs to try and develop lasting relations. If all else fails, Coins makes loyalty.
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