Swapping in Company Chapter 4

Apr 13th, 2018
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  1. Swapping in Company Chapter 4
  2. App.base TL not accurate
  3. Mc: [Choi Jun-ho 27 Marketing team representative]
  4. FMC: [Park Mi Young 24 Head of marketing team]
  5. Support Director Kim Han Jun 32 Human Resources Team (Mr.Kim) Song Min Hye 32 Deputy Director of Human Resources Team (Ms.Song)
  6. Oh Dong Jun (Nerd)
  8. Chapter start someone notify Mc that they are on the list of promoted employee MC got a surprise when he see it and Fmc sees him and ask him What's up, Oppa you looks so bad then fmc notice the list and say Promotion for us? Then Fmc sees Mr.Kim thinking I cant believe it Mr.Kim is really that powerful did she really promote us just because of that. After some moments Fmc meets Mr.Kim alone at the rooftop saying excuse me sir I came. Mr.Kim tell her Oh you here Fmc goes near him Mr.Kim ask how is it Park Mi Young ah No No Agent Park MiYoung. Fmc tell Director Kim about the hardship he did to promote them but Mr.Kim say It because I promise you I have to keep it When you join our swapping club It's going to help with your promotion. Fmc blushes after hearing it and Mr.Kim tell her Anyway After swapping that day Did you get along with your boyfriend now? Fmc tell him that actually Well I do not know the next day my BF suddenly get angry and tell me everything that's on his mind after doing it But now he is taking care of me and even broke his promise with his friends just to be with me. Mr.Kim tell her Swapping is not really bad right? You and your Boyfriend are closer now Fmc goes Huh and Mr.Kim Hugs her and say Yeah well let's have fun with your club activities in the future. Do not worry about promotions I will take care of it. Fmc tell him Yes Dir.
  10. Fmc while being hug by Director Kim She think What is this He is just hugging me but why my heart racing like crazy is it because We did it once? While on the daze Mr.Kim kiss fmc and touch her butt after the kiss Fmc call him Director. Mr.Kim smile and say Its looks like its finally reach your heart and the old one finally melted. But Gf denied what he is saying and then Mr.Kim surprise her by groping her breast Fmc let Mr.Kim do want he wants and did not resist at all Mr.Kim touch her pussy and she start to moan and ask Director what are you doing Mr.Kim tell her Why are you asking isn't it obvious. Mr.Kim continues to caress her and fmc say Ha that but here in company rooftop certainly people will see us here come on. Mr.Kim laugh and say people still at break and I order all team captain to schedule a meeting so no one will go here.I already tell your team leader that you will not come so don't worry Mi Young. Fmc tell him Ha yeah but here in the rooftop? Mr.Kim tell her It's more exciting and good your already soaked that you can not even handle it right. Mr.Kim finally convince her and started undressing Mi Young at the rooftop completely naked fmc Mr.Kim tell her Ohh looking in the bright spot your body shape looks more gorgeous. Fmc is kinda shaking on embarrassment but Mr.Kim say No need to feel embarrassed the next promotion will be yours Park Mi Young your going up.
  12. They Fuck on the rooftop [Moaning Sound]while banging Fmc from behind Mr.Kim laugh and say Very good Park Mi Young also your tightening is great Fmc Mi Young while being fuck behind Heavy panting thinking that what they doing now is not "Swapping No this is not but She can not stop it"
  14. TBC
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