sweet romance

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  1. [centerblock=60][div=border: solid black 1px; height: 286px; width: 600px;][div=border: solid white 17px; height: 240px; width: 560px;][row][column=span4][div=background:URL(; height: 247px; width: 250px; background-size: 100%; position: relative; left: -5px;][/div][/column] [column=span4] [div=height: 247px; width: 300px; position: relative; left: -15px; overflow: hidden;][div=height: 247px; width: calc(100% + 17px); overflow: auto; font-size: 10px; text-align: justify;][div=width: 290px;] [div=height: 46px; width: 290px; font-size: 40px; text-align: center; border-bottom: 3px solid #d8d5d3;][font=Dawning of a New Day]Eun-ha Kim[/font] [/div]
  3. name- eunha kim
  5. nicknames- eunnie (used to tease her about her age)
  7. age- 29 years old
  9. gender- cis. female
  11. sexuality- bisexual
  13. birthday- may 21st
  15. zodiac- taurus/gemini cusp
  17. occupation- artist
  21. height- 5'6"
  23. weight- 115 lbs
  25. hair- dyed brown
  27. eyes- dark brown
  29. style- simple, usually white button-ups and high waisted jeans. she rarely dresses like she comes from a family of wealth unless she's at an event, then it's very apparent.
  33. vices- opinionated, flirty, materialistic, fake, vain
  35. virtues- bright, kind, romantic, intelligent, artistic
  39. likes- music, painting, sketching, paris, cooking, warm things, dogs
  41. dislikes- sour foods, bland coffee, being bored, her age, falling in love, horror
  45. background- her mother was a stay at home mom while her father was a lawyer, known for winning every case he was assigned to. her home life wasn't really the best, as she was an only child and her mother was busy with charity events and her own friends. growing up, eun-ha drifted from her family due to her more artistic outlook on life. she excelled in school and was always the top of her grade, but it wasn't what she wanted. her father rarely spoke to her, only when asking about what she was going to do after high school. it was difficult for her to say anything as he wanted her to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer as well. when she announced that she was going to be attending an art school, it became an argument that lasted for months. she had gone behind her parents' backs and applied to the art school she wanted to go to, must to their dismay. her father attempted to pull her out and even submitted an application for a law school, but she refused.
  49. eun-ha's relationship with them became strained and distant, rarely even speaking to them when she moved out. her mother would occasionally call her and see how she was doing, or would send a check in the mail along with a card. that was practically it. she didn't hear from her father, and she took that as he didn't want to see her again. it was difficult but she got used to it. however, her relationship with them improved when she agreed to marry a man they had arranged a meeting with. he seemed to be kind and was incredibly wealthy, so eun-ha didn't see a problem with it. they were engaged shortly after, but they agreed to not have the wedding until they were engaged for a full year.
  53. she was 23 when they planned to get married, happily getting ready for it. however, a scandal broke them apart when she found out he had been seeing another woman and was only marrying her for gain in status. she was hurt and while it wasn't her fault, she was still blamed for not satisfying him enough. that's when eun-ha decided to keep her ties with her family, only to the point where she would join them for benefits and charity events. other than that, she didn't talk to them. she moved into an apartment where she was able to focus on her paintings and really dive into her artistic abilities. she barely dated, only a few flings here and there. she assumed that she wasn't meant to fall in love or anything like that. [/div][/div][/div] [/column][/row][/div][/div][/centerblock]
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