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  2. The chat's topic is: ][One of many planets where Gods and their Offspring reside][Post genocide and looking to repopulate][Descriptive Para only][Current leader: Tears][
  5. ​Welcome to Another World. | The main city is under protection. Most of the planet is overgrown and in ruins but the ground remains fertile and waits for new owners to restore it to its former glory.
  8. Fαbιєηηϵ : .: Fabienne woke up in her bed, in her room. -Her- room, at first this didn't register as strange to her. *For her, nothing would have been strange at all.* She was about 13 years old, and the year is roughly 1864, the house is quiet. That was a first, but to be fair, it was pretty late during the night. *It was probably midnight or close to.* She wandered through the manor, her ears listening for anything <C>
  10. Fαbιєηηϵ : .: out of the ordinary. She did not hear her father or mother bickering, as they seemed to do a lot of lately. She carried a lit oil lamp with her down the hall. There was always one person that was awake right now, and that was Malcolm; but when she went to his room she had seen that he was gone. "Uncle Malcolm?" she blinked. He wouldn't stay out this late, not in White Chapel. Where had he gone? He wasn't much of a drinker. She looked down the hall toward Wes's bedroom<C>
  14. Fαbιєηηϵ : .: The warlock was probably still asleep. Wes is Fabienne's older cousin, she had bonded with him when she was very young. Wes was 37 years old when she was born, and everything that had happened to him concerning his father and Casiel happened before she was born. Despite the fact that Wes was currently 50 years old, he still looked like he was 37. Fabienne does not know about Casiel's nature, he wasn't the first angel that he met. <C>
  18. Fαbιєηηϵ : .: She didn't want to bother the warlock with her concerns about Malcolm. As she continued down the dark halls she heard a voice, a semi-familiar voice; it was rough and gravelly. < //Fabienne!// > she paused, her head turned and she looked behind her. There was no one there, she did the smart thing and returned to bed. ---- The next day, Wes and her parents were in the kitchen having breakfast and tea. "Has anyone seen Uncle Malcolm?" He had been missing since... well<C>
  20. Fαbιєηηϵ : .: Fabienne couldn't recall the last time she'd seen him. "Hello, cousin." she said to Wes and he grinned to her. //Hello, little love.// ~Malcolm is probably in bed with some whore he met.~ The girl's ears drooped at her father's words, her step mother said nothing. Fabienne looked into her step-mother's purple eyes and noted the woman's androgynous features. She was tall and somewhat slender. Fabienne's father was taller, but she was noticing that her step-mother <C>
  22. Fαbιєηηϵ : .: was looking a little timid, she'd cringed at her father's words and his tone. "right.." she said, she took a biscuit and slathered some jelly on it. She didn't bother to hang around home, not after the signal that Wes gave her. *Go out, dont come back until sundown.* So she did. Fabienne was gone for most of the day, doing whatever little rabbit children do, probably school and the like. However, when she returned home, before she even got inside, she saw Wes sitting <C>
  24. Fαbιєηηϵ : .: on the porch with his pipe and a book. //I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Might wanna find somewhere to be besides here. You know where not to go, give it an hour or two.// So Fabienne went back out into the city, at this point its about 6:00 pm. The sun is getting low and this is where its about to get really interesting. Again, that familiar voice, but no one in sight when she turns to look. < //Fabienne! Can you hear me?// > :.
  28. Mєяlγη : .: It was about 9:00 pm when Fabienne began to walk back home from Wesley's shop. She nearly bumped into her tall uncle. "Uncle Malcolm!" She went to hug him and rather than receive a warm hug back, his body stiffened. She shrinks away within minutes of this happening, her uncles eyes were suddenly filled with a bright blue-white glow. //Abomination.// the words were uttered towards Fabienne in her uncle's voice but it wasn't her uncle speaking those words. " W-what? What are you talking about?" Some quick steps back and she was falling backwards onto her butt. Fabienne flinched when Malcolm reached out and put his hand on her forehead. However, there was no bright glow, no light show, the angel possessing Malcolm hesitated to follow though. Perhaps it was the way Fabienne's hearts were beating out a samba in her chest, or it was her fear. -- The Seraph could sense it, he could feel her fear *In truth it was Malcolm begging Muriel not to smite his niece.* <C>
  30. Mєяlγη : .: Instead she felt the petting and then her forehead was tapped and she was apported back to her bedroom. On the outside of the door she heard her step-mother and her father going back and forth; bickering. Fabienne buried herself under the sheets and blankets; trying to tune that out. --- She slept through the day, as she was unable to sleep through the night; she kept having nightmares. They were confusing and cryptic, and consisted of a man in a trenchcoat telling her to wake up, she had to fight it and wake up. When she ventured out again, it was just before sunset, she found her uncle's body again; only he was trapped in a ring of fire. The angel eyed the little girl and then began to speak //What are you doing out here, little rabbit? Shouldn’t you be hiding somewhere?// Merlyn’s words weren’t mean’t to be cruel, it was simply how he was at the time. Fabienne got closer towards the fire ring, The angels gaze on her was heavy, it weighed her down. <C>
  32. Mєяlγη : .:“I have seen this before, all I have to do is...” she seemingly ignored his words to her and picked up a bucket of water that was across the street. “And, I am hiding.” Merlyn’s brow raised and he spoke //Are you? And what might you be hiding from? Hmm?// Fabienne got ready to pour the water over the fire but paused to look up at him while she spoke. “Everything that waits for me back home” The seraph was surprised at the actions of this rabbit. His brow raised and he spoke to her. //What are you doing?// He knew full well what she was doing, but he wanted to hear her say it. "I am trying to free you. Obviously." she said. The angel stared at her. //My intentions were to kill you last night, and I would have had I not been distracted. You must be very trusting or very foolish.// he commented. Fortunately, the seraph had no desire to destroy Fabienne any longer, in fact the angel seemed to be forming an attachment to the funny little creature. *This is likely because of Malcolm<C>
  34. Mєяlγη : .: influencing the angel* Muriel watched Fabienne pour water over the burning ward and then the seraph stepped out of the ring. His first action was to corner Fabienne and he had done it well enough. At first she had been distracted by the voice she keeps hearing, so much so she looked passed the Malcolm and behind him; but no one was there. | In the real world, Fabienne is stuck in a dream state. A grigori has caught her, and Casiel is trying to break her free of the grigori's control. Fortunately, the grigori can't feed on her while he has her trapped in this state. | The seraph noticed this, but he didn't comment on it. Instead he pulled her focus back to him. The tall angel knew that the little rabbit was frightened of him, he could tell by the way her hearts pounded in her chest. with a snap of his fingers he could snap her neck or rearrange her insides. He could kill her with a touch if he so desired, but he does not. No, in fact the angel had a change of heart <C>
  36. Mєяlγη : .: *If he has a heart.* Still, he used his height and strength to keep her cornered and pinned between him and the wall.*They aren't quite touching.* The quarters were close and he had removed any means of escape. He might not have had the desire to hurt the bunny girl, but he still had enough of a dark side to get a little enjoyment out of her fear. //Why are you hiding away from your family?// "They are loud, and fighting. It makes me nervous." He didn't know what was compelling him to tease and prod at Fabienne, but he could sense her instincts at work. That want, that need to flee, he as triggering her prey instincts, that danger intuition. She wanted to run but she couldn't. //What waits for you at home, hmm?// That piercing gaze looking into those oddly purple eyes, while he stroked the grey-blue fur of her cheek with the pad of his thumb. His touch made her shrink away, it was the same sort of touch that he could have killed her with. "Parents are fighting." <C>
  38. Mєяlγη : .: That was weird, a weird glitch. "Wait, I already told you that, you asked me twice... That's confusing, maybe I'm just tired." There was some stiffening to his touch, a few days ago, he had wanted to kill her but now he was being passive and gentle. Muriel felt himself drawn to her, attracted to her by her fear and submission. //What are you talking about?// he asked the little rabbit, seemingly toying with her. Fabienne couldnt figure out if he was a predator or not, he felt like one but he didn't seem to wish her harm. //Why are they fighting?// "They cant agree on what to do with me, send me away or pawn me off on Wes.." she said. //Why would they send you away?// Fabienne's ears drooped and she spoke. "I don't know.." she confessed. Eventually, Muriel had his fill of toying with her, he backed up. //I see.// He studied her a moment and then spoke. //Thank you for releasing me, now go home.// In that moment he was gone, only the sound of wing beats echoing in the <C>
  40. Mєяlγη : .: air were evidence of him being there. < //FABIENNE!// > The voice was loud, it was right in her ear and in this moment the world was spinning around her. | Casiel managed to get through to the girl, he could see her coming too. //Fabienne.// he said. //I don't know where the grigori is.. but we have to leave. Now. What do you remember?// Fabienne finally started to open her eyes, she looked at Casiel and then shook her head. "We were hunting something and then you turned a corner and I lost you.. but something got me and It all went black. Cas how long was I out?" He sighed deeply. //Fabienne, it's been a month since he took you.// he said. //I don't think he fed on you...I think he was keeping you for later.// he said. "A month?!" she blinked. "Cas, lets go home. We can find that creature later." she told him. With that? They were gone from the grigori's lair. Casiel took her back to the hotel. :.
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