Double Cross - Cestoda - Part 2

Jun 19th, 2015
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  1. [18:12] <Tsukimiya_Mary> -Connection Cut-
  2. [18:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Hanase had his laptop attached to a projector when you arrived, broadcasting a smiley-face emoticon you'd expect to see on a BBS imageboard with "We're Sorry, But your server is Offline." and nothing else. When you arrived, he directed you to the server room with the giddy "Meerkat", who defended her laptop with vitriol when a guard tried to relieve her of it.
  3. [18:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Inside the server room, there's a chill in the air, as a tall, weedy man with glasses appraises you. One of his arms is clearly a prosthetic, gilded with silver and onyx-toned metal. His firey red hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and he doesn't look pleased to see Meerkat. "You're the ones the Hound sent?" He's got a quiet, serious voice and piercing eyes.
  4. [18:14] <Ian_Goodwill> "Yeah, don't know why, we're no geek." Ian shivers as the climatized cooling the server room. "We've brought backup at least. Meerkat here is talented at this, I've heard."
  5. [18:15] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The girl nods, "When it comes to computers, there's nobody who's better at rooting out these kinds of people!"
  6. [18:16] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man gives her an exasperated look, "We're familiar with her, at least. I deal with security and the maintenance here." He directs Meerkat to one of the few desks in this room, filled with servers and wires.
  7. [18:19] <Ian_Goodwill> "She mentioned knowing that our servers were offline just before the Hound called us, actually." Ian mentions to give Meerkat a bit of a harder time, and to get the informatician to be a little wary.
  8. [18:20] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Trying to break in again?" The man glares at her, and she does her best to look cute, before digging into her laptop.
  9. [18:21] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Meerkat doesn't let up for a moment, "I'm going to try and see where this is coming from: it looks like it's just knocking out your servers for the time being?"
  10. [18:22] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian takes a seat and waits for Meerkat to do her magic. Is he a hired hand now?
  11. [18:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> After what feels like a long moment, the kid sits back, "Alright, the signal is being bounced around several nodes, which makes it a pain in the ass to actually track. The original signal... Well, if you find one of those computers..." She sighs, rubbing her forehead, before digging into her pocket andwithdrawing a flash drive. "There's an internet cafe nearby that seems to be one of the nodes: if you could go there and plug this in for me, I might be able to get a more direct hold on whoever this is."
  12. [18:26] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man looks at her incredulously, "And you just brought that in here?" He looks somewhere between absolutely furious and just dumbstruck by the gall that takes.
  13. [18:27] <Ian_Goodwill> "A script kiddie in a cafAc messing with the UGN? Seriously?" He glares at the IT man overlooking Meerkat.
  14. [18:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Well, one of the computers is just acting like a... well, it's forwarding the signal. It's a few steps closer, and if I can get into that computer: that's that the flashdrive will do, I might be able to zero in on them." Meerkat looks very proud of herself.
  15. [18:32] <Ian_Goodwill> "So, it's kind of like a zombie working for someone else, then, uh." Ian nods at her remark. "Alright Meerkat. Let's go check on that lead."
  16. [18:33] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I'm going to stay here," she declares, "And at least try to pick apart what's happening from this end."
  17. [18:34] <Ian_Goodwill> "Fine then. Any clue on which computer of that cafAc to look for?"
  18. [18:37] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh... The name says 'HC15'."
  19. [18:39] <Ian_Goodwill> "Be back in a few then." Ian picks up his stuff. "Good luck, Meerkat.", throwing his hand in a dismissive bye.
  20. [18:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I make my own," she calls back, after passing him the flash drive.
  21. [18:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The ride, race, however you go to the cafe, is pretty uneventful. For a time when City N's UGN's servers are down, it's surprisingly peaceful on the surface. The internet cafe is a three-story building wedged between several taller buildings. There's a windowed lounge in the first floor that you can see into, and a few posters in the windows that are announcing a "no-holds barred fighting tournament!" and prizes. Approprietly, there is a crowd of teenagers and young men.
  22. [18:43] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian regroups with Junko, holding up the flash drive. "Looks like we're on our way to an internet cafAc. Hopefully, the next threat will be a cute cosplayer who works in a Maid CafAc during the day..."
  23. [18:53] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Nothing like a nerd den."
  24. [18:55] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The nerd den beckons, as a few more people file in. If you're familiar with these places, they've got public areas (in this case dominated by a fighting tourney) and rooms with computers you can rent.
  25. [18:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Inside, there's a middle-aged man reading a magazine behind the counter as an MC is announcing the results to the fighting competition to jeers and cheers.
  26. [18:57] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Only even came to one of these once. Kid was being bullied, spent a lot of time resting a computer room. Needed info on his bully so my gang could beat the tar out of him." Junko slips her hands in her pockets, looking even the model sukeban.
  27. [19:01] <Ian_Goodwill> "You? A bully hunter?" Ian seems incredule as he approaches the counter. He decides to be blunt with him. "Excuse me sir, does HC15 ring a bell to you?"
  28. [19:06] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko gave a sniff and looked out over the tournament as she waited on Ian.
  29. [19:16] <Tsukimiya_Mary> It looks like Road Warrior, or one of those other doujin fighting games with cult followings. Nothing special, except for the leaderboards: the top score is abysmally higher than the rest.
  30. [19:17] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man looks up, "Eh? Yeah, that's the computer names on our- wait, why?" He closes his magazine, his hair dappled with salt and his body kind of pudgy, but he's all business now.
  31. [19:18] <Ian_Goodwill> "I believe I was the first to ask." Ian taps his finger against the counter rythmically.
  32. [19:19] * Tsuboki_Junko leans to the side a little, to get a better look at the top score and who it might belong to.
  33. [19:20] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man scowls a little, before sitting back, "Well, that's one of our private booth computers. Some guy reserved it for a little over a week, god knows why. I don't ask."
  34. [19:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The name belongs to "White Lightening" (real original there), and you can see him when he gets a suitable amount of jeers and clapping when his name is announced. He's a young-looking, effeminite guy with short hair, dressed in a school uniform... on the weekend.
  35. [19:22] <Ian_Goodwill> "Is the booth free yet?", Ian asks as he crosses his arms and leans against the counter. "It's user may have been using it for illicit activities, and I don't think you want the legal trouble it entails."
  36. [19:23] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh? We have a strict no-nonsense policy here." He stands up, "Do you have proof of such an action?"
  37. [19:24] <Ian_Goodwill> "As a PI, I'd instead be glad the police had not been called first." After all, Ian is indeed a man wearing tailored suits carrying a giant cello case on his back. Though, cosplayers probably roll around all day long.
  38. [19:26] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "That's not that convincing," the man blusters, "I can't let you in if you don't have proof. That kind of accusation is bad for us, you know?"
  39. [19:28] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian takes out his phone and directly calls Hanase, right in front of the man. Hopefully, he picks up.
  40. [19:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Hanase. What's the problem? I don't hear gunfire." Right to business with Hanase.
  41. [19:29] <Ian_Goodwill> "It's Middleman. Listen, can you somehow get me someone that can get me an injunction related to the server issues?"
  42. [19:30] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh? We're the UGN, we don't need- Who is stopping you?"
  43. [19:30] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian hands the guy his phone. "It's for you."
  44. [19:31] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is also lsitening to the conversation, hoping to get a laugh.
  45. [19:32] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Who the fuck are you?! This is the City N chief of internal investigations, and you are directly interfering with our business. If you do not cease and desist I will personally see that you and your hacking buddies are thrown away in the darkest pit in all of Japan!" That's a lot of explicits that follow, but Hanase continues to list a badge number, an actual number for a lawyer, and several other things before the man hands the phone back.
  46. [19:33] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "I-I didn't... Here's the key." He fishes under the desk, withdrawing a key with a tag that says "15" on it.
  47. [19:35] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian collects his phone back, cheeky grin on his lips. "Thank you very much." He then steps back to Junko and nudges her. "I'll go handle this. Keep an eye on 'White Lightening', right?"
  48. [19:35] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Psh, just suspicious." She pushed away from the desk and makes to follow Ian.
  49. [19:37] <Ian_Goodwill> "Y'know, I wonder if we have legit badge numbers." Ian makes a mental note of asking Hanase later. Somehow, being legit never really came to his mind.
  50. [19:38] <Ian_Goodwill> He hads straight for the booth, otherwise.
  51. [19:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> That room looks like it's on the third second storey, at the very end. How convenient. Ian can hear the sound of several people breathing inside the booth, even over the mild roar downstairs.
  52. [19:40] <Ian_Goodwill> "There's people in there.", Ian whispers to Junko as he cautiously approaches the door.
  53. [19:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> She cracks her knuckles and rolls her neck.
  54. [19:43] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian pulls out a sidearm with a suppressor on it, figuring the rifle would be a bit loud and unwiedly in the setting, as he opens the door.
  55. [19:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Suddenly, there's a silence from the room: and then-
  56. [19:46] <Tsukimiya_Mary> A shotgun roars as the door buckles towards you, a giant impact tearing out of the door!
  57. [19:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> A good shove has Ian out of the way, Junko taking his place in time for the pellets to ping harmlessly off her scales.
  58. [19:48] <Ian_Goodwill> "Woah, nice save there." Ian's warding is active, an active beacon for all nearby overeds and Gjaums.
  59. [19:50] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He can hear somebody collapse inside.
  60. [19:53] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Through the hole in the wall, you can at least three men in "uniform", at least dressed identical, one man(with a shotgun) slumped at the door, and a guy eating ramen from a cup at the actual computer.
  61. [19:54] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian suddenly whistles, and Junko suddenly feels more attuned to her surroundings.
  62. [19:55] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The room itself looks really cramped for four people, not to say five. It's maybe three meters across and three deep.
  63. [19:58] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man chowing on ramen groans, tossing the cup away and lifting his own weapon, a sub-machine gun, "Unbelievable. This is why we don't bring normies." And just like that, he sprays the open doorway with gunfire!
  64. [20:04] <Tsukimiya_Mary> His bullets are laced with electricity, the barrel of his gun going red and sparking.
  65. [20:06] <Tsuboki_Junko> "All you're doing is pissing me off!"
  66. [20:06] <Tsukimiya_Mary> His men draw pistols, unsilenced, and open fire at her as well: this definetly violates the Arms law.
  67. [20:07] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is basically taking cover behind the giant scaley wall in front of him at this point. "Jesus Junko!"
  68. [20:16] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's Renegade kicks into high gear, her figure growing taller and gaining extra muscle mass. Her figure is close to tearing through her cloths as she finally smashes through the doorway and into the room, clawed hands reaching immediately for the prick with the automatic gun.
  69. [20:17] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He tries to jump back, but it's right into the wall, and before he knows it, she's on him.
  70. [20:17] <Ian_Goodwill> "Junko PLEASE we need the computer!"
  71. [20:18] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian peaks over Junko's shoulder and aims straight at the head of one of the mooks with his vital precision.
  72. [20:19] <Tsuboki_Junko> One savage slash and he's down, her gaze turning to the mooks left in the room. She smiles, mouth filled with conical teeth.
  73. [20:23] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian's bullet pierces straight through the skull of his target, leaving a bloody mess behind and defiguring the being."Hey, look, I'm helping!"
  74. [20:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The room goes quiet, the team of overeds passed out, bleeding from various, very painful looking wounds. The leader coughs, his renegade knitting his body back together, but he's laying down with two monsters watching him. "Ah... Shit."
  75. [20:25] <Tsukimiya_Mary> There's surprisingly no noise from downstairs.
  76. [20:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We good here?" Junko looks down at the boss, a shoe pressing to his chest.
  77. [20:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He hisses in pain, reaching for his gun but deciding against it, "Man... Shit."
  78. [20:28] <Ian_Goodwill> "Attaboy." Ian sees Junko in a new light after this, but still twirls his gun in his grip and blows at the smoking barrel.
  79. [20:29] <Tsuboki_Junko> "So what now?" She turns her head to look at Ian, foot still planted firmly.
  80. [20:30] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "What're you going to do with me now?" He looks between them, "I've heard of you bastards, I'll die before I tell you anything."
  81. [20:30] <Ian_Goodwill> "Good, that's the plan." Ian points his gun downwards.
  82. [20:31] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He spits at you, his mouth bleeding from the wounds he took to the chest.
  83. [20:33] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian empties his magnum into the overed, giving him a glare. "That's a 300 dollar suit, asshole."
  84. [20:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Better wear less expensive suits on missions."
  85. [20:35] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then glances at the mooks. "Off with you before you suffer the same."
  86. [20:35] * Tsuboki_Junko lifts her foot off the boss,
  87. [20:35] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We doing the right thing killin' these guys?"
  88. [20:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Beyond him, the computer is unharmed, but the screen is open to a flurry of programs and browsers.
  89. [20:36] <Ian_Goodwill> "It's certainly not the wrong one." Ian dusts his suit off. "They'd do the same to us. Thanks for the save, Junko."
  90. [20:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The men aren't awake yet, bullets will do that.
  91. [20:37] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then approaches the computer, checking first what's running on it before setting the drive in.
  92. [20:39] <Tsuboki_Junko> As Ian looks at the laptop the now large girl goes around with the intent of breaking the shotgun and pistols.
  93. [20:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> It looks like.... pointless programs. Really, just spewing pointless data to make it look busy. There's an open USB port though, so there's that.
  94. [20:39] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The guns don't even stand a chance.
  95. [20:40] <Ian_Goodwill> Can Ian keep the smg for the scenario?
  96. [20:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Mm... Sure, for one scene, procure check to get ammo afterwards.
  97. [20:42] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then plugs the flash drive into the computer, hoping it does most of the work for him.
  98. [20:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> There's a moment as the computer examines it, and then the program go dead. A web-box shows up, with an Ascii image of a cat, and then another window appears and immedietly fills and overflows with lines of script and code. Neat.
  99. [20:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Guess that means it worked?"
  100. [20:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> In the cat window, a line appears "Meerkat - did u have trouble there"
  101. [20:45] <Ian_Goodwill> "Ian- Well, kinda. Some asshole tried to stop us but we handled it."
  102. [20:46] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian gives Meerkat a physical description of the ramen eating guy.
  103. [20:47] <Tsukimiya_Mary> There's a moment, and then "Meerkat - he used electricity?"
  104. [20:48] <Ian_Goodwill> "Ian- Yeah, used it through a gun even."
  105. [20:48] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Hanase says he's familiar. Kill him?"
  106. [20:51] <Ian_Goodwill> "Ian- To be fair he tried to kill us very hard, so I returned the favor."
  107. [20:53] <Ian_Goodwill> "Ian- How about White Ligthening, though, rings a bell?"
  108. [20:53] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "He says he has record w/UGN grey ops. works for sum group. Should have origin soon." She's quiet, and then, "Top ranking Road Warrior fighter, y?"
  109. [20:54] <Ian_Goodwill> "Middleman- Sounds correct. He was fighting a tourney w/ we got here. Anyway, how's this going?"
  110. [20:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "She. And gud, have a location." what follows is an address, leaving into the gray zone between the industrial zone of City N and the still-being constructed development.
  111. [20:59] <Ian_Goodwill> "MM- Tell Hanase to send a clean up crew here then, we're on our way."
  112. [20:59] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Got it. GL."
  113. [20:59] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Downstairs, there's the sound of people waking up: sounds like there's gonna be questions soon.
  114. [21:00] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian wards again.
  115. [21:00] <Ian_Goodwill> Fuck dealing with this shit.
  116. [21:00] <Ian_Goodwill> He will, though, look for White Lightening.
  117. [21:00] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ever wonder if that has any harmful side-effects?" Junko is back to her normal appearance, save the state of her clothing after all those bullets.
  118. [21:01] <Ian_Goodwill> "Concussions as they fall? Traffic accidents?"
  119. [21:01] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian shrugs.
  120. [21:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Supposed to be protecting Humanity and all, create a world where we can co-exist."
  121. [21:05] <Ian_Goodwill> "I suppose you're right, but questions is the last thing we need when the UGN is being compromised. If this could be simpler, I'd do otherwise."
  122. [21:13] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Downstairs, the people are all out. There's a few moving, but they're for the most part unknowing of what's happening. You hear the game music, several players slumped over and passed out at the computers. You do see White Lightening, but she's passed out as well.
  123. [21:28] <Tsukimiya_Mary> You leave the place, and there's the sounds of ambulances coming closer. Time to make tracks.
  124. [21:34] <Tsukimiya_Mary> In the line between the industrial area and the developing zone, there's a series of warehouses, storage units, and buildings that are halfway built up and just... well, the workers are on "extended leave". A jungle of chain-linked fence, building materials, wooden fences and walls, it's into this concrete maze that you've been drawn in search of this mysterious signal. Specifically, a warehouse, but as you approach it, you see several of the roads leading to it have been blocked off: whether by construction crews or just "do not enter" barricades with menacing looking decurity guards.
  125. [21:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> approach it, you see severalof the roads leading to it have been blocked off: whether byconstruction crews or just "do not enter" barricades with menacing looking decurity guards.
  126. [21:39] <Ian_Goodwill> "Feel free to deal with them as you want, Junko." Ian communicates through earpiece. "I've got a shot if you want me to take it."
  127. [21:40] <Ian_Goodwill> "Probably not necessary, though."
  128. [21:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> They don't look terribly tough, just guarding the property.
  129. [21:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> "No sense harming normal people. If they fall down as I approach, don't worry about them." She sighs, looking down at her ruined clothes. She did her best to straighten them before heading right for the rent-a-cops.
  130. [21:42] <Tsukimiya_Mary> As she approaches, one of the guards looks up. You notice he doesn't seem to be carrying a gun, but he does have a walkie-talkie. Dangerous in it's own way. He raises his hand, "Sorry, miss, can't letcha through this way. Private property."
  131. [21:43] <Tsukimiya_Mary> And then they're down like lights as the warding fills their senses. Easy, clean, and now they're just slacking guards.
  132. [21:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Oyasuminasai."
  133. [21:44] <Tsuboki_Junko> Hands in her pockets she continues on her merry way toward the warehouse.
  134. [21:45] <Ian_Goodwill> "Maybe you should wait a bit. If you just warded, some Overed might come out."
  135. [21:46] <Tsuboki_Junko> "It's okay, patience isn't one of my virtues."
  136. [21:48] <Tsukimiya_Mary> As Ian trains his gun and listens in, he can't hear much over the background chatter of construction workers and machinery. It's not a quite part of the city, that's for sure.
  137. [21:49] <Tsukimiya_Mary> As Junko approaches the warehouse she's left alone: only two security guards? Easy stuff. She gets to the target warehouse with ease: there's one entrance apparant to her, and that's a large one, a door that can be swung open to let a car inside.
  138. [21:51] <Tsuboki_Junko> It's never -that- easy. She rubs her chin and looks around before shrugging. Lets get that door open.
  139. [21:52] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The door seems to be locked from the inside: it moves, but there's the sounds of clanking chains and a deadbolt. And then a voice from inside, "Woah, who the fuck is that? This is a private installation."
  140. [21:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko sighs, wondering if a Warding will knock this guy out too.
  141. [21:55] <Ian_Goodwill> "Iunno, there's a lot of metal between you and him."
  142. [21:55] <Tsukimiya_Mary> After a moment, "Is he gone?" "Dunno, go check." And there's some footsteps.
  143. [21:57] <Tsukimiya_Mary> After a moment, a man steps out, dressed in black clothes with a construction vest, "Hey, asshole, this is private property." He glances over in the direction of the security, "Did those knuckleheads let you in?"
  144. [21:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Them? No, I let myself in."
  145. [21:59] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He frowns, hand going to the radio on his waist.
  146. [21:59] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Always with the radios. Ian?"
  147. [22:03] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian doesn't even need to use his overed powers, crackshot as he is. As the man picks up the radio, it shoots straight out of his hands, destroyed.
  148. [22:04] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The shot rings out and the man jumps back, "Jesus!" And goes to run now.
  149. [22:04] <Ian_Goodwill> "Radio or not, wellp." Ian kinda snickers to himself.
  150. [22:06] * Tsuboki_Junko is right on his tail, grinning. The chase is on!
  151. [22:10] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He turns around the corner, yelling bloody murder as he goes for a side-entrance.
  152. [22:11] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Wait for me!" She calls after him, laughing.
  153. [22:11] <Ian_Goodwill> "Murder? Come on, that was a clean, clear shot."
  154. [22:12] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He tries to slam the door shut on her, but he's not fast enough for her to jam a foot in or throw her weight against it.
  155. [22:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> She's still a strong girl, throwing her body against to get inside after him.
  156. [22:15] <Ian_Goodwill> With a burst of inhuman speed, the renegade in Ian allows him to move in right after his shot, joining the entrance, reading for action.
  157. [22:24] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Inside, the warehouse is about 20m by 30m, big enough to carry some stuff. There's several shelves of materials and boxes of goods, but in the center there's a crazy-looking machine, with several computers attached to a tall metal spike. Right at it is a man with brown and white hair, streaks of it seemingly pure white, dressed in a brown bomber jacket, a shotgun under his arm and a cigar in his mouth. His eyes are concealed by a pair of black aviators, but he turns as 10+ men, dressed in black and carrying everything from katanas to sub-machine guns, start to rush at you.
  158. [22:24] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Looks the like fun's begun," He says loudly, a grin crossing his face, as his hand moves before even Ian, sending a shocking blast down at Junko!
  159. [22:30] <Tsukimiya_Mary> As charges as it is, the blast scatters across Junko's guard like blue petals of electricity.
  160. [22:32] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian doesn't even bother speaking in Japanese this time. "Well fuck." Ian takes a shot at the gang rushing at them with weapons.
  161. [22:32] <Tsuboki_Junko> The delinquent smiles, hard scales covering a good portion of her body to protect her. "Buddy you have no idea who you're messing with. Beast King and Middleman ring any bells?"
  162. [22:33] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Unfortunetly no, if I had known I would've brought something bigger than this here." He takes a drag on his cigar.
  163. [22:35] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian guns at the speed only an Hanuman can, his rate of fire reminding everyone in there of a full-auto gun despite his bolt action rifle. Yet, every of his shots take out a man in the group with weapons.
  164. [22:36] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The bullet tears through the group like paper, and before the first shell even hits the ground they're dead in a bloody, bloody heap.
  165. [22:37] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Another misfortune. I should've asked for more." The man continues, and then the jacket of his arm tears up, exploding as the arm folds back into a crazy-looking cannon, blasting the two of you!
  166. [22:41] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The fragments tear into Ian, leaving him peppered with cuts: and between the shards, they give off an ominous pulse, dragging on his limbs.
  167. [22:44] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The gunmen open fire on Ian, only to have their shots shrugged aside by Junko!
  168. [22:46] <Ian_Goodwill> "Y-You're the boss, Beast King." Ian pants as he watches his own torn body bleeding heavily.
  169. [22:47] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Damn right I am."
  170. [22:51] <Tsuboki_Junko> She makes a run for the Boss, dashing for him as fast as her legs will carry her. Her body transforms as she runs, taking on the larger and more prehistoric look.
  171. [22:52] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Ah, shit." He doesn't look terribly intimidated, but he doesn't look happy either
  172. [22:53] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian figures Junko has the situation in hand, and before she has to do any other move to save him again, he tries to gun down the gunmen.
  173. [22:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The bullets tear through them as well, leaving the boss alone and outgunned as holy hell.
  174. [22:56] <Ian_Goodwill> He enters his previous trance, ground at his feet littered with empty rifle cartridges, panting. "J-just take the asshole out, Beast King. Doesn't matter if I go down."
  175. [22:56] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Shit... Well, got what we came for at least." And with that, he moves back as far as he can, putting 20m between him and Junko, before trying to shoot her again. A futile effort.
  176. [22:57] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I don't know what I can keep up with him."
  177. [23:02] <Ian_Goodwill> After Junko runs back to his side, Ian pants as he takes aim at the man trying to escape.
  178. [23:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko gives the fleeing boss the finger before dashing back to Ian and taking up a defensive stance in front of him.
  179. [23:04] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian's crackshot pierces through the running boss, dealing devastating damage.
  180. [23:05] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The man almost falls over, the bullets tearing through his jacket and pants, and he coughs blood, and continues on his way out.
  181. [23:05] <Ian_Goodwill> Does he keep dashing?
  182. [23:05] <Tsukimiya_Mary> A silence falls over, and then the distance sound of a helicopter. And the smell of... gasoline?
  183. [23:05] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He's out of there.
  184. [23:05] <Ian_Goodwill> "I'm going all in, Junko. Wish me luck."
  185. [23:06] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Try not to get shot."
  186. [23:07] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian pats her back before running after the man, rifle shouldered. He follows the path of the boss, hopefully catching up for a shot.
  187. [23:10] <Tsukimiya_Mary> As he burst through the door, he sees the boss, stumbling down the way, and another figure. Dressed in a greatcoat of white with a white mask over their face, you can hear them talking in a semi-mechanical voice, "I thought I taught you better, Zeus." It was once a woman's voice, probably, but that could be the modulator. There's a grenade launcher over her shoulder, and a bandolier of bullets across her chest. "Oh, you brought one with you."
  188. [23:10] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He does, in fact, recognize the voice, or at least the sound: under the sewers, chasing Razorback.
  189. [23:11] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Eh?" The man in the bomber jacket turns, "Shit. Get out of here, the one inside is a god-damn monster."
  190. [23:12] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian lowers his rifle, figuring they've had enough of a fight for today. The renegade virus is struggling heavily in his body.
  191. [23:13] <Ian_Goodwill> "Middleman, Razorback. Remember the names. Middleman and Beast King."
  192. [23:13] <Tsukimiya_Mary> "Good move." The woman continues, stepping forward, "Besides, we're just hired help." She pulls the man's arm over her shoulder, leading him away. As they go, the man calls over, "Let's just hope we don't cross paths again, for my sake." He laughs a little but it's speckled and covered with blood."
  193. [23:14] <Tsukimiya_Mary> The woman laughs herself, "Always good to know. Blooming Dream. Zeus." And with that, you can hear a helicopter or something setting down out of sight.
  194. [23:14] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then reaches into his pocket - he can probably signal the chopper to the UGN! ... if his phone hadn't turned to ashes after the hit he took.
  195. [23:15] <Tsukimiya_Mary> He can catch a glimpse of it as it lifts off: black as night, like a hawk. Kind of stands out, but damn it moves fast.
  196. [23:16] <Tsukimiya_Mary> And then... police sirens, from down the street. Maybe the construction workers didn't take kindly to the sounds of a firefight.
  197. [23:17] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian steps back in and pants. "A chopper was waiting for him. Another False Hearts. Had to let them go, sorry Junko."
  198. [23:17] <Tsukimiya_Mary> Inside, Junko can see the computer sparking and immolating. The smell of gasoline is getting thicker and thicker
  199. [23:18] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Good for them, time we get going too. No time to check anything." She thumbs over her shoulder toward the door, already heading there knowing Ian will beat her to it.
  200. [23:20] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian dashes out. Indeed, beating her out the entrance she pointed, grabbing her hand as he walks by to drag her as far away as he can.
  201. [23:22] <Tsukimiya_Mary> After they're out, it takes a minute, but then the building's windows blow out, the metal buckles, and the explosion and subsequent fire tear the building apart, as well as some more damage down the street. One way to destroy evidence.
  202. [23:23] <Ian_Goodwill> "...We need to hang out more." Ian chuckles and shakes his head, shaking his head. "Back to HQ with us, otherwise."
  203. [23:24] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Want to get donuts on the way
  204. [23:24] <Tsuboki_Junko> ? I know a konbini that makes them look like cats."
  205. [23:25] <Ian_Goodwill> "Sounds neat. We both look like trash anyway." Ian starts walking out of the scene, hopefully being out before the police is there. Warding the workers as they flash by to prevent them giving a description if possible.
  206. [23:26] <Tsukimiya_Mary> That's a lot of passed out workers: yet another gas leak, at least two in one day. The media is going to have a field day, but that's none of your business as you're able to leave unmolested.
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