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  3. Welcome to Wolfhome
  4. You have entered: Midnight Meadow
  5. [12:10am] Welcome to Chatlands 20170730-0001
  6. [12:10am] PORT:1043
  7. [12:10am] Connected to server (
  8. [12:10am] You are user 15 of 15 in the room
  9. [12:10am] Avourkrah: just entered
  10. [12:10am] persephone: just entered
  11. [12:10am] MsScratch: just entered
  12. [12:10am] sano: just entered
  13. [12:10am] Lucifer: just entered
  14. [12:10am] Vargr: just entered
  15. [12:10am] Red: just entered
  16. [12:10am] Tundraphantom: just entered
  17. [12:10am] Spellbound: just entered
  18. [12:10am] civet: just entered
  19. [12:10am] witchcraft: just entered
  20. [12:10am] Halcyon: just entered
  21. [12:10am] Fleur: just entered
  22. [12:10am] Chipo: just entered
  23. [12:10am] Charon: just entered
  24. [12:10am] civet: hhow
  25. [12:10am] witchcraft: not so sure
  26. [12:10am] Spellbound is away:
  27. [12:10am] witchcraft: if i did or not
  28. [12:10am] Fleur: <3
  29. [12:11am] Spellbound: heyaa avour :>
  30. [12:11am] witchcraft: well i was being a crazy fucking
  31. [12:11am] Avourkrah: Hey hey<3
  32. [12:11am] witchcraft: crackhead
  33. [12:11am] civet: i feel
  34. [12:11am] witchcraft: and i was messing around with a friend
  35. [12:11am] Red: ahhh wait my bad I was thinking anthro for some reason
  36. [12:11am] witchcraft: and we slammed into the wall
  37. [12:11am] witchcraft: he hurt his toe and i hurt my knucle
  38. [12:11am] Red: no no i guess a one view reference
  39. [12:11am] Fleur: lee hides ;p
  40. [12:11am] civet: ya'll fuckin
  41. [12:11am] witchcraft: both bruised
  42. [12:11am] civet: .
  43. [12:11am] witchcraft: so
  44. [12:11am] Avourkrah: I do
  45. [12:11am] witchcraft: NO
  46. [12:11am] witchcraft: DEF NOT
  47. [12:11am] Avourkrah: #ninja
  48. [12:11am] civet: lmao
  49. [12:11am] witchcraft: hes so nasty
  50. [12:11am] Fleur:
  51. [12:12am] witchcraft: he has a fetish with me
  52. [12:12am] Fleur: heres an example of something worth $25!
  53. [12:12am] witchcraft: bc im a trans dude
  54. [12:12am] witchcraft: it makes me gag
  55. [12:12am] civet: oh no
  56. [12:12am] civet: im so sorry
  57. [12:12am] witchcraft: nah hes gross but
  58. [12:12am] Fleur: I also shade it for you so you can use it as a pose, included in the price ;p
  59. [12:12am] witchcraft: im good
  60. [12:12am] civet: stay safe :c
  61. [12:12am] Red: You have a commission coming this friday >:D
  62. [12:12am] civet: or ill fighr
  63. [12:12am] civet: t
  64. [12:12am] Red: damn emojis *shoots it*
  65. [12:12am] witchcraft: but we were play fighting and we rolled into his wall and down the three step landing
  66. [12:12am] Fleur: yay <333 Im excited to work with you!
  67. [12:12am] witchcraft: fight him
  68. [12:13am] Fleur: I love big beefy drafts, I dont draw them enough
  69. [12:13am] Red: beefy drafts are life!
  70. [12:13am] civet: ill kick them shims
  71. [12:13am] civet: that shit hurts
  72. [12:13am] witchcraft: wow u big
  73. [12:13am] witchcraft: sweetheart
  74. [12:13am] civet: woo
  75. [12:13am] witchcraft: MY SNAKE
  76. [12:13am] civet: gasp
  77. [12:13am] witchcraft: needs fed
  78. [12:13am] civet: you have a snek
  79. [12:13am] witchcraft: i fee him friday
  80. [12:13am] witchcraft: i do
  81. [12:13am] witchcraft: i have snake, rat, gecko, three dogs, two cats
  82. [12:14am] civet: so precious
  83. [12:14am] witchcraft: its a zoo
  84. [12:14am] civet: aaaa
  85. [12:14am] witchcraft: i love thme all sm
  86. [12:14am] Red:
  87. [12:14am] Red: so purty
  88. [12:14am] civet: im sadly allergic to cats but oooo i love pups
  89. [12:14am] witchcraft: they all get clean tanks tomorrow !!
  90. [12:14am] civet: aww
  91. [12:15am] Vargr: I want a fresiaan
  92. [12:15am] Vargr: sona ngl
  93. [12:15am] Red: they are gorgeous as well
  94. [12:15am] witchcraft: u can hold my snake
  95. [12:15am] Vargr: yes pls
  96. [12:15am] civet: heh
  97. [12:15am] Vargr: I like snakes
  98. [12:15am] Red: went to a friends house and got to go ride her horse
  99. [12:15am] Vargr: almost read snack tf
  100. [12:15am] witchcraft: HIS NAME is morgan
  101. [12:15am] witchcraft: hes a rescue
  102. [12:16am] witchcraft: he used to be a thin noodle who was scared of everything
  103. [12:16am] Vargr: Morgan is a cute asfname
  104. [12:16am] witchcraft: now he loves being held
  105. [12:16am] witchcraft: and hes chonky
  106. [12:16am] Vargr: and i bet you look dashing riding a horse Emi
  107. [12:16am] witchcraft: i havea chocolate lab whos
  108. [12:16am] witchcraft: just like me
  109. [12:16am] witchcraft: hes my moms dog but he fucking acts like me
  110. [12:16am] civet: bet its adorable
  111. [12:16am] Red: look more like a sack of potatoes
  112. [12:16am] witchcraft: he's crazy
  113. [12:17am] Avourkrah: That's me
  114. [12:17am] witchcraft: he walks into my room just to start shit with mr
  115. [12:17am] witchcraft: me*
  116. [12:17am] Spellbound is away: art :>
  117. [12:17am] Red: this is her horse
  118. [12:17am] civet: thats me in general
  119. [12:17am] Red: he has the blue eyes and everything sooo pretty
  120. [12:17am] witchcraft: u can come in my room
  121. [12:17am] witchcraft: i have cool stuff
  122. [12:17am] civet: ill go on about dumb shit
  123. [12:17am] civet: heck yeah
  124. [12:18am] witchcraft: i just got home from being in a cabin
  125. [12:18am] witchcraft: for a fucking week
  126. [12:18am] witchcraft: time to work on my commissions
  127. [12:18am] Red: Im going hiking this weekend cant wait
  128. [12:18am] witchcraft: WAIT JOSH IS IN HERE AND I DIDNT EVEN SEE
  129. [12:19am] civet: i should do commissions but i succ on pc
  130. [12:19am] Red: going to drag my dog with me
  131. [12:19am] witchcraft: show me ur art
  132. [12:19am] Vargr: what bout me
  133. [12:19am] Vargr: drag me too
  134. [12:19am] Chipo: Chipo is hereee
  135. [12:19am] civet: aa
  136. [12:19am] civet: um
  137. [12:19am] Chipo: back*
  138. [12:19am] witchcraft: ill show u mine
  139. [12:19am] Red: ill drag you with me too c:
  140. [12:19am] Vargr: c:
  141. [12:19am] Vargr: can we get our own horse one day too
  142. [12:19am] Vargr: LMAO
  143. [12:19am] witchcraft: <<
  144. [12:19am] witchcraft: gross
  145. [12:19am] civet: lemme see if theres some i havent deleted
  146. [12:20am] witchcraft: bet
  147. [12:20am] Red: Ive got 10 acres of land lol there is room for horses
  148. [12:20am] Red: i plan on getting 2 anyway
  149. [12:20am] Vargr: Oh heck
  150. [12:20am] Vargr: I've always wanted a horse when I was younger
  151. [12:20am] Vargr: so yes pls
  152. [12:20am] Vargr: let me liv with u
  153. [12:20am] Red: I used to own horses when I was younger
  154. [12:20am] Vargr: as long as i get to love u and throw you my affection
  155. [12:20am] Halcyon: wtf
  156. [12:20am] Red: a arab/thouroughbred mix and a halflinger
  157. [12:20am] witchcraft: LMAO
  158. [12:20am] witchcraft: JOSH
  159. [12:21am] civet: im so mad
  160. [12:21am] witchcraft: y so amd
  161. [12:21am] witchcraft: mad
  162. [12:21am] civet: the only digital art i have is of my shitty ex
  163. [12:21am] witchcraft: its about time ur alive
  164. [12:21am] Red: aaaand brb work calls
  165. [12:21am] Chipo: just left
  166. [12:21am] witchcraft: and ew
  167. [12:21am] witchcraft: so do i dont worry
  168. [12:21am] Halcyon: no, its about 1130
  169. [12:21am] civet: but whatevs
  170. [12:21am] witchcraft: its 1;24
  171. [12:21am] witchcraft: here
  172. [12:21am] witchcraft: my man
  173. [12:21am] civet:
  174. [12:21am] Halcyon: wack east coast
  175. [12:21am] civet: it stinky
  176. [12:21am] witchcraft: ITS CUTE
  177. [12:21am] Vargr: sweats
  178. [12:21am] witchcraft: i liek it
  179. [12:21am] Vargr: it's 4pm here
  180. [12:21am] witchcraft: and yeah im west coast trash
  181. [12:21am] Avourkrah: it's 12 am here
  182. [12:22am] civet: thank
  183. [12:22am] witchcraft: im from philly BITCH
  184. [12:22am] civet: me2
  185. [12:22am] witchcraft: PEACE SIGNS
  186. [12:22am] civet: not phiLly
  187. [12:22am] Halcyon: you live in philly?
  188. [12:22am] Halcyon: always wanted to go
  189. [12:22am] witchcraft: i dont live in philly anymore
  190. [12:22am] Halcyon: wack
  191. [12:22am] civet: /weird w finger thin
  192. [12:22am] witchcraft: i moved such a long time ago
  193. [12:22am] civet: g
  194. [12:22am] witchcraft: i live in southern pennslyvainia now boys
  195. [12:23am] witchcraft: disgusting
  196. [12:23am] civet: i livein cali
  197. [12:23am] civet: torture
  198. [12:23am] witchcraft: damn
  199. [12:23am] witchcraft: come live w me
  200. [12:23am] civet: ok
  201. [12:23am] civet: omw
  202. [12:23am] witchcraft: it snows here
  203. [12:23am] civet: yes
  204. [12:23am] civet: im bringing soft blankets
  205. [12:23am] witchcraft: and it rains alot so we go river rafting alot
  206. [12:23am] civet: gaspp
  207. [12:23am] witchcraft: on some whack creeks
  208. [12:24am] civet: sounds fun
  209. [12:24am] witchcraft: i got stuck in mud once
  210. [12:24am] Halcyon: commieforni
  211. [12:24am] witchcraft: every tiem i moved i sank
  212. [12:24am] Halcyon: i live in colorado
  213. [12:24am] civet: id move a lot so id disappear
  214. [12:24am] Halcyon: it's like cali but better
  215. [12:24am] witchcraft: u mean
  216. [12:24am] witchcraft: legal weed
  217. [12:25am] Halcyon: i.e. i can smoke big weeds and not have a cat in my exhaust
  218. [12:25am] witchcraft: jNHJKFSDE
  219. [12:25am] civet: LMAO
  220. [12:25am] witchcraft: IM
  222. [12:25am] witchcraft: isnt um
  223. [12:25am] witchcraft: colorado where columbine happened
  224. [12:25am] civet: ive watched my dad pull out the skeleton of a cats tail from his engine
  225. [12:25am] civet: shits nasty
  226. [12:25am] witchcraft: also im gonna be a cop
  227. [12:25am] Halcyon: 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
  228. [12:25am] witchcraft: peace sign
  229. [12:25am] civet: noice
  230. [12:26am] civet: i smoke 24/7
  231. [12:26am] witchcraft: im going to to under cover investigations against discrimination
  232. [12:26am] civet: srares
  233. [12:26am] civet: st
  234. [12:26am] witchcraft: police brutality stuff
  235. [12:26am] civet: discriminate me bb
  236. [12:26am] Halcyon: stares in confused acab????
  237. [12:26am] witchcraft: catch cops being asshole
  238. [12:26am] civet: oop
  239. [12:26am] witchcraft: i can do that
  240. [12:26am] Maya-Chan: just entered
  241. [12:27am] Halcyon: we need more people doin THAT
  242. [12:27am] civet: thx
  243. [12:27am] Vargr: let me just rice up
  244. [12:27am] witchcraft: thats what im doing because
  245. [12:27am] Vargr: my integra
  246. [12:27am] Vargr: snorts
  247. [12:27am] civet: hey maya
  248. [12:27am] witchcraft: ive watched too many fficers
  249. [12:27am] Vargr: jokes
  250. [12:27am] witchcraft: get away with shit
  251. [12:27am] Vargr: I'm no ricer
  252. [12:27am] civet: oof- im impala
  253. [12:27am] witchcraft: tame impala
  254. [12:27am] civet: love em
  255. [12:27am] witchcraft: MOOD
  256. [12:27am] Halcyon: the only reason i wanna be a cop is to drive a vic
  257. [12:28am] Avourkrah: tame impala.. I LOVE their music
  258. [12:28am] witchcraft: FUCK YEAH
  259. [12:28am] civet: they gorgeous
  260. [12:28am] witchcraft: MY FRIEND has one
  261. [12:28am] Halcyon: but ik i'd get kicked off within a month for handin mfs the whole gapple pie
  262. [12:28am] witchcraft: he bought it from the fire house he works at
  263. [12:28am] witchcraft: hes turning it into a fire interceptor
  264. [12:28am] Halcyon: FUCK yeah
  265. [12:28am] witchcraft: its an all black vic
  266. [12:28am] Halcyon: get a vic and have it be a vette interceptor
  267. [12:28am] civet: witch
  268. [12:29am] civet: how old u be
  269. [12:29am] witchcraft: im 19
  270. [12:29am] civet: ooice
  271. [12:29am] civet: npoce
  272. [12:29am] civet: askdna
  273. [12:29am] witchcraft: i jsut turned 19 in may
  274. [12:29am] witchcraft: im a bitch ass taurus
  275. [12:29am] Halcyon: mayw hat
  276. [12:29am] witchcraft: 17th
  277. [12:29am] civet: happy v late bday
  278. [12:29am] Halcyon: bitch
  279. [12:29am] Halcyon: i think we talked bout this
  280. [12:29am] Halcyon: may13
  281. [12:29am] witchcraft: YES
  282. [12:29am] witchcraft: URS THE
  283. [12:29am] witchcraft: 13TH
  284. [12:29am] witchcraft: YES
  285. [12:29am] witchcraft: thnak u
  286. [12:29am] witchcraft: i was alone on it
  287. [12:29am] witchcraft: and i huh
  288. [12:29am] witchcraft: yeah
  289. [12:29am] witchcraft: LMAO
  290. [12:30am] Halcyon: me2
  291. [12:30am] MsScratch: *spasm
  292. [12:30am] Halcyon: im gonna be a trash man
  293. [12:30am] Halcyon: i start when the pee comes back
  294. [12:30am] Halcyon: [[hollers for the pee]]
  295. [12:31am] Vargr: just left
  296. [12:31am] Maya-Chan: just left
  297. [12:32am] Appa: just entered
  298. [12:32am] jesslca: just entered
  299. [12:32am] Appa: well, i fucked up
  300. [12:32am] jesslca: how?
  301. [12:32am] Spellbound: hewwo guys
  302. [12:32am] Appa: I took a nap at 6pm
  303. [12:32am] civet: hey jess
  304. [12:32am] Spellbound: hdfhdh sAME
  305. [12:33am] jesslca: hiii :>
  306. [12:33am] Appa: now i'm wide awake and it's 1035pm
  307. [12:33am] Appa: ]8
  308. [12:33am] jesslca: i just finished my assignment for school
  309. [12:33am] Spellbound: that's me too :,> guess we can suffer together appa sobb
  310. [12:33am] jesslca: after 2 days spending time on it
  311. [12:33am] Spellbound: 11pm for me tho
  312. [12:33am] Appa: it's good not to be alone
  313. [12:33am] Spellbound: yayaya :0
  314. [12:34am] Appa: remember kids, find friends that are equally if not more fucked up than you (8 It's not fun suffering alone
  315. [12:34am] Appa: the more the merrier (8
  316. [12:34am] Spellbound: looks around
  317. [12:34am] Spellbound: avour flew
  318. [12:35am] jesslca: gravity
  319. [12:35am] Appa: they need tree flowers
  320. [12:35am] Avourkrah: oops
  321. [12:35am] civet: tactical shovels are so cool
  322. [12:35am] Fleur: dont get blood on my ass /:<
  323. [12:35am] Fleur: hey alex <3
  324. [12:35am] Appa: <333
  325. [12:36am] Appa: wow i lost my bottle opener
  326. [12:36am] Appa: ugh
  327. [12:36am] witchcraft: SORRY
  328. [12:36am] witchcraft: i walkd away
  329. [12:36am] witchcraft: im
  330. [12:36am] jesslca: g-guys is it safe for me to pet a possum
  331. [12:36am] witchcraft: having a meltdown
  332. [12:36am] witchcraft: fuck
  333. [12:36am] witchcraft: GROANS
  334. [12:36am] witchcraft: FUCK
  335. [12:36am] Fleur: yes
  336. [12:36am] jesslca: i did it
  337. [12:36am] jesslca: he was a baby
  338. [12:36am] jesslca: i love him
  339. [12:36am] jesslca: i fed him as well
  340. [12:37am] witchcraft: fuckfuckfuckfuck
  341. [12:37am] Spellbound: w-what's up??
  342. [12:37am] Appa: wow these scary stories are still go--OH IT'S A 5HR VIDEO
  343. [12:37am] civet: hhhm?
  344. [12:37am] jesslca: wonder if shane is going to do anything for halloween
  345. [12:37am] Spellbound: w
  346. [12:37am] civet: wjhy
  347. [12:37am] Spellbound: wtf when did i send a w
  348. [12:37am] jesslca: he hasn't posted any spooky shit for like awhile ago
  349. [12:37am] jesslca: .
  350. [12:37am] civet: pats repeatedly
  351. [12:38am] Spellbound: anyway can i have the spook stories too
  352. [12:38am] Appa:
  353. [12:38am] jesslca is away: friend is venting to me hold up i gotta fix the bean
  354. [12:38am] witchcraft: UGH
  355. [12:38am] Appa: here go
  356. [12:38am] witchcraft: I FUCKIGN AHTE
  357. [12:38am] witchcraft: MY FAMILY
  358. [12:38am] witchcraft: JNKL/NKLFGXFGN
  359. [12:38am] witchcraft: ZDTH
  360. [12:38am] witchcraft: FUCK
  361. [12:38am] Spellbound: are u ok witch ??? ;o;
  362. [12:38am] Fleur: kian take a breath
  363. [12:38am] witchcraft: NO
  364. [12:38am] witchcraft: IM
  365. [12:38am] Fleur: step back from the computer
  366. [12:38am] witchcraft: IM
  367. [12:38am] witchcraft: having a fucking panic attack holy shit
  368. [12:38am] witchcraft: ill brbr
  369. [12:38am] Appa: oh no
  370. [12:38am] Spellbound: be okay! ;;
  371. [12:39am] jesslca: ^^ tk love, go take a deep breath
  372. [12:39am] Red: ok ok im back
  373. [12:39am] Spellbound: webaa boo
  374. [12:39am] Red: ;; where var go
  375. [12:39am] Red: and ty <3
  376. [12:39am] witchcraft: im so
  377. [12:39am] witchcraft: ok
  378. [12:40am] Red: BTW SPELL
  379. [12:40am] Red: why you end the stream
  380. [12:40am] witchcraft: i dont have a job rn bc i was gonna move somewhere but apparently the parents dont fucking like me so im shit outta like
  381. [12:40am] witchcraft: my parents said i had 6 months to move out
  382. [12:40am] witchcraft: now i have fucking
  383. [12:40am] witchcraft: two weeks
  384. [12:40am] witchcraft: i have no money
  385. [12:40am] witchcraft: no fucking
  386. [12:40am] witchcraft: job rn
  387. [12:40am] witchcraft: bc my last job was shit
  388. [12:40am] witchcraft: im
  389. [12:40am] witchcraft: losing ym shit rn
  390. [12:40am] Appa: where are you
  391. [12:40am] Spellbound: oh i thought you guys weren't watching anymore hgfhg
  392. [12:41am] witchcraft: i have animals i dont even car about ymslf i can lvie in ymcar
  393. [12:41am] Red: I was
  394. [12:41am] witchcraft: but i have animals
  395. [12:41am] Avourkrah: watching what
  396. [12:41am] Red: her stream
  397. [12:41am] Avourkrah: o
  398. [12:42am] Spellbound: i'll put it up in a sec ;o; wanna make sure witches is ok ;; <3
  399. [12:42am] Spellbound: Do you have any friends close that could take the pets if it comes down to it??
  400. [12:43am] witchcraft: no
  401. [12:43am] witchcraft: i dont have any friends bc of some stupid bitch who started shit between me and ym friends
  402. [12:43am] witchcraft: took her side
  403. [12:43am] witchcraft: i didnt even do anything
  404. [12:43am] witchcraft: and my other friends are kinda disgusting and cant take care of animals
  405. [12:43am] witchcraft: litreally gave me a fucking rat in a hamster cage
  406. [12:44am] jesslca: pets u
  407. [12:44am] witchcraft: i bought him new everything so he became a fat happy ra
  408. [12:44am] witchcraft: rat
  409. [12:44am] witchcraft: im like breaking down so much
  410. [12:44am] witchcraft: omg
  411. [12:44am] jesslca: i love u & everything might not be ok right now, but it'll get better over time I promise
  412. [12:44am] jesslca: You have friends here at least <3 we will always be here for you.
  413. [12:44am] witchcraft: i dont understand my parents are trying to do this to me
  414. [12:44am] witchcraft: they have been doing since i was like
  415. [12:45am] witchcraft: 13
  416. [12:45am] Appa: this bitch on this story dead ass just said
  417. [12:45am] Spellbound: i don't get them either that, they shouldn't be doing this to u wtf ;w;
  418. [12:45am] Appa: "i knew moose were friendly"
  419. [12:45am] Appa: whiCH MOOSE DO YOU KNOW
  420. [12:45am] Spellbound: when has moose ever been friendly
  421. [12:45am] Spellbound: HFDHF LMFAO
  422. [12:45am] Red: moose are mean
  423. [12:45am] witchcraft: im about to do what msot people do
  424. [12:46am] witchcraft: live in a storage unit
  425. [12:46am] witchcraft: pimp i ouy
  426. [12:46am] Spellbound: doitdoit
  427. [12:46am] witchcraft: cheap rent
  428. [12:46am] Spellbound: place to yourself
  429. [12:46am] Appa: I honestly wouldn't judge you if you did that, Witch
  430. [12:46am] witchcraft: hold on ym friend is
  431. [12:46am] witchcraft: calling me bc hes worried
  432. [12:46am] Spellbound: glad he's callin'
  433. [12:46am] Spellbound: <33
  434. [12:46am] Spellbound: avour taken my spot
  435. [12:46am] jesslca: I wouldn't either. You as a individual is what important, not accessories.
  436. [12:47am] witchcraft: id invite u all over for a storage unit party
  437. [12:47am] Spellbound: i need to get u a home sweet storage unit gift ;O;
  438. [12:47am] jesslca: I do not talk to you or be friends with you due to where you live, I talk to you & am friends with you cause you are an amazing person with a great personality, & that's all that matters tbh. You can do whatever you want.
  439. [12:48am] jesslca: Hell you could be a drop out of college/high school & that doesn't change a thing? I know people like put pressure on others to do that stuff but, I just care about the persons mental health & well being over that crap.
  440. [12:49am] jesslca: pets u
  441. [12:49am] witchcraft: thank u guys for being so kind
  442. [12:49am] witchcraft: ;;;
  443. [12:49am] jesslca: I try <3
  444. [12:49am] civet: IM SO SORRY i got a thorn stuck in my foot
  445. [12:49am] witchcraft: idk what to do
  446. [12:49am] witchcraft: thats whats
  447. [12:49am] witchcraft: scaring ,e
  448. [12:49am] witchcraft: me*
  449. [12:49am] witchcraft: takes it out
  450. [12:49am] civet: i love u muah i wanna provide cuddle n love
  451. [12:50am] Spellbound: I think you should let yourself process it all before you do anything ;; get some sleep !!<33
  452. [12:50am] Spellbound: then think about it all in the morning, witch
  453. [12:50am] Spellbound: you gotta let yourself process then plan ;o;
  454. [12:50am] witchcraft: rubs my face really ahrd
  455. [12:50am] witchcraft: i jsut got back from a nice
  456. [12:50am] witchcraft: wonderful cabin
  457. [12:50am] witchcraft: to my parents "nicely: kicking me out
  458. [12:50am] witchcraft: with nothing
  459. [12:51am] Spellbound: wants some green with your nugget :wiggles eyebrows: @red
  460. [12:51am] Spellbound: hgh
  461. [12:51am] Red: >>
  462. [12:51am] Red: ok
  463. [12:51am] Red: ;D
  464. [12:51am] jesslca: If you have a current income & have at least some money i'd try moving in somewhere tbh. If you decide to go to a storage unit to start that will do.
  465. [12:52am] witchcraft: i genuinely like
  466. [12:52am] witchcraft: dont have any money
  467. [12:52am] jesslca: You could try & applying places.
  468. [12:53am] witchcraft: i have one place i could stay but id be so much farther awya from ym boyfriend
  469. [12:53am] witchcraft: id
  470. [12:53am] witchcraft: fucking
  471. [12:53am] witchcraft: die
  472. [12:53am] Avourkrah: How old are you.
  473. [12:53am] witchcraft: hes the only good thing rn
  474. [12:53am] witchcraft: im 19
  475. [12:53am] Red: all jokes aside you know living in a storage unit is illegal lol
  476. [12:53am] witchcraft: i do
  477. [12:53am] Avourkrah: Go on welfare
  478. [12:53am] witchcraft: know
  479. [12:53am] witchcraft: sadly
  480. [12:53am] witchcraft: the thing is im not a needy person
  481. [12:53am] witchcraft: ive worked for everything
  482. [12:54am] witchcraft: and iv ebeen working since i was 13
  483. [12:54am] Halcyon: whats bracken
  484. [12:54am] jesslca: Is your boyfriends family willing to take you?
  485. [12:54am] witchcraft: like my paretns acting like i do nothing
  486. [12:54am] Avourkrah: The thing is, if you need help. You get help, have to push your pride aside cause that won't get you no where.
  487. [12:54am] witchcraft: is bs
  488. [12:54am] witchcraft: no his mom thinks i take all his money bc hes rich or wahtever
  489. [12:54am] witchcraft: I DONT EVEN
  490. [12:54am] witchcraft: CARE
  491. [12:54am] witchcraft: ABOUT MOENY
  492. [12:54am] witchcraft: his GRAM THINKS THAT TOO
  493. [12:55am] jesslca: No clue what to do in that case - i've never been the one to be accused of stealing money cause I am the one normally to spoil.
  494. [12:55am] jesslca: Any relatives?
  495. [12:55am] witchcraft: my dad maybe but
  496. [12:55am] witchcraft: my dad...
  497. [12:55am] witchcraft: hes not the greatest
  498. [12:55am] Fleur: honestly your parents owe you nothing after youre an adult /: my mom doesnt have to let me live with her but shes nice enough to do that for me
  499. [12:55am] Red: spelll
  500. [12:56am] witchcraft: i know they owe me nothing
  501. [12:56am] witchcraft: them fucking adopting me was a msitake
  502. [12:56am] witchcraft: stupid fucking
  503. [12:56am] witchcraft: lesbians
  504. [12:56am] witchcraft: nothing agianst lesbians i lvoe them but
  505. [12:56am] Halcyon: my parents used to do this same shit to manipulate me and make me miserable
  506. [12:56am] witchcraft: my parents
  507. [12:56am] witchcraft: bitches
  508. [12:57am] Spellbound: yes red?? ;o;
  509. [12:57am] witchcraft: my dads the reason i used to do drugs really bad
  510. [12:57am] Fleur: the best thing you can do is just leave. my mom and her boyfriend can be real assholes to me but in the end this is their house and I need somewhere to live so I just deal with it
  511. [12:57am] witchcraft: and like
  512. [12:57am] Red is away: Youtube
  513. [12:57am] witchcraft: im 2 years recovery man
  514. [12:57am] Halcyon: feel that
  515. [12:57am] jesslca: < that's very much true
  516. [12:57am] Fleur: You get more bees with honey. I shut my mouth and they bought me a mini fridge so bfhnjdmk
  517. [12:58am] Avourkrah: Inhales..
  518. [12:58am] Spellbound: hngh they are the parents and you are the child in this situation witch, tho you're an adult
  519. [12:58am] Spellbound: how they handled this wasn't very parent-like of them
  520. [12:58am] Fleur: they dont need to parent anymore
  521. [12:58am] Fleur: you are an adult
  522. [12:58am] Spellbound: agreed if they didn't want you to leave their yea
  523. [12:58am] Avourkrah: Are you actually wanting help or do you want to just complain? No offense or anything, leave and find another place and as I said Welfare is a place to start, you need money to survive
  524. [12:58am] jesslca: my mom lays the law down & can be a bitch to me and theres nothing i can do, cause she feeds me, clothes me, & gives me a roof to live under
  525. [12:58am] Halcyon: still have rights as a tenant, such as a month notice of eviction
  526. [12:58am] witchcraft: ...
  527. [12:58am] witchcraft: excuse me
  528. [12:58am] Avourkrah: complaining won't do anything especially if your parents don't care
  529. [12:58am] Avourkrah: You have to do this for YOU
  530. [12:58am] witchcraft: am i not allowed to vent about what going on
  531. [12:58am] jesslca: no you are allowed to vent
  532. [12:58am] Avourkrah: Yeah you can but you need to do something
  533. [12:59am] witchcraft: well obviously
  534. [12:59am] witchcraft: squints
  535. [12:59am] Fleur: kian i love you but lee is right, action speaks louder than words. your parents may be shit but you either a) take a deep breath and understand you need a roof over your head or b) leave
  536. [1:00am] Fleur: my moms boyfriend calls me fat and makes me feel like shit and a bunch of other things but i just move past it because i get to live in a nice house rent free and honestly i just do things to make him happy and everyone is peaceful
  537. [1:00am] witchcraft: two an a half weeks
  538. [1:00am] Spellbound: Hhh I feel that
  539. [1:00am] witchcraft: what am i supposed to do in two ana half weeks
  540. [1:00am] Spellbound: my mother brings her abusive exboyfriend back and forth here
  541. [1:00am] witchcraft: my cars is fucked rn
  542. [1:00am] Spellbound: but i stay due to security
  543. [1:00am] Avourkrah: Sorry if I come off rude, as stated you may vent of course you can
  544. [1:00am] Halcyon: sup with the car?
  545. [1:01am] Avourkrah: Just have .. a lot of people saying something similar
  546. [1:01am] witchcraft: hole in the radiator
  547. [1:01am] Avourkrah: And they won't do anything to fix their problems
  548. [1:01am] Halcyon: rite, yes, i remember that was you
  549. [1:01am] Spellbound: Why don't you write out and rationalize all you'll need to either stay or leave???
  550. [1:01am] Halcyon: if i was closer i'd just lmao throw a new rad in it for you
  551. [1:01am] witchcraft: listen ive been trying my best
  552. [1:01am] Avourkrah: Not saying you have?
  553. [1:01am] witchcraft: my fucking home life isnt the only issue i have right no
  554. [1:01am] Spellbound: to sort out the options you have witch ? :0
  555. [1:01am] Avourkrah: I'm sure many people have had or are going through shitty home lives
  556. [1:02am] Fleur: go apply at mcdonalds, go apply at places no one wants to work. go and do anything you can for money
  557. [1:02am] Avourkrah: But you need to also respect my opinion if you choose to vent. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to help
  558. [1:02am] witchcraft: so invaliding my issues
  559. [1:02am] witchcraft: COOL
  560. [1:02am] witchcraft: FUCKING
  561. [1:02am] witchcraft: LVEO THA
  562. [1:02am] witchcraft: just left
  563. [1:02am] jesslca: oof
  564. [1:02am] Avourkrah: did they
  565. [1:02am] Avourkrah: really
  566. [1:02am] Fleur: welcome to being an adult
  567. [1:02am] Avourkrah: I'm not the bad guy
  568. [1:02am] Red: sighhhhhhhhhhhh
  569. [1:02am] Red: good times
  570. [1:02am] Fleur: newsflash: your parents owe you nothing and youre on your own
  571. [1:02am] Spellbound: sob;;
  572. [1:02am] Avourkrah: I honestly don't like how people will complain and everything is falling apart and they choose to do nothing
  573. [1:02am] jesslca: you guys might've could've worded it better to make him feel better since he's having a panic attack - but your right.
  574. [1:03am] Red: you can do alot in 2 weeks if you actually try
  575. [1:03am] Spellbound: idk where they are?
  576. [1:03am] Spellbound: but I'm sure they have something like
  577. [1:03am] Avourkrah: Yeah but then again, not everyone will be soft
  578. [1:03am] Spellbound: government help?
  579. [1:03am] Red: worlds a cruel place
  580. [1:03am] Avourkrah: I am trying to actually be a good "friend" or user y'know?
  581. [1:03am] Spellbound: where they can help with job findings, house etcc
  582. [1:03am] jesslca: Ye <
  583. [1:03am] jesslca: I get what you mean
  584. [1:03am] Fleur: everyone needs a wake up call and mine was when my mom threatened to kick me out and i was like "okay fuck you i will" and guess what i couldnt afford it and came home.
  585. [1:03am] civet: just left
  586. [1:03am] Avourkrah: I don't want to be made out to be some bad guy cause I am trying to give them advice
  587. [1:04am] Avourkrah: I stated multiple times Welfare
  588. [1:04am] Avourkrah: They'll help you get a job, give you money train you
  589. [1:04am] Spellbound: yeah!!
  590. [1:04am] Spellbound: temp agencies link with them don't they as well?
  591. [1:04am] Avourkrah: but then he says he doesn't care about money
  592. [1:04am] Fleur: its different when you're a kid. when your parents have an obligation to take care of you
  593. [1:04am] Fleur: but we are all adults and this is real life LMAO.
  594. [1:05am] Spellbound: when i turned 18
  595. [1:05am] Spellbound: me paying rent was
  596. [1:05am] Avourkrah: I'm 24
  597. [1:05am] Spellbound: never questioned
  598. [1:05am] Spellbound: it was a must my family did NOT care
  599. [1:05am] Spellbound: adulthood ;w;
  600. [1:05am] Fleur: i dont pay rent but i buy groceries and cook and clean and stuff
  601. [1:05am] Spellbound: and if i don't have a job well, comms gotta give it somehow
  602. [1:05am] Spellbound: :0 that's what im doing rn inbetween school rn :0
  603. [1:05am] Spellbound: cleaning/cooking and comm money sob
  604. [1:06am] Avourkrah: It's irritating to watch someone struggle and not take anyones opinions / help
  605. [1:06am] Spellbound: if i didn't do those things my mom would probs
  606. [1:06am] Avourkrah: It all comes down to them
  607. [1:06am] Spellbound: be like 'peace'
  608. [1:06am] Fleur: bugs me when my friends are like "omg my mom did (x) thing avgfbhdjns" and its like uhm you know you live in her house right?
  609. [1:06am] Avourkrah: I did not say once they couldn't vent
  610. [1:07am] Fleur: also if you're gunna lose your shit like a toddler, maybe the first step is going to talk to someone and get that worked on
  611. [1:07am] Spellbound: their's only one thing I'll argue with my mom about (bad ex that makes her lose money) other than that she pays most reant wtf can I say
  612. [1:07am] Avourkrah: But when you vent into an open room, you're going to get people talking and opinions that you may not like, everything I say was for a good reason and for the good
  613. [1:07am] Fleur: - coming from someone who used to lose their shit like a toddler.
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