Gear Buying Tutorial

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  2. Enki's "Gear Buying" Tutorial
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  4. With this small guide I want to teach you how to look for cheap gear for my Arc Witch, or just gear in general.
  5. The example is based on Standard League for future compatibility, choose the league you play in for your own searches.
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  7. This tutorial is based on as i'm more used to it, using is completely fine aswell!
  9. The official Path of Exile trade site has a button to import items in Path of Building for easier comparison, users can add this with an extension called "POE Trade Copy to Path Of Building", just google that.
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  11. In this example we're looking for some affordable weapons to get started. We're not going to look for highend stuff here, that's likely way out of budget and at that price it's simply better to craft some on your own, following my Multimod Crafting Guide.
  13. ‣ First, select the item type "Generic One-Handed Weapon" in its dropdown. We're not looking for any specific base, so that can be ignored.
  15. ‣ Go straight to the "Mods" section. In this section we can add all affixes we want on our item, this includes implicits, prefixes and suffixes. The list of affixes is accordingly long, to easily find the desired affix you can simply open the dropdown and then type in the affix or any word used in it, and then choose the right one.
  17. ‣ Add "#% increased Lightning Damage", "#% increased Elemental Damage" and "#% increased Spell Damage" listed in "explicit", then set the "min" value for each to 30. The explicit tag will hide any items with these affixes as benchcraft, which assures we're able to benchcraft something on our own if the item has an open affix slot and isn't corrupted. Don't worry, good items that fit the criteria we'll set later on that have one of these affixes benchcrafted will still show.
  19. ‣ Next to add is "Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells" with explicit tag, put 30 as min value. The min value in this case is not the minimum damage value added by this affix, but rather the average of minimum damage value + maximum damage value, f.e. (1+59)/2 = 30.
  21. ‣ Now add "increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells" and "increased Cast Speed" with explicit tag, and put 50 and 10 as min values
  23. ‣ Last ones to add are "Global Critical Strike Multiplier", "Damage Penetrates #% Elemental Resistances", "Damage Penetrates #% Lightning Resistance", "Gain #% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage" and "Gain #% of Lightning Damage as Extra Chaos Damage", all with explicit tag. We don't care about the min value here.
  25. ‣ Now click on the dropdown that says "And" by default, choose "Count" and put 3 as min value. This will show all weapons with atleast three of those affixes within their specified values, use as help to figure out which of those have an open affix slot to benchcraft a fourth damage affix out of this list.
  27. ‣ We also want to exclude other flat elemental damage types added to spells, as this would block "Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells" from being benchcrafted if it's not on the weapon yet. To do that, add a new filter group and add "Adds # to # Cold Damage to Spells" and "Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells", then set that filter group to "Not". If you want to shatter, add the former to your list of desired affixes instead and put 30 as min value.
  29. ‣ Next step are just a few settings to ensure we're able to modify the item. Scroll down to "Misc" and choose Rarity "Rare", Corrupted "No" and Mirrored "No".
  31. ‣ Last we want to ensure to only get items shown with a buyout price of 30 Chaos at most. For that, choose "Chaos Orb" in the buyout dropdown and put 30 as max value, then choose "Yes" at "Has buyout".
  33. If you've done everything correctly, your search should look like this:
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  35. That's all! Hope this little guide helps you understanding how to look for gear without overpaying.
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