How to look for & compare Upgrades Tutorial

Jun 13th, 2018
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  2. Enki's "How to look for & compare Upgrades" Tutorial
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  4. With this small guide I want to teach you how to look for cheap gear for my Arc Witch, and how to compare potential upgrades.
  5. The example is based on Standard League for future compatibility, choose the league you play in for your own searches.
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  7. Part I: Looking for Upgrades
  9. ‣ First, open pathofexile.com/trade and choose your League
  11. ‣ Under Type Filters, choose "Gloves" as Item Category and "Rare" as Item Rarity
  13. ‣ Next go to Armour Filters and type 20 as "min" value at Energy Shield. This assures that we only get ES-based gloves with decent enough base ES shown.
  15. ‣ Socket Filters can be ignored, it's pretty cheap to both 4L and color your gloves properly and ignoring this will show you way more results.
  17. ‣ At Miscellaneous, choose "No" for both Corrupted and Mirrored, this means that we can further modify the item.
  19. ‣ Now focus on the Stat Filters to the right. Here we can add all affixes we want on our item, this includes implicits, prefixes and suffixes. The list of affixes is accordingly long, to easily find the desired affix you can simply click on "+ Add Stat Filter" and type in the affix or any word used in it and then choose the right one.
  21. ‣ Add "# to Maximum Life" listed under explicit and put 60 as min value. The explicit tag will hide any items with these affixes as benchcraft, which assures we're able to benchcraft something on our own if the item has an open affix slot and isn't corrupted. Don't worry, good items that fit the criteria we'll set later on that have one of these affixes benchcrafted will still show.
  23. ‣ We also want some resistances on our gloves. Click "+ Add Stat Group", choose "Count" and put 2 as min value, which means it will only show results with atleast two out of the listed affixes. Add "#% to Lightning Resistance", "#% to Fire Resistance", "#% to Cold Resistance" and "#% to Chaos Resistance", then set 20 as min value for each.
  25. ‣ Last we want to ensure to only get items shown with a buyout price of 10 Chaos at most. For that, go to Trade Filters, choose "Buyout or Fixed Price" at Sale Type and "Chaos Orb Equivalent" at Buyout Price, then put 10 as max value.
  27. ‣ If you've done everything correctly, your search should look like this: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Standard/pJzWk7eu0
  29. ‣ The site already marks everything as prefix and suffix, but there's also so-called hybrid affixes with two lines that only take up one affix slot. Check poedb.tw/mod.php if you're unsure.
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  31. Part II: Comparing Upgrades
  33. ‣ Open Path of Building, click "Import/Export Build" and import your character.
  35. ‣ Next, set everything up properly in "Configuration". The "Notes" tab in my builds main POB-Setup explains which settings are relevant for this specific build.
  37. ‣ With everything set up, it's time to import the potential upgrades for comparison. For that, go to your search results on pathofexile.com/trade and click "Copy Item" in the lower left corner of the item you want to compare.
  39. ‣ Now go back to Path of Building, open the "Items" tab and press Ctrl + V to import the copied item, then "Add to build". If the item has room for benchrafts, you can easily add them through "Add modifier". Once again, poedb.tw/mod.php is your friend to help figuring out open affix slots.
  41. ‣ While this will already let you compare items now, some affixes such as Tailwind require you to enable them in "Configuration" to show their effect. If there' no specific setting for them, like in case of Culling Strike, you just gotta read up on the mechanic and use common sense to figure out if it's a worthy upgrade.
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