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  1. Every digital activity, whether it's a post on social media or something as simple as a quick web-browsing session, generates data. Access to the right data can provide invaluable information for every department in every business, no matter its industry. For example, product teams can collect data pertaining to how people use a product, while marketing teams can use data to determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. One of the biggest challenges facing today's IT teams is implementing a way to translate data into actionable insights that drive decision-making rather than provide little more than rough guidelines. All business leaders know that data is valuable, but the questions of how to access, organize and use it are what really count. SQL-RD is an add-on for Microsoft SWL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) that help reduce administrative costs and enhance the functionality and productivity.
  3. Advanced Task Scheduling for Your Business Needs
  5. SQLRD saves time and improves operational efficiency by giving teams better visibility into the data that really matters for decision-making processes. Creating a task is a simple, step-by-step guided process that's designed with the understanding that every business has a unique set of goals based on its industry and operational priorities. The first step is to select the sources for your data. The program will monitor these sources around the clock and send scheduled reports per your desired settings. It will collect and parse data in real time and send the reports automatically. Uses can schedule automatic reports to be sent whenever they want, such as every hour, day, week or month or on specific times or dates. However, for more important events, such as potential security breaches or instances of data loss, you'll likely want to be alerted immediately. Fortunately, SQL-RD can also trigger report creation when certain events occur.
  7. Versatile Reports that Work with Your Existing Systems
  9. SQL-RD offers a dynamic and flexible solution that's designed to fit in with your existing technology infrastructure. To that end, you can choose the preferred format and destination for your reports. Currently supported document formats include PDF, TXT, XLS and DOC among others. Once you've chosen your data sources, report scheduling times and formats, you'll need to choose a place to send them. Reports can be sent via email or through SharePoint or directly to an online storage service, FTP folder or local device. In fact, you can even have reports sent by SMS or directly to a printer or fax machine. You're free to choose multiple methods so that you can be sure you'll have access to the insights you need as soon as possible. Beyond this basic functionality are extended capabilities like snapshots of past reports, integration with Windows authentication and more.
  11. Christian Steven, developers of SQL-RD, have recently released version 7.4, which includes various bug fixes and other enhancements. Included in this release is the ability to create and re-use SSRS accounts, update license details in the About dialog and various performance improvements. If you're ready to start doing more with data, get started with SQL-RD today at the official website -
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