You Wouldn't Pirate a Muscleman

Apr 18th, 2013
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  1. [21:36:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Okay. So, Mako! Almost immediately after giving the Man in Black (who's actually rather pale, but he is indeed wearing a black suit) your answer, you're asked to give a quick farewell to your family, as you're getting shipped over to Conch City where you'll be briefed in full and assigned to a group! But first, the pale man in black (who is not Murphy, sorry) gives you a sorta' hard
  2. [21:36:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> stare with his drilling blue eyes and asks you, "Do you have any relatives in Conch City that you might live with for a few days? Otherwise, I'll have to book a hotel room for you. I'd appreciate it if you could save some taxpayers' money by staying with someone if you're able." The sun's reflecting rather weirdly off of his bald head, and you wonder if he's really hot in that big
  3. [21:36:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> suit, and if this guy actually cares about it getting wet. I mean, he's perfectly dry right now, but to get anywhere in Ark City you have to canoe, or swim, or go through some rickety log bridge. Whatever.
  4. [21:36:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ryan, who happened to be nearby when this guy showed up, is furiously photographing him, the man unflinching.
  5. [21:39:07] <Mako> "Family? My parents know a few people, not sure if'n i can stay with them." He looks over to Ryan and gives him this subtle little shake of the head and a stare.
  6. [21:43:10] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ryan scratches the back of his head a bit. "He's pretty...unique." He slowly puts away the camera as the Man in Black continues. "Well then, I'll get to booking a room for you. Come meet me by the dock near Supreme Souvenirs in an hour, let me know now if that's not enough time." This guy's voice drones rather flatly, makes you wonder if he's a robot. Maybe he is a robot.
  7. [21:45:08] <Mako> "Hour, got it." He waits for the MIB to trundle off, then waves Ryan over. "He's weird as hell, yeah. Help me get my stuff?"
  8. [21:45:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Supreme Souvenirs, by the way, is one of those terrible souvenir shops for tourists that are strategically stationed right by the main docks.
  9. [21:49:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> MIB walks off as a deliberate, slow pace. Ryan's just about to use the camera again when you address him, so he hides it and pretends he was doing nothing, nodding a little too fast. "Of course. This seems like one of those weird things you don't talk about directly, right? I'll keep my mouth shut." He's shiftily looking around to make sure no one saw anything. No one did, of course,
  10. [21:49:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> but you two. This guy picked a pretty good time to show up.
  11. [21:51:47] <Mako> "Yeah, it's non-disclosure or something like that." Mako heads inside, holding the door open for Ryan, and then goes back to his room. He's got a bag half-packed on the bed - it's full of swim suits and a couple tank tops. "I dunno what I'm s'posed to bring. What do you pack?"
  12. [21:54:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ryan mulls a bit, his hand to his lips briefly before responding. "Camera, emergency snacks, some light reading, clothes, maybe a few condo-" He's interrupted by a crash elsewhere in the house, followed by a "Chu~!" Oh boy, Haikili got into the candy yet again.
  13. [21:57:10] * Mako starts pulling drawers open looking for light reading, but mostly finds old volumes of Kantonese manga he stole from Shin. At the crash, he lets out an extreme put upon sigh and stands up to find the rodent. "I can't fit a condo in my bag even if I owned on."
  14. [21:58:15] * Oxford ( Quit (Quit: Goodnight, and good luck.)
  15. [22:03:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Condoms. Not condos. N-not like I need them often." Ryan can't even look at you directly when he says that. Looking around the house, you check a few of Haikili's normal hiding places, after cleaning up the spilled Gummy Teddiursas on the counter. Under kitchen table? Nope. In dad's studio, hiding in the unfinished poetry drawer? Nope. In Maddy's stash of romance novels, building
  16. [22:03:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> a fort of books with covers of smooth, barechested men? Nope. You find a stray Gummy near the couch and eventually find him hiding behind it, letting out a started "Pika!" upon being found and bolting off, leaving a pile of gummies.
  17. [22:04:47] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (I initially waffled on whether Maddy would have romance novels, then it hit me that she seemed the type to specifically enjoy guilty pleasures.)
  18. [22:05:07] <Mako> (she says she's reading them to be IRONIC, but then gets really red if you interrupt her)
  19. [22:05:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Yeah, that too)
  20. [22:07:32] <Mako> "You dumb mouse, the drawers are s'posed to be child safed." Mako gets on the couch and awkwardly reaches back and around it to pick up the gummies. Between his complicated wriggling, he tries to talk. "I ain't got any condoms on me, I'll have to buy some in the city, good idea though."
  21. [22:08:06] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (I have a job labeling books for a library and you can take my word that 70% of all romance novels have barechested men on them, usually without their face showing, so it's almost all torso and maybe a little pants and hips. The rest have women in overly elaborate dresses that show cleavage or have a man and a woman in some "romantic" pose, clothes possibly optional)
  22. [22:09:44] <Kraken> ( Relevant)
  23. [22:14:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Yeah, I'd say go buy them from the souvenir shop on the way, but they're probably marked up a bunch there." He's working on putting the child-safing doohickies that I don't know the name of but know what they look like, pulling down on one of those strap sidethings with all the loud clicking it makes. "Need me to put in a word to your folks since they're all out at the moment?" As
  24. [22:14:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> you recall, Shin's out surfing, Dai apparently had some CHALLENGE he was going out to take care of, and Maddy had come along with a bowl of popcorn at the ready, and Mom and Dad were off on some errands. Or maybe a date. They had a tendency to say one and do the other.
  25. [22:16:37] <Mako> "Yeah, you better. I -told- them not to go out today, but they didn't listen to me. You know, the usual." Mako finishes fishing out the candy and just drops it into a pop-top trashcan. He grabs some granola bars from the pantry to take care of travel snacks and brings them back to his travel duffle. "Surprised you're here, actually. Thought you were on safari."
  26. [22:17:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He scratches his neck a bit. "It got delayed, there was a storm coming that they didn't want to sail through."
  27. [22:20:41] * NoComment ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  28. [22:21:07] <Mako> "Oh, perfect!" Mako throws up his hands. "Now -I- gotta sail through it! Probably gonna die before I even get to Conch!" He stuffs his only pair of pants into the bag and grabs toiletries bag he'd already put together. Mako slumps onto the edge of the bed. "They were s'posed to be here."
  29. [22:23:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Annnnnd there's a clatter of footsteps near the entrance. Sounds like Maddy and Dai, Maddy going MUNCH MUNCH while Dai's ranting off about some guy was some HUGE coward and a big wimp and typical Dai talk after a fight.
  30. [22:24:25] * Mako puts his head in his hands. "Not -them-, the other them."
  31. [22:24:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (just as planned)
  32. [22:26:07] * Mako zips up his bag and starts for the window. He gets it open swings one leg over the sill, motioning for Ryan to follow.
  33. [22:29:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ryan SOMEHOW manages to get through the window without falling over. Good. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. You both start walking off through the docks, carefully moving to avoid being seen by any windows. Good, good, g- and then Ryan trips on literally nothing, landing facefirst on the docks with the loudest THUMP you've ever heard in your life. Dammit.
  34. [22:30:44] * Mako gives Ryan the death stare, then reaches down to grab him by the collar and -drag- him down the pier. He hisses. "I can't take you anywhere."
  35. [22:32:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's an awkward silence, broken by an occasional splash in the distance, and you realize that maybe Ryan's thump was only so loud because everything else was quiet. Maddy and Dai don't seem to have heard it, or if they did they didn't bother to check. You can imagine them going to the window and seeing him on the ground, making some quick crack and then scuttling off to do something
  36. [22:32:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> else. Maybe. Ryan isn't saying a word, it looks like you've successfully terrified him, as he's moving along like some kind of obedient doll.
  37. [22:34:38] * Mako waits, glancing around for signs of the dynamic duo. "Okay, I think we're good, get up. We'll just hang by the dock for a bit."
  38. [22:38:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ryan hurries up a little , and you both manage to get on your way! About halfway to the docks, in an area where you briefly see some kids jumping off of one of the higher bridges in the area, just like their parents probably told them not to, you end up finding Mom and Dad heading back with a few grocery bags, biiiig wide smiles. Mom gives a little cheery wave, while dad's utterly
  39. [22:38:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> composed, like he's about to break into some long poem any second now. He usually doesn't though. Usually. When he does it's impressive but also, to emphasize, long.
  40. [22:39:27] <Mako> "Hi mom, hi dad. I'm leaving forever, so, bye mom, bye dad."
  41. [22:40:55] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Mom and Dad both blink. You can almost HEAR Ryan also blinking in confusion behind you, even though you know blinks don't make sounds. Dad speaks up first. "Found your calling?"
  42. [22:42:05] <Mako> "Sort of. I got a job, but I'm going to be traveling a lot for it, so...gone forever." He gestures with the bag.
  43. [22:42:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He nods. "Be sure to write, then." Mom's speechless, still. Ryan is like oh god I'm in the middle of a family thing.
  44. [22:44:06] * Mako shifts from foot to foot and looks like he's starting to get embarrassed, too. "What? I thought this was, like, what I was supposed to be doing?"
  45. [22:46:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Mom FINALLY speaks up. "I-it's just so sudden, is all! But um..." She pauses for a moment. "Whatever it is, good luck! Be sure to visit once in a while!" Okay, good, Mom didn't burst into tears or anything. She'll probably later, though. Oh well. Dad's got a sort of serious expression, but he doesn't seem to be disagreeing with it either, probably because he did something similar
  46. [22:46:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> when he was about your age.
  47. [22:49:08] <Mako> "Yeah, of course! At least when Dai isn't here." He smiles and then kind of awkwardly steps over to give each of his parents a hug. "Love you, but I'm gonna run. I'll rent a mailbox or something when I get there."
  48. [22:51:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> They both hug back, of course, and mom gives a little sniff after you're done talking. "Well, good bye then! G-good luck." Aw man you don't need your mom getting sappy kawaii uguu on you.
  49. [22:53:26] * Mako NOPES right out of there before the waterworks starts, walking fast enough down the pier to get away without quite breaking into a run. "All those emotions, sorry you had to see that, Ryan."
  50. [22:57:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He's frowning. "I wish I could've taken a picture..." What a goof. You guys proceed ONWARDS until you reach Supreme Souvenirs, where there indeed is a big government boat with WAR inscribed on the side, looks like the boat's name is the PETAL, Proceeding Ensures That All Lives. The government's starting to run out of good ones.
  51. [22:59:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You don't see that MIB guy ANYWHERE, but this boat looks like it'd be the right one.
  52. [23:01:12] * Mako grimaces at the second acronym and finds a crate to hop up on for a seat. "Ain't a lot more to do now but wait, I guess." He swings his feet. "You guys are gonna miss me, you'll be like, oh, I wish Mako was here right now." He chuckles and taps a cigarette out of its box to light up.
  53. [23:02:13] * Miyuki is now known as TheSquiddishInquisition
  54. [23:02:36] * TheSquiddishInquisition is now known as TheSnailishInquisition
  55. [23:04:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ryan sits down next to you. "Can I have one too? Cigarette, that is." He's never smoked before, at least to your knowledge.
  56. [23:07:35] * Mako waggles the cigarette between his lips. "You smoking now? -And- doing stuff needing condoms? Did I have a secret coma or something?" He offers one anyway and holds out his lighter.
  57. [23:11:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He wordlessly takes the cig and lights it, taking a deep breath of the smoke and then coughing a few times after, it sounds like his lungs are gonna' rupture. He keeps doing this until he acclimates, eventually smoking silently as time drags on. Sitting next to him, you can see there's a little bruise on his forehead from when he fell on his face earlier. Once his cigarette is exhuasted,
  58. [23:11:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> he lets out a little yelp, seems like he let it burn his lip, and then drops it and stomps it out, before turning to face you. "Hey, can you do me a favor?"
  59. [23:12:33] * Mako tilts his head. "Sure, bro, what do you need?" He gives the bruise a gentle poke.
  60. [23:12:48] <Mako> "Sides a band aid."
  61. [23:13:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He winces as you poke the bruise, then pulls out his camera. "One last picture. I never got one of you smiling."
  62. [23:14:01] * Mako instantly frowns. "You know I can't do it on command."
  63. [23:15:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He tilts his head and lets out a little sigh. "All right then, but you owe me." He puts the camera away. "For now, I guess I just want your lighter and cigarettes. Kinda' like smoking, and besides, you should probably quit. Not healthy."
  64. [23:16:54] * Mako narrows his eyes and pulls the box and the lighter back. "I know it's not healthy, that's why I'm not giving you mine, you're gonna mess up your cute little Gennisman voice."
  65. [23:17:21] <Mako> ((Unovan voice, myb ad))
  66. [23:18:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He smirks. "Well, if you say so. Good luck. See you later." He gives a little wave.
  67. [23:18:45] * Mako puts his cigarettes away, then hops off the box to give Ryan a hug to. "Yeah, see you later, bro."
  68. [23:20:51] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He seems a little startled by this, but doesn't resist. "Yeah, bro. Good luck, if you get killed by something lowly like a storm I'll never forgive you, just so you know."
  69. [23:21:48] <Mako> "I'll be fine, I'll text or something when I get there." Mako lets go and hops back on the box to wait.
  70. [23:21:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He says "bro" so awkwardly.
  71. [23:24:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He nods, and then someone hops off the boarding ramp of the boat. "You Mako? We're ready to go when you are." It's some old, graying, shaggy man with a beard, he's missing a few teeth and his voice is a bit gravelly. He seems to unnerve Ryan a little, so Ryan gives a last wave and hurriedly walks off.
  72. [23:25:36] <Mako> "Yeah, that's me, let's shove off." Mako gets back on the dock and walks down the gangplank onto the boat. "Am I allowed to ask who you are?"
  73. [23:29:29] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He gives a nod. "Aye, Cap'n Lani is ma' name, got a lot of experience workin' for the good ol' WAR. There'll be a storm on the way to Conch, but it won't be any problem with me runnin' the ship. Best help out around here, you good at tying knots? You're gonna' need to know yer way around a boat for your job, so best start practicin'."
  74. [23:31:14] <Mako> "I...know a little bit, I guess. I learn pretty fast, if that's a help." He looks down at his hands a moment. "Is it just you? Where'd the suit go?"
  75. [23:32:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He looks back and forth to see if anyone's listening before continuing. "I've got my crew, too, so it's not just us two, but...that suit's a pretty shifty one, comes and goes on his own, I never took him here maself in the first place. Weird one." He motions for you to follow him up the ramp onto the boat.
  76. [23:34:11] <Kraken> (inb4 suit IS the old guy)
  77. [23:34:34] <Mako> "I figured. Whole thing is kinda MYSTERIOUS." He follows the old man, bag over his shoulder.
  78. [23:35:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Aye." He pulls the ramp up, starts ordering his crew around to get the boat going. It starts shoving off, into the sea, where we'll fade...out.
  79. [23:36:49] <Mako> ((wooo))
  80. [23:37:15] <~Aori_Radidjiu> To be continued!
  81. [23:37:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> </mini>
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