Xenos Hunters Session 28

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  7.         antoine After the honor duel the team settles in, waiting for intelligence gatherers to bring word of their quarry, two months drag on. Giving the team time to heal, train and bring themselves up to full readiness once again.
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  9.         antoine Through the station vox the Watch Commander calls you, ++Task Foce Vindex++ to the briefing room.
  10.         Navarre would make his way to the briefing room and quite possibly taking his seat if there were chairs made available, helmet placed before him as he waited for the rest to join.
  11.         Balmung sits next to Navarre
  12.         Sinbad  looks over his and Patriclus' equipment one last time before proceeding to the briefing room, then sitting and acknowledging his brothers with a fist raised to his chest
  13.         Omniel  trundles into the briefing room, folding his arms away before lowering himself into one of the seats carefully.
  14.         Anselm  , having been training his serf, quickly dismisses the mortal and heads to the gathering.
  15.         Sinbad  "So, Brothers, it is good to see you all this day in good health. Are you prepared for our newest xenos wretches?"
  16.         antoine The briefing room is a small circular chamber, a round table enclosing a holo-projector with seats on the outside. The Watch Commander, Oriel and the Salamander Captain are sitting in some of the seats. The table is a strong old wood while the chairs are of the same make but with suspension built into them to take your weight.
  17.         Anselm  leans to Sinbad. "The Salamanders are still present?..." he whispers aside.
  18.         Sinbad  leans back
  19.         Sinbad  "I don't /think/ they'd leave their Captain. Unless he was suddenly left to join the Deathwatch, as they renewed their oaths, two months hence."
  20.         Anselm  "Curious," the Knight-Brother grumbles.
  21.         Balmung grins at Anselm "Have a problem with them Anselm?"
  22.         antoine As you take your seats the Watch Commander taps a few keys on the table, obviously a cogitator is built into it. A flash of words come up, "This is Interrogator Helwarr, Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion has been taken in an Eldar raid. We seek assistance and transport to rescue her."
  23.         antoine The Watch Commander adds, "We received this via astropath moments ago."
  24.         Anselm  "Tellion." Anselm furrows his brow at the name. "That was the Inquisitor from Rahas."
  25.         Sinbad  perks up and furrows his brows in rage at the mention of Eldar, moreso from that they kidnapped a known ally
  26.         Sinbad  stands up suddenly in rage
  27.         Sinbad  "Those wretches shall BURN! Let us destroy them!"
  28.         Omniel  "I concur with Brother Sinbad."
  29.         Anselm  leans forward. "What band of Eldar did this? Is this the work of Sar Cyrs?"
  30.         antoine Oriel holds out a placating hand, "Indeed they shall. We are the closest force available to assist we will leave at once to retrieve Tellion. We do not know Anselm, they have attacked associates of this Task Force before so it may indeed be the Sar Cyrs."
  31.         Omniel  "Our primary objective is retrieval of the Inquisitor, correct?"
  32.         antoine "Indeed she is." replies the Commander
  33.         Sinbad  "Then our secondary /must/ be to destroy them in sum and total?!"
  34.         antoine The brow above the crimson eyes of the Salamander Captain furrows. His deep resonant voice adds, "These aliens deserve no less."
  35.         Omniel  "Do we have accurate estimates of their numerical strength?"
  36.         Sinbad  sits back down upon realizing Omniel's more objective logic for the mission logistics would be more prudent
  37.         Navarre "Curious." Navarre starts, after pondering on the data recieved. "Do we know which Eldar stole her away?"
  38.         antoine Oriel looks to the Watch Commander, "We can take the Venator while we wait for further information on our main quarry." The Watch Commander nods before replying to Omniel, "None, other than that their raiding force was able to take an Inquisitor."
  39.         Sinbad  "Was it a raid, or...a kidnapping? Was this directed with her as their target?"
  40.         antoine The Watch Commander presses another key and a coloured sphere resembling a planet replaces the writing, "Her is Romugustus, a feudal world where the acolyte team was transmitting from and the Inquisitor was taken from. You should hopefully find more answers there when you meet with her acolytes."
  41.         antoine Here*
  42.         Navarre "Are we to go there to begin our investigation?"
  43.         Sinbad  "...? We have not yet their damnable warp-ship's real-space location then, I assume."
  44.         antoine Oriel nods, "We will leave as soon as possible. We hope that system will be where we can pick up the trail."
  45.         Anselm  snorts. "In all likelihood, they fleed as quickly as they came."
  46.         Sinbad  clicks his tongue
  47.         antoine Oriel continues, "If there is nothing else we will depart?"
  48.         Sinbad  nods
  49.         Sinbad  "I have my peace. Or shall, sooner we begin, Inquisitor."
  50.         Sinbad  suddenly puts on a strange face
  51.         Anselm  "If we're really going to try to track down Eldar raiders," Anselm folds his arms, "then I suspect you know where we might find them."
  52.         antoine "The system they attacked is out of the way, if they left a trace we could pick it up."
  53.         Sinbad  "Even when they retreat into their warp-holes?"
  54.         Navarre "We may be able to trace them back to it. Besides, depending on the Eldar grouping that took her, they may not have access to the full circuit."
  55.         Balmung "They may not have left either"
  56.         Sinbad  "That would be wonderful, Throne-willing. Well, will that be all before we go to prepare for planetfall?"
  57.         Balmung "My guess is that they are hunters and they are waiting for bigger game and are using her as bait"
  58.         antoine The Salamander Captain adds, "Perhaps, but with a deathwatch Kill Team they might bite off more than they can chew."
  59.         Balmung grins "My thoughts exactly."
  60.         Navarre "So what is our plan of action? Do we meet up with the acolytes and gather details from them, before we hunt?"
  61.         Sinbad  "Their bodies are weak. We will crush even their xenos bones to dust."
  62.         Anselm  "I agree with Brother-Balmung's perception." Anselm looks to the Salamander. "But also yours, Captain. We will wreak a vengenace on these disgusting aliens."
  63.         Omniel  nods at Sinbad's comment. "Quite."
  64.         antoine Oriel responds to Navarre, "That is the plan."
  65.         Navarre "Enough talking about it, then! Let us make haste. The longer we stay here, the longer they have the Madame Inquisitor."
  66.         antoine Oriel stands at this, "Agreed."
  67.         Sinbad  nods with feeling
  68.         Anselm  stands to leave. "I am ready when the whole of us are ready."
  69.         antoine Oriel and the two space marines sitting next to him rise to leave the room
  70.         Omniel  stands from his seat. "I will begin making preparations immediately."
  71.         Balmung "This is a trap I know it."
  72.         Navarre "Good thing we already know. Then when they spring it, we shall be ready."
  73.         Balmung "The Eldar are a cunning lot so don't under estimate them."
  74.         Sinbad  "We shall not underestimate their capriciousness. Once we recover the Inquisitor Tellion, we shall lay into them and burn them all to the mouth of their false xenos gods."
  75.         antoine Within the hour you are onboard the Velox Venator and heading to a safe point to enter the warp.
  76.         Balmung "Havarre have I ever told you how I became a wolf guard?"
  77.         Navarre "No. Perhaps we can trade a tale for a tale, for I was at the Battle of Colonial Bridge and saw one of the greatest Imperial Fist heroes rise."
  78.         Balmung "Do tell"
  79.         Navarre "You first."
  80.         Balmung "All right, my great company was atached to a crusade sent after an ork warband attacking a forge world"
  81.         Balmung "It was a bloody campaign, those damn greenskins know how to put up a fight"
  82.         Navarre "Don't they?"
  83.         Balmung "Aye"
  84.         Balmung "Well the pack of grey hunters I was with, they were all good men, but we were tasked with supporting an armored collum moving up to clear a hab block"
  85.         Navarre points to a scar running down the side of his head. "My first engagment as a scout, an evil sun chopper almost bisected my head." He nods. "Good strategy. I am guessing that the greenskins charged it?"
  86.         Balmung "No actually their leader was a smart one"
  87.         Navarre "There is nothing worse in this galaxy then an intelligent warboss."
  88.         Balmung "It was tight in that section of hab blocks so tight the tanks had to go in single file. I'm fairly sure the person who thought this was a good idea was shot after words"
  89.         Omniel  listens in on the stories as he inspects his weapon, ensuring it is in proper working condition.
  90.         Balmung "but anyways the warboss set up an ambush in that hab block!"
  91.         Navarre "Sticky bombs?"
  92.         Balmung "He took out the rear and front tanks so they were all stuck in there"
  93.         Balmung "Then they started raining grenades from the buildings taking out the trapped tanks easily"
  94.         Navarre "That is rather clever."
  95.         Balmung "That's what we thought"
  96.         Balmung "The orks didn't know we were with the armor so we charged the buildings and started clearing them room my room"
  97.         Balmung "I reached the top of the building and it was completely clear or so I thought"
  98.         Balmung "I still to this day have no idea how he attacked me but the biggest ork I have ever seen tackled me"
  99.         Balmung "He must have been 4 meters tall at least!"
  100.         Balmung "I brought up my axe to attack the beast but he batted it away from me and slammed a giant fist into my helm knocking it off"
  101.         Balmung "So there I am knocked on my ass by the biggest ork I've ever see this thing staring down at me saying something in that gutteral tounge of theirs'"
  102.         Balmung "And do you know what I did?"
  103.         Navarre "Tell me you ripped out his tongue and proceeded to garrote the bastard."
  104.         Balmung "No something better!"
  105.         Balmung "I spit at him and it hit him right in the eyes I could hear the sizziling and he reared back with his hands on his eyes screaming"
  106.         Balmung "Then I reached up and grabbed hold of his tusks! They were easily the size of my forearms"
  107.         Navarre "Ripped them out, did you and proceed to gut him with his own teeth?"
  108.         Balmung "And I pulls on them hard until I heard cracking then I pulled some more until they came free!"
  109.         antoine The warp transit takes about a week, the star system's proximity helping reduce the wait. The Captain calls you to the bridge as the sleek vessel coasts into the system towards the planet where the acolytes were located.
  110.         Balmung "I started stabbing the bastard with them all the way up his body until I got them lodged in his eye sockets"
  111.         Balmung "I stabbed him a few more times just to make sure he was dead then chopped off his head for good measure!"
  112.         Balmung "And his head sits behind my seat in the 4th great company's mead hall to this day still with the tusks in it's eye sockets"
  113.         antoine ++We are coming up on the planet now, we are getting astropathic telemetry that they are in trouble. Head to the hangar at once.++
  114.         Navarre "Hah. Good for you, Balmung."
  115.         Balmung grins widely
  116.         Anselm  summons Joffery to arms and takes him along to the hangar.
  117.         Sinbad  puts a hand on Patriclus shoulder, whispers a final prayer and makes way to the hangar
  118.         Navarre would put his helmet on, and head to the hangar as well.
  119.         antoine In the hangar sits an Aquila lander preparing for take off, techpriests and flight crew preparing it for launch.
  120.         antoine Patriclus waves you aboard, the empty rear open to you. The commissar informs you, "Tellion's acolytes are in some kind of trouble, we are going to pull them out of it."
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  122.         Sinbad  "Hmm. That's odd. I had assumed they were more capable after Carthoga."
  123.         Sinbad  "Brothers, we go! Pray as we enter, the Litany of Vengeance and Safe Flight!"
  124.         Anselm  dons his helm. "Let us see what they have gotten themselves into..."
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  126.         Navarre ++Time to do what astartes do best. Pull inquisitorial acolytes out of the fire.++
  127.         Balmung ++I thought it was kill the enemies of the Imperium?++
  128.         Navarre ++Sometimes it is the same.++
  129.         Anselm  "Joffery," Anselm calls. "I would have you provide support to my Battle-Brothers. Stay close with them, they will have need of your shotgun if the vile Eldar close the range."
  130.         Anselm  ++What are our foes in this particular dispatch, anyway? Rioting, peasants, xenos?++
  131.         antoine The Aquila lander takes off and heads to the planet below, Patriclus pilots the craft well enough. After breaking through the atmosphere he calls out, "Coming into the landing area now, I don't see them though." As the craft lands the ramp lowers, revealing grassland surrounded by forest.
  132.         Anselm  steps out first, drawing his blades and looking around.
  133.         antoine Then a group of five people burst from the forest, running for their lives. There is monk, a peasant girl in a sack cloth, two warriors with chainmail and a man in leathers. They carry an assortment if swords, daggers and a crossbow.
  134.         Sinbad  takes off his helmet and addresses them in a yell
  135.         Navarre ++These are the acolytes? In disguise?++
  136.         Sinbad  "Are you who we were sent here to retrieve?!"
  137.         antoine The monk trips and the peasant girl helps him to his feet as one of the warriors calls out, "HELP!". As this call for assistance is made the forest erupts with violence, flocks of birds rush into the air as five beast stampede out of the forest. They splinter and smash aside tree with their enormous bodies. Each is a quadruped, covered with hair. Three horns coming from the rear of their...
  138.         antoine ...skulls arc forwards to point towards their prey, their gigantic jaws full of teeth gnash in rage.
  139.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Sinbad, Anselm, Belle, NPC, Omniel, Navarre, NPC”
  140.         Sinbad  "Are you the acolytes, or you, the giant hairy things, are you the acolytes?"
  141.         Balmung charges off towards the beasts
  142.         Sinbad  "Dear Emperor, I hope you giant hairy things are not some sort of abhuman acolytes."
  143.         Sinbad  "Brothers, you know your duty! Open fire, bare blades!"
  144.         Sinbad  pulls up his bolter and fires a full-auto burst at a creature
  145.         Sinbad  "That's the spirit, Brother Balmung!"
  146.         antoine The bolts score its hide, wounding it but it is not dissuaded.
  147.         Anselm  takes a few steps forward, lifting up his gauntlet and quickly snapping off a shot of his bolt pistol.
  148.         Bellerophon     steps into the opened door of their landing craft, levels out his newly minted, freshly aquired heavy bolter at the charging xenos species, and fires upon them, spreading the fire equally over the pack
  149.         antoine The beasts are heavily damaged but not dead.
  150.         antoine The humans sprint for their lives for the Aquila lander
  151.         Sinbad  "Brother, I see their blood spray! Do it again!"
  152.         Bellerophon     ++These beats are more durable than they seem. It is uncanny.++
  153.         Bellerophon     ++I do not like it.++
  154.         Sinbad  "We need only rescue the acolytes and leave these xenoforms to rot on their own homeworld."
  155.         Omniel  unslings his newest piece of gear, sighting down at the raging beasts. He holds the trigger down, sending a veritable torrent of hot plasma into the nearest two creatures.
  156.         Sinbad  laughs at the plasma barrage
  157.         Sinbad  "Amazing weapon, Brother Forge-Master!"
  158.         antoine The first blast of plasma atomises the head of a beast, the lifeless corpse grinding to a halt. The second removes a beast's leg, toppling it and leaving it mewling on the ground.
  159.         Omniel  ++Truly remarkable. I trust it shall serve me well...++
  160.         Navarre ++Perhaps you should get it in cannon form?++
  161.         Bellerophon     ++Inferior volume of fire.++
  162.         Bellerophon     ++Nor am I aware that sessteecee was ever approved as a plasma cannon. Chatter amongst the Veterans in Macragge lead me to believe there were...certain issues.++
  163.         Omniel  ++The smaller form factor provides an advantage as well.++
  164.         Navarre ++Is that not always the case?++
  165.         antoine One beast goes after balmung but mistimes the charge. One charges after the monk but the little man gets out of the way. The peasant girl however is hit hard, skin, muscle and bone is ripped apart. She falls to the floor, bleeding out.
  166.         Balmung lands blow after blow on the beast with his axe
  167.         Sinbad  "Fine swordsmanship, Brother Balmung. Let us end this then!"
  168.         Sinbad  mag-clips his bolter to his thigh, drawing his power weapon and running forwards to the downed human
  169.         Sinbad  "Humans! Get to the craft!"
  170.         Anselm  kicks forward, fires his thrusters and launches himself at the closest of the remaining two beasts with a booming battlecry.
  171.         antoine The strike scores a gouge down the beast's side but does not kill it
  172.         Bellerophon     retunes his targeting suite, locks on targets, and pulls the trigger
  173.         antoine The two massive creatures are brought down by the overwhelming firepower brought to bear.
  174.         Bellerophon     ++Go, brother. Secure the girl.++
  175.         Sinbad  looks down at the peasant girl, badly gored
  176.         Anselm  looks about. ++What was that about?++
  177.         Sinbad  "Brother Apothecary, make haste! She is bleeding direly!"
  178.         Navarre ++Do you know who you are talking too? Of course I will make haste!++
  179.         Omniel  examines the downed creatures up close, checking how the plasma fire fared against their hides.
  180.         Balmung lops off the creature's head he killed and starts dragging it to the ship
  181.         Sinbad  leaves the Apothecary to his work, then goes over to the humans cowering near the lander
  182.         Sinbad  "Brothers! Maintain awareness! We leave as soon as we confirm the Acolyte identities!"
  183.         Bellerophon     covers the killteam from his position inside the lander
  184.         Sinbad  "Good initiative, Brother Devastator. Aid me with the mortals."
  185.         antoine The humans stop running, they sit or hunch over sucking in air as perspiration falls from their faces to the ground.
  186.         antoine The two chainmail wearing warriors are the feral worlder with a cross bow and the carapace wearing woman you met on Carth. The man in leathers is the lithe man while the woman with the broken arm is the same studious one that was buried in her dataslate on Carth. The monk is unknown to you but his eyes are blank.
  187.         antoine Navarre manages to staunch the bleeding of the unconscious woman.
  188.         Omniel  takes a few measurements of the creatures' wounds.
  189.         Balmung comes back out of the ship after his trophy is successfully stored
  190.         Bellerophon     ++Get the Agents to the Lander, Brother, where I may both converse and maintain proper vigilance.++
  191.         Navarre ++She will live.++
  192.         Sinbad  "Mortals, good to meet you once again. The Brother Apothecary has confirmed the life of your comrade. Enter the lander, that we may break planetfall and return to proper facilities."
  193.         Sinbad  "Brothers! Collect your trophies and data! We leave!"
  194.         Sinbad  looks again to the acolytes
  195.         Sinbad  ".../May/ you leave this place? Or is your assignment extended?"
  196.         antoine The Agents get up and trudge to the lander, "We are getting out of here, that is why we called for you."
  197.         Sinbad  "Excellent. Brothers, we leave!"
  198.         Omniel  finishes his examinations and returns to the lander satisfied.
  199.         Anselm  "Why, pray-tell," the Knight-Brother calls, "did you need us to extract you?"
  200.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps it had to do something with Tellion being abducted.++
  201.         Balmung shrugs and heads back into the ship to prepared for take off
  202.         Sinbad  "The better question is why you attracted the aggression of these beasts, especially when you knew we were coming."
  203.         Sinbad  "Is this mortal humor? A 'surprise'?"
  204.         Anselm  leaves the corpses of the animals, and returns to the Lander... only to stare down at the monk.
  205.         Balmung returns with water and rations for the mortals
  206.         Sinbad  nods at Balmung's consideration in respect
  207.         antoine The lithe man responds between breaths, "We needed someone to help us catch the Eldar. We had no transport, Tellion had organised for one to pick us up in a few weeks but we couldn't wait. The beasts? They were just bad luck on our part." He takes some water and nods his thanks.
  208.         Bellerophon     removes his helmet now that they're reasonably secure
  209.         antoine Patriclus calls from the cockpit, "All aboard?"
  210.         Sinbad  "You heard him. All of our number present? If so, then lift, Patriclus."
  211.         Anselm  straps in and bows his head.
  212.         Balmung sits down and straps in
  213.         antoine The Aquila craft rises, turning and burning for the Velox Venator orbiting the planet.
  214.         antoine Finally the lander finds its way back to the hangar, setting down on the deck and opening the ramp for the now extremely full cabin.
  215.         Balmung gets out of his seat and prepares to unload his new trophy
  216.         Sinbad  opens the door with a cry
  217.         Sinbad  "Prepare the medicae wing for a mortal patient!"
  218.         antoine A flight crew attendant makes the call for Sinbad on a hull mounted vox.
  219.         antoine You feel the ship's engines change in tone as the frigate moves away from the planet.
  220.         antoine The acolytes take their fellow to the medicae wing where they ditch the low tech arm and armour they were forced to use to blend in on the planet.
  221.         antoine The mortals recover from their experience over the next day as the frigate hunts the system for the Dark Eldar.
  222.         Bellerophon     checks in with Xavier and his cadre about their equipment aquisition process
  223.         Navarre woud assist the medicae in treating the woman. He has more expierence then any three doctors on the ship.
  224.         antoine You are called to the bridge the next, ++We have confirmation on the location of the Dark Eldar. They are still raiding the system. We are sneaking up on them now.++ The pleasant sing-sing voice of the Captain reaches your ears.
  225.         antoine next day*
  226.         Sinbad  looks to Patriclus upon hearing the vox, and both leave to prepare for battle
  227.         Bellerophon     reports to the bridge
  228.         Bellerophon     reports to the landing bays?
  229.         Anselm  brings Joffery with him to make ready.
  230.         antoine In the bridge the crew go about their business, the captain sits in a ornate chair her powdered face smiling sweetly at you as you enter.
  231.         Sinbad  "Hail, Trader Princess."
  232.         Balmung pokerface
  233.         antoine She gives a curt little wave to Sinbad before she taps the smaller velvet cushioned throne next to her own. "Sit Odin, I have a '535 bottle of Amasec to share." She clinks the glasses together as she flutters her eyelashes at Oriel. The Inquisitor turns to you with a pleading look on his face before he sits down.
  234.         Bellerophon     "O captain my captain. What news have you?"
  235.         Anselm  leans as low as inconspicuously possible to Joffery: "There, young one. The decadence of the upper class."
  236.         Balmung raises an eyebrow at the alcohol
  237.         Omniel  pays little attention to the pleasantries, waiting for the briefing to begin properly.
  238.         antoine The Captain pours a glass for Oriel as she replies, "We have found the Eldar ship, it is small but fast. Extremely fast, but it has not detected us. We are astern of it right now." She points to a holo-projector providing a view of the position of each ship. The Eldar image dances around in a small area.
  239.         Bellerophon     "And the plan?"
  240.         Navarre ++Terminator assault?++
  241.         antoine "Approach slowly and then launch an ambush." She says sweetly.
  242.         Sinbad  "There is never a full purging of those who deserve it..."
  243.         Omniel  ++Have we the facilities to teleport aboard?++
  244.         Balmung shudders at the mention of teleportation
  245.         Bellerophon     "Will the ambush be planetside, or in the void?"
  246.         antoine "In the void, I doubt they will take Tellion down with them on a raiding mission" adds Oriel. A crewman suddenly shouts, "Enemy ship changing course and speed, xenos vessel is speeding up and heading towards the planet!"
  247.         antoine The Captain's face darkens. "What? Did they detect us?"
  248.         Balmung grunts
  249.         Anselm  amusedly grunts. "No, they're going to make another raid."
  250.         antoine "Would they not be slowing down, how can they launch an attack at that speed? That would be insane."
  251.         Sinbad  "Who cares of their whims? They are the Eldar. Nothing they do makes sense, save to them and their insidious wants."
  252.         Omniel  ++We should prepare for action, lest we miss the opportunity.++
  253.         Navarre ++The so called Dark Eldar are have a thing for striking like thunderbolts.++
  254.         antoine The image of the holo projector shows the Eldar vessel speeding up and curving around the planet at an ever increasing speed.
  255.         Sinbad  "...Are they going to slingshot at us? They'd never get around the planet fast enough."
  256.         Sinbad  watches the holo-projector in consternation
  257.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps I should take control of the weapon systems before this cascades. I am sure I could disable their engines easily.++
  258.         antoine The crewman responds, "Thats it. They are so close to the gravity well, they shouldn't be able to survive the stress of it." he shakes his head. The Eldar vessel that was cruising away from you is now spearing towards you from the planet at lightening speed. The Captain gets to her feet and shouts with a boisterous cry, "Reinforce the void shields, power the lance. They tricked us!."
  259.         Sinbad  whirls around
  260.         Sinbad  "Brothers! Make ready for battle! In the Emperor's name!
  261.         Sinbad  exits the room, handing each man a bolt pistol magazine
  262.         Sinbad  "Come, I'll explain as we make our way!"
  263.         antoine The crew goes to work as the Captain shouts, "Astartes, to the hangar. You must launch your attack at once!"
  264.         Navarre will follow behind Sinbad.
  265.         Omniel  engages his locomotion at maximum velocity.
  266.         Balmung readies his arms and armor
  267.         Bellerophon     looks at the bolt pistol magazine with an expression that would read more or less like "What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?"
  268.         Sinbad  "I've given you each a full bolt pistol magazine with each bolt inscribed with the Prayer of the Emperor's Mercy! Shall we find more mortals that we may not be able to rescue! Use it to enact the Emperor's Mercy for them. That's what it's for, Brother Devastator."
  269.         Sinbad  brings the team down a side-hall, knocking on the walls, where the Salamanders are
  270.         Omniel  ++Perhaps he is confused by the small scale of the item, and the shells contained within.++
  271.         Sinbad  "The Brother-Captain of the Salamanders has been gracious enough to leave us with a team of their own to assist us!"
  272.         Bellerophon     collects Xavier and his guard, then makes full speed for the hangar bay
  273.         Sinbad  "I heard that, Brother Forge-Master! He has a bolt pistol if he has not pawned it for more additions to his heavy bolter! And one last thing!"
  274.         Sinbad  "Right about now, Brother Balmung."
  275.         antoine The ship shudders under and assault. Wailing sirens call out, a vox status report is heard, ++Thrusters damaged, hull breaches through decks, five to ten.++
  276.         Sinbad  pulls the team into a final room
  277.         Sinbad  "We must board them. For I have this. I have asked the Inquisitor for this, and we must not waste this chance."
  278.         Sinbad  unveils a wrapped triangular object under several Mechanicus wards about the size of a toddler
  279.         antoine The Salamanders assemble, two with heavy flamers, two with bolters and the last is a sergeant with a boltpistol and chainsword.
  280.         Sinbad  "I have secured a nuclear warhead. We must board the xenos ship, rescue the Inquisitor, and take their leader. Then we shall plant this. Brother Omniel, would you please carry it? I would anger its ancient and angry machine spirit."
  281.         antoine The hull reverberates as the prow mounted lance fires.
  282.         Sinbad  "Are you all ready?"
  283.         Omniel  ++It would be my pleasure.++
  284.         Navarre ++Am I too keep you all alive?++
  285.         Bellerophon     ++At the very least not dead.++
  286.         Sinbad  "Of course. All together then! Crush the xenos, in His Holy Name!"
  287.         Sinbad  dons his helmet
  288.         Sinbad  "Let us go."
  289.         Bellerophon     enages the seals on his helmet
  290.         antoine In the hangar armsmen assemble by shark attack boats, shields and shotguns at the ready. Pilots jump into fury interceptors and craft are rolled onto the launch ramps.
  291.         antoine Patriclus, Joffery, Xavier and the badtroopers all assemble ready to go.
  292.         Bellerophon     orders his honor guard into their assault boat
  293.         antoine The men board the craft
  294.         Bellerophon     steps on himself!
  295.         Sinbad  waits for his brothers to load into their own craft
  296.         Balmung boards the ship and straps in
  297.         Omniel  embarks, checking over his equipment once more.
  298.         Navarre would join the boat carrying the ones most likely to need a doctor's touch.
  299.         antoine Xavier pipes up, "lose-lose position yes?. Stay here and die to ship fire - or throw in my lot with superhuman killing machines with a death wish by assaulting point eared xenos ship! Yes, lose-lose but may be good day to die yes?
  300.         Bellerophon     ++Precisely.++
  301.         Sinbad  "Your faith is almost lacking, Sergeant. But I approve of your viewpoint. I like where your mortals have gone, Brother Devastator."
  302.         Bellerophon     ++They exhibit a fatalism I find endearing.++
  303.         Bellerophon     examines Xavier's and the other's equipment, to see exactly how far his machinations went
  304.         Sinbad  loads in and lowers his own restraints
  305.         Anselm  mumbles lines of prayer beneath his breath.
  306.         antoine Once you are all strapped in the craft shudders before a massive acceleration sends you forth into the void.
  307.         antoine Joffery checks his weapons while rubbing an aquila pendant between two fingers.
  308.         antoine The assault room is deathly quiet as the red glow of battle lighting sets the mood. You overhear snippets of the battle, "Apollo here, take out those defens-", "Launch Starhawk bombers!", "Break rig-***"
  309.         Sinbad  utters the Litany of the Hatred Prayer Prayer
  310.         antoine The retro thrusters fire suddenly before you lurch in your seat, the craft coming to a sudden standstill, after a few moments the melta charges do their work and the hatch opens for you to disembark.
  311.         Anselm  draws his blades immediately as he unclasps himself from his seat and steps out.
  312.         Balmung flexes his hands feeling the points pop beneath his armor
  313.         Balmung follows Anselm out with his weapons drawn
  314.         Omniel  draws his plasma gun, the various arms on his servo harness unfolding as he follows the others.
  315.         Bellerophon     disengages his safety harness and follows the others
  316.         Sinbad  readies his bolter and steps out
  317.         antoine As you exit you find yourself in tight criss-crossing corridors, each corridor connects to numerous others in an almost unintelligible fashion. The corridors are flat with arced walls reaching upwards, a baleful mood sets in as a perfumed musk permeates the area. The lighting is almost non-existent with a few glowing panels set into walls in a haphazard fashion, each a different colour or shade.
  318.         antoine Patriclus is behind a shifting haze as he enters the room, his masking screen hiding his form. Joffery joins Anselm while Xavier and the honor guard move to support Bellerophon.
  319.         Bellerophon     sets his rebreather to recirculate, rather than draw in that....scent
  320.         antoine cackling voices and screams echo through the corridors, the floors and walls are slick with the occasional splash of blood.
  321.         Sinbad  ++They must know we're hear by now.++
  322.         Anselm  ++Remain alert, young one,++ Anselm warns. ++This is most definitely not a normal Eldar vessel...++
  323.         antoine The Salamanders exit the craft, holding their weapons ready. the sergeant speaks, "We can hold our departure point if you wish." the deep bass of his voice echoing down the hallways.
  324.         Bellerophon     ++To where, Brother?++
  325.         Sinbad  "Our thanks, Brothers. We shall return soon, as the Emperor wills."
  326.         Sinbad  draws his power weapon
  327.         Sinbad  ++Those with asupexes. Use them. Brother Omniel, can you adjust to sense for human life?++
  328.         Bellerophon     examines the panels on the wall
  329.         Bellerophon     ++I may have...a potential lead.++
  330.         Omniel  ++I can, but I am detecting nothing as of yet.++
  331.         Bellerophon     points at the glo-panels on the wall
  332.         Sinbad  ++Explain, Brother. We can hone in for the auspex to function.++
  333.         Bellerophon     ++One reads, to the best of my ability, "play area," and another "fool's home."++
  334.         Bellerophon     points in the direction of each
  335.         Sinbad  ++...You got that from xenos scritches? Brother Navarre, tell me of their xenos minds. Where seems to be their holding rooms?++
  336.         Bellerophon     ++Indeed.++
  337.         -->|    Humblemonk ( has joined #XenosHunters
  338.         Sinbad  ++We'll need to scour the ship for two targets regardless. Let us make way to their 'Fool's Home'. All in agreement, or discord?++
  339.         Omniel  ++I have no complaint.++
  340.         Anselm  ++You have my approval. Just remember, Brother...++ The Knight-Brother's tone brightens slightly. ++My duty as Champion is to fight ever-onwards.++
  341.         Balmung ++Never been inside one of these, this will be interesting++
  342.         Sinbad  ++Let us move. All men, alert. Now, haste!++
  343.         antoine The Kill Team heads off towards the "Fool's Home", the lamps Joffery's and Patriclus' shoulders picking out barbs and scythes attached to the walls.
  344.         antoine on Joffery's*
  345.         Sinbad  ++So much wasted steel on this architecture.++
  346.         antoine You hear mad cackles coming from several directions, the criss-crossing corridors opening you to attack from many directions.
  347.         Sinbad  ++Men, we have been greeted by our hosts. Show them our welcoming gifts.++
  348.         Balmung ++INCOMING!++
  349.         Balmung points foward
  350.         Omniel  ++Let the come.++
  351.         Omniel  them*++
  352.         Balmung ++There's 3 of them on grav boards++
  353.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Anselm, NPCs, Balmung, Pat, Xavier and co, Omniel, Belle, Jof”
  354.         Sinbad  ++Throne damn. Those seem nice, for xenos. Let us ruin their fun.++
  355.         Sinbad  makes the sign of the aquilia, and places his weapon across his back in favor for his bolter
  356.         Anselm  lights his power swords. ++Let them try me...++
  357.         antoine Sinbad pitches one from his grav board, which falls to the ground with a screech while the other two deftly dodge the rounds with spark in the darkness further in.
  358.         Sinbad  ++They are fast! Brother Anselm, attract their aggression! Brothers, death from afar!++
  359.         Anselm  takes a few steps forward, and points to the left-most xeno. "Face me if you dare, disgusting cretin! I have slain many harder foes!"
  360.         Anselm  "Come at me, whelp!"
  361.         antoine The flyer Anselm taunted charges for him with his fellow. However, suddenly from the various corridors several more of gliders are seen charging into the group. Some with two handed halbreds, others with chains or nets.
  362.         antoine A member of the honor guard is picked up in a net while Xavier's armour is hooked by chains and he is dragged down a corridor.
  363.         antoine "Argh, Noooo!"
  364.         Bellerophon     ++NO!++
  365.         Bellerophon     ++Omniel. I require your grapnel.++
  366.         antoine Two more of the gliders dash off into different corridors after their attacks.
  367.         Omniel  ++Of course.++
  368.         Bellerophon     ++My thanks. Ensure your auspex can register my vox signal. I may go far.++
  369.         Balmung fires a grenade into his attacker
  370.         antoine The agile rider propels himself away from the blast to safety.
  371.         antoine Patriclus draws a knife and make several stabs at the two enemies assaulting him but the dodge with wicked grins across their faces.
  372.         antoine Xavier continues to scream, "I said good day to die! Not to be taken!"
  373.         antoine Some of the honor guard wound an enemy flyer.
  374.         Omniel  stands calmly amidst the violent melee, searching for a vulnerable target and loosing a stream of vicious plasma from his new weapon.
  375.         antoine The series of blasts vaporises the xenos that had assaulted Balmung.
  376.         Bellerophon     hooks his heavy bolter onto his chest plate as he takes the grapnel from Omniel in one hand and his bolt pistol in the other. He fires on the dark eldar flyer that had stolen one of his retinue with his pistol, and fires the grapnel at the flyer with Xavier, intent on retreiving both.
  377.         antoine The bolt round catches the leg of the xenos, ripping it off and sending the grav board into a turn that smashes it into a wall, the chains become unlinked and Bellerophon drags Xavier back to the safety of the group.
  378.         antoine Joffery slings his shotgun and draws an ornate lathe steel blade that flashes at the enemy but is unable to find purchase.
  379.         Anselm  ++Close and strike, close and strike! We must work on your discipline, boy!++
  380.         Balmung snorts when Anselm calls Joffery boy
  381.         Sinbad  draws his power claymore and goes into the fray with Patriclus
  382.         Sinbad  yells something incomprehensible to all around him
  383.         antoine The claymore cleaves a rider in twain before crashing down into the owners board, splitting the xenos tech in half.
  384.         Anselm  shouts: ++Observe, the proper method of attack!++ He then opens up with a rain of sword-blows on the Hellion which struck him.
  385.         Anselm  shreds apart the Dark Eldar, obliterating him and his skyboard - all that remains is the steaming blood spattered against the Knight-Brother.
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