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Jun 23rd, 2017
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  1. Tech-Level
  2. 1-15 Diesel-Punk: The Pre-War World had the aesthetic of a WW2 era world, but was practically indistinguishable from modern or Cold War era stuff.
  3. 16-50 Cold War Era: What it says on the tin. No silicon computing, picatinny rails, or fancy-schmancy drones. This is what everyone thought the end of the world would be like.
  4. 51-70 Modern: Both cars and guns are made of plastic now, though that stuff isn’t likely to survive the dark times very well. If you can get some modern technology going though, you’ll be a step above.
  5. 71-85 Retro-future: Ray-guns and nuclear powered cars, with some more realistic stuff thrown in to pad it out. Basically Fallout level tech, so an eclectic mix of old and new.
  6. 86-100 Future: No ray guns or nuclear powered cars, but maybe malfunctioning autonomous drones and AIs lying around. Gangs might salvage cybernetic enhancements or solar panels for their vehicles.
  8. Climate
  9. 1-35 Hot and Dusty: The most common kind of apocalypse. Water is scarce on account of it having evaporated somewhere or is highly radioactive. Regular Ol’Mad Max shit. Watch out for dust storms.
  10. 36-55 Grey and Scrubby: Think Stalker or Metro: Last Light. The world has a permanent overcast and the ground is muddy with short twisted plants growing everywhere. Water and food are hard to find because of radiation.
  11. 56-75 Green and Overgrown: Without people, plants have rebounded and taken over. Green and water is everywhere, but is still too radioactive to eat and drink in all likelihood. Good for reminding ourselves of the inconsequentiality of man.
  12. 76-95 Cold and Icy: Nuclear winter baby. Bundle up and stockpile food, because warmth and eats are hard to come by. Water has to be melted. Don’t eat the glowing snow.
  13. 96-100 Wet and Wild: Waterworld. All cars are now equivalent boats.
  15. Mutagenic Factor
  16. 1-50 “Realistic”: Mutations are minimal in wildlife, though wildlife is also scarce. The weirdest thing you’re going to see is an unfortunate two headed deer or maybe a dog with no eyes.
  17. 51-80 Unfortunate: Mutations in animals are grotesque and dangerous. Think Stalker or Metro again. Animals are now a hazard in most places.
  18. 81-100 Midnight Science Theater: Retro-style approach to mutant creatures. Giant ants and scorpions, lizard-men, and rats the size of dogs but otherwise mostly unchanged. Slightly grimmer than all that, to fit with the general tone of the setting.
  20. Location
  21. 1-40 The Wastes: No large settlements in the region, but maybe stuff like gas stations or a small town here and there. Cities are either all destroyed or the only ones left are far enough away that they’re myths.
  22. 41-60 The Wastes but also with a city in it: What it says on the tin. A city can be a good place to find loot, but it’s also full of dangers and hiding places.
  23. 61-85 Hell-burbia: A big city at the center but mostly the outlying areas. Freeways criss-cross the land and are the many arteries of travel, as the main ground is clogged with cookie cutter housing and strip malls.
  24. 86-100: Mega City: The entire region is just one giant city. Beyond it’s borders are wastes no one crosses. Everything people want must be acquired from within it’s towering buildings and twisted streets.
  26. Landmarks
  27. 1-20 Battlefield: Decaying hulks of the End Times all piled for the world to see. Rusting tanks, planes, and the like along the bodies of their operators.
  28. 21-40 Bunker: Either a pre-war hold fast that was abandoned, a section of the subway system, or just particularly well reinforced basement.
  29. 41-50 A Quagmire: A region known for being very difficult to traverse. Maybe it's a bog, maybe it's a perpetual sandstorm. In any case, it'll be a big factor in trade routes and the like.
  30. 51-60 A Mall: An icon of a decadent but ultimately self destructive lifestyle. Sprawling and dark, but filled with goodies for the intrepid scavver though.
  31. 61-75 Very tall thing: A radio tower, singularly tall skyscraper, or otherwise. This is a manmade monolith that can be seen for miles.
  32. 76-90: Natural Landmark: A lonely mountain, deep valley, or
  33. 91-100 Historical Landmark: A very ancient pre-war building that managed to stay standing. Guaranteed to have cultural significance and out of place architecture. Probably not too damaged either.
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