Gistech the angry butthurt stalker is trolling again

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  2. SWBF: ZeroFront, Alien Wars Reboot + Walking Dead July 2019
  3. Gistech the angry butthurt stalker is trolling again, spamming lies on facebook
  5. Off-key from the epic productions SWBFModders is working on these days, but this needs to be mentioned.
  7. In case anybody has noticed on steam, there is some troll going around by the name of Gistech putting out some seriously salty lies. He's basically a neckbeard and stalker, but to me he's the highlight of my day since I find broken record poser trolls like him amusing. I'm not a stalker with mental issues, but gistech sure is! He really gets steaming mad (like ledtroll) if you call him out for his trolling, too. Anyway, that aside, he claims every single person that is not him is a troll. He also lies about what I claim. I never claim others who aren't me are trolls. There's over 7 billion people, and I named a few dozen trolls in their butthurt neckbeard cult. Not everyone. Gareth is mentally ill. Also, he claims I didn't invent SWBFSpy.
  11. The 100% factual truth is that I co-invented SWBFSpy with [FC]Wolf, and Gistech is a lying piece of shit troll for claiming otherwise. Anyone else who also denies the truth is a troll, since proof was posted that we thought of it first, and were talking about it in Dec 2013 before anyone else came along and tried to hijack it. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT LYING SCUMBAG GISTECH, HE'S A JEALOUS FAILURE WHO CAN'T MOD OR CODE ANYTHING USEFUL. He wants to discredit me because I revolutioned SWBF when he couldn't. With mods, servers, master server, leaderboards, and more that mentally ill moron is constantly spewing salty lies and propaganda about. What a stupid, ignorant loser Ggctuk is.
  13. I don't claim anyone who disagrees with me is a 'fake Nazi poser troll with mental issues', I only call them that when they prove they are, like I have done with GistechTroll. He is fake because he spreads lies about SWBFSpy and its true founders. He is a nazi because he supported censorship of my TWD mods and constantly spews lies about it no longer being actively developed (funny, see my moddb progress compared to his). He is a poser troll for always claiming I couldn't mod, when he is the one who makes shit mods, and never helped with servers or was ever involved in any capacity with the SWBFSpy project. Gistroll has mental issues because of all the lies and hate he constantly spews about me, only nazis attack the truth and try to censor it by claiming the historical facts aren't factual -- and the facts are that Wolf and Phobos created SWBFSpy. Gistech is part of a circlejerk of butthurt nolife basement-dwellers who THINK they are "everyone", when in reality they're a small pathetic group of worthless retarded nobodies. Ignore him and all of the lies he spews on facebook and other sites, he really makes the game look bad.
  15. It's impossible for gistech the troll to 'play nice', he always has to lash out with more BS and futile discrediting attempts, thinking he is someone capable of censoring the true history of what actually happened. He's that bad, he literally claims that Steam moderators aren't fake Nazi trolls, when it's been proven countless times there are several trolls who are corrupted steam mods. Gistech is so out of touch with reality he can't stop spreading lies about me and the fact that I built SWBFSpy from the ground up with the help of Wolf, CHC, Masaq, and the OpenSpy team. Everyone should block GisTroll on social media, he's a jealous mad stalker with paranoia issues and a massive ego.
  17. IGNORE THAT LYING SCUMBAG GISTECH, HE KNOWS WOLF AND PHOBOS INVENTED SWBFSPY. So funny how they pretend hijacking a domain we were waiting to register is "inventing" something that Wolf and I posted a project outline for, we named the project, we invented the concept and the server, Gistech on the other hand invented nothing. His fake poser legacy spam is also a waste of time, it's done nothing for the community, unlike my mods and server mods.
  19. Read the real story here, and judge for yourself [b][/b]
  21. Worry not, by the way, Gistech troll always steals what is said and then twists it around. He really is a pathetic coward who hides behind lies and then expects them not to get called out, haha. He agreed to lay off me, but then he went and broke that agreement within 24 hours, and started boasting about how he was false flagging my Steam posts due to being butthurt that I once again, saved SWBF MP and provided the solution + tutorial for everyone to use, via the SWBFSpy service hosted by SWBFModders. Such a sad little moron, who tried to kill the game but failed, he has nothing original to say or build. He broke the agreement he made, then got upset when I called him out again for it. He also attacked my YouTube channel, spammed my inbox again which invalidated his entire fake promise on Steam boards to not spread more hatred about me. Yet Gistech continues to this day to show how much of a pathetic, worthless coward he is and spreading lies on social media in a desperate attempt to make people believe his weak sad fantasy which has nothing to do with reality. Such a moron, he can't twist the truth, even if a bunch of other mentally retarded trolls like him all hold hands in a circle and play "make believe".
  23. To recap the main points
  24. - Gistech is a liar and cyberstalker who makes false claims about me and the true foundership of SWBFSpy, he's still too much of a jealous coward to admit Wolf and I invented SWBFSpy.
  25. - I find his broken record trolling and defending of confirmed steam shills quite amusing, when tim had a meltdown and started defending propaganda from their nazi neckbeard cult.
  26. - I never claimed "anyone who isn't me = troll", Gistech wants to believe his weak cult of basement rejects are everyone, because they live in their own little galaxy far away.
  27. - It's not impossible for me to play nice, it is for Gistech though. We have many new players on SWBFSpy who joined in May, they have caused no trouble and again confirmed Gistech is full of shit.
  28. - Gistech is so bad you can easily assume that he is psychotic, when someone like gistech/led/anyder/etc. spreads lies and cowers behind the percieved safety of other liars, they start to feel smug and like they can warp reality in any twisted way of their choosing, even when they had nothing to do with certain things.
  29. - Gistech lies and makes agreements only to turn around and bream them, then make a scene when he gets called out for trolling yet again and proving he's an oxygen-waste scumbag.
  30. - SWBFSpy will always be admin by [FC]Phobos, the only other founder besides [FC]Wolf, we invented the project, we talked about it and started building it first, and anyone else who tried to hijack it from us never managed to get anywhere besides a banlist.
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