I thought I'd catch up with everybody

KevinOrr Aug 15th, 2014 316 Never
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  1. (00:58:08) ChatBot: Welcome to Periwinkle Public Chat. Please follow the rules, found here -> RULES -- And join us at PLUG.DJ here -> PLUG.DJ
  2. (23:54:03) l2el3ound: Brunight!
  3. (23:54:10) ChatBot: sahdee logs out of the Chat.
  4. (00:02:17) ChatBot: <AFK>_tiercel logs out of the Chat.
  5. (00:05:30) ChatBot: (Red_Vidya) has been logged out (Timeout).
  6. (00:08:56) ChatBot: l2el3ound has been logged out (Timeout).
  7. (00:42:12) ChatBot: Red_October logs into the Chat.
  8. (00:49:15) ChatBot: Red_October has been logged out (Timeout).
  9. (00:49:36) Rockdale: I hate all of you.
  10. (00:50:12) ChatBot: Rockdale logs out of the Chat.
  11. (00:58:09) ChatBot: Elaifiknow logs into the Chat.
  12. (00:58:44) Elaifiknow: aw :-(
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