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  1. 09/13 Impact in Mexico City results
  3. please credit
  4. @AnotherSpammer
  5. @elmarioalberto
  6. @record_mexico
  8. - Dragon Bane, Aramis, Latigo beat Arez, Chik Tormenta, Star Fire
  9. (for Xplosion?)
  10. - Pentagon Jr. & Fenix beat Rich Swann & Matt Sydal
  11. - Eddie Kingston beat Kronoz
  12. (other OGZ got involved, squash)
  13. - Faby Apache beat Alisha Edwards
  14. (in-ring interview set up Faby Apache vs Tessa Blancard)
  15. - Petey Williams beat Puma King, Jack Evans and Trevor Lee
  16. (Williams beats Lee)
  17. - Santana & Ortiz beat the Desi Hit Squad (Gursinder Singh and Rohit Raju)
  18. (On the screen post-match, OGZ taunted Konnan about losing his mask in Mexico and burned an old Konnan mask)
  19. - Moose, Killer Kross (w/Austin Aries) beat Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards
  20. (Aries distracted lead to Edwards being pinned)
  21. - Kiera Hogan, Allie beat Su Yung, ? (maybe an Undead Bridesmaid.)
  22. (Scarlett Bordeaux talked with the announcers after, maybe unrelated.)
  23. - Eli Drake COR La Parka
  24. (AAA La Parka answering an open challenge. Eli Drake walked out.)
  25. - Freelance, Iron Kid & Astrolux beat Belial, Impulso & Fly Metal, Iron Kid
  26. (for Xplosion?)
  27. - Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Cage went to a no finish against Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Dave Crist
  28. (OVE attacked the referee. Sets up an "OVE Rules" rematch at Bound for Glory)
  29. - Austin Aries beats Texano to retain the Impact Championship
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