Shoulder-ing An Injury

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  1. [22:13] Tonashi Botcher says, "Okay then"
  2. [22:13] Paradox had a very crushed shoulder.
  3. (Paradox)
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. [22:14] Aki Kurokaiyo says, "Ouch.."
  7. [22:26] Tonashi would look at the arm and would shake his head. The woman must have been fighting a beast extremely strong. The doctor would see that even if she could it was impossible to truly make her arm go back to normal.
  9. Tonashi would then get a sedative from his backpack. Slowly he inject near her neck. Allowing it to flow to the whole body. "This arm would feel what im doing so. He begin to slice open the shoulder. It was a mess of bones, flesh and blood. Indeed it was gone. Taking out his mythril. He then copy down the other arms bone structure. Once done he would cut through the shoulder blade of the destroyed area. Removing the bones that were crushed he would then begin to take out the destroyed flesh. He was careful so the arm stayed intact. He would then be able to have the measurements as he created a new shoulder blade for the area. He slice open the arm further. He would then add some mithril structure around the arm area. He would then place the new shoulder blade.
  11. She feel a snap as he connect the lineage together. Adding some runes along the way to feel the sensitivity around the area as a normal arm. It be painful but it would be like arm was never gone. Once done he would then begin to sew up the remaining fresh flesh to cover up the mithril. It took inch by inch as almost the man worked art. Covering up the shoulder finally. He then push on the shoulder as the scribes would all link with the mithril. She feel as arm was right back to normal.
  13. His eyes were extremely focused.
  15. Cleaning his hands and also applying lax as the new structures would take a bit time to adjust. Tonashi would look to her.
  17. "If you have any further problems or need adjustments come see me."
  19. A smile and nod given.
  22. (Tonashi Botcher)
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. [22:35] Aki was watching the process of how a shattered arm would be put back to gather seeing what he did slicing the open the shoulder it was indeed. Shattered almost beyond repair. Removing those bones that were utterly demolished it was quite gruesome to watch. However she was taking notes.
  27. "Hm.."
  29. Seeing him add in the mithril structure into the arm connecting some lineage together along with the runes making it so the arm was quite moveable at least. It did look painful but it was interesting to watch as well.
  31. She knew Paradox was able to within such a thing and soon the wound was covered right back up as if it was being snitched back up. Like wise Tonashi was a pro at what he did and seeing him do such a surgery was always good to observe since he was learning the ways of how to use a kit.
  33. "Interesting...but looks like the arm is good and new...glad your back together love and in once piece at least." Aki looked to Tonashi.
  35. "Miran said he had a some sort of plan to getting you're child back by the way."
  36. (Aki Kurokaiyo)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [22:35] "Fought a wraith in a dungeon.. it crushed me with gravity magic, dodged most of it." Which was obvious most likely. The masked one seems content to let them work how they wished, and the pain didn't seem to bother them at all..
  41. If anything it was stored away for later, to fuel their Occultism.
  43. Though after a time the surgery was completed, the flesh sewn over the replaced parts of themselves. "Thank you.. Perhaps I should dodge just a bit better next time.." Usually they were better at it, but oh well.
  44. (Paradox)
  45. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. [22:36] Paradox says, "Thank you Tonashi."
  48. [22:38] Tonashi would look to them both and smile.
  50. "Anything for you two. You done a lot for me and I am extremely grateful. Literally i respect you both to the highest regard and would help you anyway i could. Like i told you both. If you ever need anything i will grant you it if i have it."
  52. He then look to her.
  54. "Really?!" His tail swishing at the thought of his son being alive.
  55. (Tonashi Botcher)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. [22:41] "Yes." She nods twice. It was what she was told and Aki would point toward the door.
  60. "He should be still within moonfall but it makes sense because I've heard of a culprit that one of the demons caught some time ago in Osrona. They might be trying to trade for you're kid. Is what I've heard from that might be it." A light shrug.
  62. "Though it could be something different."
  63. (Aki Kurokaiyo
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