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  1. RECKL3SSxI has joined the chat
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  7. MelodyMetalhead: Jerry go back to bed
  8. MelodyMetalhead: lmfao
  9. UdderxX: She's a hoe
  10. Cvmiicz: cut it out udder.
  11. Spoofer: Okay.
  12. Spoofer: Goodnight.
  13. Cvmiicz: get out.
  14. MelodyMetalhead: ni ni xD
  15. UdderxX: He even admitted it.
  16. Spoofer has left the chat
  17. Cvmiicz: lmfao
  18. Cvmiicz: who cares?
  19. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Bye Jerry
  20. MelodyMetalhead: lmaoo
  21. UdderxX: I'm bringing in a expert.
  22. MelodyMetalhead: I love how the whole call just like
  23. Cvmiicz: k.
  24. MelodyMetalhead: died lauging
  25. MelodyMetalhead: xD
  26. Cvmiicz: lol.
  27. IxRECKL3SSxI: Yo. Cow tiddys <.<
  28. MelodyMetalhead: and
  29. IxRECKL3SSxI: Can I suck on your udders?
  30. Cvmiicz: lol.
  31. MelodyMetalhead: if you're talking about brests being sexual.
  32. UdderxX: Oh, my friend agreed, in a way anyways.
  33. MelodyMetalhead: Back in the old days woman could freely walk around with just a skirt on.
  34. MelodyMetalhead: Because Brests werent sexual objects by birth.
  35. Cvmiicz: True
  36. IxRECKL3SSxI: <_<
  37. UdderxX: No, touch me, I'lll track your IP and assassinate you.
  38. MelodyMetalhead: so excuse you sir.
  39. IxRECKL3SSxI: Udder?
  40. MelodyMetalhead: ooh
  41. IxRECKL3SSxI: Can I touch your breasts?
  43. IxRECKL3SSxI: z
  44. Cvmiicz: lol.
  45. MelodyMetalhead: flagged ;o
  46. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: ^
  47. IxRECKL3SSxI: z
  48. MelodyMetalhead: z
  49. UdderxX: Uhm, boobs are used in sex.
  50. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: z
  51. MelodyMetalhead: lmao.
  52. IxRECKL3SSxI: Only if you want them to be.
  53. UdderxX: What do you think guys mostly grab onto during sex.
  54. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: So are hands
  55. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Feet
  56. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Belly buttons
  57. MelodyMetalhead: boobs are also used to feed new borns
  58. Cvmiicz: lol
  59. IxRECKL3SSxI: Do you like your boobs being touched Udder?
  60. MelodyMetalhead: and help give life
  61. MelodyMetalhead: your point?
  62. UdderxX: Which is immoral.
  63. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Okay
  64. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Nvm
  65. UdderxX: You lust for the flesh of man.
  66. MelodyMetalhead: lmao.
  67. Cvmiicz: lmfaooo
  68. UdderxX: e.e
  69. IxRECKL3SSxI: You lust for the flesh of this DDIIIIIICCCKKKKKK
  70. MelodyMetalhead: LMAO
  71. Cvmiicz: XD
  72. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: GOT EEEEEM
  73. Ascetic has joined the chat
  74. Cvmiicz: LMFAO
  75. IxRECKL3SSxI: Wanna touch it babyboy?
  76. UdderxX: When you are dead, walking on the flesh of your loved ones and friends as you hear
  77. Cvmiicz: ooo
  78. UdderxX: them scream. I'll be there to laugh.
  79. IxRECKL3SSxI: Edgy.
  80. Cvmiicz: Cute fit <
  81. IxRECKL3SSxI: Some kind of emo fuckboi I guess.
  82. Cvmiicz: >
  83. IxRECKL3SSxI: How old are you Udder?
  84. MelodyMetalhead: how old are you kid? xD
  85. UdderxX: Reckless? You are being reckless.
  86. IxRECKL3SSxI: Oh
  87. IxRECKL3SSxIIxRECKL3SSxI : How original
  88. Cvmiicz: Oh
  89. Ascetic: UdderxX
  90. UdderxX: You are assuming who I am.
  91. Ascetic: I've heard a lot about you.
  92. MelodyMetalhead: I'm tempted to report as a minor and that way he has no ap c:
  93. UdderxX: By who?
  94. Cvmiicz: lol.
  95. IxRECKL3SSxI: How old are ya kiddo?
  96. Ascetic: I'm not mentioning names.
  97. UdderxX: Kurt?
  98. KurtJoeCobain: O_O
  99. Ascetic: By I've surely heard all about you.
  100. UdderxX: I know you
  101. KurtJoeCobain: What the fuck?
  102. Ascetic: but*
  103. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Do you ?
  104. UdderxX: Hey Kut
  105. UdderxX: Kurt*
  106. KurtJoeCobain: Do I know you?
  107. Cvmiicz: sounds like cunt
  108. Cvmiicz: z
  109. UdderxX: We met in another room.
  110. UdderxX: With your friends
  111. UdderxX: That all believe in hitler.
  112. KurtJoeCobain: What room?
  113. MelodyMetalhead: ah.
  114. KurtJoeCobain: Purgatory?
  115. KurtJoeCobain: Or...
  116. KurtJoeCobain: The Hospital?
  117. MelodyMetalhead: hue hue hue
  118. IxRECKL3SSxIIxRECKL3SSxI : Believe in Hitler????
  119. IxRECKL3SSxI: Was he not human.
  120. IxRECKL3SSxI: And actually live?
  121. UdderxX: Ascetic, if you are here to harass me, I'll sure to report you.
  122. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Hitler was still aliving breathing person >.>
  123. UdderxX: No
  124. Cvmiicz: o.o
  125. Ascetic: I am not here to harass anyone.
  126. UdderxX: Purgatory.
  127. MelodyMetalhead: Hitlar was also probably raised brest fed ;.
  128. Ascetic: I simply decided to enter a random room.
  129. KurtJoeCobain: Ahh.
  130. MelodyMetalhead: * ;/
  131. UdderxX: Remember?
  132. KurtJoeCobain: Hitlar?
  133. KurtJoeCobain: Really...
  134. MelodyMetalheadMelodyMetalhead : *hitler
  135. MelodyMetalhead: faggot.
  136. MelodyMetalhead: its 4am
  137. MelodyMetalhead: xD
  138. KurtJoeCobain: Yeah. I probably booted you, right?
  139. UdderxX: You and your friends, jumped me because I gave you all a lil hisory lesson of why we killed
  140. UdderxX: him.
  141. UdderxX: history*
  143. MelodyMetalhead: wtf.
  144. MelodyMetalhead: oh
  146. IxRECKL3SSxI: Z
  147. KurtJoeCobain: Are you a fucking German?
  148. KurtJoeCobain: Or a fucking Jew?
  149. MelodyMetalhead: so since you apparently know "History"
  150. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: No, but my friends are.
  151. Ascetic  whispers: Udder is a teenage girl who is trying to attempt "trolling"
  152. UdderxX: I have friends everywhere.
  153. Ascetic  whispers: It's funny to watch them cripple with simple statements.
  154. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Wow
  155. Ascetic  whispers: It's fun.
  156. KurtJoeCobain: You have friend?
  157. KurtJoeCobain: WHere?
  158. UdderxX: Even in anonymous.
  159. Ascetic  whispers: :)
  160. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: WOW
  161. MelodyMetalhead: surely you know the history behind how brest were once a free thing and never sexual. Then how they one day became sexual.
  162. MelodyMetalhead: Wouldn't you?
  163. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Whoa bro
  164. IxRECKL3SSxI: <_<
  165. IxRECKL3SSxIIxRECKL3SSxI : Ey girl
  166. Cvmiicz: lmfaoooooo
  167. UdderxX: I'm going to guess Kurt, you did not come in here by mistake.
  168. MelodyMetalhead: aye.
  169. KurtJoeCobain: Why would I?
  170. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: Well
  171. KurtJoeCobain: "Clicked Join"
  172. KurtJoeCobain: AND GUESS WHAT!
  173. MelodyMetalhead: xD
  174. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: How can anyone "accidently" come in here
  175. KurtJoeCobain: I joined the room.
  176. UdderxX: And I never told reckless I'm bi-gender, yet she knows.
  177. MelodyMetalhead: lmaoo
  178. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: When we phyically click on the button
  179. UdderxX: Someone told her.
  180. IxRECKL3SSxI: I guessed.
  181. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Bi-Gender?
  182. KurtJoeCobain: What the fuck is that?
  183. IxRECKL3SSxI: It's kinda clear.
  184. Ascetic: Bi-gender.
  185. Ascetic: I've choked on my coffee.
  186. KurtJoeCobain: Gender-fluid...
  187. KurtJoeCobain: I got you.
  188. UdderxX: Not gender-fluid
  189. MelodyMetalhead: PFFT
  190. KurtJoeCobain: How old are you, Uddder?
  191. Cvmiicz: e,e
  192. UdderxX: bi-gender
  193. KurtJoeCobain: Udder*
  194. MelodyMetalhead: this
  195. IxRECKL3SSxI: How old are you though?
  196. MelodyMetalhead: this just
  197. MelodyMetalheadMelodyMetalhead : explains everything.
  198. Cvmiicz: just say it
  199. Cvmiicz: lol
  200. Cvmiicz: get it over with
  201. IxRECKL3SSxI: I'm gonna guess at about 15???
  202. UdderxX: Melody, do you have something involved in this?
  203. MelodyMetalhead  throws her hands up
  204. KurtJoeCobain: 14.
  205. Cvmiicz: dont be a pussy
  206. Cvmiicz: lol.
  207. MelodyMetalhead: He/ she is just a teenage chick on his/ her monthly.
  208. MelodyMetalhead: got it
  209. KurtJoeCobain: SAY YOUR AGE!
  210. Cvmiicz: ^^
  211. UdderxX: They all did not come into this room, until you got slutty.
  212. Cvmiicz: LMFAOOO
  213. IxRECKL3SSxI: I was following the tiddys
  214. Cvmiicz: just say your age
  215. KurtJoeCobain: Udder is a female teenageer.
  216. KurtJoeCobain: Teenager&
  217. KurtJoeCobain: *
  218. Cvmiicz: dont lie
  219. UdderxX: I'm not a teenager.
  220. Cvmiicz: if you lie you are fake
  221. UdderxX: I'm old enough to be your parent.
  222. Cvmiicz: lmfao
  223. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: You're right'
  224. Cvmiicz: 45?
  226. KurtJoeCobain: I'm 26.
  227. UdderxX: No
  228. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: pre-teen
  229. Cvmiicz: 10
  230. UdderxX: No
  231. Cvmiicz: 12
  232. Cvmiicz: 13
  233. UdderxX: No
  234. Cvmiicz: 15
  235. KurtJoeCobain: How old are you?
  236. UdderxX: No
  237. Cvmiicz: 16
  238. UdderxX: No
  239. Cvmiicz: 17
  240. UdderxX: No
  241. Cvmiicz: 18
  242. UdderxX: No
  243. UdderxX: No
  244. Cvmiicz: stfu
  245. Cvmiicz: say your age bitch
  246. KurtJoeCobain  boots
  247. UdderxX: xD
  248. Cvmiicz: LMFAOOO
  249. Cvmiicz: pussy
  250. UdderxX: I'm not mobile, duh.
  251. KurtJoeCobain: What?
  252. UdderxX: Cannot boot, unless you are a mod or owner.
  253. KurtJoeCobain: The fuck are you on?
  254. KurtJoeCobain: You dumb cunt.
  255. KurtJoeCobain: I know this.
  256. Cvmiicz: say your age
  257. Cvmiicz: lmfao
  258. MelodyMetalhead: lmao.
  259. KurtJoeCobain: That's why I did the /me action.
  260. UdderxX: This amusses me.
  261. KurtJoeCobain: You need to learn some shit.
  262. KurtJoeCobain: Amuses*
  263. UdderxX: You're all being children.
  264. Ascetic: Amuses*
  265. Ascetic: dollface.
  266. UdderxX: Listen.
  267. KurtJoeCobain: But fuck off and learn to spell.
  268. UdderxX: Just, listen.
  269. Cvmiicz: lol.
  270. KurtJoeCobain  reads
  271. KurtJoeCobain: We are in chat.
  272. IxRECKL3SSxI: I wwouldn't say its hard to amuse your simple mind.
  273. MelodyMetalhead: no no no. Pre-teen is to much credit.
  274. Cvmiicz: lmfaoo
  275. KurtJoeCobain: We are not in a call.
  276. IxRECKL3SSxI: wouldn't*
  277. KurtJoeCobain: You fucking retard.
  278. MelodyMetalhead: I say 7 is more accurate.
  279. Ascetic: If you're old enough to be my parent, at least try and use proper grammar and check your spelling to make it seem as if you are an actual adult.
  280. Cvmiicz: 8?
  281. KurtJoeCobain: If we were in call, we could all listen.
  282. MelodyMetalhead: 4?
  283. UdderxX: You are all coming at me, when this is just pointless.
  284. Cvmiicz: 9?
  285. Cvmiicz: 10?
  286. Cvmiicz: 11?
  287. Cvmiicz: 12?
  288. MelodyMetalhead: 5?
  289. Cvmiicz: 13?
  290. MelodyMetalhead: 6?
  291. MelodyMetalhead: 7?
  292. Cvmiicz: 2
  293. MelodyMetalhead: 8?
  294. Cvmiicz: ?
  295. Cvmiicz: 1?
  296. KurtJoeCobain: So?
  297. MelodyMetalhead: -0?
  298. Cvmiicz: 0?
  299. KurtJoeCobain: 0?
  300. IxRECKL3SSxI: I'd say...hmmm.... preschool age matches best.
  301. MelodyMetalhead: oh my god guys.
  302. MelodyMetalhead: Hes still a fetus
  303. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: -2
  304. Cvmiicz: your still a fetus
  305. Cvmiicz: lmfao
  306. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : -10*
  307. IxRECKL3SSxI: -2 <---- Not even thought about yet.
  308. KurtJoeCobain: 11 years behind time.
  309. UdderxX: Why put effort towards harassing me. That is just being immature of your own actions towards another individual.
  310. IxRECKL3SSxI: Explains a lot
  311. Cvmiicz: lol.
  312. KurtJoeCobain: Are you going to report us?
  313. Ascetic: Why are you so nervous about announcing your age?
  314. KurtJoeCobain: I'm 26.
  315. MelodyMetalhead: because you ma'am needs to get off your period if you think we're harrasing you.
  316. UdderxX: Why am I going to report something that's funny as this?
  317. KurtJoeCobain  flags
  318. Cvmiicz: just say your age lol
  319. Cvmiicz: im getting annoyed
  320. Cvmiicz: and its annoying
  321. Cvmiicz: so
  322. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Melody, you are not understanding. Kurt knows me from weeks ago.
  323. KurtJoeCobain: I do?
  324. Cvmiicz: stop changing the subject
  325. MelodyMetalhead: you seem to also not understand.
  326. UdderxX: He's coming at me now, after weeks has past.
  327. KurtJoeCobain: I may have met you once.
  328. MelodyMetalhead: I. Don't. Fucking. Care.
  329. UdderxX: Than stay out of it.
  330. Cvmiicz: lmfaooo
  331. KurtJoeCobain: Do you want me to trash you?
  332. MelodyMetalhead: hes my friend xD
  333. MelodyMetalhead: well
  334. MelodyMetalhead: at least I think he is?
  335. Ascetic: Please, you are conceited.
  336. MelodyMetalhead: O.o
  337. UdderxX: Kurt, you won't do anything.
  338. MelodyMetalhead: ha ha.
  339. KurtJoeCobain: Really?
  340. Ascetic: Kurt is here to speak with me.
  341. KurtJoeCobain: Haha.
  342. Ascetic: Don't flatter yourself.
  343. Ascetic: ;)
  344. MelodyMetalhead: to be honest.
  345. Ascetic: You keep nagging it like you want Kurt to do something.
  346. UdderxX: You are a worthless punk, that spreads rumors of others, because you don't have your own life to talk about.
  347. Cvmiicz: LOL.
  348. KurtJoeCobain: HA!!!
  349. MelodyMetalhead: Everyone is here because I was sharing screens when you started shit with me.
  350. KurtJoeCobain: I spread rumours?
  351. MelodyMetalhead: Sorry but Kurt isnt interisted in you miss.
  352. KurtJoeCobain: No bitch. I make the rumours real.
  353. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: You are speading rumors.
  354. KurtJoeCobain: What rumours?
  355. Cvmiicz: *is done*
  356. MelodyMetalhead: I'm so confused.
  357. KurtJoeCobain: Interested*
  358. MelodyMetalhead: what rumors?
  359. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: I'm UDDELY confused.
  360. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: UDDERLY*
  361. Ascetic: Udder thinks people are so in love with them that they sit and think about her all the time.
  362. Cvmiicz: IM DEAD
  363. UdderxX: Ascetic even said she heard rumors, and the fact you both came in at the same time.
  364. Cvmiicz: LMFAO
  365. IxRECKL3SSxI: and fap over it
  366. Cvmiicz: THIS IS STUPID
  367. Cvmiicz: IM OUT OF THIS LMFAOOO
  368. KurtJoeCobain: <.<
  369. AsceticAscetic Whisper: I didn't say I heard rumors, I said I've heard about you.
  370. MelodyMetalhead: ha ha.
  371. KurtJoeCobain: You know what rumours I spread?
  372. Cvmiicz: you guys have fun
  373. Cvmiicz: im out
  374. Ascetic: Kurt, to be honest.
  375. Cvmiicz: XD
  376. Ascetic: I don't even know who you are.
  377. MelodyMetalhead: alright hun ^^
  378. Cvmiicz: im staying
  379. KurtJoeCobain: Lol.
  380. Cvmiicz: but
  381. KurtJoeCobain: Yes.
  382. Cvmiicz: i dont want in this
  383. MelodyMetalhead: well.
  384. KurtJoeCobain: We can get to know each other.
  385. AsceticAscetic Whisper: This is the first time I've spoken or been in a room with you.
  386. MelodyMetalhead: while you guys have fun.
  387. Ascetic: Sounds like a blast.
  388. MelodyMetalhead: ima go make some pasta.
  389. KurtJoeCobain: I don't think so.
  390. KurtJoeCobain: Butg maybe.
  391. Cvmiicz: ooo
  392. Cvmiicz: share?
  393. KurtJoeCobain: But*
  394. Cvmiicz: :D
  395. MelodyMetalhead: even though I should go to sleep.
  396. MelodyMetalhead: but
  397. Cvmiicz: lol.
  398. MelodyMetalhead: I'm hungry af
  399. Ascetic: It will.
  400. MelodyMetalheadMelodyMetalhead : x'D
  401. KurtJoeCobain: Do you know who SchizophrenicKiller is?
  402. Cvmiicz: never too late for food
  403. Cvmiicz: XD
  404. Ascetic: Nope.
  405. MelodyMetalhead: fr.
  406. KurtJoeCobain: Good.
  407. Cvmiicz: :P
  408. KurtJoeCobain: That's a bad person.
  409. IxRECKL3SSxI: Verry bad person.
  410. UdderxX: Name looks familiar.
  411. KurtJoeCobain: That's me.
  412. IxRECKL3SSxI: very*
  413. KurtJoeCobain: (=
  414. KurtJoeCobain: I'd fucking destroy you.
  415. UdderxX: You should learn your sentences as well.
  416. UdderxX: Bud, you don't scare me.
  417. KurtJoeCobain: How so?
  418. KurtJoeCobain: I don't need to scare you.
  419. KurtJoeCobain: I'm on the other side of a computer.
  420. UdderxX: KurtJoeCobain: I'd fucking destroy you.
  421. KurtJoeCobain: Are you a fucking dumb twat?
  422. Ascetic: I don't think that was directed towards you.
  423. KurtJoeCobain: I'd destroy anyone with words.
  424. UdderxX: Your words are weak.
  425. KurtJoeCobain: It's fun to see people cry.
  426. KingMaddog has joined the chat
  427. KurtJoeCobain: Haha.
  428. UdderxX: Like your brain.
  429. KurtJoeCobain: Are they?
  430. KurtJoeCobain: That's awesome.
  431. KurtJoeCobain: D'aww.
  432. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : So sweet.
  433. KurtJoeCobain: But..
  434. KingMaddog: Yo guys
  435. UdderxX: Hello.
  436. KurtJoeCobain: Let me tell you something.
  437. UdderxX: Tell yourself something.
  438. KurtJoeCobain: I'm one you'll never be able to troll.
  439. UdderxX: No one cares
  440. KurtJoeCobain: I don't need to .
  441. UdderxX: I don't troll.
  442. KurtJoeCobain: You're a fucking dumb arse with simple 4 year old come backs.
  443. KurtJoeCobain: What rumours do I spread on imvu?
  444. UdderxX: Last I checked, you are the one hyped up on trying to attack me.
  445. KurtJoeCobain: Ha!
  446. KurtJoeCobain: It's a computer.
  447. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : You're on it.
  448. IxRECKL3SSxI: KingMaddog. Please don't add me.
  449. KurtJoeCobain: I'm on the other side of the world.
  450. KingMaddog: Ok
  451. KurtJoeCobain: KingMaddog.. Don't add me either.
  453. UdderxX: No, it's console, that uses software for personal and busniess usage.
  454. KurtJoeCobain: You said "Yo".
  455. IxRECKL3SSxI: Comes in and just randomly adds. Hasn't said a fucking word.
  456. KurtJoeCobain: Then why the fuck are you on imvu?
  457. UdderxX: it's a console*
  458. IxRECKL3SSxI: Idgaf
  459. UdderxX: Because I have a right to be.
  460. IxRECKL3SSxI: Shut up Kurt.
  461. KingMaddog: This is my fucking life
  462. KurtJoeCobain: This isn't for business nor personal reasonings.
  463. MelodyMetalhead has left the chat
  464. UdderxX: Kurt, you need to grow up.
  465. KurtJoeCobain: You living is not even your own personal reasoning.
  466. UdderxX: You don't let things go.
  467. KurtJoeCobain  grows up
  468. KurtJoeCobain: How old are you?
  469. UdderxX: Bud, I am grown up.
  470. KurtJoeCobain: Say your age.
  471. KurtJoeCobain: Tell me how grown up.
  472. KurtJoeCobain: 12?
  473. UdderxX: I'm a writer and soon a investor.
  474. KingMaddog: If you saw me in rl you do not want to get punched
  475. KurtJoeCobain: Shut the fuck up, Nigger.
  476. IxRECKL3SSxI: an*
  477. KingMaddog: i am 22
  478. UdderxX: <.< Kurt, are that racist?
  479. IxRECKL3SSxI: an investor*
  480. KurtJoeCobain: I don't care about your age.
  481. KurtJoeCobain: I am a fucking racist.
  482. KurtJoeCobain: What's your problem with it?
  483. UdderxX: Ah, indeed.
  484. KurtJoeCobain: Do you have a problem?
  485. KurtJoeCobain: Can I not Hail White Power?
  486. KingMaddog: You know what i am going to hack you
  487. KurtJoeCobain: Okay.
  488. UdderxX: What you are doing here will be considered a hate crime in real life.
  489. IxRECKL3SSxI: If your so amazing in rl, show us a picture.
  490. KurtJoeCobain: I'm right here.
  491. KurtJoeCobain: HACK ME.
  492. UdderxX: Which is like five years in prison.
  493. UdderxX: @Kurt
  494. KurtJoeCobain: Ha.
  495. KingMaddog: OK because all your stuff is going to be gone
  496. KurtJoeCobain: Okay.
  497. UdderxX: And the fact you're harassing individuals online is a federal offence.
  498. KurtJoeCobain: Please.
  499. IxRECKL3SSxI: Kurt, IMVU jail for you bby.
  500. IxRECKL3SSxI: xD
  501. KurtJoeCobain: Offense*
  502. UdderxX: Which is also 5-10 years in prison.
  503. KurtJoeCobain: You're a writer?
  504. KurtJoeCobain: LOL!
  505. IxRECKL3SSxI: I doubt that.
  506. KurtJoeCobain: Bitch, go get a different profession.
  507. KingMaddog: I have went to prison
  508. KurtJoeCobain: PLEASE SEND ME TO PRISON!
  509. Ascetic: That's her IMVU profession.
  511. IxRECKL3SSxI: ^
  513. UdderxX: You don't even know my full protential with writing.
  514. KurtJoeCobain: Protential?
  515. KurtJoeCobain: Potential*
  516. IxRECKL3SSxI: But it's very clear from your grammar.
  517. Ascetic: Fucking "protential"
  518. Ascetic: My goodness, girl.
  519. KingMaddog: Yesterday was my last day in prison
  520. IxRECKL3SSxI: Inventing new words by the second.
  521. IxRECKL3SSxI: ii
  522. KurtJoeCobain: ii
  523. KurtJoeCobain: Who cares?
  524. IxRECKL3SSxI: Round of applause for Udder.
  525. IxRECKL3SSxI: ii
  526. UdderxX: Look it up, it's a word.
  527. Ascetic: Actually, it's not.
  528. IxRECKL3SSxI: No one cares KingFagdog
  529. UdderxX: Googles it for you.
  530. UdderxX: Protential: having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the
  531. Ascetic: Hun, that is potential.
  532. Ascetic: Not protential.
  533. UdderxX: Hold on, did not copy and past the whole thing.
  534. IxRECKL3SSxI: potential babes. POTENTIAL
  535. KurtJoeCobain:
  536. Ascetic: There is no R in potential.
  537. IxRECKL3SSxI: ^
  538. IxRECKL3SSxI: ii
  539. IxRECKL3SSxI: See?? She has brains
  540. KurtJoeCobain: Google wanted to correct me.
  541. KurtJoeCobain: Because you're a fucking retard that can't spell, Udder.
  542. KurtJoeCobain: You said it had a meaning.
  543. UdderxX: Protential Resources - Recruitment agency Dublin, Ashbourne and Mullingar. Specialising in Recruitment, Outsourcing, Executive Search, Contract and Temporary positions
  544. UdderxX: It's a word.
  546. IxRECKL3SSxI: z
  548. IxRECKL3SSxI: It's the name of a business here in IReland
  549. Ascetic: That's an agency.
  550. IxRECKL3SSxI: lmfao
  551. KurtJoeCobain: That's not a fucking definition.
  552. UdderxX: It still makes it a word.
  553. Ascetic: Not according to a dictionary.
  554. IxRECKL3SSxI: Nope
  555. Ascetic: I thought writers used those?
  556. UdderxX: IT does.
  557. UdderxX: It*
  558. IxRECKL3SSxI: Look for it in the dictionary
  559. KurtJoeCobain: Doesn't mean it's a logical word that fits in your sentence.
  560. IxRECKL3SSxI: and then tell me the meaning of the word.
  561. Ascetic: I guess not IMVU writes, hm.
  562. Ascetic: writers*
  563. Ascetic: Wow, you're dawning on me.
  564. KurtJoeCobain: <.< Bad!
  565. UdderxX: It's a word used as a name, it won't have a meaning.
  566. IxRECKL3SSxI: Exactly.
  567. Ascetic: I'm losing my brain cells slowly but surely.
  568. UdderxX: It's still a word.
  569. KingMaddog: Its a word that seems larger
  570. IxRECKL3SSxI: So you just proved yourself incorrect.
  571. KurtJoeCobain: So it's not a correct word?
  572. Ascetic: It's not considered a word unless it has a definition
  573. KurtJoeCobain: ^
  574. UdderxX: <.< Kurt, what the hell is your problem?
  575. KurtJoeCobain: Ha?
  576. Ascetic: You've named an agency, which make up words all of the time to be unique and different.
  577. UdderxX: You don't seem to grow a pair of balls big enough to walk away.
  578. KurtJoeCobain: Because I'm trying to be a cool kid.
  579. KurtJoeCobain: LMAO!
  580. Ascetic: Avoiding the fact she was wrong, cute.
  581. KurtJoeCobain: The fuck am I walking away from?
  582. Ascetic: :-)
  583. KurtJoeCobain: I'm on imvu.
  584. KurtJoeCobain: You can't walk.
  585. KurtJoeCobain: You press dots.
  586. UdderxX: You came in here attacking me, after a arguement we had weeks ago.
  587. Ascetic: argument*
  588. KurtJoeCobain: Do you want to get on Skype so this could be verbal?
  589. IxRECKL3SSxI: ^
  590. UdderxX: argue-ment
  591. Ascetic: argument*
  592. KurtJoeCobain: An argument*
  593. KurtJoeCobain: Argu-ment*
  594. KurtJoeCobain: No E.
  595. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  596. Ascetic: We are both from PA, and that is how it's spelt.
  597. KurtJoeCobain: Look it up, Miss Writer?
  598. UdderxX: Like seriously grow the fuck up, or I'm contacting IMVU for harassing me.
  599. Ascetic: Sad to know you live in the same state as me.
  600. IxRECKL3SSxI: Once again. Argument
  601. KurtJoeCobain: Okay.
  602. IxRECKL3SSxI:
  603. KurtJoeCobain: Go ahead.
  604. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Spelled*
  605. KingMaddog: I do not give a damn about KurtJoeCobain
  606. KurtJoeCobain: Never mind.
  607. KurtJoeCobain: You spelled it correctly...
  608. IxRECKL3SSxI: Do you give a damn about me baby?
  609. KurtJoeCobain: King..
  610. KurtJoeCobain: I will rape you like the niggers should've in prison.
  611. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  612. IxRECKL3SSxI: Can I touch your biceps?
  613. KurtJoeCobain: <.<
  614. KurtJoeCobain: Ascetic..
  615. KurtJoeCobain: Do you have Skype?
  616. Ascetic: Of course I do.
  617. KurtJoeCobain: Add me?
  618. KurtJoeCobain: robert.bauer69420
  619. MelodyMetalhead has joined the chat
  620. AsceticAscetic Whisper: 69420
  621. Ascetic: That's cute
  622. KurtJoeCobain: I made it like 10 years ago. Lol.
  623. KingMaddog has left the chat
  624. KurtJoeCobain: I MADE THE FLAG!!!
  625. KurtJoeCobain: flag
  626. KurtJoeCobain: DAMNIT!
  627. Guest_alymcbeal01 has joined the chat
  629. MelodyMetalhead: .-.
  630. Guest_alymcbeal01 has left the chat
  631. Guest_Fuzzerbutt: *sings* Nobody careeeessss
  632. iiBreezy1 has joined the chat
  633. MelodyMetalhead  yawns
  634. MelodyMetalhead: ni ni guys ^^
  635. MelodyMetalhead has left the chat
  636. UdderxX: Ni ni whore
  637. KurtJoeCobain: flag
  638. UdderxX: Kurt, I been flagging this chat since you came in.
  639. UdderxX: You have said worse than I have.
  640. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  641. KurtJoeCobain: I'm worried?
  642. UdderxX: Is this about me flagging you from the past, is that way you are mad?
  643. KurtJoeCobain: Just because you're an autistic 13 year old...
  644. UdderxX: why*
  645. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao. I'm not mad?
  646. UdderxX: Did you get a warning by IMVU?
  647. KurtJoeCobain: Probably.
  648. UdderxX: I'm guessing you did.
  649. UdderxX: Well, you're going to likely get another if you keep this up.
  650. KurtJoeCobain: Do as you fucking please?
  651. UdderxX: This ended weeks ago, you could have left it go, yet you continued it now.
  652. KurtJoeCobain: I'm not worried about it.
  653. Ascetic: Sorry had to quickly brb
  654. KurtJoeCobain: Welcome back.
  655. Ascetic: Kitten was stuck on the fridge and was screaming
  656. KurtJoeCobain: She's still going at it like an autistic bitch.
  657. UdderxX: And now, you are affecting everyone here, because when I reporting it reported everyone.
  658. UdderxX: reported*
  659. Ascetic: Simply ignore her.
  660. KurtJoeCobain: affecting?
  661. UdderxX: When I report one person, it reports the whole conversation.
  662. KurtJoeCobain: Effecting*
  663. Ascetic: She'll get a rage out of that.
  664. KurtJoeCobain: What's your name, Ascetic?
  665. UdderxX: Meaning anyone that was being vulgar will get a warning.
  666. AsceticAscetic Whisper: I'm Des.
  667. KurtJoeCobain: I'm Rob.
  668. KurtJoeCobain: Pleasure to meet you.
  669. Ascetic: You as well.
  670. UdderxX: Including Ascetic.
  671. KurtJoeCobain: What are you up to, Des?
  672. UdderxX: And Fuzzybutt, Cvmiicz
  673. UdderxX: Also Reckless.
  674. KurtJoeCobain: flag
  675. UdderxX: And after ten warnings suspension begins.
  676. Ascetic: Wow, I keep freezing.
  677. KurtJoeCobain: That's not good at all. )'=
  678. Ascetic: Anywho, I'm just looking through the shop on here now.
  679. KurtJoeCobain: Oh, the joys. Lol.
  680. Guest_TravisKud has joined the chat
  681. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: You are now false flagging the conversation, because you are not liking the fact you are getting everyone in trouble.
  682. UdderxX: Including yourself.
  683. Ascetic: I can sit and make outfits in shop for hours.
  684. Ascetic: That makes me sound like such a girl, oops.
  685. KurtJoeCobain: I don't understand some females.
  686. Ascetic: We are different.
  687. UdderxX: I'm not a female. I'm a male & female.
  688. KurtJoeCobain: Very different.
  689. KurtJoeCobain: Lol.
  690. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Now she's trying to jump in.
  691. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lmao.
  692. Ascetic: At least I'm not spending my irl money on clothes.
  693. iiBreezy1 has left the chat
  694. Ascetic: I'd have 40 closets filling up my whole house with clothes if I could.
  695. Guest_Fuzzerbutt has left the chat
  696. KurtJoeCobain: I did just to get a name change token with 3 months VIP... At least on this account.
  697. UdderxX: Uhm, buying things you need is more mature than buying things you want.
  698. Ascetic: I'm meaning spending money on clothes irl.
  699. Guest_TravisKud: lmao heyyyyyyy
  700. Ascetic: Spending money on here isn't bad.
  701. Ascetic  whispers: She CRAVES attention.
  702. KurtJoeCobain: Nah.
  703. KurtJoeCobain: Just don't go over board on it.
  704. Ascetic: I mean*
  705. Guest_TravisKud: Why are we fighting?
  706. KurtJoeCobain: We aren't?
  707. Ascetic: No one is fighting.
  708. KurtJoeCobain: Ascetic and I are having a friendly conversation.
  709. Guest_TravisKud: Alright
  710. Guest_TravisKud: my bad
  711. Ascetic: Last night, I met a dude who spent 500 dollars on his account.
  712. Guest_TravisKud: z
  713. Guest_TravisKud: jesus
  714. KurtJoeCobain: That's all?
  715. Ascetic: I didn't know this dude, alright.
  716. Ascetic: And he gifted me practically my whole wish list.
  717. UdderxX: Ascetic?
  718. Ascetic: I didn't even speak a word in the room.
  719. UdderxX: Who told you things about me?
  720. KurtJoeCobain: He spent $500 in one night?
  721. Ascetic: Yes.
  722. KurtJoeCobain: Not bad.
  723. Ascetic: And spent all his credits on others.
  724. KurtJoeCobain: What a nice lad.
  725. UdderxX: Don't change the subject, who was it?
  726. UdderxX: Unless, you are hiding something.
  727. Ascetic: It was sweet but odd.
  728. KurtJoeCobain: Normally you don't see that a lot on here.
  729. UdderxX: I am blaming you for it, until you do tell me.
  730. Ascetic: I know, I thanked him about 30 times and he told me to stop.
  731. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao!!
  732. Guest_TravisKud: Rich boyyy could've bought soo many nuggets 😍😍
  733. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I see that. Lmao.
  734. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Fucking pathetic.
  735. Ascetic  whispers: It's making me giggle.
  736. Ascetic  whispers: I'm going to do this so she knows we are whispering.
  737. Ascetic  whispers: z
  738. Ascetic  whispers: z
  739. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Okay.
  740. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: z
  741. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  742. Ascetic  whispers: Because that's all she can see, LOOOL.
  743. Ascetic  whispers: z
  744. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: omg
  745. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Normally I don't type like that.
  746. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: z
  747. Ascetic  whispers: Me either.
  748. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: So fucking hard to do it.
  749. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  750. Ascetic  whispers: It's stupid  
  751. Ascetic  whispers: and useless
  752. Ascetic  whispers: z
  753. Ascetic  whispers: z
  754. Ascetic  whispers: z
  755. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I agree.
  756. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  757. Guest_TravisKud has left the chat
  758. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: z
  759. Ascetic  whispers: z
  760. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  761. Ascetic  whispers: Hahahaha
  762. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  763. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  764. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: hi
  765. Ascetic  whispers: hello
  766. Ascetic  whispers: omg sit on the couch
  767. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: hola
  768. Ascetic  whispers: next to her
  769. Guest_sharellenicolee has joined the chat
  770. Ascetic  whispers: z
  771. Ascetic  whispers: hi
  772. Ascetic  whispers: hello
  773. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: hi
  774. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: z
  775. Ascetic  whispers: z
  776. Guest_sharellenicolee has left the chat
  777. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: omg
  778. UdderxX: e.e
  779. Ascetic  whispers: omg
  780. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: haha
  781. Ascetic  whispers: IM CHOKING
  782. Ascetic  whispers: IM LAUGHING SO HARD
  783. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I KNOW RIGHT!!!
  784. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  785. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: omg
  786. Ascetic  whispers: omg
  787. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  788. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  789. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: hola
  790. Ascetic  whispers: hi
  791. UdderxX: Tell me, who told you about me?
  792. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  793. Ascetic  whispers: no
  794. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  795. Ascetic  whispers: no
  796. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  797. Ascetic  whispers: no
  798. Ascetic  whispers: no
  799. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  800. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  801. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  802. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  803. Guest_XXelisabethaXXlol has joined the chat
  804. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  805. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: omg
  806. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: z
  807. Ascetic  whispers: ima keep saying no
  808. Ascetic  whispers: since she keeps asking
  809. Ascetic  whispers: no
  810. Ascetic  whispers: no
  811. Ascetic  whispers: no
  812. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  813. Ascetic  whispers: no
  814. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: okay
  815. Ascetic  whispers: no
  816. Ascetic  whispers: no
  817. Ascetic  whispers: no
  818. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: She's dumb.
  819. Ascetic  whispers: no
  820. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Let's fuck.
  821. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  822. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: I'm going to guess you are spreadind the rumor.
  823. UdderxX: spreading*
  824. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  825. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  826. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  827. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  828. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  829. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  830. Ascetic  whispers: ye
  831. Ascetic  whispers: syes
  832. Ascetic  whispers: Let's do it
  833. Guest_YERIM27 has joined the chat
  834. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  835. Ascetic  whispers: I'm down
  836. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  837. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  838. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yes
  839. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Okay
  840. Guest_XXelisabethaXXlol has left the chat
  841. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Did you add me on Skype?
  842. Ascetic  whispers: I've always wanted to try AP
  843. Ascetic  whispers: to see how roleplaying would work
  844. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lmao.
  845. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  846. UdderxX: I contacted IMVU by email, they'll be contacting me soon of the situation.
  847. Ascetic  whispers: okay
  848. Guest_LizzaVu has joined the chat
  849. Ascetic  whispers: thumbs up
  850. UdderxX: I gave them your username.
  851. Ascetic  whispers: good
  852. Guest_LizzaVu: hey
  853. Ascetic  whispers: good
  854. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: bad
  855. Ascetic  whispers: bad
  856. bvstedtrash has joined the chat
  857. UdderxX: They'll do worse this time, instead of a warning.
  858. Ascetic  whispers: I can't log into my skype atm
  859. UdderxX: Hello, welcome
  860. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: okay
  861. Ascetic  whispers: It's being crappy
  862. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LAME!!!
  863. Ascetic  whispers: IM SORRY
  864. Ascetic  whispers: I APOLOGIZE
  865. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: it's /okay
  866. Guest_YERIM27 has left the chat
  867. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Oh.
  868. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: oh
  869. Ascetic  whispers: is it AFFECTING u
  870. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  871. Ascetic  whispers: sad
  872. Ascetic  whispers: kisses boobo
  873. Ascetic  whispers: boo
  874. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  875. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  876. Ascetic  whispers: I KISSED
  877. Ascetic  whispers: UR
  878. Ascetic  whispers: BOOBOO
  879. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  880. Ascetic  whispers: UFUKC
  881. bvstedtrash has left the chat
  882. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  883. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: YAY
  884. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  885. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  886. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  887. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  888. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  889. Ascetic  whispers: cey
  890. Ascetic  whispers: oops
  891. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  892. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  893. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  894. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  895. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  896. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  897. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yaya
  898. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  899. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  900. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  901. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  902. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  903. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  904. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  905. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  906. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  907. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  908. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  909. Ascetic  whispers: ya
  910. Ascetic  whispers: yya
  911. Ascetic  whispers: yya
  912. Ascetic  whispers: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  913. Ascetic  whispers: fuck I wanna know how mad she is
  914. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  915. Guest_LizzaVu has left the chat
  916. Ascetic  whispers: im gonna punch er
  917. Ascetic  whispers: her
  918. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: flag
  919. Ascetic  whispers: she'll report it
  921. Ascetic  whispers: im GIGGLING
  922. Anon has joined the chat
  924. Ascetic  whispers: YEESS
  925. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  926. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  927. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  928. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  929. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  930. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  931. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  932. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  933. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  934. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  935. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  936. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  937. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  938. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  939. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  940. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  941. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  942. Anon: Whisper whisper~
  943. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  944. Ascetic: Hi Anon
  945. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: hi
  946. Ascetic: or not
  947. Anon has left the chat
  948. Ascetic  whispers: sad
  949. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  950. Guest_connecting has joined the chat
  951. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  952. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  953. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  954. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: right
  955. Ascetic  whispers: ya
  956. Ascetic  whispers: im hurt
  957. Chug has joined the chat
  958. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: butt hurt?
  959. Ascetic  whispers: ya
  960. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: hot
  961. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: okay
  962. Ascetic  whispers: thx
  963. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ur wlx
  964. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: haha
  965. Ascetic  whispers: typing
  966. Ascetic  whispers: im excited
  967. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: hahaha
  968. UdderxX: This is a public room, if you have nothing to hide, than don't whisper.
  969. Ascetic  whispers: okay
  970. Ascetic  whispers: good
  971. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: bad
  972. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  973. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  974. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: cry
  975. UdderxX: If not than gtfo.
  976. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  977. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  978. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  979. Ascetic  whispers: no
  980. Ascetic  whispers: no
  981. Ascetic  whispers: no
  982. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  983. Ascetic  whispers: no
  984. Ascetic  whispers: no
  985. Ascetic  whispers: no
  986. Ascetic  whispers: no
  987. Ascetic  whispers: no
  988. Ascetic  whispers: no
  989. Ascetic  whispers: no
  990. Ascetic  whispers: no
  991. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  992. Ascetic  whispers: no
  993. Ascetic  whispers: no
  994. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  995. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  996. Ascetic  whispers: no
  997. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  998. Ascetic  whispers: no
  999. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  1000. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1001. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1002. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1003. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  1004. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1005. Ascetic  whispers: n
  1006. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1007. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1008. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1009. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  1010. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1011. UdderxX: Because, I know you and Kurt both spread that rumor.
  1012. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1013. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1014. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1015. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1016. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1017. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1018. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1019. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1020. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1021. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  1022. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1023. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1024. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1025. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1026. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1027. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1028. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1029. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1030. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1031. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1032. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1033. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1034. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1035. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1036. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1037. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1038. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1039. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1040. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1041. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1042. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yes
  1043. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1044. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1045. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1046. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1047. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1048. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1049. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1050. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1051. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1052. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1053. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1054. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1055. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1056. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1057. Ascetic  whispers: ya
  1058. Guest_XxJenxX12 has joined the chat
  1059. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1060. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1061. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yea
  1062. Ascetic  whispers: waits
  1063. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: okay
  1064. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1065. Ascetic  whispers: yawn
  1066. Guest_XxJenxX12 has left the chat
  1067. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: boring
  1068. Ascetic  whispers: yawn
  1069. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yawn
  1070. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1071. Chug has left the chat
  1072. Ascetic  whispers: mine yawns
  1073. Ascetic  whispers: and it looks weird
  1074. Ascetic  whispers: yawn
  1075. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: So does mine.
  1076. Ascetic  whispers: yawn
  1077. Ascetic  whispers: well
  1078. Guest_connecting has left the chat
  1079. Ascetic  whispers: I CANTSEE THAT
  1080. Ascetic  whispers: BEAUTIFUL FACE
  1081. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I know...
  1082. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: It's ugly.
  1083. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: okay
  1084. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: sad
  1085. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: bad
  1086. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1087. Ascetic  whispers: tear
  1088. Ascetic  whispers: sad
  1089. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Must be typing a story.
  1090. Ascetic  whispers: A novel
  1091. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL!
  1092. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1093. Ascetic  whispers: told you she writes for IMVU
  1094. Ascetic  whispers: LOL
  1095. Ascetic  whispers: LOL
  1096. Ascetic  whispers: LOL
  1097. Ascetic  whispers: LOL
  1098. Ascetic  whispers: LOL
  1099. Ascetic  whispers: LOL
  1100. Guest_CookieMonsterr67 has joined the chat
  1101. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I should play a song for all the fuck niggers in this room!
  1102. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Watch her flag me.
  1103. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lmao.
  1104. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1105. Guest_oldroselightgray has joined the chat
  1106. Ascetic  whispers: oh you know she will
  1107. Ascetic  whispers: that's obvious
  1108. KurtJoeCobain: mm1
  1109. KurtJoeCobain: mm2
  1110. KurtJoeCobain: mm3
  1111. Guest_IIDanz has joined the chat
  1112. Guest_CookieMonsterr67 has left the chat
  1113. XInfinityXStarX has joined the chat
  1114. KurtJoeCobain: mm4
  1115. UdderxX: Muted
  1116. KurtJoeCobain: mm5
  1117. XInfinityXStarX: hey all whats cracka lacken
  1118. UdderxX: Kurt, your VBs won't make me leave.
  1119. KurtJoeCobain: mm6
  1120. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1121. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1122. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1123. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1124. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1125. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1126. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1127. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1128. KurtJoeCobain: mm7
  1129. KurtJoeCobain: mm8
  1130. UdderxX: The fact, you both have enough balls to talk without whispering is amusing to me.
  1131. KurtJoeCobain: mm9
  1132. Guest_IIDanz has left the chat
  1133. UdderxX: Aye bud.
  1134. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1135. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1136. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Kurt and Ascetic are both the issue.
  1137. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1138. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1139. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1140. KurtJoeCobain: mm10
  1141. Zanderth1 has joined the chat
  1142. XInfinityXStarX: so who's ignoring me.
  1143. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1144. XInfinityXStarX: XD
  1145. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1146. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1147. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1148. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1149. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1150. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1151. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yay
  1152. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1153. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1154. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1155. KurtJoeCobain: mm11
  1156. UdderxX: I was sititng here, than they come in starting problems, trying to take over the chatroom.
  1157. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : mm12
  1158. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1159. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1160. UdderxX: Even though, it's not there room.
  1161. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1162. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1163. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1164. UdderxX: their*
  1165. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1166. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1167. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1168. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1169. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1170. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1171. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1172. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1173. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1174. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1175. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1176. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1177. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1178. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1179. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1180. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1181. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1182. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1183. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1184. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1185. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1186. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1187. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1188. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1189. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1190. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1191. XInfinityXStarX: ok
  1192. UdderxX: See, they won't talk publicly now.
  1193. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  1194. UdderxX: They are acting like little kids.
  1195. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1196. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1197. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: flag
  1198. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: ii
  1199. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1200. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1201. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1202. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1203. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1204. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1205. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1206. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1207. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1208. XInfinityXStarX: ok. Kurt, Ascetic. what the hell is your problem with him.
  1209. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  1210. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Her*
  1211. XInfinityXStarX: what did he ever do to you.
  1212. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: She*
  1213. UdderxX: Me and Kurt have a past.
  1214. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1215. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Kurt and I*
  1216. UdderxX: And I think he cameback for revenge.
  1217. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1218. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Came back*
  1219. UdderxX: Digital hitting, yay.
  1220. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1221. XInfinityXStarX: was i just hugged
  1222. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: First one she did correctly
  1223. XInfinityXStarX: i was
  1224. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1225. UdderxX: Many times
  1226. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1227. XInfinityXStarX: awws
  1228. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1229. XInfinityXStarX: thats sweet
  1230. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: XD
  1231. Ascetic  whispers: LMAO
  1232. Ascetic  whispers: "thats sweet"
  1233. Ascetic  whispers: now shes gonna be like
  1234. Ascetic  whispers: "no she isnt"
  1235. Ascetic  whispers: "she is satan"
  1236. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: "reports"
  1237. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: "reports"
  1238. Ascetic  whispers: "ascetic is the devil spawn"
  1239. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  1240. Ascetic  whispers: "flags for pda"
  1241. Ascetic  whispers: "PDA"
  1242. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: kiss
  1243. UdderxX: Ascetic: If you're old enough to be my parent, at least try and use proper grammar and check your spelling to make it seem as if you are an actual adult.
  1244. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ^
  1245. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: ^
  1246. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: True
  1247. Ascetic  whispers: thanks for making me seem very intelligent
  1248. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  1249. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: right
  1250. Guest_oldroselightgray has left the chat
  1251. Zanderth1 has left the chat
  1252. UdderxX: Ascetic: UdderxX Ascetic: I've heard a lot about you.
  1253. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  1254. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1255. XInfinityXStarX: it seems Ascetic has a liking to me
  1256. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1257. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1258. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1259. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1260. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1261. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: XD
  1262. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1263. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1264. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1265. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1266. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1267. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1268. UdderxX: Well, to bad for her. You are engaged.
  1269. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1270. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1271. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1272. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1273. XInfinityXStarX: yeh
  1274. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: to this dick!
  1275. UdderxX: xD
  1276. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ha
  1277. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ha
  1278. Cvmiicz has left the chat
  1279. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1280. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1281. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1282. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ha
  1283. Ascetic  whispers: cry
  1284. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1285. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1286. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1287. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1288. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1289. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1290. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1291. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1292. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1293. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1294. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1295. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1296. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1297. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1298. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1299. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1300. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1301. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1302. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1303. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1304. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1305. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1306. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1307. UdderxX: Assuming my age, liketf is their problem.
  1308. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1309. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1310. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1311. UdderxX: like tf*
  1312. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1313. XInfinityXStarX: anyways what i want is for Ascetic and Kurt to just be nice to my friend. hes always getting bullied
  1314. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1315. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1316. KurtJoeCobain: lol
  1317. Ascetic  whispers: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  1318. UdderxX: More like insulted.
  1319. Ascetic  whispers: @ always getting bullied
  1320. UdderxX: But it does not bother me.
  1321. KurtJoeCobain: Shes*
  1322. Ascetic: Your friend is a she.
  1323. KurtJoeCobain: She*
  1324. KurtJoeCobain: Her*
  1325. UdderxX: I'm a he and a she
  1326. KurtJoeCobain: She's a dumb cunt.
  1327. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1328. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  1329. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1330. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1331. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1332. UdderxX: I'n both
  1333. Ascetic  whispers: ya
  1334. KurtJoeCobain: You're a she.
  1335. UdderxX: I'm*
  1336. XInfinityXStarX: my friend is actually a gut in real life but has 2 personalities
  1337. KurtJoeCobain: Gut?
  1338. KurtJoeCobain: A stomach?
  1339. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: guy*
  1340. Ascetic: No, your friend is a girl.
  1341. UdderxX: Bigender, bi-gender or dual gender is a gender identity that includes any two gender identities and behaviors, possibly depending on context. Some bigender individuals express two distinct "female" and "male" personas, feminine and masculine respectively; others find that they identify as two genders simultaneously
  1342. Guest_XmarkITX has joined the chat
  1343. UdderxX: I'm two genders, not one.
  1344. Ascetic: Listen, I don't care about that.
  1345. Ascetic: If you have a pussy you are a female
  1346. Ascetic: thanks
  1347. KurtJoeCobain: Don't be talking to her.
  1348. XInfinityXStarX: he has a penis
  1349. KurtJoeCobain: Let's go back to whisper.
  1350. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  1351. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1352. Ascetic: I adore her friend, he's a cutie.
  1353. UdderxX: I have a dick and a female apperance.
  1354. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yay
  1355. Ascetic  whispers: pissing her
  1356. Ascetic  whispers: OFF
  1357. Ascetic  whispers: LOOOOOOL
  1358. UdderxX: I'm two genders.
  1359. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1360. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  1361. XInfinityXStarX: well thanks for the compliment not like that will get you very far sorry.
  1362. KurtJoeCobain: Haha. You're a fucking moron
  1363. KurtJoeCobain: "Flags"
  1364. KurtJoeCobain: I already know you.
  1365. UdderxX: You're false flagging.
  1366. KurtJoeCobain: I'm not flagging?
  1367. KurtJoeCobain: Dumb twat.
  1368. UdderxX: KurtJoeCobain: "Flags"
  1369. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  1370. UdderxX: Than you're lying to yourself.
  1371. KurtJoeCobain: Quotations.
  1372. KurtJoeCobain: Then*
  1373. Guest_nandhu13 has joined the chat
  1374. Ascetic  whispers: lol
  1375. UdderxX: (Than) not then.
  1376. Ascetic  whispers: get back in here
  1377. Ascetic  whispers: I'm lonely
  1378. KurtJoeCobain: Then*
  1379. UdderxX: Than
  1380. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  1381. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  1382. UdderxX: Hello Xmark.
  1383. XInfinityXStarX: Mark just ignore it to be honest. stop getting youself into situations you'd regret later.
  1384. UdderxX: I don't.
  1385. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Everything was fine, than they both entered starting trouble.
  1386. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1387. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1388. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1389. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1390. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1391. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1392. Ascetic  whispers: ye
  1393. XInfinityXStarX: ij
  1394. XInfinityXStarX: ok*
  1395. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1396. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1397. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1398. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1399. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  1400. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1401. Guest_nandhu13Guest_nandhu13 : are u talking about me
  1402. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1403. UdderxX: I was talking to someone that left when they started.
  1404. Ascetic  whispers: ya
  1405. Ascetic  whispers: y
  1406. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1407. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  1408. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1409. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  1410. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1411. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1412. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1413. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1414. Ascetic  whispers: yay
  1415. XInfinityXStarX: oh ok
  1416. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1417. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1418. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1419. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1420. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1421. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1422. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1423. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1424. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1425. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1426. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1427. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1428. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1429. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1430. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: iii
  1431. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1432. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: ii
  1433. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1434. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1435. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1436. Guest_nandhu13: hey
  1437. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1438. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1439. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1440. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1441. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1442. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1443. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1444. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1445. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1446. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1447. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  1448. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: then why you stay>
  1449. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1450. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1451. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1452. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1453. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1454. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1455. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1456. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1457. Ascetic  whispers: WOW
  1458. XInfinityXStarX: ?*
  1459. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: ii
  1460. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: omg
  1461. Ascetic  whispers: YOUR FRIEND IS FUCKING REKIN U M8
  1462. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: flag
  1463. UdderxX: Because I wanted to know who is saying stuff about me.
  1464. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: RIGHT!
  1465. Ascetic  whispers: me
  1466. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: baby
  1467. Ascetic  whispers: baby
  1468. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: me
  1469. UdderxX: Who is being scared of saying it to me.
  1470. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: me
  1471. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  1472. Ascetic  whispers: me
  1473. Ascetic  whispers: me
  1474. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  1475. Ascetic  whispers: how to point at myself
  1476. Ascetic  whispers: okay
  1477. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: good
  1478. Ascetic  whispers: good
  1479. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: goog
  1480. Ascetic  whispers: goog
  1481. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: good
  1482. Ascetic  whispers: ye
  1483. UdderxX: Because Ascetic clearly said it herself, someone told her about me.
  1484. Ascetic  whispers: s
  1485. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1486. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1487. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1488. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1489. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1490. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1491. UdderxX: And the only person she is in here for is Kurt.
  1492. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1493. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1494. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1495. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yes
  1496. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1497. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1498. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1499. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  1500. Ascetic  whispers: his body
  1501. Ascetic  whispers: totally
  1502. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1503. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1504. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1505. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1506. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1507. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1508. Ascetic  whispers: fuck
  1509. Ascetic  whispers: can you not
  1510. XInfinityXStarX: Ascetic, who exactly did tell you rumors about Mark.
  1511. Ascetic  whispers: I want to hug you
  1512. UdderxX: She won't even tell me who.
  1513. Ascetic  whispers: add me you goofball
  1514. UdderxX: She keeps switching subject.
  1515. Ascetic  whispers: FUCK
  1516. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: It's for everyone.
  1517. UdderxX: See, she ignored you.
  1518. UdderxX: She is only out for attention it seems.
  1519. XInfinityXStarX: Ascetic tell me and i might rethink my other statement about liking you.
  1520. Ascetic  whispers: BUT BUT BUT  
  1521. Ascetic  whispers: wow
  1522. malaalsaeed has joined the chat
  1523. Ascetic  whispers: he wants this pussy now that shes gone blonde
  1524. Guest_nandhu13: hi
  1525. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: thx
  1526. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  1527. Ascetic  whispers: o ya
  1528. Ascetic  whispers: totally welcome
  1529. Guest_nandhu13: hello
  1530. Ascetic  whispers: honeybun
  1531. Ascetic  whispers: tf
  1532. UdderxX: She is not going to tell you.
  1533. Ascetic  whispers: r u doing to me
  1534. Alyane has joined the chat
  1535. Guest_nandhu13: who
  1536. UdderxX: She wants only one thing, like that one girl that was here.
  1537. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Pony
  1538. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  1539. XInfinityXStarX: ok
  1540. Ascetic  whispers: PUNK
  1541. XInfinityXStarX: thats fine i'll just ignore them too
  1542. Ascetic  whispers: r u proposing to me
  1543. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: jump
  1544. Ascetic  whispers: are we married now
  1545. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Yes!
  1546. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: YEs
  1547. Ascetic  whispers: YAY
  1548. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Yes
  1549. UdderxX: I bet she has disease.
  1550. Ascetic  whispers: YAY
  1551. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yay
  1552. Ascetic  whispers: YAY
  1553. Ascetic  whispers: YAY
  1554. Ascetic  whispers: YAY
  1555. Ascetic  whispers: YAY
  1556. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Yes
  1557. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1558. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1559. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1560. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1561. Ascetic  whispers: no
  1562. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Diseased vagina!
  1563. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1564. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: yes
  1565. UdderxX: Or she is a ten year old, that likes it by her own parents.
  1566. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Incest?
  1567. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: HOT!
  1568. Ascetic  whispers: YES
  1569. UdderxX: I'm just assuming, because I don't know her.
  1570. Guest_nandhu13: fucking idiots
  1571. Ascetic  whispers: yay I'm getting married  
  1572. Guest_nandhu13: motherfuckers
  1573. Ascetic  whispers: im so excited
  1574. Guest_nandhu13 has left the chat
  1575. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: YAY
  1576. Ascetic  whispers: i need to shop for wedding dress RN
  1577. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: okay
  1578. UdderxX: Oh, Kurt believes in hitlar.
  1579. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I got you a ring.
  1580. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Hitlar?
  1581. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1582. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1583. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1584. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1585. UdderxX: He said, Hitlar was attacked by the USA.
  1586. Ascetic  whispers: is this good enough
  1587. Ascetic  whispers: YAY
  1588. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Got to show more boobs
  1589. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lol
  1590. Ascetic  whispers: o ffs
  1591. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Hitlar?
  1592. Alyane: entry lag, so hot.
  1593. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LOL
  1594. UdderxX: It states within our history, we went to war against hitlar for threatening to attack the USA.
  1595. KurtJoeCobain: LMAO!!!!
  1596. KurtJoeCobain: Are you a fucking retard, Mate?
  1597. KurtJoeCobain: Hitler*
  1598. Alyane: hitlar
  1599. KurtJoeCobain: And no. Japanese bombed the United States.
  1600. Alyane: z
  1601. UdderxX: Dude, I even gave you a documentary about it, and you still said it's fake.
  1602. KurtJoeCobain: Actually they bombed Pearl Harbor which is clearly located in Hawaii.
  1603. UdderxX: Japan never bombed the USA
  1604. KurtJoeCobain: ...
  1605. Alyane: jfc
  1606. KurtJoeCobain: Read up on it.
  1607. UdderxX: They attacked pearl harbor, than we nuked them.
  1608. KurtJoeCobain: Pearl Harbor is in HAWAII
  1609. UdderxX: I know where it's at.
  1611. Alyane: UdderxX: Japan never bombed the USA UdderxX: Japan never bombed the USA UdderxX: Japan never bombed the USA UdderxX: Japan never bombed the USA UdderxX: Japan never bombed the USA
  1612. UdderxX: It's military base.
  1613. malaalsaeed has left the chat
  1614. KurtJoeCobain: I know.
  1615. Ascetic: @Alyane
  1616. KurtJoeCobain: <.<
  1617. KurtJoeCobain: I haven't seen you in a while.
  1618. Ascetic: Welcome to the room where you tend to lose a few brain cells.
  1619. KurtJoeCobain: A few?
  1620. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  1621. KurtJoeCobain: First we meet Hitlar.
  1622. Alyane: I have cells to spare.
  1623. Ascetic: Great.
  1624. Ascetic: Glad to have you along for the ride.
  1625. Guest_XmarkITX has left the chat
  1626. KurtJoeCobain: haha
  1627. UdderxX: It seems, they don't understand american history.
  1628. KurtJoeCobain: It seems...
  1629. KurtJoeCobain: You may need to read up on it.
  1630. KurtJoeCobain: Because clearly...
  1631. UdderxX: Bud, I just told you the facts.
  1632. Alyane: 'facts'
  1633. KurtJoeCobain: Facts?
  1634. KurtJoeCobain: WHERE!
  1635. Ascetic: Anything coming out of that mouth is not a fact.
  1636. KurtJoeCobain: SHOW ME THE FACTS!
  1637. UdderxX: Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, than we nuked Japan.
  1638. Ascetic: For damn sure.
  1639. KurtJoeCobain: NO!
  1640. Alyane: @than
  1641. UdderxX: Yeah.
  1642. KurtJoeCobain: Japan nuked Pearl.
  1643. Ascetic: Why arn't you like your friend who is cute and innocent.
  1644. UdderxX: No
  1645. Ascetic: Alyane, get this.
  1646. UdderxX: We nuked Japan.
  1647. Ascetic: Udder claims to be a writer.
  1648. KurtJoeCobain: ...........
  1649. Ascetic: :-)
  1650. KurtJoeCobain: FEMALE!
  1651. Alyane: wut eh gewd righter
  1652. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : You're a fucking twat.
  1653. Ascetic: thAn
  1654. UdderxX: I am a writer.
  1655. KurtJoeCobain: Since when?
  1656. XInfinityXStarX: i'm not as innocent as i make myself out to be, i'm quite guilty
  1657. UdderxX: So is my friend beside me.
  1658. Ascetic: Well, you're silent.
  1659. KurtJoeCobain: You both are fucking retards.
  1660. Ascetic: So I like you.
  1661. Alyane: I'm also a writer. I just wrote that sentence.
  1662. UdderxX: Kurt, those insults are immature.
  1663. KurtJoeCobain: He's a writer but can't capitalize?
  1664. Ascetic: oh fuck here we go
  1665. KurtJoeCobain: Immature?
  1666. KurtJoeCobain: Lol.
  1667. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : You're a fucking nigger.
  1668. KurtJoeCobain: Who is immature.
  1669. Ascetic: Are you two related?
  1670. Alyane: ooo
  1671. UdderxX: Uhm, I have photos of my contract within a album on IMVU.
  1672. XInfinityXStarX: nope
  1673. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  1674. Ascetic: "Uhm"
  1675. KurtJoeCobain: Um*
  1676. Ascetic: within "a" album.
  1677. KurtJoeCobain: A-phlem*
  1678. KurtJoeCobain: An*
  1679. Alyane: lel
  1680. XInfinityXStarX: we've been friends for 3 years
  1681. Ascetic: Are you guys dating?
  1682. KurtJoeCobain: You're both fucking jews.
  1683. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: no
  1684. KurtJoeCobain: FAGS!
  1685. XInfinityXStarX: not each other
  1686. UdderxX: More like four years bro.
  1687. KurtJoeCobain: KILL THE FAGS!
  1688. Ascetic: Good for you.
  1689. Guest_Sieannagonebad111 has joined the chat
  1690. Ascetic: Udder has a man?
  1691. Ascetic: ii
  1692. UdderxX: I'm not gay.
  1693. Alyane: ii
  1694. KurtJoeCobain: No...
  1695. KurtJoeCobain: A female.
  1696. Alyane: Keep telling yourself that.
  1697. KurtJoeCobain: She's lesbian.
  1698. UdderxX: I'm a bi-gender.
  1699. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: How dumba re you.
  1700. UdderxX: are&
  1701. UdderxX: are*
  1702. KurtJoeCobain: ?*
  1703. UdderxX: You are retarded.
  1704. Ascetic: You are a female.
  1705. KurtJoeCobain: That was a question.
  1706. KurtJoeCobain: Not a statement.
  1707. Guest_babyboiijames has joined the chat
  1708. KurtJoeCobain: She's a teenage female.
  1709. UdderxX: Being a male or female is not bi-gender.
  1710. KurtJoeCobain: Are you a hermaphrodite?
  1711. Ascetic: Listen, I don't care what you consider yourself.
  1712. KurtJoeCobain: If so... Then you can be a male and female.
  1713. UdderxX: To be a bi-gender you need to have two genders combined into one.
  1714. AsceticAscetic Whisper: Stop telling me about this bi-gender thing.
  1715. XInfinityXStarX: hes basically gender-fluid
  1716. KurtJoeCobain: She*
  1717. UdderxX: Ascetic: Listen, I don't care what you consider yourself.
  1718. KurtJoeCobain: Spelled it wrong.
  1719. Ascetic: Yeah that too.
  1720. UdderxX: Than stop assuming my gender Ascetic.
  1721. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: Was up Lil J
  1722. Alyane: than
  1723. KurtJoeCobain: YEAH!
  1724. Guest_babyboiijames: hi
  1725. Ascetic: Do you have all my things saved to a notepad document
  1727. KurtJoeCobain: I'll mispell.
  1728. KurtJoeCobain: To be cool.
  1729. Alyane: Good job, Rob.
  1730. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Thank you. (=
  1731. Ascetic: ):
  1732. KurtJoeCobain: I mean.. Thnx.
  1733. UdderxX: It's simply referred as: Copying & pasting the conversation history.
  1734. Alyane: UdderxX: It's simply referred as: Copying & pasting the conversation history.
  1735. KurtJoeCobain: You don't need the colon.
  1736. Ascetic: : It's simply referred as: Copying & pasting the conversation history.
  1737. KurtJoeCobain: Just saying.
  1738. UdderxX: Alyane, why are you not giving a attitued, I don't even know you?
  1739. KurtJoeCobain: Don't need to capitalize the C in copying*
  1740. XInfinityXStarX: anyways my friend Mark just wants to know where you heard the rumor from, who told you?
  1741. UdderxX: now*
  1742. Ascetic: Mark.
  1743. KurtJoeCobain: Attitued?
  1744. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: Same shoe style 😏😍
  1745. Alyane: I don't know you either.
  1746. AsceticAscetic Whisper: That's your name?
  1747. Ascetic: Mark.
  1748. UdderxX: Than keep out of my busniess.
  1749. Ascetic: than
  1750. Ascetic: than
  1751. Alyane: My attitude is given freely.
  1752. KurtJoeCobain: <.<
  1753. UdderxX: So is mine.
  1754. KurtJoeCobain: Spelled it wrong.
  1755. KurtJoeCobain: Attitued*
  1756. Ascetic: Sorry guys
  1757. Alyane: I could charge, but you look cheap.
  1758. Ascetic: I gotta fit in
  1759. KurtJoeCobain: ikr!
  1760. XInfinityXStarX: thats hawt XD
  1761. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: That's cute, I can own you.
  1762. XInfinityXStarX: js
  1763. KurtJoeCobain: LOL
  1764. Ascetic: don't touch me
  1765. XInfinityXStarX: hahaha
  1766. XInfinityXStarX: right back at you
  1767. KurtJoeCobain: Aly..
  1768. Ascetic: I only like infinity
  1769. KurtJoeCobain: That hermie said they could own you.
  1770. Alyane: Wait, what?
  1771. KurtJoeCobain: RIGHT!
  1772. Alyane: That's cool.
  1773. UdderxX: Hold on a sec. Ascetic, what do you have against me?
  1774. XInfinityXStarX: XD wow. that escalated quickly
  1775. Guest_KookieCH has joined the chat
  1776. KurtJoeCobain: Bend over, Mamacita.
  1777. KurtJoeCobain: That your a female.
  1778. KurtJoeCobain: And you won't say your age.
  1779. Alyane: They probably don't own much, this is my contribution to the weak.
  1780. UdderxX: I don't have to tell you my personal information.
  1781. KurtJoeCobain: Because you're under the age of 18.
  1782. KurtJoeCobain: Understood.
  1783. UdderxX: Uhm, I'm old enough to be your parent.
  1784. Alyane: Ew.
  1785. KurtJoeCobain: Are you 50 years old?
  1786. XInfinityXStarX: no
  1787. UdderxX: No
  1788. Guest_babyboiijames: z
  1789. KurtJoeCobain: Then shut the fuck up.
  1790. XInfinityXStarX: hes younger than me i'm 21
  1791. XInfinityXStarX: theres a hint
  1792. KurtJoeCobain: 15.
  1793. KurtJoeCobain: Got it.
  1794. XInfinityXStarX: older than 18
  1795. Alyane: 18 and 1/2.
  1796. KurtJoeCobain: Do you add 2?
  1797. UdderxX: I think it's cute, he's in his fifty's yet, being immature towards someone way younger than him.
  1798. UdderxX: He's a child.
  1799. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  1800. Alyane: Rob, you're 50 now.
  1801. KurtJoeCobain: I know right.
  1802. KurtJoeCobain: Fucking old man.
  1803. Ascetic: UdderxX: I'm old enough to be your parent.
  1804. KurtJoeCobain: I'm 26.
  1805. UdderxX: Can you both gtfo
  1806. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  1807. KurtJoeCobain: I can not.
  1808. UdderxX: Seriously, go back to purgatory.
  1809. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  1810. KurtJoeCobain: I'd rather not.
  1811. UdderxX: That's where you belong.
  1812. KurtJoeCobain: In a step above hell?
  1813. KurtJoeCobain: Yeah, I know.
  1814. UdderxX: Naw, buddy I live in hell.
  1815. KurtJoeCobain: You do?
  1816. Alyane: Edgy.
  1817. KurtJoeCobain: Did Satan kill himself?
  1818. KurtJoeCobain: Udder..
  1819. KurtJoeCobain: Can I ask you a question...
  1820. XInfinityXStarX: Mark how bout we stop right there my friend. you both probably got off on the wrong foot. lets call it even
  1821. KurtJoeCobain: Did Hitler attend in the first world war?
  1822. UdderxX: No, he was sent down into a pit with others as his demons.
  1823. KurtJoeCobain: She-male..
  1824. UdderxX: Oml, again with hitlar.
  1825. KurtJoeCobain: Did Hitler attend in the first World War?
  1826. KurtJoeCobain: Because you know jack shite about any of this.
  1827. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  1828. UdderxX: Actually I do.
  1829. UdderxX: I know he's dead and he deserved it.
  1830. Guest_babyboiijames: z
  1831. KurtJoeCobain: Tell me.
  1832. Alyane: loool
  1833. KurtJoeCobain: Wow...
  1834. Alyane: Education.
  1835. KurtJoeCobain: He deserved nothing.
  1836. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: 😯
  1837. Alyane: I feel smarter.
  1838. Alyane: smfh.
  1839. KurtJoeCobain: How did he deserve to die?
  1840. KurtJoeCobain: Educate me some more.
  1841. UdderxX: Also know the US Army marched into Germany to kill him for threatening to take over the USA.
  1842. KurtJoeCobain: Because he was a Jew?
  1843. KurtJoeCobain: LOL!
  1844. KurtJoeCobain: Is that why he commited suicide?
  1845. XInfinityXStarX: Ascetic keep that up and i probably could use and abuse. XD thats how i am sorry to say. only on IMVU have i ever done that. and not since i got engaged.
  1846. UdderxX: He actually killed tended suicide with his wife within his bunker.
  1847. Ascetic: What does use and abuse mean?
  1848. KurtJoeCobain: He did what?
  1849. KurtJoeCobain: I don't understand double negative sentences.
  1850. UdderxX: He actually tended suicide with his wife, I meant.
  1851. KurtJoeCobain: Tended... Did he now?
  1852. XInfinityXStarX: well i could mean a lot of things i don't blame you
  1853. Alyane: I don't think they know what tend means.
  1854. KurtJoeCobain: Me either.
  1855. XInfinityXStarX: i'm not telling
  1856. UdderxX: Don't you ever shut up Kurt about Hitlar.
  1857. KurtJoeCobain: So he basically helped suicide?
  1858. UdderxX: Him and his wife helped each other commit suicide.
  1859. KurtJoeCobain: "Oh here babe. Drink this.
  1860. KurtJoeCobain: "
  1861. KurtJoeCobain: "I'll drink the other cup."
  1862. KurtJoeCobain: Oh yeah.
  1863. KurtJoeCobain: That's how it all went down.
  1864. KurtJoeCobain: I think not.
  1865. UdderxX: Gtfo Kurt, no one wants to read your bs anymore.
  1866. KurtJoeCobain: Because you know nothing about what I'm saying?
  1867. XInfinityXStarX: she probably just wants the attention, but eh. i'll add as a friend. just be nicer to my friend mark here.
  1868. UdderxX: This dude, does not know how to give up.
  1869. Alyane: ","
  1870. KurtJoeCobain: Why would I give up?
  1871. UdderxX: Because walking away is more mature than continuing something.
  1872. KurtJoeCobain: XInfinityXStarX, your grammar fucking sucks.
  1873. KurtJoeCobain: Then why continue?
  1874. UdderxX: See my point bud.
  1875. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  1876. UdderxX: He won't stop.
  1877. KurtJoeCobain: Where's the point?
  1878. KurtJoeCobain: I won't.
  1879. KurtJoeCobain: Hitler was amazing!
  1880. XInfinityXStarX: I can type properly, if i wanted. Would you like to see me try some more?
  1881. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: 😯🤔
  1882. UdderxX: Hitlar was a war criminal, before killing himself.
  1883. Alyane: When UdderxX is trying to convince you to stop, yet won't stop themselves.
  1884. KurtJoeCobain: War criminal?
  1885. KurtJoeCobain: Haha, I agree, Aly.
  1886. UdderxX: I didn't even say anything to keep it continuing.
  1887. KurtJoeCobain: What did Hitler do that was horrible?
  1888. KurtJoeCobain: He wanted the world to be pure again.
  1889. UdderxX: You like Hitlar, yet you don't know the full history.
  1890. UdderxX: No, he didn't.
  1891. Alyane: UdderxX: I didn't even say anything to keep it continuing.
  1892. Alyane: UdderxX: I didn't even say anything to keep it continuing.
  1893. Alyane: UdderxX: I didn't even say anything to keep it continuing.
  1894. Alyane: UdderxX: I didn't even say anything to keep it continuing.
  1895. UdderxX: He wanted power over everything.
  1896. Alyane: Motherfucking lies.
  1897. UdderxX: He wanted to own everything and control everyone.
  1898. KurtJoeCobain: No he didn't.
  1899. KurtJoeCobain: Nope.
  1900. UdderxX: Yeah.
  1901. KurtJoeCobain: He wanted purity.
  1902. KurtJoeCobain: He wanted only Whites to run on this planet.
  1903. UdderxX: It's within our international documented history.
  1904. KurtJoeCobain: If you want me to be a racist prick.
  1905. UdderxX: No
  1906. UdderxX: He did not.
  1907. KurtJoeCobain: Yes. He. Did.
  1908. UdderxX: No he didn't.
  1909. XInfinityXStarX: i have black in my blood, yet i'm white. does that count?
  1910. KurtJoeCobain: Are you a nigger?
  1911. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: lil J how u doing ? Ugh I'm bored
  1912. Guest_babyboiijames: im ok im bored to
  1913. XInfinityXStarX: nah, Australian Aboriginal
  1914. UdderxX: Alyane is colored, so you are disrespecting her race.
  1915. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: I just ate bomb ass waffles for breakfast 😋
  1916. KurtJoeCobain: Okay. So you're an Australian Nigger.
  1917. Alyane: Not even.
  1918. KurtJoeCobain: I know who Aly is.
  1919. XInfinityXStarX: yeh
  1920. KurtJoeCobain: Lol.
  1921. KurtJoeCobain: I've seen pictures of her.
  1922. KurtJoeCobain: The fuck are you on?
  1923. Alyane: Literally zero disrespect.
  1924. Alyane: wtf?
  1925. UdderxX: Yeah, and I bet more than pics.
  1926. Guest_babyboiijames: i aint eat nun
  1927. KurtJoeCobain: Oh baby.
  1928. KurtJoeCobain: <.< I want to eat you right up.
  1929. UdderxX: Likely has disease.
  1930. Alyane: I have diseases, too.
  1931. KurtJoeCobain: Disease?
  1932. Alyane: Okay.
  1933. Alyane: This is cool.
  1934. UdderxX: Oh, yes than Kurt also has disease.
  1935. Guest_babyboiijames: oh ty
  1936. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  1937. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: YW 😊
  1938. Alyane: WE'RE DISEASED
  1939. KurtJoeCobain: I don't fuck anything but white.
  1940. KurtJoeCobain: Just saying.
  1941. Ascetic: I thought I had the disease.
  1942. KurtJoeCobain: We all are diseased.
  1943. UdderxX: Disease of hating others, besides white folk.
  1944. KurtJoeCobain: Oh.
  1945. KurtJoeCobain: That's a disease?
  1946. Alyane: That's my disease, too?
  1947. UdderxX: But, I'm clean.
  1948. KurtJoeCobain: That's called racism?
  1949. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: hm.
  1950. Alyane: I'm racist now, guys.
  1951. UdderxX: So, good luck with your mental disease of racisim.
  1952. Ascetic: Ooh ooh.
  1953. KurtJoeCobain: You Spick.
  1954. Ascetic: Diagnose me.
  1955. XInfinityXStarX: well seems like i'm getting lots of hugs, yay
  1956. Alyane: Except I love white people.
  1957. XInfinityXStarX: XD
  1958. Guest_babyboiijames: im lagging in here
  1959. KurtJoeCobain: Racisim?
  1960. KurtJoeCobain: RACISIM?
  1961. Alyane: "racisim"
  1962. KurtJoeCobain: You're a fucking writer.
  1963. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: R u
  1964. KurtJoeCobain: Learn to spell.
  1965. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: i need that after being hurt by my fiance a lot
  1966. KurtJoeCobain: Correctly!
  1967. Guest_babyboiijames: yup'
  1968. UdderxX: Alert, we have a raging nazi in here.
  1969. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: Your wifi
  1970. KurtJoeCobain: Ha.
  1971. KurtJoeCobain: Not even.
  1972. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: Go to different room !
  1973. KurtJoeCobain: I don't rage.
  1974. KurtJoeCobain: Just saying.
  1975. Guest_babyboiijames: nah too many ppl
  1976. UdderxX: <.< Raging Nazi.
  1977. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: Oh ok true
  1978. KurtJoeCobain: Oh yes.
  1979. Alyane: Because stating it again makes it true.
  1980. KurtJoeCobain: Raging all the time.
  1981. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  1982. Guest_babyboiijames: u wanna come<
  1983. Guest_Sieannagonebad111: Yea.
  1984. KurtJoeCobain: I troll.. Hardly ever get trolled. (=
  1985. Guest_babyboiijames has left the chat
  1986. Guest_Sieannagonebad111 has left the chat
  1987. UdderxX: Kurt?
  1988. KurtJoeCobain: Da?
  1989. Alyane: I had to mute that shit.
  1990. UdderxX: What do you seriously have against me?
  1991. KurtJoeCobain: You're a dumb fuck?
  1992. UdderxX: What pissed you off so much, to come back for another round at me?
  1993. KurtJoeCobain: I like to converse with people with some sort of intelligence.
  1994. KurtJoeCobain: Yet, you have zero.
  1995. Ascetic: (-:
  1996. KurtJoeCobain: I'm not pissed.
  1997. KurtJoeCobain: I'm not even mad.
  1998. KurtJoeCobain: I don't get salty.
  1999. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2000. KurtJoeCobain: Understand that, okay?
  2001. Ascetic  whispers: ii
  2002. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2003. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: omg
  2004. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: that shit is hilarious
  2005. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  2006. Ascetic  whispers: I have a headache
  2007. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: why
  2008. Ascetic  whispers: I have no idea
  2009. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: no
  2010. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: bad
  2011. Ascetic  whispers: :(
  2012. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: kick
  2013. Ascetic  whispers: It's making my eyes water
  2014. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: jump
  2015. Ascetic  whispers: jump
  2016. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: kick
  2017. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Are you just tired?
  2018. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: bad
  2019. ImagineIridescent has joined the chat
  2020. KurtJoeCobain: Aly, you racisim cunt.
  2021. KurtJoeCobain: Where have u been?
  2022. KurtJoeCobain: Ain't see ya in forevz.
  2023. Alyane: idk
  2024. Alyane: I know
  2025. UdderxX: You insulting my intelligence to likely create a dilemma is not amusing, it'll only lead to pointless accusations of who I am and what I do with my life, but that is none of your busniess. Everyone has their own choices, mistakes, opinons and their own controlled knowledge of them selves and others that they know, and the lessons they have learned through their own life.
  2026. KurtJoeCobain: Get me unbanned from the room.
  2027. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Lmao.
  2028. Guest_selenbad has joined the chat
  2029. KurtJoeCobain: First off.
  2030. KurtJoeCobain: Themselves is one word.
  2031. KurtJoeCobain: Business*
  2032. Alyane: I'm not even a mod there anymore. For some reason people hate me.
  2033. Ascetic  whispers: hi
  2034. Ascetic  whispers: i got myself adrink
  2035. UdderxX: them-selves is a single word.
  2036. Ascetic  whispers: yeah I'm a tad bit tired because I'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule
  2037. KurtJoeCobain: ....
  2038. Ascetic  whispers: so I'll be up all day
  2039. UdderxX: I did not add the punctuation between them and selves.
  2040. Alyane: It's not 'them-selves.'
  2041. KurtJoeCobain: Themselves8
  2042. KurtJoeCobain: *
  2043. Alyane: There is no hyphenation.
  2044. Guest_selenbad has left the chat
  2045. KurtJoeCobain: It's just a single word.
  2046. UdderxX: When you add two words together to make a single word you have to add "-".
  2047. KurtJoeCobain: Look it up in your American dictionary.
  2048. Alyane: OMFG.
  2049. KurtJoeCobain: Really?
  2050. KurtJoeCobain: So if I wanted to go like-this.
  2051. KurtJoeCobain: That's one word?
  2052. Ascetic: so-cool
  2053. Alyane: Yeah-that's how it works-now.
  2054. Guest_Fantezia has joined the chat
  2055. ImagineIridescent: Sorry Udder but they are right, themselves is how it is done
  2056. Ascetic: This-is pretty-awesome.
  2057. UdderxX: You're ignorant.
  2058. XInfinityXStarX: Mark. Themselves really is one word
  2059. KurtJoeCobain: We-can-be-so-fucking-awesome-now-because-we-just-learned-how-to-English-properly!
  2060. KurtJoeCobain: ALL ONE WORD!
  2061. Alyane: LOL
  2062. Ascetic: Mark
  2063. Ascetic: What a writer you are man.
  2064. UdderxX: Well, some words are not writting without the punctuation between them.
  2065. Guest_Fantezia: hello o.o
  2066. UdderxX: written*
  2067. KurtJoeCobain: Hmm...
  2068. Alyane: Shut up, Mark. You're done. Quit trying to validate your mistakes.
  2069. KurtJoeCobain: I was just going to ask how words can write them-selves.
  2070. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2071. UdderxX: Alyane, you are being very immature over a grammer mistake. For now on, I'll watch your grammer.
  2072. Guest_Fantezia has left the chat
  2073. UdderxX: grammar*
  2074. Alyane: grammer
  2075. Alyane: GRAMMER
  2076. Ascetic: grammar*
  2077. KurtJoeCobain: Twice?
  2078. KurtJoeCobain: In one statement?
  2079. KurtJoeCobain: What a genius.
  2080. Alyane: Watch my 'grammer,' go ahead.
  2081. Ascetic: Hey Mark.
  2082. KurtJoeCobain: "For now on"
  2083. UdderxX: Also, don't use short sentences, it makes you look ignorant.
  2084. KurtJoeCobain: From now on*
  2085. Ascetic: Let me read that book when it's finished.
  2086. ImagineIridescent: to be fair you're probably stressing him out by pinpointing every grammatical error he may or may not be making...
  2087. KurtJoeCobain: So?
  2088. KurtJoeCobain: It's fun.
  2089. Ascetic: I'd love to get paid to correct every other word.
  2090. KurtJoeCobain: Lol.
  2091. UdderxX: The book is finished, my company is processing it now.
  2092. Ascetic: I'm sure it is.
  2093. UdderxX: Before it's marketed.
  2094. KurtJoeCobain: She's been making mistakes.
  2095. Alyane: 'my company'
  2096. Alyane: Do you even know how publishing works?
  2097. KurtJoeCobain: Why are you on imvu if you own a company?
  2098. KurtJoeCobain: <.< Probably not.
  2099. UdderxX: The company I'm working for right now to publish my work.
  2100. Ascetic: I wanna work for you.
  2101. XInfinityXStarX: i'm also a writer. i just don't care much for online talking.
  2102. Alyane: loool
  2103. KurtJoeCobain: OH!!!
  2104. Ascetic: Oh, so you don't own a company?
  2105. KurtJoeCobain: First it was his company.
  2106. KurtJoeCobain: Now he's working for it.
  2107. Ascetic: Which is it?
  2108. KurtJoeCobain: Liars.
  2109. Alyane: Mark, you're not good at lying.
  2110. KurtJoeCobain: ALL LIES!
  2111. UdderxX: I like the fact, none of these people know me, yet they are trying to pick a fight with me.
  2112. Bajau has joined the chat
  2113. JoeBlessed has joined the chat
  2114. Ascetic: Mark, I wanted to work for you.
  2115. Alyane: Keep it up. You could be an actor instead.
  2116. Bajau has left the chat
  2117. ImagineIridescent: It is a bit much, did yu say something rude at all before Mark?
  2118. UdderxX: I am not a actor and I do not act.
  2119. ImagineIridescent: *you haha now i'm starting ;)
  2120. Alyane: Mark called us diseased.
  2121. KurtJoeCobain: Besides being a fucking dumb bitch about her "History"... No.
  2122. Ascetic: We are diseased.
  2123. KurtJoeCobain: Hitlar wasn't even a person.
  2124. UdderxX: Kurt? You want another warning by IMVU?
  2125. JoeBlessed has left the chat
  2126. KurtJoeCobain: Yes.
  2127. Alyane: Hitlar is daddy af.
  2128. KurtJoeCobain: Please send it to me.
  2129. Ascetic: You act like you work for IMVU.
  2130. KurtJoeCobain: REPORT ME!
  2131. UdderxX: Okay, after so many, you'll be suspended.
  2132. Ascetic: Take a seat bud, you arn't anything special.
  2133. KurtJoeCobain: Maybe that's "her company"?
  2134. KurtJoeCobain: Hmm...
  2135. KurtJoeCobain: After ten, correct?
  2136. UdderxX: Neither are you cunt.
  2137. KurtJoeCobain: In 2 months...
  2138. Ascetic: "Kurt, you want me to tell on you? ):"
  2139. KurtJoeCobain: I've received 30...
  2140. KurtJoeCobain: And still...
  2141. ImagineIridescent: As distasteful as his outfit is, IMVU is about free expression and its more so aggressive behaviour that should be reported.
  2142. KurtJoeCobain: Have yet to be banned.
  2143. KurtJoeCobain: Or disabled.
  2144. UdderxX: Uhm, now judging my outfits?
  2145. ImagineIridescent: not you mark -.-
  2146. Ascetic: Yes, Mark.
  2147. Ascetic: You.
  2148. Ascetic: All you.
  2149. Alyane: I'm judging you, Mark.
  2150. Ascetic: It's alwaaaaays about you.
  2151. KurtJoeCobain: ALL ABOUT MARK TIME!
  2152. UdderxX: Well, she didn't say a name.
  2153. UdderxX: So, she could be talking to anyone.
  2154. Ascetic: Well now it is about you.
  2155. KurtJoeCobain: Hold-on...-Don't-you-know-that-we-must-go-like-this-for-proper-English?
  2156. Ascetic: You've got the rooms full on attention.
  2157. Alyane: Oh-yeah.
  2158. KurtJoeCobain: Dumb-arses..
  2159. Ascetic: Exactly-what-you-wanted
  2160. UdderxX: You are ignorant.
  2161. Alyane: This-is-how-you're-supposed-tp-do-it.
  2162. Alyane: lol tp
  2163. KurtJoeCobain: You-re*
  2164. Ascetic: oh no
  2165. Ascetic: Alyane
  2166. Ascetic: be careful
  2167. Alyane: toilet paper
  2168. UdderxX: You're*
  2169. ImagineIridescent: So what is your book about?
  2170. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  2171. KurtJoeCobain: Jews.
  2172. Ascetic: Me, of course.
  2173. KurtJoeCobain: Killing them all.
  2174. KurtJoeCobain: "I am the new Hitlar" is the title.
  2175. KurtJoeCobain: Even though, I'm a dark skinned person.
  2176. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2177. Alyane: lel
  2178. KurtJoeCobain: Not really.
  2179. KurtJoeCobain: Niggers should die.
  2180. KurtJoeCobain: "Reports"
  2181. UdderxX: It's a script currently, I'm just taking a few steps forward with it coming out as a book to get money from it to invest it into a manga right now.
  2182. ImagineIridescent: thats probably moreso why you get reported lol
  2183. KurtJoeCobain: So?
  2184. Ascetic: It's a script now?
  2185. KurtJoeCobain: OH MY!
  2186. KurtJoeCobain: Mark.
  2187. KurtJoeCobain: You-are-a-lying-cunt.
  2188. ImagineIridescent: Interesting, do you do your own artwork?
  2189. UdderxX: I'm not lying, even my friends seen my contract.
  2190. Ascetic: Don't believe anything Mark says.
  2191. Alyane: That's such a lie.
  2192. Alyane: Read the sentence.
  2193. Ascetic: Spitting lies every 2 minutes.
  2194. Alyane: It's disproves itself.
  2195. Alyane: it
  2196. Alyane: omg
  2197. UdderxX: No, the company does it for as it is being processed.
  2198. KurtJoeCobain: <.< Spelling like Mark?
  2199. UdderxX: I only write the script.
  2200. KurtJoeCobain: "the company"
  2201. ImagineIridescent: wait so you're working on 2 books at once?
  2202. UdderxX: for me*
  2203. KurtJoeCobain: I thought it was your company.
  2204. Ascetic: So you did not write the book yourself.
  2205. UdderxX: Yep.
  2206. Ascetic: What the fuck.
  2207. UdderxX: I write my books myself.
  2208. KurtJoeCobain: When did you start your second one?
  2209. Ascetic: It went to writing one book, to only a script, to now 2 books?
  2210. UdderxX: They do everything else during its processing.
  2211. KurtJoeCobain: The*
  2212. KurtJoeCobain: Just saying.
  2213. KurtJoeCobain: Its should be "the".
  2214. Ascetic: Let me ask your good ol' friend Infinity.
  2215. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: UdderxX: It's a script currently, I'm just taking a few steps forward with it coming out as a book to get money from it to invest it into a manga right now.
  2216. UdderxX: My first book been finished, I been simply adding more to it as I work on the second one.
  2217. Alyane: So, Mark wrote it as a play or a screenplay.
  2218. KurtJoeCobain: Book been?
  2219. Alyane: Then it's becoming a book.
  2220. Alyane: Then somehow magically transforming into a manga.
  2221. UdderxX: Every book starts out as a script.
  2222. KurtJoeCobain: "My first book been finished."
  2223. ImagineIridescent: I'm confused you can't add more to a book when it's been submitted unless you mean you're making a sequel?
  2224. Alyane: WHAT THE FUCK
  2226. XInfinityXStarX: yeh
  2227. XInfinityXStarX: hes writing 2 books
  2228. Alyane: You obviously don't know what a script is either.
  2229. XInfinityXStarX: one is a manga
  2230. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: 'tended'
  2231. UdderxX: As it's being processed, I can email updated copies to the publisher.
  2232. ImagineIridescent: Oh i see
  2233. ImagineIridescent: do you have a limit?
  2234. KurtJoeCobain: Who is the Publisher?
  2235. UdderxX: No.
  2236. KurtJoeCobain: Because I'll call them up and ask for your book.
  2237. KurtJoeCobain: See if it's really getting published.
  2238. KurtJoeCobain: Who is publishing your book?
  2239. UdderxX: My publisher works at the companies building in Newyork.
  2240. KurtJoeCobain: ...
  2241. Alyane: But who is it?
  2242. KurtJoeCobain: Which one?
  2243. ImagineIridescent: What if tjeu get fed up of all the adjustments? Don't they need a finalised copy?
  2244. Alyane: Which company?
  2245. ImagineIridescent: &they
  2246. KurtJoeCobain: See.
  2247. UdderxX: I am paying them 3,454.00 to do everything, I only had to write it.
  2248. KurtJoeCobain: You don't even know.
  2249. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2250. KurtJoeCobain: 345.
  2251. KurtJoeCobain: Lol.
  2252. KurtJoeCobain: 3454.
  2253. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2254. KurtJoeCobain: Even better!
  2255. ImagineIridescent: but what about production costs? You could only print so many copies with that much? or are you only printing a few?
  2256. KurtJoeCobain: Who is publishing the book?
  2257. UdderxX: When you publish a book, it's considered a investment of your work.
  2258. ImagineIridescent: Sorry if you don't want to answer
  2259. Alyane: z
  2260. Alyane: It depends, Iridescent.
  2261. Alyane: Publishers do set a deadline for authors, or else they'll go with the last copy they received.
  2262. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: No, they do everything. It's only being marketed digitally.
  2263. KurtJoeCobain: Who is publishing it though, Udder?
  2264. Alyane: Or if they don't think what they have will sell to any audience, they won't publish it.
  2265. KurtJoeCobain: I'd like to call them.
  2266. UdderxX: Uhm, the board of the company already looked over my work.
  2267. KurtJoeCobain  calls all the companies in the "New York Building".
  2268. ImagineIridescent: Ohhh Thanks Aly :) and call me Iri to save type time haha my nme is awkward
  2269. ImagineIridescent: *name
  2270. Alyane: Okay.
  2271. Alyane: I doubt I'll be saying it again.
  2272. Ascetic  whispers: I'm currently
  2273. Ascetic  whispers: talking to
  2274. Ascetic  whispers: infinity in a pc
  2275. Ascetic  whispers: LMAAAAAAAO
  2276. Ascetic  whispers: I invited them and now
  2277. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: I was just doing that so you knew that you were being referred to.
  2278. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: About? Lol.
  2279. Ascetic  whispers: I'm gonna ask about Mark
  2280. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Haha.
  2281. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: haha
  2282. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: okay
  2283. Alyane: Udder
  2284. ImagineIridescent: Okay
  2285. Alyane: Udder
  2286. KurtJoeCobain: Mark.
  2287. Alyane: Udder
  2288. KurtJoeCobain: You're still dodging my question of which company is publishing your book...
  2289. KurtJoeCobain: Or if Hitler attended in the first World War.
  2290. Alyane: Udder
  2291. ImagineIridescent: That is kinda private information..
  2292. KurtJoeCobain: Mark.
  2293. KurtJoeCobain: No it's not.
  2294. Alyane: It's not
  2295. KurtJoeCobain: Because it's fake.
  2296. Alyane: Saying the name of your publisher isn't private.
  2297. KurtJoeCobain: "building in new york"
  2298. Ascetic: Guys
  2299. Alyane: Publishers are a company.
  2300. Ascetic: Mark is googling places now
  2301. KurtJoeCobain: Seriously?
  2302. Ascetic: I know of it.
  2303. KurtJoeCobain: LMao.
  2304. ImagineIridescent: I would assume that you would send my publisher grief though haha if i was in his shoes
  2305. Ascetic: Mark. hun.
  2306. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao*
  2307. Ascetic: No need to google your ass off.
  2308. Alyane: The person representing your book to the company isn't your publisher.
  2309. ImagineIridescent: but on the flipside he is taking a while to say what i just said
  2310. KurtJoeCobain: Because she's lying about it all.
  2311. Alyane: We're not even asking for a person. Just a company name.
  2312. KurtJoeCobain: 3,454.00
  2313. KurtJoeCobain: And that's very true.
  2314. KurtJoeCobain: A company name. I'm not going to harass. I just want to know if there's a book written by Mark.
  2315. KurtJoeCobain: Mark.
  2316. Ascetic: As do I.
  2317. KurtJoeCobain: What's the name of your book?
  2318. KurtJoeCobain: That's pretty simple.
  2319. KurtJoeCobain: Everyone who creates a book must have a title.
  2320. KurtJoeCobain: I could go on Amazon and look for it.
  2321. KurtJoeCobain: Or on the internet.
  2322. ImagineIridescent: you are getting sales in effect by giving that info Mark, but its up to you.
  2323. KurtJoeCobain: Wouldn't even need the publishers name.
  2324. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Or the company name.
  2325. KurtJoeCobain: Mark isn't writing a fucking thing.
  2326. KurtJoeCobain: Lying out of his little arse.
  2327. XInfinityXStarX: hes writing it
  2328. KurtJoeCobain: Infinity..
  2329. KurtJoeCobain: What's the title of it then?
  2330. KurtJoeCobain: What's the plot?
  2331. XInfinityXStarX: Dead Spirited is one of them
  2332. KurtJoeCobain: Ha.
  2333. KurtJoeCobain: I'll look that up.
  2334. ImagineIridescent: Coolies sounds like a fantsy novel with a dark twist :)
  2335. Alyane: "It's only being marketed digitally." I just read that.
  2336. XInfinityXStarX: i haven't read the full plot
  2337. XInfinityXStarX: its vague
  2338. Alyane: If it's only a digital publish, then it should only cost like $2.
  2339. Alyane: wtfffffffffffff
  2340. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: Mark, why are you lying to us?
  2341. Alyane: No one is impressed.
  2342. UdderxX: Not lying.
  2343. Ascetic: Mark, you've been caught.
  2344. ImagineIridescent: Dead Spirited: An Unexpected Tale - Book 1 - ElPareidolia - Wattpad is it this?
  2345. KurtJoeCobain:
  2346. UdderxX: It costs a lot of money because it's a investment.
  2347. Ascetic: You're WRITING A BOOK ON WATTPAD
  2348. UdderxX: They do more than only market it online.
  2350. Ascetic: IT'S NOT EVEN A REAL BOOK
  2352. UdderxX: They also advertise it.
  2354. Ascetic: YOU DON'T GET PAID FOR THAT.
  2355. Ascetic: LOL
  2357. UdderxX: You get paid for being a writer.
  2358. UdderxX: Yes it does
  2359. KurtJoeCobain: $3,454*
  2360. ImagineIridescent: As the sun falls. A darkness rises, Filling the world with death and suffering. A bloodline of kings served a great kingdom, but it had soon came to an end. A...
  2361. ImagineIridescent: the actual link the book has been removed
  2362. UdderxX: That is my facebook page.
  2363. UdderxX: Duh
  2364. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2365. ImagineIridescent:
  2366. Alyane: "Don't talk in short sentences, it makes you look ignorant." "As the sun falls."
  2367. UdderxX: D-S World is my facebook page.
  2368. KurtJoeCobain: Do I see a comma after "rises" and then a capital letter?
  2369. UdderxX: I can easily remove that page from Facebook right now if I wanted too.
  2370. KurtJoeCobain: HOW EVEN ARE YOU A WRITER?!?!?!
  2371. Ascetic:
  2372. Ascetic: Have I found you, Mark?
  2373. UdderxX: My name was Mark, dumb ass.
  2374. Alyane: was
  2375. KurtJoeCobain: Was?
  2376. Alyane: @was
  2377. Ascetic: Was?
  2378. KurtJoeCobain: What is it now?
  2379. UdderxX: It's being legally changed to Eleanor Pareidolia
  2380. Alyane: Ew
  2381. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2382. UdderxX: My nickname is MC Williams
  2383. ImagineIridescent: This feels more like a mystery we are unveiling
  2384. Alyane: Your nickname?
  2385. Ascetic: I've found Mark's wattpad.
  2386. Ascetic: His so called story is on wattpad.
  2387. KurtJoeCobain: 0 Followers?
  2388. Ascetic: You don't get paid to write books on wattpad.
  2389. KurtJoeCobain: 0 Works?
  2390. UdderxX: Wattpad is a app dumb ass.
  2391. Alyane: Mark is a fake.
  2392. KurtJoeCobain: 0 Readers?
  2393. Ascetic: No wonder it's not out or being published.
  2394. UdderxX: I used it for fun.
  2395. Ascetic: It's on fuCKING WATTPAD.
  2396. KurtJoeCobain: 0 READERS!
  2397. Ascetic: Dead Spirited: An Unexpected Tale - Book 1 - ElPareidolia - Wattpad
  2398. Ascetic: As the sun falls. A darkness rises, Filling the world with death and suffering. A bloodline of kings served a great kingdom, but it had soon came to an end. A...
  2399. KurtJoeCobain: That's all.
  2400. KurtJoeCobain: Good story, Mate.
  2401. Alyane: "but it had soon came to an end"
  2402. ImagineIridescent: Wouldn't you want to keep your story stuff confidential
  2403. KurtJoeCobain: You're a fucking genius.
  2404. ImagineIridescent: if its being published for money
  2405. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  2406. Ascetic: IT'S ON WATTPAD?
  2407. Ascetic: How would that cost you 3,453 or whatever dollars?
  2408. KurtJoeCobain: That's just for fun writing.
  2409. KurtJoeCobain: 3454.
  2410. KurtJoeCobain: Close.
  2411. Ascetic: Oops.
  2412. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2413. Ascetic: I didn't spam my numbers enough like he did.
  2414. UdderxX: It's free to have it on WATTPAD
  2415. UdderxX: Dumb ass
  2416. KurtJoeCobain: Then why pay for it?
  2417. KurtJoeCobain: Dumb arse?
  2418. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: I'm publishing it through a legit company.
  2419. Ascetic: No, you are not.
  2420. KurtJoeCobain: What's it called?
  2422. KurtJoeCobain: The name.
  2423. UdderxX: So I'll get it marketed.
  2424. Ascetic: Wattpad.
  2425. Alyane: zz
  2426. KurtJoeCobain: LMAO!
  2427. KurtJoeCobain: What's the company name?
  2428. KurtJoeCobain: I'll call them.
  2429. Alyane: Quit googling shit and get back here.
  2430. KurtJoeCobain: Ask for Elenoreatastsardsfa;lkdsfausdli;kfajsdf a;
  2431. ImagineIridescent: What I mean is if you're selling your book to the masses wouldn't you want to ensure all traces of the book were removed online in case someone takes your idea? ame with telling us here? don't you have confidentiality agreements?
  2432. Alyane: lool
  2433. ImagineIridescentImagineIridescent WhisperAdd Friend: or am i thinking too hard into this?
  2434. KurtJoeCobain: And see if there's one being Published.
  2435. KurtJoeCobain: Give us teases..
  2436. KurtJoeCobain: Not the first 5 sentences..
  2437. Alyane: This is such a shame.
  2438. KurtJoeCobain: And that's the rest of the book, Mate.
  2439. KurtJoeCobain: Fuck that.
  2440. Ascetic: I like your little picture on wattpad
  2441. KurtJoeCobain: You're thinking way to far into this.
  2442. KurtJoeCobain: I don't.
  2443. KurtJoeCobain: Mark, Elenor..
  2444. Ascetic: I don't either.
  2445. KurtJoeCobain: Is ugly.
  2446. Ascetic: I was just commenting on it.
  2447. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: loool
  2448. KurtJoeCobain: It looks like a fag.
  2449. Ascetic: Mark stop googling please
  2450. Ascetic: There is honestly no use
  2451. ImagineIridescent: There is no shame in being a writer, paid or not, but maybe you would get more respect if you were honest in the forefront
  2452. Guest_KookieCH has left the chat
  2453. IxRECKL3SSxI has left the chat
  2454. KurtJoeCobain: Just give me a company name.
  2455. KurtJoeCobain: I'll call them right now!
  2456. Ascetic: Just tell us all right now if it's true or not
  2457. Ascetic: and we will drop it.
  2458. KurtJoeCobain: Exactly.
  2459. KurtJoeCobain: Hiding in a different chat or on google isn't going to save you, Elendork.
  2460. Ascetic  whispers: elendork is cute
  2461. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: dont say that
  2462. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Okay.
  2463. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Okay
  2464. Ascetic  whispers: thanks
  2465. Ascetic  whispers: "Dumb ass:
  2466. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: You're welcome.
  2467. Ascetic  whispers: as Mark would say
  2468. Ascetic  whispers: ;)
  2469. Ergo has joined the chat
  2470. Ascetic  whispers: ;)
  2471. Ascetic  whispers: ;)
  2472. Ascetic  whispers: ;)
  2473. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: ;)
  2474. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: LMAO!
  2475. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2476. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2477. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2478. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2479. Ascetic  whispers: heh
  2480. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2481. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2482. Ascetic  whispers: ehehe
  2483. Ascetic  whispers: hehe
  2484. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2485. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2486. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2487. Alyane:
  2488. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2489. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2490. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2491. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2492. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: lol
  2493. UdderxX: Stacey Fyffe is literary development agent and the company name is Page Publishing, Inc. their number is (646)738-8279
  2494. Ascetic: ^
  2496. AsceticAscetic Whisper: I own a record label
  2497. UdderxX: Not a google search.
  2498. UdderxX: I had to get it from my emails.
  2499. Ascetic: What is your record label?
  2500. KurtJoeCobain: Calling them right now.
  2501. KurtJoeCobain: "Whatafag" Record Label!
  2502. Alyane: ii
  2503. UdderxX: Not a record label dude.
  2504. KurtJoeCobain: It says it though.
  2505. Alyane:
  2506. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Forgot to put the +1 infront of it
  2507. UdderxX: USA number.
  2508. Ergo has left the chat
  2509. KurtJoeCobain: I'm not stupid.
  2510. KurtJoeCobain: I'm going to legitally call them.
  2511. ImagineIridescent: Mark I would have left rather than disclose that information, they are going to troll your place of work now. nOT A SMART DECISION.
  2512. ImagineIridescent: oops caps
  2513. KurtJoeCobain: Troll?
  2514. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Lmao.
  2515. UdderxX: Eh, Funny thing is though
  2516. KurtJoeCobain: You can't troll something that's not in New York.
  2517. UdderxX: That's not her office number
  2518. KurtJoeCobain: You gave her name.
  2519. KurtJoeCobain: You fucking dumb fuck.
  2520. Ascetic: Where is that located?
  2521. UdderxX: That's the company number.
  2522. KurtJoeCobain: I can ask for Stacey.
  2523. KurtJoeCobain: I'm not stupid.
  2524. UdderxX: And I already sent her a email about what's going on.
  2525. KurtJoeCobain: Sure you did.
  2526. KurtJoeCobain: I'll ask her right now.
  2527. Ascetic: It's in PA.
  2528. UdderxX: And if it leads to harassment they'll have the authorites involved.
  2529. Ascetic: Stacey is from PA.
  2530. Ascetic: As are you Mark.
  2531. KurtJoeCobain: Oh.
  2532. ImagineIridescent: Thats very unprofessional
  2533. otfdredre has joined the chat
  2534. UdderxX: Uhm, she is in Neywork.
  2535. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2536. Ascetic: I'm going to shoot Stacey a message.
  2537. KurtJoeCobain: I'm on the phone with her.
  2538. ImagineIridescent: You shouldn't involve your place of work with your hobbies its like the 101 on working
  2539. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers:
  2540. UdderxX: Eh
  2541. UdderxX: Dude, I already emailed her about you
  2542. Alyane: otfdredre, don't add me.
  2543. ImagineIridescent: to "prove it" you don't have to prove anything, none of you know eachother really you're just passing faces. its not worth your career. but thats my 2 cents
  2544. Ascetic: Works at Page Publishing
  2545. UdderxX: Well, it won't cost me my career, but it will cost them prison time.
  2546. UdderxX: I already told her the situation.
  2547. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: Asking who your publisher is isn't illegal?
  2548. Alyane: You're so knowledgable, Mark.
  2549. Ascetic: You gave her name out, Mark.
  2550. KurtJoeCobain: I did message her, Mark.
  2551. ImagineIridescent: You are fortunate with your publisher then. It just seems a bit unprofessional to involve pople you're speaking with online with your work endeavors and to talk to your boss about that too. Just thinking on image and things.
  2552. Alyane: We should all just believe you.
  2553. Ascetic: That was your wrong doing, Mark.
  2554. UdderxX: Uhm, no
  2555. UdderxX: Your wrong doing it getting in my busniess
  2556. UdderxX: is*
  2557. UdderxX: Because you would not stfu
  2558. otfdredre has left the chat
  2559. Ascetic: I think it's odd you live so close to me.
  2560. ImagineIridescent: Then you just block people or leave rather than risk your job.
  2561. KurtJoeCobain:
  2562. UdderxX: Good, If I find you I'm beating your ass.
  2563. UdderxX: With a group of people
  2564. Alyane: So tough.
  2565. Alyane: Ooo.
  2566. KurtJoeCobain: With a group?
  2567. UdderxX: May even kill you
  2568. KurtJoeCobain: Tough guy..
  2569. Ascetic: Is that a threat?
  2570. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  Narrate flags
  2571. UdderxX: Want it to be?
  2572. Alyane: Now, that's illegal.
  2573. Ascetic: Now I can report you.
  2574. UdderxX: Two chicks and one dude trying to act legit, when they are not even from this room.
  2575. UdderxX: Pretty soon, they'll be gone and I'll still be here.
  2576. Alyane: I'm from a sperm cell and an egg cell.
  2577. KurtJoeCobain: Des.
  2578. KurtJoeCobain: Did you see my screen shot?
  2579. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2580. Ascetic: I did.
  2581. ImagineIridescent: "don't let the venom soak into you too"
  2582. KurtJoeCobain: I actually messaged her.
  2583. Ascetic: I hope she responds quickly.
  2584. KurtJoeCobain: Same.
  2585. KurtJoeCobain: This person thinks I'm messing around with contacting her.
  2586. KurtJoeCobain: Haha.
  2587. UdderxX: Girl, you won't cost me my job.
  2588. Alyane: It's not a job.
  2589. UdderxX: And I have a name
  2590. UdderxX: Want to take this onto Skype?
  2591. KurtJoeCobain: I do too.
  2592. KurtJoeCobain: Yes.
  2593. KurtJoeCobain: Add me
  2594. UdderxX: Not you Kurt
  2595. Alyane: Royalties from a book is just an income.
  2596. UdderxX: You annoy me.
  2597. KurtJoeCobain: robert.bauer69420
  2598. KurtJoeCobain: Add me.
  2599. KurtJoeCobain: Don't be scared.
  2600. UdderxX: I'm talking about Ascetic.
  2601. ImagineIridescent: Udder i know that pride is important, but you've let your ego of proving a point to some people who shouldn't really matter to you get in the way and it is a risk move on your part. The best thing and mature thing would have been to ignore them
  2602. ImagineIridescent: if they were harrassing you so much
  2603. Ascetic: You're not getting my skype ya creep.
  2604. Alyane: lool
  2605. KurtJoeCobain: Can I has it?
  2606. Ascetic: Check your skype?
  2607. UdderxX: Creep, you are the one that stalked my Facebook
  2608. KurtJoeCobain: Nothing.
  2609. Ascetic: That wasn't me.
  2610. UdderxX: And wanted proof of my job to contact them
  2611. Ascetic: That was Aly.
  2612. UdderxX: You're the lowest person I have ever met
  2613. Alyane: You literally said what it was.
  2614. KurtJoeCobain: I messaged Stacey though.
  2615. Alyane: Now I gotta scroll up.
  2616. Alyane: smfh
  2617. Ascetic: How am I low?
  2618. KurtJoeCobain:
  2619. UdderxX: Threatening my work for one.
  2620. Ascetic: I know you're from PA from your IMVU profile.
  2621. KurtJoeCobain: We never threatened them.
  2622. KurtJoeCobain: In the screen shot..
  2623. KurtJoeCobain: Did you see any harm?
  2624. KurtJoeCobain: None whatsoever.
  2625. Ascetic  whispers: XInfinityXStarX: well i could ask for friends with benefits, but that wouldn't be very loyal would it?
  2626. ImagineIridescent: If you felt threatened the last thing you should have done is disclose the informaiton to them.
  2628. UdderxX: Two: You even called after proving it.
  2629. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: IM FUCKING LAUGHING SO HARD
  2630. ImagineIridescent: same with giving your debit card info online
  2631. UdderxX: You have been wanting my information since you came in here
  2632. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Figure out his fiancee's name.
  2633. UdderxX: Starting with my age
  2634. KurtJoeCobain: You're not 18 though.
  2635. KurtJoeCobain: That's what I'm trying to get at.
  2636. KurtJoeCobain: I can put pictures on the internet.
  2637. KurtJoeCobain: But I know I'm legit.
  2638. Guest_Tykin1 has joined the chat
  2639. Guest_Tykin1: I'm horny
  2640. UdderxX: You have been harassing me of my life since you three been in here.
  2641. KurtJoeCobain: You're faking who you want to be.
  2642. Alyane:
  2643. UdderxX: Uhm, I'm not faking
  2644. UdderxX: I'm a writer.
  2645. Alyane: Tykin1, what type of horn?
  2646. Guest_Tykin1 has left the chat
  2647. Ascetic: Rob
  2648. KurtJoeCobain: I'll wait until Stacey messages back.
  2649. KurtJoeCobain: Yes?
  2650. Ascetic: Get this
  2651. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  2652. ImagineIridescent: Mark listen, all of them have a one up over you, they know more about you than you know them. The police would be a difficult thing to get involved as they are all just ghost faces with usernames and posisbly an email?
  2653. Ascetic: He lives 14 minutes away from me.
  2654. KurtJoeCobain: OH MY!
  2655. blackscream93 has joined the chat
  2656. Ascetic: LMAO.
  2657. Ascetic: Yo,
  2658. Ascetic: Uniontown, man?>
  2659. KurtJoeCobain: I know people in PA.
  2660. Ascetic: Know where Masontown is?
  2661. blackscream93: hi
  2662. UdderxX: Actually not. Because since they called the company they have their number.
  2663. Ascetic: Mark we can totally meet up
  2664. KurtJoeCobain: I messaged her.
  2665. KurtJoeCobain: Fucking retard.
  2666. UdderxX: That can be traced back
  2667. KurtJoeCobain: To what?
  2668. KurtJoeCobain: A fake IP?
  2669. UdderxX: To your address
  2670. Alyane: This is fun.
  2671. UdderxX: Not a joke.
  2672. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : A message?
  2673. KurtJoeCobain: Hmm..
  2674. UdderxX: You're getting yourself in deep shit.
  2675. KurtJoeCobain: Are you a hacker?
  2676. Ascetic: Mark can we please meet
  2677. Ascetic: We live so close
  2678. Guest_Dabberm3m has joined the chat
  2679. UdderxX: Why, so I can thump your ass for threatening my work?
  2680. ImagineIridescentImagineIridescent WhisperAdd Friend: The thing is you're risking your own real life not IMVU life or whatever over proving a point and you're being blind in seeing that
  2681. KurtJoeCobain: Is that a threat, Mark?
  2682. KurtJoeCobain  flags
  2683. UdderxX: Kurt shush
  2684. Guest_Dabberm3m has left the chat
  2685. Ascetic: You wouldn't touch me.
  2686. UdderxX: I would
  2687. Ascetic: Lmao.
  2688. KurtJoeCobain: <.< I agree.
  2689. Ascetic: You live in Uniontown,
  2690. blackscream93 has left the chat
  2691. UdderxX: I live in many places.
  2692. Ascetic: bud that's not a place to be proud of
  2693. Alyane: what a milestone
  2694. UdderxX: I moved from Uniontown a long time ago
  2695. Ascetic: Brownsville?
  2696. Ascetic: That's worse.
  2697. UdderxX: Nope
  2698. UdderxX: I ahve family in the military in brownsville
  2699. UdderxX: have*
  2700. Ascetic: Then where at booboo
  2701. Ascetic: I know you're near there somewhere.
  2702. Alyane: Mark Conaway
  2703. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2704. Ascetic: Either in Uniontown still
  2705. Ascetic: CONAWAY
  2706. Ascetic: NO WAY.
  2707. UdderxX: Alyane, I'm telling you fuck off
  2708. ImagineIridescent: Can you not see Mark they have all their Information? You need to stop being angry and prideful and take this stuff seriously.
  2709. Ascetic: Dude, I heard about this kid in my high school.
  2710. KurtJoeCobain: Seriously, Des?
  2711. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2712. UdderxX: I never been to masontown high school
  2713. KurtJoeCobain: Low life?
  2714. KurtJoeCobain: I love how his English went to shit.
  2715. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2716. KurtJoeCobain: As he's fucking scared.
  2717. UdderxX: I'm not scared.
  2718. Ascetic: I'm dead serious
  2719. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun.
  2720. Ascetic: Mark, did you get kicked out of your school for bringing a gun to school?
  2721. Ascetic: or was it drugs
  2722. Ascetic: or fighting
  2723. UdderxX: I was suspended once for a weapon to school, including my friend Marshall.
  2724. Acevelyn has joined the chat
  2725. ImagineIridescent: Taunting leads to nothing good.
  2726. Alyane:
  2727. Ascetic  whispers:
  2728. Ascetic: See, I told you.
  2729. Alyane:
  2730. UdderxX: This is cute, Did't Masontown school shutdown?
  2731. UdderxX: Didn't*
  2732. KurtJoeCobain: Mark..
  2733. Ascetic: I don't know, I didn't go there.
  2734. KurtJoeCobain: Can I tell you something?
  2735. ImagineIridescent: Mark I know you are angry these people have done nothing but wind you up, but what are you all gaining from this?
  2736. KurtJoeCobain: If I lived close to you..
  2737. UdderxX: Than how do you know of people there
  2738. KurtJoeCobain: I'd thump you for even thinking about touching a female.
  2739. Ascetic: The sad thing is,
  2740. ImagineIridescent: Ascetic seems frightened because of your gun thing i think its best all of you parted ways. No one wants danger.
  2741. Ascetic: I'm always in Uniontown.
  2742. UdderxX: Nice.
  2743. Ascetic: I am not frightened.
  2744. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: I have a rep so does my family.
  2745. ImagineIridescent: I am for you. You don't want some kid chasing you around with a gun
  2746. UdderxX: For murder, fighting and drugs.
  2747. Ascetic: He has no clue what I look like or who I am.
  2748. Ascetic: I am fine.
  2749. Alyane: The good ol' Conaways.
  2750. ImagineIridescent: same as i don't want some kid making dumb decisions for keeping face onine and shooting somebody
  2751. Chieftainn has joined the chat
  2752. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: I'm not a kid.
  2753. Excuses has joined the chat
  2754. ImagineIridescent: I don't care. This has escalated to something dumb.
  2755. Guest_XxRedDemonRedeyeSxX has joined the chat
  2756. Ascetic: Rob
  2757. UdderxX: Alyane?
  2758. Alyane: Mark Conaway?
  2759. KurtJoeCobain: Yes?
  2760. UdderxX: You want arrested for invasion of privacy?
  2761. Ascetic: I've added you on skype. (:
  2762. Excuses: What'd yall say , welcome ?
  2763. Excuses: OH
  2764. Excuses: TNX
  2765. Excuses: :))
  2766. Alyane: If it's public it's not invasive.
  2767. Alyane: You're welcome.
  2768. ImagineIridescent: Welcoe excuses :)
  2769. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao. okay.
  2770. Chieftainn: i like being public
  2771. Excuses: TY
  2772. UdderxX: Eh.
  2773. Chieftainn: doing flips from
  2774. Excuses: Atleast some on got maners
  2775. Ascetic: Hey guys
  2776. Chieftainn: a 1000storybuilding
  2777. Ascetic: User Udder wants to thump me
  2778. Chieftainn: and fall to my death
  2779. Acevelyn has left the chat
  2780. UdderxX: I was being sarcastic, I am able to do worse.
  2781. ImagineIridescent: Sorry Excuses, its just that some online taunting of an individual has escalated to some possible real life violence
  2782. Alyane: Tough kid.
  2783. Ascetic: Oh damn.
  2784. Excuses: Thats Goood
  2785. Excuses: Meet new ppl
  2786. Chieftainn: real life violence!!!!
  2787. Chieftainn: letsfight
  2788. Excuses: ii
  2789. ImagineIridescent: no like a gun.
  2790. UdderxX: Lol@Excuses
  2791. Chieftainn: UPPERCUT
  2792. Chieftainn: HOOK
  2793. Chieftainn: DIRECT
  2794. Chieftainn: DOGE THAT !
  2795. Chieftainn: OMG NO
  2796. Chieftainn: shit
  2797. Excuses: oh dang
  2798. Chieftainn: get an ambulance
  2799. Excuses: lazer tag ?
  2800. UdderxX: If It would lead to that, they won't find her body. Js
  2801. UdderxX: I'm not a murderur.
  2802. ImagineIridescent: Basically three people (can't be arsed with names) were taunting someone in here. He got so wound up he basically disclosed all his personal information
  2803. ImagineIridescent: then started threatening wiht violence
  2804. KurtJoeCobain: Murderur?
  2805. KurtJoeCobain: What is that?
  2806. Chieftainn: ???
  2807. Chieftainn: so
  2808. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: over the internet
  2809. KurtJoeCobain: Are you a fucking moron..
  2810. Chieftainn: charmer
  2811. KurtJoeCobain: Mark Conaway.
  2812. Excuses: shoot them
  2813. Alyane: All this, because Mark Conaway can't handle being called a liar. When time and time again, he's been unable to back himself up.
  2814. Excuses: ii
  2815. UdderxX: I did not give all my info.
  2816. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Only a little.
  2817. Chieftainn: i can give u my info
  2818. Chieftainn: come lets watch tv
  2819. Excuses: violence
  2820. Chieftainn: COEM TO MY BROKE ASS COUNTRY
  2821. Chieftainn: AND SMOKE WITH ME BROTHERS
  2822. Excuses: nice
  2823. KurtJoeCobain: Only a little?
  2824. Chieftainn: AND SISTERS
  2825. ImagineIridescent: one of the girls found out he lives close to them , also found out he brought a gun to his school and got suspended
  2826. Ascetic: Did you just threaten to murder me?
  2827. KurtJoeCobain: But a little can lead to a lot.
  2828. KurtJoeCobain: Yes he did.
  2829. Chieftainn: with his stick ;)
  2830. UdderxX: I'm not a liar, call my publisher.
  2831. KurtJoeCobain: I messaged her.
  2832. Ascetic: Do I need to call the police on you Mark Conaway?
  2833. Alyane: We're still flagging him, right?
  2834. Chieftainn: oh snap
  2835. UdderxX: It's not a cell phone.
  2836. KurtJoeCobain: Yes.
  2837. UdderxX: You won't gets texts.
  2838. Excuses: Aye You cool bro
  2839. Alyane: They found her Facebook.
  2840. Ascetic: Yes, we are flagging him.
  2841. Excuses: dont let no1
  2842. Excuses: talk sht
  2843. ImagineIridescent: Now we have a risk of a gun wielding school kid coming after a girl who thinks she's all "safe and sound" because he doesn't know her face when if he's dangerous enough anything can happen.
  2844. Excuses: to you
  2845. Excuses: ii
  2846. ImagineIridescent: ^ enough said
  2847. UdderxX: Uhm, I never took a gun to school.
  2848. UdderxX: It was a knife.
  2849. UdderxX: And my friend Marshall was the one with the gun.
  2850. ImagineIridescent: because that is something to be acclaimed for
  2851. Chieftainn: muuuuurica
  2852. UdderxX: We was both suspended, that happened in 4th grade.
  2853. Alyane: were*
  2854. ImagineIridescent: I'm sorry your upbringing must have been.. something else
  2855. Alyane: And he claims to be a writer. smh.
  2856. UdderxX: I am a writer.
  2857. KurtJoeCobain: Mark Conaway, are we a nigger writer?
  2858. Chieftainn: can i have a gun
  2859. Chieftainn: ive never shot
  2860. Chieftainn: i wanna shoot
  2861. KurtJoeCobain: Someone who only types in slang?
  2862. KurtJoeCobain: I mean... If so.
  2863. UdderxX: >.> I owned a shotgun. I sadly sold it.
  2864. Guest_XxRedDemonRedeyeSxX has left the chat
  2865. Alyane: So sad.
  2866. KurtJoeCobain: I thought you just said you own one?
  2867. Alyane: Write a story about that, I'm sure it will sell better.
  2868. UdderxX: Getting something better next month.
  2869. Chieftainn: guys
  2870. Alyane: You can't afford it now?
  2871. Chieftainn: its me
  2872. UdderxX: Bills, rent, etc.
  2873. Alyane: You shouldn't have spent $3k on a publisher.
  2874. KurtJoeCobain: UdderxX: I own a Shotgun. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun. UdderxX: I own a Shotgun.
  2875. UdderxX: It's not all at once.
  2876. UdderxX: 150.00 a month payment plan.
  2877. KurtJoeCobain: Now he sadly sold it?
  2878. KurtJoeCobain: Within what.... 20 minutes?
  2879. UdderxX: Every 150.00 I pay them they continue the process.
  2880. KurtJoeCobain: Have to hide some evidence?
  2881. UdderxX: Until it's paid off.
  2882. KurtJoeCobain: That's not what you said earlier.
  2883. Excuses: ima just screen watch till yal done
  2884. Excuses: .
  2885. UdderxX: The overall amount is the 3k.
  2886. Alyane: lel
  2887. Chieftainn: noooo
  2888. KurtJoeCobain: I thought it was 3,454.00?
  2889. Chieftainn: watch meee
  2890. Alyane: We're talking about the shotgun, Eleanor.
  2891. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Yeah, the 454.00 is publishing fee, the rest is processing fee.
  2892. KurtJoeCobain: Oh.
  2893. KurtJoeCobain: You're stupid.
  2894. UdderxX: Not really, invests are smart to do.
  2895. Alyane: z
  2896. KurtJoeCobain: Invests?
  2897. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: investments*
  2898. KurtJoeCobain: And you claim to be a writer..
  2899. KurtJoeCobain: With so many mistakes...
  2900. KurtJoeCobain: I don't see how you could be one.
  2901. ImagineIridescent: Can we all just drop it?
  2902. UdderxX: Dude, everyone makes grammar mistakes.
  2903. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  2904. KurtJoeCobain: No... They don't.
  2905. UdderxX: Yeah they do.
  2906. KurtJoeCobain: Learn how to type better?
  2907. UdderxX: I do type better.
  2908. Alyane: z
  2909. KurtJoeCobain: Haha.
  2910. XInfinityXStarX: i make grammar mistakes but i triple check my work
  2911. Alyane: ofc
  2912. Alyane: SHUT UP
  2913. Alyane: <
  2914. UdderxX: Stop being a dick.
  2915. ImagineIridescent: You need to stop your pissing contest its getting ridiculous now
  2916. KurtJoeCobain: It's*
  2917. KurtJoeCobain: Triple check?
  2918. UdderxX: He bene doing it since 2 weeks ago.
  2919. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2920. UdderxX: And now he's trying to get others involved.
  2921. Chieftainn: i make typos
  2922. UdderxX: been*
  2923. KurtJoeCobain: He's been*
  2924. Chieftainn: and grammar mistakes all the time
  2925. Chieftainn: and i fucking love the
  2926. Chieftainn: m
  2927. Chieftainn: mmmmm
  2928. KurtJoeCobain: I'm not trying.
  2929. KurtJoeCobain: They are involved because you've lied.
  2930. ImagineIridescent: You're being really ignorant of the larger scenario Kurt.
  2931. UdderxX: I did not lie.
  2932. KurtJoeCobain: So?
  2933. Alyane: Yes, you did.
  2934. KurtJoeCobain: I don't care if I am or not.
  2935. KurtJoeCobain: Please let me assure you that much.
  2936. UdderxX: I gave your my agents office number.
  2937. KurtJoeCobain: I'll act childish..
  2938. ImagineIridescent: So both of you swallow your pride and just tlak about something else other than a stupid novel and grammar
  2939. UdderxX: you*
  2940. KurtJoeCobain: Talk*
  2941. ImagineIridescent: TLAK TLAK
  2942. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: lol tlak
  2943. KurtJoeCobain: Bitch triple checks what she types.
  2944. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2945. ImagineIridescent: i speak alien apparently :P
  2946. KurtJoeCobain: So on this note...
  2947. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : I need a cigarette..
  2948. UdderxX: I'm betting Ascetic knows some of my relatives.
  2949. ImagineIridescent: Leave her out of this she isn't writing anything to you
  2950. KurtJoeCobain: Then I'll be back to troll Mark/Eleanor some more.
  2951. Alyane: No ones betting with or against you, Eleanor. Stop.
  2952. ImagineIridescent: It is Kurt who is winding you up
  2953. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: love u eleanor
  2954. KurtJoeCobain: And I'm doing a hell of a good job.
  2955. KurtJoeCobain: (=
  2956. Chieftainn: keep up the good work,proud of u
  2957. KurtJoeCobain: Eleanor..
  2958. KurtJoeCobain: So are you still bi-gender?
  2959. UdderxX: He been since two weeks ago. I'm used to it so I am not really caring.
  2960. KurtJoeCobain: He's *
  2961. KurtJoeCobain: At this for 2 weeks*
  2962. Alyane: Really? LOL
  2963. XInfinityXStarX: hes always been bi gender for like a year and a half now
  2964. Ascetic  whispers: Not gonna lie
  2965. KurtJoeCobain: A good writer he/she is.
  2966. KurtJoeCobain: That's always?
  2967. Ascetic  whispers: this kid is starting to actually scare the living shit out of me
  2968. Alyane: < I thought you triple checked everything you said.
  2969. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: .Why?
  2970. UdderxX: >.> You seem cool.
  2971. Chieftainn: whats
  2972. Chieftainn: a bi gender
  2973. Chieftainn: me?
  2974. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: why do u think so
  2975. XInfinityXStarX: i don't give a shit about online ok
  2976. UdderxX: Someone that has two genders instead of one.
  2977. Chieftainn: im joking about the gender dont aswer
  2978. Chieftainn: too late
  2979. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: :)
  2980. UdderxX: xD
  2981. KurtJoeCobain: So basically a hermaphrodite?
  2982. Guest_AnaisArla has joined the chat
  2983. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: No.
  2984. Apathie has joined the chat
  2985. KurtJoeCobain: So you're a bitch with a dick?
  2986. UdderxX: e.e
  2987. KurtJoeCobain: Or are you a dude with boobs?
  2988. ImagineIridescent: I thought you were going to smoke
  2989. Alyane: Mark Conaway = Eleanor Pareidolia
  2990. UdderxX: And you're a dick with a bitch.
  2991. KurtJoeCobain: Shut the fuck up, Iri.
  2992. Ascetic  whispers: I believe they will go beyond certain measures to find out who I am to actually fucking stalk me and kill me like
  2993. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  2994. XInfinityXStarX: hes basically a male with two personalities
  2995. Ascetic  whispers: he looks like a creep
  2996. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Alyane? What the fuck is your problem?
  2997. Alyane: I have a lot...
  2998. Alyane: Should I express them all?
  2999. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: i thought being bi
  3000. XInfinityXStarX: no
  3001. Chieftainn: is just fucking both regural sexes
  3002. UdderxX: Stay the fuck out of my info.
  3003. Chieftainn: wtf
  3004. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Like a psycho-path?
  3005. XInfinityXStarX: personality/gender identities
  3006. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yes
  3007. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  3008. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  3009. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yes
  3010. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  3011. Ascetic  whispers: yes
  3012. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: yes
  3014. Chieftainn: 2017 is rad
  3015. Alyane: I'm only rephrasing things you've already said, Mark/Eleanor.
  3016. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: I did not tell her my last and first old name.
  3017. ImagineIridescent: Aly and Kurt you are winding up someone who can have a real life effect on someone who is meant to be your friend. Yet you are still carelessly playing with fire.
  3018. UdderxX: She looked me up on Facebook without asking.
  3019. Guest_AnaisArlaGuest_AnaisArla has left the chat
  3020. UdderxX: She is invading my privacy.
  3021. Chieftainn: wait a minute...
  3022. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: Udder
  3023. Chieftainn: those pants
  3024. Chieftainn: THSOE PANTS
  3025. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: THOOSE PANTS
  3026. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Show me a better picture of him?
  3027. UdderxX: Which is a serious dilemma.
  3028. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: we're pants brothers
  3029. ImagineIridescent: for what the lols?
  3030. Chieftainn: or sisters i dont get ur gender anymore
  3031. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: No one even asked her to look me up.
  3032. UdderxX: She done it randomly.
  3033. Alyane: Now I have to scroll up again.
  3034. Chieftainn: or
  3035. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: So I can find where you shared your info.
  3036. Chieftainn: u can be left out in the dark
  3037. Chieftainn: !!!!!!!!!!
  3038. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: fuck
  3039. Chieftainn: i thought she was afk
  3040. Ascetic  whispers: I blocked his facebook on mine
  3041. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: or he
  3042. Chieftainn: who is what
  3043. Chieftainn: ?????
  3044. UdderxX: xD
  3045. Ascetic  whispers: So he would never come into contact with it
  3046. ImagineIridescent: Udder is the possibly dangerous person.
  3047. Chieftainn: is this a night in salem
  3048. UdderxX: I respect others, but only if they earn it.
  3049. Chieftainn: well said pants brother
  3050. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: i agree
  3051. UdderxX: XD
  3052. Chieftainn: respect is earnt
  3053. UdderxX: Indeed.
  3054. ImagineIridescentImagineIridescent WhisperAdd Friend: Okay so has everyone calmed down now?
  3055. Chieftainn: ive always been chill
  3056. Chieftainn: i havent slept in 24hours
  3057. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: cant really get too excited ill have a heart attack
  3058. UdderxX: "Looks at my watch than counts down."
  3059. ImagineIridescent: Do you drink Monster or energy drinks?
  3060. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: well i mean
  3061. Chieftainn: i drunk like one yesterday night
  3062. Chieftainn: but i dont
  3063. UdderxX: I did in the past.
  3064. Chieftainn: which is weird,you met me at a point of my life when i drunk one
  3065. Chieftainn: JUST ONE
  3066. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: WHAT ARE THE ODDS
  3067. ImagineIridescent: that stuff keeps you up and is bad. But i'm guessing that is not the key issue.
  3068. Chieftainn: im getting excited,dies
  3069. ImagineIridescentImagineIridescent WhisperAdd Friend: Do you often struggle sleeping? x
  3070. Chieftainn: no no i can sleep whenver i feel like it
  3071. Chieftainn: i just felt like pulling an all nighter and sleeping now would make it worse
  3072. ImagineIridescent: So boredom kept you awake?
  3073. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: i have a job to do in the morning and i usually sleep in the morning so i didnt trust my self enough
  3074. Chieftainn: had*
  3075. ImagineIridescent: thats fair enough.
  3076. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Eh
  3077. UdderxX: May I add you Imagine?
  3078. ImagineIridescent: just make sure you stay safe, especially if its behind a wheel x
  3079. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: >.> Safety is important.
  3080. Chieftainn: dont worry guys i walk a lot
  3081. ImagineIridescent: You may add me as long as you promise me one thing
  3082. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: cant afford a gym but gotta keep my legs firm
  3083. ImagineIridescent: no more threats of violence; rise above
  3084. UdderxX: That was their fault.
  3085. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: Not mine.
  3086. Chieftainn: over every reaction
  3087. Chieftainn: there is an over reaction
  3088. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: WOOOOO
  3089. UdderxX: I am simply easily tempered.
  3090. ImagineIridescent: I know, but they say the happiest person is the one that forgets.
  3091. UdderxX: Well, sometimes.
  3092. Chieftainn: so am i,but i dont go out pucnhing people
  3093. Chieftainn: even though i like punching..mmm
  3094. ImagineIridescent: (apart from amnesiacs lol)
  3095. Chieftainn: i tend to forget a lot
  3096. Chieftainn: im happy most of the time
  3097. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: That's completely understandable.
  3098. Chieftainn: i approve
  3099. KurtJoeCobain: I AM BACK!!!
  3100. Chieftainn: i cant remember what i ate an hour ago
  3101. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: WELCOME BACK
  3102. KurtJoeCobain: So Eleanor/Mark Conaway.
  3103. Chieftainn: SMELLS LIKE
  3104. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: TEEN
  3105. KurtJoeCobain: Have you figured out who you are yet?
  3106. Chieftainn: ok
  3107. ImagineIridescent: HORMONES?
  3108. Chieftainn: YEEES
  3109. UdderxX: Oml, can you shut up Kurt?
  3110. KurtJoeCobain: Thank you.
  3111. Chieftainn: nice savee
  3112. Ascetic  whispers: Like I don't wanna sound like a baby being worried about it.
  3113. KurtJoeCobain: No.
  3114. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: But he's a creep.
  3115. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Do you know him in real?
  3116. ImagineIridescent: Kurt i don't know what inferiority complex you have, but drop it. Conversation has moved on.
  3117. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: I already told you I'm bi-gender
  3118. Ascetic  whispers: I've heard of him.
  3119. KurtJoeCobain: I do not shut up.
  3120. Chieftainn: my my
  3121. Chieftainn: hey hey
  3122. KurtJoeCobain: It may have moved on for you.
  3123. Chieftainn: stfu all of u
  3124. Chieftainn: and holds hands
  3125. Ascetic  whispers: Accept my skype add, btw?
  3126. KurtJoeCobain: But I know deep down...
  3127. Chieftainn: LOL
  3128. KurtJoeCobain: It's bothering him.
  3129. Chieftainn: ur good
  3130. KurtJoeCobain: Her.
  3131. Chieftainn: LOL
  3132. KurtJoeCobain: Whatever it is.
  3133. ImagineIridescent: Anywayyyy
  3134. Chieftainn: now thats just unoriginal
  3135. Chieftainn: i did that joke twice
  3136. Ascetic: Fuck I am so tired
  3137. Ascetic: But I can't sleep yet ):
  3138. ImagineIridescent: so what you've only ever had one monster energy drink ever chief?
  3139. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I haven't gotten anything yet?
  3140. Alyane: I mean, they said they had a Facebook page
  3141. Chieftainn: nah i just dont tend to drink them
  3142. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: >.> Monster Energy kills people.
  3143. Chieftainn: i would love to have actual moster energy
  3144. Alyane: Cows also kill people.
  3145. KurtJoeCobain: Monster has bull sperm in it.
  3146. ImagineIridescent: What about jagerbombs? ;)
  3147. Chieftainn: kurt
  3148. Ascetic  whispers: I've added it twice.
  3149. Chieftainn: thats fucking stupid LOL
  3150. KurtJoeCobain: It still has bull sperm in it.
  3151. Chieftainn: and inaccurate
  3152. ImagineIridescent: lol aren't you thinking of red bull gives you wings?
  3153. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Are you sure you're adding the right person?
  3154. Chieftainn: it doesnt
  3155. Ascetic  whispers: Oh lord
  3156. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: What is yours?
  3157. Ascetic  whispers: What's your skype again?
  3158. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: robert.bauer69420
  3159. Alyane: I've never had an energy drink.
  3160. Chieftainn: its extracted from an organ yes
  3161. Alyane: I want wings.
  3162. Chieftainn: but not the fucking dick
  3163. Chieftainn: drink one
  3164. ImagineIridescent: Thats so interesting :O
  3165. Chieftainn: and jump off a building
  3166. Chieftainn: tell me the results
  3167. Alyane: Aight.
  3168. ImagineIridescent: i've never drank one, but i would suggest a jagerbomb
  3169. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: It's a person with a fohawk.
  3170. ImagineIridescent: its technically having one but not
  3171. Tiddy has joined the chat
  3172. Chieftainn: i really dont care,i just drink water and tea
  3173. Chieftainn: or juice
  3174. Chieftainn: it just happeneeed
  3175. Ascetic  whispers: I've added you multiple times
  3176. Alyane: I was about to say that.
  3177. Chieftainn: im joking dont do it alyane
  3178. KurtJoeCobain: Technically speaking... It's nothing like having an energy drink.
  3179. Chieftainn: ull die lol
  3180. ImagineIridescentImagineIridescent WhisperAdd Friend: Tiddy made me think of that kid that goes to that guys house and asks to pet his tiddies haha
  3181. KurtJoeCobain: Just saying.
  3182. Ascetic: Hi love
  3183. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: I just drink water and tea.
  3184. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: What's yours?
  3185. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: I'll add you.
  3186. Alyane: Sometimes I ice it.
  3187. KurtJoeCobain KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: And then it might accept.
  3188. Chieftainn: BEST
  3189. Chieftainn: BEVERAGE
  3190. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: IS WATER
  3191. ImagineIridescent: Flavoured water x
  3192. Ascetic  whispers: probkk
  3193. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: no no just plain old waiter
  3194. Chieftainn: i swear
  3195. Ascetic: Hi Kay
  3196. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: just wait til u get really really thirsty
  3197. XInfinityXStarX: so.....
  3198. Alyane: Ew, flavored water is gross.
  3199. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: theres nothing better than water
  3201. ImagineIridescent: I have orange and peach stuff its really nice
  3202. XInfinityXStarXXInfinityXStarX WhisperAdd Friend: what are we talkin bout?
  3203. Chieftainn: bull sperm
  3204. ImagineIridescent: stuff to swallow infinity
  3205. Chieftainn: oh wait thats was before
  3206. ImagineIridescentImagineIridescent WhisperAdd Friend: stuff to swallow
  3207. Chieftainn: i mean
  3208. Chieftainn: stuff to swallow
  3209. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: so i was close
  3210. XInfinityXStarX: you swallow? ok who's?
  3211. XInfinityXStarX: XD
  3212. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: "who's"
  3213. Chieftainn: i would answer
  3214. Chieftainn: but im a kind man
  3215. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: smh
  3216. Tiddy: yo
  3217. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Accepted.
  3218. XInfinityXStarX: haha
  3219. Ascetic  whispers: Tiddy also
  3220. Ascetic  whispers: is a big hater
  3221. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: of UdderxX
  3222. Ascetic  whispers: LOL
  3223. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Lmao.
  3224. KurtJoeCobain   calls you on Skype.  
  3225. Ascetic Ascetic  Whisper whispers: NO
  3226. KurtJoeCobain  > Ascetic: Okay
  3227. Ascetic: Glad you're on.
  3228. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: ive never tried bleach ive heard it taste sgood
  3229. Alyane: wtf, how did I get here?
  3230. Alyane: ew
  3231. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: someones pulling u cloooooser
  3232. Chieftainn: WHOS UR MAGNET
  3233. KurtJoeCobain: Drinking bleach is amazing.
  3234. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : But want to know something else that's amazing.
  3235. Chieftainn: i wanted to try im a loser eksde
  3236. Chieftainn: im not worthy
  3237. Chieftainn: what???
  3238. Alyane: rip
  3239. KurtJoeCobain: Mark Conaway/Eleanor
  3240. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: amen brother
  3241. Ascetic: KAY
  3242. KurtJoeCobain: That person is the biggest fucking fag I've known on imvu.
  3243. Ascetic: SPEAK
  3244. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: yeah?
  3245. Tiddy: sup.
  3246. Chieftainn: the biggest mysteries in life excites us the most
  3247. Excuses has left the chat
  3248. Ascetic: How long are you gonna be on?
  3249. Alyane: I'm not the biggest fucking fag?
  3250. Chieftainn: butttt...
  3251. Chieftainn: EKSDE
  3252. KurtJoeCobain: No. Lol.
  3253. Chieftainn: u got it wrong
  3254. Chieftainn: but maybe u r now
  3255. Alyane: lool
  3256. Chieftainn: reverse psychology
  3257. Alyane: I know I'm not.
  3258. KurtJoeCobain: Aly is amazing.
  3259. Chieftainn: u could pretend
  3260. KurtJoeCobain: A bitch but amazing.
  3261. Chieftainn: its plus privelege nowdays
  3262. Alyane: ii
  3263. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: no bitch is amazing
  3264. Chieftainn: r u just a bitch
  3265. Chieftainn: aly
  3266. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Her personality comes off as a bitch.
  3267. Alyane: Maybe.
  3268. Alyane: lol.
  3269. Chieftainn: a cumdump
  3270. Chieftainn: wooow
  3271. Alyane: yes.
  3272. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: ah
  3273. Chieftainn: i see now
  3274. Alyane: exactly.
  3275. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: personality
  3276. Alyane: that's my middle name.
  3277. Chieftainn: i got it all mixed up
  3278. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: cumdump
  3279. Chieftainn: no no no im sure ur fine
  3280. Chieftainn: i had something else in mind when he said bitch
  3281. Chieftainn: idk why
  3282. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: i mean cumdumps are fine too
  3283. Chieftainn: i dont discriminate
  3284. Alyane: I do.
  3285. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Eleanor.
  3286. ImagineIridescent: i came back to cum dumps lol
  3287. Alyane: I'm diseased.
  3288. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: According to Eleanor.
  3289. Chieftainn: dead
  3290. Chieftainn: ur dead
  3291. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: I'm racist.
  3292. Chieftainn: im a fan of necrophylia
  3293. Chieftainn: ah
  3294. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Do your parents/relatives know you're a bi-gender?
  3295. Chieftainn: well that doesnt really turn me on unless ur german
  3296. KurtJoeCobain: Necrophylia? Lol.
  3297. KurtJoeCobain: Necrophilia*
  3298. Chieftainn: right
  3299. Chieftainn: funny thing its from greek words
  3300. Chieftainn: and im greek
  3301. Apathie: ''Diseased'' not ''deceased''
  3302. Chieftainn: but i dont know how to spell it
  3303. Chieftainn: omg the spelling correction
  3304. Chieftainn: off the charts
  3305. Chieftainn: FAK U
  3306. KurtJoeCobain: I'm racist too.
  3307. Chieftainn: pese of sheeeeit
  3308. Tiddy: Aly
  3309. Tiddy: Be an adult
  3310. Chieftainn: is this wat u wan?
  3311. KurtJoeCobain: Fuck niggers. Fuck jews. They all deserve the noose.
  3312. Chieftainn: cykaaa
  3313. Apathie: Kind of, yes.
  3314. Chieftainn: nice rhymes
  3315. Alyane: I'm 77. Don't tell me what to do.
  3316. Tiddy: Act like it
  3317. KurtJoeCobain: Cyka? Is that all you have for me?
  3318. Chieftainn: why didnt u say 69 just for the pun
  3319. Tiddy: instead of being petty and handing out others personal info
  3320. Chieftainn: CYKA BLYAT
  3321. Chieftainn: IDI NAHUI
  3322. Alyane: I'm not that young.
  3323. Alyane: I wish.
  3324. Chieftainn: YUBANI BROT
  3325. Apathie: Because that wouldn't be a pun.
  3326. Tiddy: You've freaked out Des and now I have to wake up for this shit
  3327. Tiddy: Whatever you and Kurt are doing
  3328. Tiddy: knock it off
  3329. Chieftainn: apathie r u a mod?
  3330. Ascetic: No no they didn't.
  3331. Apathie: No.
  3332. Chieftainn: then fuck u nigga
  3333. Alyane: z
  3334. Apathie: Not interested.
  3335. Chieftainn: u wont get fucked in that way
  3336. Chieftainn: u know what i mean
  3337. Ascetic: I didn't know I woke you up
  3338. ImagineIridescent: Ascetic don't defend them they weren't concerned with your safety
  3339. Tiddy: No when I have to get up because Des is scared for her safety
  3340. Apathie: Elaborate.
  3341. Chieftainn: noooo
  3342. Chieftainn: wtf
  3343. Chieftainn: stop
  3344. Tiddy: Because you two idiots antagonize someone
  3345. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: its a problem
  3346. Chieftainn: your passive agressivess is my weakness
  3347. Apathie: Then as I said, I'm not interested.
  3348. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: Too late.
  3349. Chieftainn: ok
  3350. Chieftainn: then stop
  3351. Chieftainn: BUTTING
  3352. Chieftainn: IN MY SHIT
  3353. Chieftainn: U FUCKTARD
  3354. Chieftainn: butting in my shit
  3355. Chieftainn: heeey
  3356. Chieftainn: imagine that for a second
  3357. Tiddy: this is imvu
  3358. Apathie: I wouldn't dare touch to touch your feces.
  3359. Tiddy: a game
  3360. Apathie: No matter how appealing.
  3361. Tiddy: Don't need to get someones irl job involved
  3362. Chieftainn: would you dare touching someone elses feces?
  3363. KurtJoeCobain: Real life job involved?
  3364. ApathieApathie WhisperAdd Friend: Read above.
  3365. KurtJoeCobain: All we wanted to know was a company.
  3366. Tiddy: Did I stutter?
  3367. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: but
  3368. Chieftainn: ...does that mean
  3369. Chieftainn: oh man
  3370. KurtJoeCobain: You normally don't studder when you type.
  3371. Chieftainn: ur mean
  3372. Apathie: How so?
  3373. Tiddy: and they made the mistake of releasing a number?
  3374. Tiddy: so you call it?
  3375. KurtJoeCobain: Unless you do "I-I-I'm"
  3376. Chieftainn: fuckuuu dont give me that
  3377. KurtJoeCobain: I didn't call it.
  3378. Chieftainn: :(((
  3379. Chieftainn: outta here
  3380. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao.
  3381. UdderxX: Is this still continuing?
  3382. Apathie: Au revoir.
  3383. Chieftainn: no
  3384. Chieftainn: adios
  3385. Chieftainn: amigos
  3386. KurtJoeCobain: Why would I call an out of country phone number?
  3387. Ascetic: Udder, no.
  3388. ImagineIridescent: Look Kurt I don't know if you have underlying sociopathic tendencies but you have to stop
  3389. Apathie: As if.
  3390. Tiddy: Grow up
  3391. Chieftainn: ur prefer that language to spanish!????
  3392. Tiddy: I'm tired of this
  3393. UdderxX: Kurt, the argument we had long ago should have ben dropped long ago.
  3394. KurtJoeCobain: Underlying sociopathic?
  3395. Tiddy: its one thing to bust someone on imvu
  3396. UdderxX: You lead it to what's happening now.
  3397. Chieftainn: ur preferim dead
  3398. Tiddy: when you start going after their info its too far
  3399. Apathie: Is it?
  3400. KurtJoeCobain: I don't think it is.
  3401. Chieftainn: no i just fucked up the whole thing
  3402. KurtJoeCobain: It's not gone far?
  3403. Apathie: Did you?
  3404. Chieftainn: you cant
  3405. ApathieApathie WhisperAdd Friend: Congratulations.
  3406. Chieftainn: ...
  3407. Tiddy: Well you have some growing up to do
  3408. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: stfu
  3409. Apathie: I decline.
  3410. KurtJoeCobain: I don't have any growing up to do.
  3411. Chieftainn: ur the worst
  3412. Tiddy: Yes you do
  3413. Chieftainn: pesron ive met
  3414. Apathie: How so?
  3415. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : I find pleasure in the worst.
  3416. Tiddy: because you clearly don't think shit through
  3417. Chieftainn: i decline
  3418. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: to answer
  3419. Apathie: Fair enough.
  3420. KurtJoeCobain: I do think everything through.
  3421. Chieftainn: no
  3422. Apathie: No?
  3423. Chieftainn: dont be passive
  3424. Chieftainn: and agressive
  3425. Chieftainn: plsssss
  3426. Chieftainn: its
  3427. Chieftainn: IMPOSSIBLE
  3428. KurtJoeCobain: Aggressive*
  3429. Tiddy: Clearly you don't.
  3430. Apathie: What ever do you speak of?
  3431. Chieftainn: wWHATEVER KURT
  3432. Chieftainn: JESUS FUCKING
  3433. Chieftainn: CHRIST
  3434. ApathieApathie WhisperAdd Friend: What of him?
  3435. Chieftainn: what do i speak of
  3436. Chieftainn: FUCK U
  3437. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: ur name suits u
  3438. Chieftainn: so well
  3439. Apathie: As I said, I'm not interested.
  3440. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Clearly we have different thinking processes.
  3441. Chieftainn: FUCK UUUL OOOL
  3442. Tiddy: Yes.
  3443. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: We do
  3444. Apathie: Please pay attention.
  3445. Chieftainn: yea mine is just outdated
  3446. Chieftainn: iam
  3447. Chieftainn: hi
  3448. KurtJoeCobain: Because I do think everything through just not on your thinking process.
  3449. KurtJoeCobain: Yet, everyone has their own.
  3450. Tiddy: You're clearly an unhappy person
  3451. Apathie: Then why do I find myself needing to repeat myself for you?
  3452. Tiddy: Because happy people don't do shit like this.
  3453. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: because i make u
  3454. Chieftainn: im needy
  3455. KurtJoeCobain: I'm clearly a person who is not scared of their life?
  3456. ApathieApathie WhisperAdd Friend: I see.
  3457. Tiddy: Good for you
  3458. Tiddy: What about Des?
  3459. Tiddy: Hm?
  3460. Apathie: Carry on then.
  3461. Alyane: Des wouldn't have to be scared if she didn't say that she lived near Mark.
  3462. Tiddy: She'd still be worried
  3463. Chieftainn: i will
  3464. Chieftainn: thank u very much
  3465. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: He wouldn't know otherwise.
  3466. Chieftainn: how was ur day apathie
  3467. Tiddy: Don't push off the responsibility Aly
  3468. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: apathetic?????????
  3469. Apathie: You're thanking me for letting you do as you please?
  3470. Chieftainn: yes
  3471. Chieftainn: thank u
  3472. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: ur so kind
  3473. KurtJoeCobain: Kay...
  3474. Apathie: You're welcome.
  3475. AsceticAscetic Whisper: Kay, she's right.
  3476. KurtJoeCobain: I don't know who you are.
  3477. Ascetic: I did mention that I lived so many minutes away from him.
  3478. Tiddy: Good.
  3479. Chieftainn: so
  3480. Ascetic: Stupid of me.
  3481. KurtJoeCobain: But you weren't here.
  3482. Chieftainn: WHAT DID U DO
  3483. Tiddy: No
  3484. Chieftainn: TODAY
  3485. Tiddy: I had to hear from DES
  3486. KurtJoeCobain: For any of this.
  3487. Tiddy: So now I am HERE
  3488. KurtJoeCobain: Okay?
  3489. Apathie: Nothing worth mentioning.
  3490. KurtJoeCobain: You know how to leave as well.
  3491. Chieftainn: thats not true
  3492. ImagineIridescent: Des you have done nothing stupid
  3493. Tiddy: No I don't.
  3494. Chieftainn: with my lifestyle
  3495. Chieftainn: it has to be atleast average
  3496. Chieftainn: of a day
  3497. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: thats good enough
  3498. KurtJoeCobain: Lmao. You're too funny, Kay. (=
  3499. Apathie: Okay, then it was average.
  3500. AsceticAscetic Whisper: Imagine, love. I did mention where I lived, so that was definitely stupid of me.
  3501. Tiddy: ...
  3502. Apathie: What I did was ''average.''
  3503. Chieftainn: what did u do
  3504. Tiddy: Regardless
  3505. Tiddy: you don't release someones info
  3506. Apathie: Anymore questions?
  3507. Tiddy: I'm talking about mark/eleanor's
  3508. ImagineIridescent: Still your friends should have picked up on that and the real life risk and stopped. KNowing your safety is in danger
  3509. KurtJoeCobain: Hold on!
  3510. KurtJoeCobain: Kay.
  3511. Tiddy: its fucking childish
  3512. Chieftainn: i live in P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way
  3513. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: If I wanted to hurt her I would have.
  3514. Chieftainn: yes
  3515. Chieftainn: what did u do
  3516. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : Where were you when Mark/Eleanor gave us his/her facebook?
  3517. UdderxX: I'm actually a cool person.
  3518. Alyane: Literally, the only information that could have been exposed about Mark/Eleanor was information they've mentioned themselves.
  3519. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : That's not us seeking shit.
  3520. Apathie: Is this your way of making me repeat myself?
  3521. Tiddy: Udder if you had hurt her.
  3522. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: no
  3523. Tiddy: There would have been hell to pay
  3524. KurtJoeCobain: That's him/her giving it right out!
  3525. UdderxXUdderxX WhisperAdd Friend: I did not give you my Facebook.
  3526. Apathie: Then I won't.
  3527. Chieftainn: PLEASE
  3528. Chieftainn: APATHIE
  3529. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: So I strongy advise you don't.
  3530. Chieftainn: u dont understand
  3531. Chieftainn: all u said its not worth mentioing
  3532. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: AND ALL I WANT IS MENTIONING
  3533. Alyane: Other than that, it was XInfinityXStarX telling us the title of the book.
  3534. KurtJoeCobain: So we looked it up.
  3535. AlyaneAlyane WhisperAdd Friend: And we found it.
  3536. ImagineIridescent: The mature thing to have done Aly and Kurt was to ignore it.
  3537. Apathie: I mentioned that it was not worth mentioning.
  3538. KurtJoeCobain: Shut the fuck up, Iri.
  3539. Chieftainn: fucking
  3540. Chieftainn: what now
  3541. Chieftainn: mate
  3542. UdderxX: I don't mind the name.
  3543. Tiddy: who has the chat log
  3544. ApathieApathie WhisperAdd Friend: Hm?
  3545. Tiddy: I'm tired of this
  3546. ImagineIridescent: You know all that you have been doing was winding up Eleanor and you were both reveling in it
  3547. Chieftainn: ill sit next to u
  3548. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : I do?
  3549. UdderxX: But, looking it up without asking me about it first can lead to problems.
  3550. Apathie: If you want to.
  3551. KurtJoeCobain: I haven't left.
  3552. Tiddy: good
  3553. Chieftainn: fuck uuu
  3554. Tiddy: copy and paste it
  3555. Apathie: Not interested.
  3556. Tiddy: fuck whats that site
  3557. KurtJoeCobain: Mark/Eleanor...
  3558. Chieftainn: heeeeey
  3559. KurtJoeCobain: Gyazo?
  3560. Chieftainn: why are u so
  3561. Chieftainn: fucking
  3562. Chieftainn: baad
  3563. KurtJoeCobain: That's what I'll copy it on.
  3564. Apathie: Bad at what?
  3565. Alyane: That's gonna be a lot of scrolling.
  3566. Chieftainn: at life
  3567. KurtJoeCobain: But Mark/Eleanor...
  3568. Tiddy: No its not aly
  3569. ImagineIridescent: Look the key concern here is we don't want Ascetic to be harmed by smeone who is dumb enough to have a gun
  3570. KurtJoeCobain: Shut the fuck up. You posting it gives us the right to search it.
  3571. Apathie: Good question.
  3572. Tiddy: you just hit right click
  3573. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: copy chat log
  3574. Chieftainn: do u have that on copy and paste or do u type it everytime kurt
  3575. UdderxX: Dude, if you copy and paste my work, I'll have you arrested
  3576. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: I forget the site where you paste it though
  3577. Tiddy: hang on
  3578. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: i was joooking
  3579. KurtJoeCobain: Where do you want it?
  3580. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: FUCKING
  3581. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: roast me
  3582. Tiddy: I'm trying to find the site
  3583. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: back
  3584. TiddyTiddy WhisperAdd Friend: I can't remember
  3585. KurtJoeCobain: Hurry the fuck up.
  3586. KurtJoeCobainKurtJoeCobain : You want it so bad.
  3587. ApathieApathie WhisperAdd Friend: I don't think that's necessary.
  3588. ChieftainnChieftainn WhisperAdd Friend: it is
  3589. Chieftainn: im making u
  3590. Apathie: Are you a masochist?
  3591. UdderxX: That's plagiarism.
  3592. Tiddy:
  3593. Tiddy: there
  3594. Tiddy: Go
  3595. Apathie: If so, please refrain from attempting to subject me to your fetishes.
  3596. Tiddy: And if you want to convince me you're innocent
  3597. Apathie: As I am not interested.
  3598. Tiddy: I could give two fucks
  3599. Tiddy: I'm getting to the nit and grit.
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