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  2. Questions:
  4. In Game Name: Flame4You
  6. Age (Must be 14 or older) 14 (15 in December)
  8. What region are you from? Mauritius (Africa) Borned in italy
  10. Time Zone UTC+4
  12. Do you have a working microphone Yes
  14. Why should we accept you as staff on our server?
  15. feel that you should pick me because I would really enjoy being a player/staff member on cavepvp and I feel that as a staff member I could give back to the community and do my job to the best of my abilities and in general be an active and very helpful staff member.I also may not have the most but I do have some Staff Experience with some what good player base servers such as Fatality Network I learned a lot from being a helper on there. I will do my best of my to solve what ever the problem it may be and if I do not understand or don't feel that I can solve the problem I would talk to higher staff members about the problem and ask them for advice so that I can solve it by myself so that if the same problem happens again I can solve it by myself. I also plan on being a very active staff member and if I can not be on I will tell higher up staff members that I won't be on and why I won't be on for what ever time it may be that I won't be on for. I also would be very active on the forums and team speak server so if any players need help on the forums or team speak I can help them on there and as I said if I don't understand the problem or feel that I can't help them I would ask a higher-up staff member for advice on how to solve the problem so if it happens again I could solve it by myself. I also know when to mute/kick / temp ban or ban people I know here may have different rules, I know when to use those commands but overall I know how to use those commands in the right way. I really do think I am perfect fit for what the cavemc Staff Team is looking for active and mature staff members which I am very mature and I still mess around but when work needs to be done I do my job and don't mess around when doing it pretty much what I am saying I like to have fun and mess around but if I need to do a job such as help a player I do it without messing around. I also am not afraid to let everyone know my opinion on something such as if they are adding a new plugin or server and let them know what I feel about it although it may not change if they add it or not its still good to but your own input on it. I know how to deal with players who don't follow the rules on the server, forums or TeamSpeak in the right way without making a scene or anything in that nature. Overall I feel like I can do a lot for Cavemc network. I may not be known by everyone and may not have been playing for all that long but I still think I can be a great staff member and I feel like it would be a huge honor to become staff  and i can show those skill Most of the time when I log on and see a cheater I would make sure to report him as many times as I can to see him banned. I am always looking for the chat to see if someone is screaming about something and there is a cheater, I would first teleport to him and make sure to SS or ban the cheater(s) before the player gets killed and any damage is done. If I was a staff member on the server I would make sure to teleport to a player over and over again to make sure that he doesn’t do anything bad. I know how to screenshare players with DoXING, DDOSING, and cheating. I know how to find ghost clients too. I have three monitors and I could make sure to see if they are in Teamspeak and still in the game when they join the Teamspeak. I would also massage the player in game to make sure that the player is the one in Teamspeak and not someone trying to get him banned for something he didn’t do. I would try my best to help the server out the best I can and make sure that I always am doing Support Rooms, dealing with the forums, and making sure that players like playing the server. I have been playing  for a while and I know that players are pretty toxic on the servers and they hate the staff members of the server and they just want to be helped right away. I know how to deal with those types of players and also the people that don’t like to follow the rules in a Mass Move.  Cavemc is not very big network but i will do everything to maintain the calm situation between players and staff
  16.     Commitment
  17. If I need to, I'll try my hardest just to get liked by the staff, to get liked by the players, to get liked by the owners, I'm putting all my faith, hope, trust, and sweat in this right now and I'm really committed.
  19. Patience
  21. I can handle patience, like if someone said brb in 2 hours I would wait till 2 hours if they come back saying, oh sorry I have to go for another 3 hours BE RIGHT BACK! I would happily be patient but if they keep saying that over and over again, and I see them playing on the server while not being anywhere I won't be that patient anymore, but if its a staff member I trust them.                            
  23.                                                                                    Fairness
  24. I treat everybody the same, black or white... spanish or chinese, monkey or gorilla, I treat everyone the same if someone is being racist, I will mute them for 1 hour because I don't like racism, or I'll mute them for how long a staff member higher than me wants or I won't mute them if a staff member higher than me doesn't want.
  26. Languages: I speak fluent English and I'm italian and french so i can help french and italian people easy. My English is as good at my french because i love the language and i learn alot at school. I can understand people who are not that good at english and if I don't i can get a translator to help me or ask the person to type his question/problem in the TeamSpeak Chat.
  28. Responsibility: I know as the best that im responsible for my actions and my Minecraft Account. If my account gets hacked or anything in that direction I will take the consequences of being demoted or that I get the role of being a staff member taken away. Im pretty sure it won't happen because my password is really hard to get and sometimes I forget it myself ( That's why I have it on my phone )
  30. Being respectful: I am and will always be respectful to all my fellow staff members and of course, our beloved players. I will never get out of control and be disrespectful. If I was a disrespectful person and toxic, I wouldn't had applied for staff on this server, because that will pester the admins/owners and basically waste their time, which I do not want to happen! :)
  32. Why do you want to be staff on CavePvP?
  33. Maturity I have worked very much on my maturity the last month many people do call me toxic and yeah I have been fairly toxic but I have been working on it very much, but I would call myself Mature enough to be staff on zelix. I am trying to spell words right but I am from italy so I do spell some things wrong. I am not salty when someone calls me bad at staffing so such things like that cause I have learned not to be mad over what people call me cause that's they’re decision, not mine.
  34. Effort I put allot of effort to servers I am staff on for example when I was staff on PulsePvP I had a 14 day of playtime 1 map. I have always been a person that is trying very hard for something and I feel like getting staff here would fit me very much. I love to put effort into things cause then I feel like I made someone proud as I do task’s at home and my parents expect me to take time and effort to my task’s.
  36. Activity I am very active in the community and in-game I am almost in TeamSpeak 24/7 as I do like the people that are on the TeamSpeak frequently and I ask to join channels to meet new people. I am very active in the chat as I do talk very much and nice stuff but I have been toxic before so sorry for the people that have been effected by that but it’s mostly my friends I talk to. But if I do get staff I will be even more active in the chat as it is a job for me to do so.
  38. What previous server have you worked for, how many players, what your rank was, and why are you no longer at that network anymore?
  39. Server: Hydrapvp Role: mod+
  40.     Explanation: When I was 13 years old (2 years) I was staff on the hydrapvp network. I was always helping in ts and helping people in chat. I made friends with the players and staff on server while sticking to the rules but still having fun on the job. When hydra went through the first revamp they no longer accepted staff under the age of 14 and hence I was demoted. I think I collected a lot of experience because this was my first server I was ever staff on, I learned the basics of being as hcf staff member here and I would love to carry on my knowledge and continue learning in this community.
  41.     Server: Spainpvp Role: Mod
  42.     Explanation: Spainpvp was a very big server with around 400 to 500 players i was moderator on spain from 29 January to 19 February. Basically my duty was only spectate cheaters in every gamemode and ban them without SS and i was banning people with forum report teamspeak report and in game report, i learned a lot of things on spain such as teamwork, helping players in every single case even in the difficult one i learned to try to speak to the  player and try to found a solution for the problem.
  43.     Server:MCCritz Rank:Admin
  44.     ​ExplanationMcCritz was an old soup server owned by Fortitudes & StoneSworders. This network was created to try and return soup back into the community. Through this time McCritz had merged with AzuraPvP which was owned by Vapey which I was also staff on a few week before. I started as Trial-Mod on McCritz and was staff for around 4-6 months. Within this time I was screen sharing, dealing with staff members that were going to attempt to ETB and also dealing with the griefing youtubers such as Custom. Yes he did attempt to ETB McCritz on a moderators account. Me & the platform admin were dealing with a issue when suddenly he was banned. I then /checkban (Connote) {Platform Admins name) and banned the staff member which was ETBing. We then later found out it was Custom as he joined the teamspeak. I resigned from this network as it was merging with EliteKits due to the faction that I didn't like the sound of it plus thought EliteKits had died out.
  45.     ​Server SoxixPvP Rank Senior Mod
  46.     ​Explanation:SorixPvP was another hardcore factions based server. This network was previously owned by an Ex-Senior Administrator on FaithfulMC Deafs. He was also joined by SolarBytes & HazedMC. This network had been in the making for awhile but honestly I didn't see it going anywhere as at the point is felt like the main owner Deafs was putting more time into CS:GO then he network. He had pushed the network back four weeks because it wasn't ready. I resigned from Sorix because of bad management as people were doing there interview and getting promoted to Senior Admin because of there experience.
  47.  (i was staff in other server such as fatality and pulsepvp)
  49. Anything else? Or just some questions please provide them here.
  50. Hello im yash and im 15 years old! I borned in Italy the 21 December 2002 in the city of Catania (sicily) as from a kid my big passion was football in fact at the age of 8 i started playing football in the regional team! but in 2012 my ''carrer'' because of a problem i needed to get operated and i remains at home for like 4 month without exercises nothing... but in 2013 after 1 year of stop in my school gym every Wednesday a small karate lesson takes place at my gym when i get that i tried to convince my parents to take me and my parents agreed because after 1 year without exercise i need that belt after belt i stopped in 2014 when my parents decided to move into Mauritius (Africa) and all things that i made in that 13 years all things will be lost friendship goals everything will be lost forever so from that day i learned about try to follow your goals dont let anyone stop you try to ignore them and continue to achieve your goals because your the actor of your life not your friend! i repeat this phrase every day that give me the motivation to continue and i will do everything to achieve my goals! Thanks a lot for taking time to read my application hope you have an idea of my hobbies and my character and thanks
  51. ​-Regards Yash
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