Armory & Enclave Storage

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  1. >THE ARMORY: when an Operator has retired, been killed in action, or has no longer found use for some of their items, they are either placed in the Fortress Armory or sent to the Enclave for long term storage. These items are available to any Operator for permarenent or temporary use, though an additional section of the Armory houses Community Weapons: special-purpose firearms whose ammunition is limited and are utilized best by skilled Operators. They can be lent out for use during an operation, but must be returned after completion.
  3. #1: to claim an item OR items, make your selection in post, and send a list of what was taken to any GM so it can be marked down.
  5. #2: a name next to an item means it is currently under ownership by that Operator, and either hasn't been removed from this list yet, or is in transition.
  7. #3: any Operator may take and utilize firearms as additions to vehicles, or for other purposes, so long as the Era Lock prohibition is not broken
  10. *****
  11. Extra Melee Weapons:
  12. -5x Axe
  13. -4x Bayonet
  14. -19x Combat Knife
  15. -3x Folding Knife
  16. -1x Hatchet
  17. -4x Kukri
  18. -2x Machete
  20. *****
  21. Pistols & Revolvers:
  22. -6x Beretta M9
  23. -2x Browning Hi-Power
  24. -2x Colt 1911A1
  25. -3x .357 Colt Python Revolver
  26. -3x FN Five Seven
  27. -5x Glock 17
  28. -2x Glock 18
  29. -1x H&K USP
  30. -1x Mk. I Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .50 AE
  31. -1x Mk. VII Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .50 AE
  32. -1x Nagant Revolver
  33. -1x Ruger Mk. 2
  34. -2x Sig Sauer P229
  35. -1x Taser +3 Cartridges
  36. -1x Taurus Judge
  38. *****
  39. Submachine Guns:
  40. -1x FN P90
  41. -1x Kriss Vector Super V
  42. -2x MPK
  43. -2x MP5
  44. -2x UMP45
  46. *****
  47. Extra Combat Rifles:
  48. -2x AK74U
  49. -1x Bushmaster ACR
  50. -2x FN F2000
  51. -1x G3KA4
  52. -1x IMI Galil MAR
  53. -1x HK33
  54. -1x M16A4
  55. -3x M4
  56. -1x Magpul Masada
  57. -1x Steyr AUGA1
  58. -2x ZM LR300
  60. *****
  61. Shotguns:
  62. -1x Benelli M2
  63. -2x Remington 870
  65. *****
  66. Battle Rifles:
  67. -1x 1894 Winchester
  68. -1x M1 Garand
  69. -1x M14
  70. -1x SVD Dragunov with Synthetic Furniture
  72. *****
  73. Heavy Weapons:
  74. -2x M79 Grenade Launcher
  75. -1x M134 Minigun
  76. -2x M249 SAW
  77. -1x MG36
  78. -1x RPK
  80. *****
  81. Special Weapons:
  82. -3x Crossbow + 3x sets of 4 bolts each
  84. *****
  85. Special Items:
  86. -1x Binoculars
  87. -2x Digital Camera
  88. -4x GPS
  89. -2x Infrared
  90. -1x Night Vision Mono
  91. -4x Night Vision Duo
  92. -2x Snake Cam
  94. *****
  95. Weapon Attachmarents:
  96. -10x 4x Scope
  97. -4x 8x Scope
  98. -2x Combat Rifle Laser
  99. -3x Combat Rifle Light
  100. -6x Combat Rifle Foregrip
  101. -1x Infrared Scope
  102. -1x Light Bipod
  103. -1x M203 Underslung Grenade Launcher
  104. -1x Night Vision Scope
  105. -3x Pistol Laser
  106. -4x Pistol Light
  107. -8x Pistol Suppressor
  108. -1x Red Dot Sight
  109. -8x Rifle Suppressor
  110. -1x Thermal Scope
  112. *****
  113. Misc. Items:
  114. -1x Acoustic Guitar
  115. -4x Smartphones
  116. -5x MP3 player
  119. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  120. COMMUNITY WEAPONS & ITEMS: these specialized weapons may be borrowed, or taken, from the Commarend Center at any time. Explosives may only be taken to refill one's reserves, all additional Explosives must be obtained from the Vending Machine.
  122. -40MM Grenades: 9x Airburst & 18x High Explosive
  124. -2x Bouncing Betty
  125. -2x Bombshell w/Phone Detonator
  126. -7x C4 bricks
  127. -3x C4 bricks w/Detonator
  128. -7x C4 bricks w/Phone Detonator
  129. -2x Claymore
  130. -15x Flashbang
  131. -3x Gas Can Bomb w/Detonator
  132. -7x High Explosive Grenade
  133. -24x M67 Frag
  134. -1x Messenger Bag Bomb
  135. -9x Molotovs
  136. -17x Poison Gas Grenade
  137. -4x Shrapnel Grenade
  138. -6x Smoke Grenade
  139. -3x Tear Gas Grenade
  140. -5x White Phosphorous Grenade
  142. -Browning M1918A Automatic Rifle (Light Machinegun Traits: Heavy, Mint Condition, Original, Selective Fire, Unusual Design): known as one of the oddest light machineguns ever produced, this is an utterly basic Model A production with the original bipod and sling. Essentially a larger, better designed adaption of the French built Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié light machinegun, the M1918A is an air cooled, box magazine fed LMG chambered in the rather ubiquitous .30-06 Springfield cartridge. Singularly designed as an advance-support weapon for overcoming trench warfare, the BAR, as it came to be known, was severely hampered by both a pathetically low magazine capacity and suffered from its users being trained to fire from the hip, leading to the necessity of walking fire: needing to adjust aim during suppressive firing to pin down opposing forces. Despite these unfortunate technical problems the BAR functioned best as a pure support weapon, laying down protective fire for advancing troops, though trench warfare would invariably lead to the BAR becoming an ill favorite for any other possible uses.
  143. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to either all Battle Rifle OR Light Machinegun rolls as the the Operator may utilize either firing mode each turn.
  144. -Ammunition Class: .30-06 Springfield, Battle Rifle.
  145. -Magazine Capacity: 20/20 shells. Comes with 3x Magazines & 3x empty Magazines.
  146. -Maximum Optimal Range: 500M with a -1 penalty per 100M beyond this range.
  147. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,100M.
  149. -Recurved Hunting Bow (Archery Weapon Traits: Custom-Fit, Personal): a traditional bow for hunting deer, elk, and even large predators if one is feeling particularly adventurous. Has an optimal range of 50M with a -1 penalty per 30M beyond this range, and a 140M maximum range.
  151. -12x Standard Broadheads: adds +1 to all Archery rolls.
  153. -Custom M134, Modified (Special Heavy Weapon Traits: Advanced, Bulky, Heavy, Modified, Two-Handed, Unique): a custom ordered and modified 75-pound 7.62x51MM NATO chaingun, capable of firing continuously for up to 5 minutes on end before barrel overheating becomes an issue. The helicopter electrical plugin system was replaced by a single, unprotected medium-sized power crystal, tuned for precise voltage and amperage by Spiral. Came with roughly a hundred boxed and paired 250-round cartridge belts, a manual, and an impressively large cleaning kit with instructions. Usually left on a heavy pintle mount on the north side of Razorback Fortress' main Western Gate overlooking the clearing when otherwise not lugged around by Hollow.
  154. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Heavy Weapons rolls.
  155. -Ammunition Class: Special Heavy Weapon, 7.62x51MM NATO.
  156. -Ammunition Belt Size: 250/250 cartridge belt. Comes with... a lot of fucking ammo. Seriously, don't shatter your spine trying to carry all the belts.
  157. -Maximum Optimal Range: 600M with a penalty of -1 per 300M beyond this range.
  158. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,500M
  160. -De Lisle Carbine (Heavy Limited Carbine Traits: Bolt-Action, Bulky, Incorrect Provenance, Integrally Suppressed, Mixed Tech, Unique): one of the few suppressed carbines ever created specifically covert missions, the true story of the De Lisle has been distorted marely times, and in multiple means, for numerous decades. First atributed to William G. De Lisle, it was quickly discovered that his numerous rush jobs, first using a classic .22LR barrel mated to an otherwise stock Enfield Mark III rifle, then a 9MM, and finally a .45ACP variant, were highly suspect and indeed far out of his talent range. Regardless of these facts, De Lisle used his political connections to begin producing small numbers of the heavily suppressed De Lisle in .45ACP, a cartridge which went entirely unused by British forces before and after his era. As that round was a subsonic cartridge half the length of the barrel was dedicated to a (for the time) well designed suppressor, capable of withstanding from 300 to 500 rounds before requiring maintenance depending on the type of ammunition utilized. The use of a hermetically sealed bolt-action further reduced the amount of noise which, due to being a modified Lee Enfield action, was humorously noted to be more than double the number of decibels that firing the weapon produced. As it saw little use and even less frontline action, the low production numbers and near-total lack of refit spares forced it to be used specifically for commando units, though it was mostly given to Americans due to the questionable artridge. After WW2, aviation engineers whom worked for the Air Ministry of Britain alongside De Lisle showed that he had taken credit for the custom made carbines he claimed were his own creations. Whom precisely mareufactured the originals is unknown, and until his death De Lisle continued his unfounded claims that he had been the original designer and gunsmith to produce them. Irregardless of these facts, the De Lisle is a unique example of inspired adaption, giving much needed support for later forms of specialized weaponry in the future. This particular carbine seems to have come from a wartime era collection as the serial numbers of all components match, and it even still smells of cosmoline; it has, however, been heavily used on Tallus, showing a great deal of wear and usage.
  161. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to ONE Combat Rifle/Battle Rifle roll and disables all other Combat Rifle/Battle Rifle rolls.
  162. -Ammunition Class: .45ACP.
  163. -Magazine Capacity: 7/7 shells. Comes with 1x Magazines & 5 empty Magazines.
  164. -Maximum Optimal Range: 150M with a -1 penalty per 50M beyond this range.
  165. -Maximum Effective Range: 400M.
  166. -ARMOR PENALTY #1: cannot penetrate more than 3DR
  167. -ARMOR PENALTY #2: target's DR is doubled beyond 200M.
  169. -Engraved .45-70 Hunting Revolver (Special Weapon Traits: Custom-Fit, Personal, Unique): a specially requisitioned sleek, ornately engraved, heavily customized platinum plated revolver, typically used for hunting brown bears, or other large and dangerous game, holstered in an ornate green leather belt with three speedloaders. Utilizes an older, though still extremely potent, rifle cartridge in place of standard magnum revolver calibers. Formerly owned by Hollow, now kept in the Armory.
  170. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Small Arms rolls.
  171. -Ammunition Class: Battle Rifle, .45-70 Gov't.
  172. -Cylinder Capacity: 5/5 cartridges. Comes with 3x speedloaders.
  173. -Maximum Optimal Range: 150M with a -1 penalty per 75M beyond this range.
  174. -Maximum Effective Range: 300M.
  176. -FG 42 LC-6 Model 2 (Special Battle Rifle Weapon Traits: Advanced 1940's Tech, Mint Condition, Selective Fire, Unique): an oddity among most World War 2 rifles, the FG 42, short for Fallschirmjägergewehr (Paratrooper Rifle) is a highly advanced, forward thinking combination of a semi-automatic rifle and light machinegun produced by German forces on most human worlds. The air-cooled, straight recoil design saved weight compared to both standard machinegun and semi-automatic rifle designs, decreasing component stress, weight, and overall length, all of which were important factors for such a primarily paratrooper minded design. During testing, the right handed 20-round box magazine was considered to be a hindrance until it was discovered that reloading was less of an issue than with most long rifle designs at the time, taking only an an additional second or so at most. Historically the only true flaw of the FG 42 is that, while capable as a multirole weapon, more specialized firearms outperform each of its intended functions. While the number of FG 42's produced overall is quite low on many human worlds, this one seems to be a standard issue LC-6 Mk.II design as it does not have a scope, bayonet mount, or rifle grenade lug, and seems to have been used a fair amount on Tallus.
  177. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Battle Rifle OR Light Machinegun rolls.
  178. -Ammunition Class: Battle Rifle, 7.92x57MM Mauser.
  179. -Magazine Capacity: 20/20 cartridges. Comes with 3x loaded & 3x empty magazines.
  180. -Maximum Optimal Range: 600M with a -1 penalty per 200M beyond this range.
  181. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,200M.
  183. -Gepard M3 Anti-Tank Rifle (Special Anti-Tank Rifle Weapon Traits: Advanced, Unique): a slightly modified version of the standard 14.5MM Gepard anti-tank cannon-class rifle with a better recoil dampening stock, significantly improved ergonomics, and a less finicky 6-pound trigger.
  184. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Battle Rifle rolls.
  185. -Ammunition Class: Light Anti-Tank Cannon, 14.5×114MM.
  186. -Magazine Capacity: 3/3 shells. Comes with 3x magazines.
  187. -Maximum Optimal Range: 600M with a -1 penalty per 400M beyond this range.
  188. -Maximum Effective Range: 2,200M.
  189. -Attachmarent #1: Bipod: adds +1 to Battle Rifle rolls only when in use.
  190. -Attachmarent #2: X-Ray Scope: adds +1 to Battle Rifle rolls only when in use, <X-Ray Scope adds +3 to a SINGLE Perception roll, the maximum effect of which is determining items and/or objects against one's skin under light clothing.
  192. -Kriss Vector Super V (Weapon Traits: Personal): a technological upgrade & enhancemarent designed off the venerable 1928 Thompson platform, intended to be used as a much more powerful alternative PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) to the MP7.
  193. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  194. -Ammunition Class: Magnum Small Arms, .45 ACP.
  195. -Magazine Capacity: 30/30 cartridges. Comes with 2x magazines.
  196. -Maximum Optimal Range: 75M with a -1 penalty per 25M beyond this range.
  197. -Maximum Effective Range: 150M.
  199. -M4 SOPMOD in Camel Tan (WeaponType Traits: Personal): an attempted improvemarent of the M4, the SOPMOD designation stands for Special Operations Peculiar Modification which is a number of interchangeable components for sole use of the M4 carbine system. While the SOPMOD eventually failed in response to later conflicts, particularly due to it's wholly unsustainable cost of over $3,500 per set of attachmarents, it was, at least, a minor improvemarent to make the 5.56MM cartridge somewhat more effective. Comes equipped with a foregrip, a laser designator for CQB, and a holosight for increased close range accuracy.
  200. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Combat Rifle rolls.
  201. -Ammunition Class: Combat Rifle, 5.56MM.
  202. -Magazine Capacity: 30/30 cartridges.
  203. -Maximum Optimal Range: 300M with a -1 penalty to all Combat Rifle rolls per 100M beyond this range
  204. -Maximum Effective Range: 800M.
  205. -Mechanical Enhancemarent #1: Holosight, adds +1 to all Combat Rifle rolls but may not be used in conjunction with the Laser Sight.
  206. -Mechanical Enhancemarent #2: Laser Sight, adds +1 to all Combat Rifle rolls but may not be used in conjunction with the Holosight.
  208. -M60 (Heavy Weapon Traits: Bulky, Personal): a venerable, single-barreled heavy machinegun commonly produced during the late 1950's era, formerly owned by Hollow. It may or may not be possessed by a loli's voice from some archaic anime.
  209. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Heavy Weapons rolls.
  210. -Ammunition Class: Heavy Machine Gun, 7.62x51MM NATO.
  211. -Ammunition Belt Size: 100/100 cartridges. Comes with 3x 100-round belts.
  212. -Maximum Optimal Range: 500M with a -1 penalty per 200M beyond this range.
  213. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,100M.
  214. -Bipod: adds +1 to all Heavy Weapons rolls only when in use.
  216. -M660 (Special Weapon Traits: Advanced, Personal, Unique): an M60 prototype constructed on his world to use the .50 BMG cartridge, created and later enhanced with highly advanced space age materials to accommodate it's slightly larger size, while keeping the same weight as a standard M60, not including the weight of it's ammunition. Formerly owned by Hollow, now kept in the Armory.
  217. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Heavy Weapons rolls.
  218. -Ammunition Class: Specialized Anti-Armor, .50BMG.
  219. -Ammunition Belt Size: 50/50 cartridges. Comes with 4x belts.
  220. -Maximum Optimal Range: 600M with a -1 penalty per 300M beyond this range.
  221. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,400M.
  222. -Attachmarent #1: Bipod: adds +1 to Heavy Weapon rolls only when in use.
  224. -M79 (Weapon Traits: Personal): a single shot, break-action 40MM grenade launcher originally produced during early Vietnam War eras on most human worlds. Capable of utilizing explosive, high explosive, anti-personnel (also known as shrapnel), flechette, smoke, and overhead illumination shells, the M79 was used long after it's introduction for it's superior range, accuracy, and ease of maintenance over the finicky, expensive M203 attachmarent. Formerly owned by Hollow, now kept in the Armory.
  225. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Heavy Weapons rolls.
  226. -Ammunition Class: Explosive, 40MM Grenade. Comes with 7x 40MM High Explosive 40MM Grenades & 7x 40MM Airburst Grenades.
  227. -Maximum Optimal Range: 300M with a -1 penalty per 100M beyond this range.
  228. -Maximum Effective Range: 500M.
  230. -M82 Barrett (Battle Rifle Weapon Traits: Bulky): a standard production, stock .50 anti-tank rifle with no significant modifications. Noted for being overly expensive and less comfortable to use than ComBloc anti-tank rifles of the same era.
  231. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Battle Rifle rolls.
  232. -Ammunition Class: Specialized Anti-Armor, .50BMG.
  233. -Magazine Capacity: 5/5 shells. Comes with 3x magazines.
  234. -Maximum Optimal Range: 600M with a -1 penalty to all Battle Rifle rolls per 300M beyond this range.
  235. -Maximum Effective Range: 2,000M.
  236. -Bipod: adds +1 to all Battle Rifle rolls only when in use.
  238. -MP40 (Submachine Gun Traits: Advanced Design, Comfortable, Lightweight): one of the most well developed weapons produced, the MP40, like its predecessors, earned a reputation for reliability and portability that went unmatched for nearly 20 years. Created as a slow firing SMG made from stamped sheet metal with easily mastered spot welding techniques, MP40's served in a variety of roles: replacing the Luger line of pistols as a primary officer weapon, infantry trench or urban building sweeping duties, and as a backup weapon for pilots, tank, and half-track crews, eventually becoming fielded to entire units as the weight-of-fire concept came to fruition, allowing a single platoon sized commarend to outgun an entire company of rifleman. Despite the positives, the MP40 did suffer from several notable problems: its barrel had no heat shroud which resulted in burns becoming quite common, the magazine held fewer cartridges than was wanted, the magazine itself was (often_ incorrectly used as a foregrip which lead to common battlefield malfunctions, an uncomfortable folding stock that was known for being difficult to maintain without being replaced, and the blowback open-bolt action could be easily overstressed during extended combat leading to a nonfunctional weapon. While otherwise in typical shape for an older combat weapon, this particular MP40 has a number of stamps marking it as an early wartime original, save for the distinctive scoring and damage sustained from obvious heavy usage on Tallus.
  239. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Small Arms rolls.
  240. -Ammunition Class: 9x19MM Parabellum.
  241. -Magazine Capacity: 32/32 cartridges. 4 Magazines + 5 empty Magazines.
  242. -Maximum Optimal Range: 100M with a -1 penalty per 25M beyond this range.
  243. -Maximum Effective Range: 250M.
  245. -Milkor MGL M32 (Weapon Traits: Personal): a rugged, highly durable 6-canister revolving cylinder grenade launcher, developed in tandem with a rifled barrel. The M32, as it came to be known as, was designed to replace the failed M203 underbarrel attachmarent for the M4/16 series of combat rifles, although it's weight of 12 pounds when fully loaded made some grenadiers switch back to the M79 in order to either save on weight or choose their own grenades to better adapt with their current situation.
  246. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Heavy Weapons rolls.
  247. -Ammunition Class: Explosive, 40MM Grenades.
  248. -Ammunition Capacity: 6/6 canisters. Comes preloaded with 6x High Explosive & has 6x High Explosive in reserve.
  249. -Maximum Optimal Range: 400M with a -1 penalty per 100M beyond this range.
  250. -Maximum Effective Range: 800M.
  252. >Stalker 2-T (Weapon Traits: Custom, Silent, Unique): built by the gunsmith Sergei during his experimarents at expanding the highly limited weaponry available to Razorback, the Stalker 2-T, the 2 standing for 2nd Generation, the T standing for Tallus-design, was put together from a damaged AK rifle chassis and a long unused paintball rifle, both combined with a number of discarded components rebuilt from his own expertise along with aid from Krinza's engineering capabilities. In essence still looking much like a traditional AK-47, the most notable differences are that the weapon is painted in a matte black, blue, and grey striped camouflage scheme, the barrel is considerably larger, no longer has a magazine the well and part of the upper receiver removed to make space for a small air tank made from rolled titanium. The forestock was removed and replaced with a rubber-covered steel foreward grip and an air compressing shaft, modified from a scavenged pump action shotgun which had been damaged in field, and several custom fabricated components. Likewise, the gas tube was removed to make space in front of the receiver for a short steel tube which holds ten 15MM tungsten-plated steel spheres, the sides cut partially to allow the operator to see how much ammunition remains. The entirety of the damaged chamber was stripped out by Sergei, allowing him to integrate an air-driven pneumatic piston solely powered by the air tank, sealed with easily replaced rubber O-rings. Aided by Krinza, a scavenged and rebuilt pressure gauge was added to the right-rear of the receiver which displays in tens of atmospheres just how much air is compressed in the tank. Due to lacking the technology to create working, effective pressure valves, if the tank is overpressurized to 125% capacity and not fired on the next turn, the air will steadily leak out over the next 2 turns, and can be easily heard from 25M away.
  253. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Combat Rifle rolls when at or under 25% pressure, adds +2 to all Combat Rifle rolls when at or under 50% pressure, adds +3 to all Combat Rifle rolls when at or under 75% pressure, adds +4 to all Combat Rifle rolls when at or under 100% pressure, and adds +5 to all Combat Rifle rolls when at or under 125% pressure.
  254. -Ammunition Class: Combat Rifle, 15MM tungsten-plated steel spheres.
  255. -Magazine Capacity: 10/10 tungsten spheres. Comes with 1x feeding tube of 10 spheres.
  256. -Maximum Optimal Range: 50M with a -2 penalty per 25M beyond this range.
  257. -Maximum Effective Range: 100M.
  258. -Integral Attachmarent #1: Integrally Suppressed Barrel: this weapon is 90% suppressed, requiring a roll of 10 or higher on Perception to determine the direction fired from.
  260. -Steyr Mannlicher IWS 2000 (Special Anti-Tank Weapon Traits: Bullpup, Heavy, Unique): based off the success of the Gepard on many human worlds, this-40 pound bullpup-rifle hybrid was typically produced by Austrian armies needing a (relatively) inexpensive, dependable, and easily portable direct fire anti-tank weapon rather than using specialized portable anti-tank missile systems. Mostly based on upsizing the capabilities of large-bore shotguns into an anti-tank rifle platform, the IWS 2000 features a long spring-adjusted ejection/loading system to dampen recoil and a shock absorbing hydro-pneumatic sleeve, commonly found in use on many towed artillery systems. As it is a bullpup configuration, the large box magazine is fed from under the buttstock at a 45-degree angle, making reloading a slow process at best. Uniquely, the IWS 200 is the first of all 7th generation AT rifles to solely utilize Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot tungsten shells. While the body is a combination of high tensile plastics and ultralight polymers, the weight and overall length of 71" is still a detrimarent, though it's reputation and capabilities are stellar nonetheless.
  261. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Battle Rifle rolls.
  262. -Ammunition Class: Specialized Anti-Armor, 15.2x169MM.
  263. -Magazine Capacity: 0/5 shells. Comes with 3x magazines.
  264. -Maximum Optimal Range: 1,200M with a -1 penalty per 300M beyond this range.
  265. -Maximum Effective Range: 2,400M.
  266. -Integral Bipod: adds +1 to all Battle Rifle rolls only when in use.
  267. -10x Telescopic Ridged Sight: adds +1 to all Battle Rifle rolls only when in use.
  269. -Sturmgewehr 44 Model W2 (Combat Rifle Traits: Advanced 1940's Tech, Compact Platform, Selective Fire, Unique): the first [and only] weapon system to be truly known as an "assault rifle" due to its name: Storm Rifle, its unique profile and usage, the StG 44 was produced on many worlds as a purely German creation. Combining both the firing rate of submachine guns with the lethality of near-battle rifle ammunition utilizing a newly developed cartidge, the 7.92x33MM Kurz which was based off the 7.92x57MM, it developd a reputation for the ability to quickly clear trenches, directly support infantry advances, maintain fire against massed charges if standard light/heavy machine guns were being reloaded or in the process of being moved, and to counter era equivalent standard submachine guns at much longer ranges. While a major achievemarent in the small arms race, it typically wasn't produced in large enough numbers to change the course of war. This particular model seems to be from a historian's collection as it shows little wear and tear save for three somewhat fresh, small lines carved into the forestock.
  270. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Battle Rifle OR Combat Rifle rolls.
  271. -Ammunition Class: Combat Rifle, 7.92x33MM Kurz.
  272. -Magazine Capacity: 0/30 shells. Comes with 2x magazines.
  273. -Maximum Optimal Range: 300M with a -1 penalty per 100M beyond this range.
  274. -Maximum Effective Range: 700M.
  276. -Tallus Mark I Flamethrower (Special Weapon Traits: Armored, Bulky, Lightweight, No Overheat, Two-Handed, Unique): affectionately known as Kraut's Midnight Barbeque Special. Considered to be Kraut's largest and most important technological creation during his stay on Tallus, this flamethrower was patterned off the basic M1 and M2 flamethrowers, created respectively by Germany and the US during WW2 on most human worlds. This Portal War Crime Vendor (PWCV to Razorback) features three heavily armored tanks on a modified suspension rack with suspension straps, allowing an Operator to lug the PWCV around for an hour without sustaining much fatigue. The right tank contains a pressurized gel-like fuel derived from Lava Leech clusters, the second tank contains equally pressurized high proof grain alcohols provided by Bren, while the central third tank contains an optimal mix of oxygen and hydrogen, assisting the propulsion of Lava Leech and grain alcohol gel intermix to an impressive and highly effective range.
  277. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Heavy Weapons rolls.
  278. -Ammunition Class: Napalm. High grade, home made!
  279. -Canister Capacity: 5 gallons, uses 1/2 gallon per burst.
  280. -Maximum Effective Range: 30M.
  281. -Additional Ability: #1: BURRRRRRRN! All Heavy Weapons rolls cause physical Fire damage and incur Burning status against living enemies.
  282. -Modification #1: grants an additional [1d6+3] <Flame roll.
  283. -Modification #2: leaves a 5M radius patch of fuel, inflicting 4 Flame damage for 3 turns as well as causing Burn status to any living being that steps into the patch.
  285. -TOZ KS-23 (Special Heavy Shotgun Traits: Heavy, Mint Condition, Rugged, Unique): quite possibly the most intimidating short ranged weapon produced on most Combloc worlds, the KS-23 is a 9-pound monster that has long since earned the name of "Death's Smile". Produced by cutting down 2A7 rejected barrels from the ZSU-23-4 self-propelled AA weapon system to 20 inches, the barrel is then fitted to a massively oversized 6 gauge receiver, mated to a pump-action system with foregrip, given a coat of paint, stamped, and finally called a shotgun for official issue. Unusually suited for up close and personal engagemarents despite its considerable weight, the KS-23 is a 6 Gauge, or 23MM, system, functioning well as a multirole weapon and is capable of firing flechette, buckshot, slugs, rare Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Darts, and even most standard Combloc rifle grenades with a simple cup adapter. Interestingly, this specific weapon comes in the standard hunting configuration with a hard Northern European walnut buttstock and high visibility brass bead for maximum close range accuracy.
  286. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Heavy Shotgun rolls.
  287. -Ammunition Class: Heavy Shotgun, 6 Gauge/23MM Shotshell.
  288. -Magazine Capacity: 0/3 shells, can be improved.
  289. -Ammunition Type #1: buckshot & flechettes have a maximum optimal range of 100M with a -1 penalty to all Heavy Shotgun rolls per 50M beyond this range, and a maximum range of 200M.
  290. -Ammunition Type #2: darts & slugs have a maximum optimal range of 150M with a -1 penalty to all Heavy Shotgun rolls per 50M beyond this range, and a maximum range of 250M.
  291. -Ammunition Type #3: finned darts have a maximum optimal range of 200M with a -1 penalty to all Heavy Shotgun rolls per 50M beyond this range, and a maximum range of 350M.
  292. -Additional notes: firing one-handed WILL RESULT IN A DIVISION BY 0.
  294. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  296. -GSL-H9 (Small Arm Traits: High Tech, Integral Burst Fire, Limited Ammunition, Precision Small Arm, Unknown Era): perhaps the most plausible example of near-future high tech weaponry in use, at least by by human standards, this pistol from someone else's literal future, defies both the expectations of what a weapon 'is', and what it is not. Given the weapon's specifications and blatantly basic double-action hammer feature, the design of this weapon could have been adapted from virtually any major mareufacturer on most human worlds. Remarkable for its barrel length, the bright red LED counter on the right side sits above a dark forest green magazine release button, illuminated by a white glow-in-the-dark synthetic plastiform ring bordering it for maximum visibility. The box magazine itself is larger than it appears at first glance, revealing this weapon to utilize an unusual straight-cased small 5MM penetrator cartridge, smaller and considerably more advanced than the 4.3x45MM H&K prototype. Similiar to many marksman refits, the grip is tactically styled with a great deal of comfort in mind, while the slide lock safety directly above the trigger gives it an effectively militaristic appeal. Yet again deviating from standards, this weapon is only able to fire in a 3-round burst mode yet the recoil is so minor that such a firing rate is unlikely to negatively impact the user's aim. The small amount of wear on this weapon, besides the cryptic name and model number, shows that either it has not seen much action on Tallus or that it was created to withstand a great deal of use on extended operations. As it does not seem to have been outfitted for the use of a suppressor, laser sighting systems, a flashlight, or any other accessories, one has to wonder what exactly the intended purpose of this weapon was.
  297. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Small Arms rolls.
  298. -Ammunition Class: Small Arms, 5MM High Velocity GSL.
  299. -Magazine Capacity: 45/45 cartridges, 1x Magazine of Marking-Tracer & 1x Magazine of Armor Piercing.
  300. -Ammunition Type #1: 5MM High Velocity GSL Armor Piercing, grants Armor Pierce 2 (negates 2 DR) per roll.
  301. -Ammunition Type #2: 5MM High Velocity GSL Marking-Tracer, adds +1 to all Small Arms rolls on the following turn due to leaving a distinct bright green vapor trail, allowing an Operator to quickly adjust their aim-on-target.
  303. -NGTB-478 (Heavy Weapon Traits: High Tech, Limited Ammunition, Mixed Tech, Precision Heavy Weapon, Twin-Barreled, Unknown Era): an utter oddity amongst human styled weaponry, this twin-barreled heavy machine gun is cryptically stamped in the same marener as the GSL-H9 pistol though it may not be from even the same era. The unusual overall barrel length of 34" seems to serve the purpose of making this weapon useful in most categories whether for squad support, mounted on vehicles or vessels, battle line advances, anti-aircraft or anti-vessel duties, dedicated ambush tactics, or simply terrifying anything that can hear it. Should a mad engineer decide to take inspiration from all prior weapons systems and combine them into one package, this would be that weapon.
  304. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Heavy Weapon rolls.
  305. -Ammunition Class: Battle Rifle, 9.3x100 High Velocity TB.
  306. -Belt Capacity: 200/200 cartridges, comes with an additional belt.
  307. -Integral Bipod: adds +1 to all Heavy Weapon rolls only when in use.
  308. -Multiplex Scope: unknown.
  309. -ERA: unknown.
  311. -'Thor's Hammer' (Special Heavy Weapon Traits: Advanced WW2 Technology, Two-Handed, Unique): a prototype lightning weapon developed by German research teams, the result of an attempt to create a world-wide weather controlling machine. A slightly damaged battery power unit, weighing 20 pounds, attached to several sets of coiled wires lead to a carrying handle and small lever atop a 20" white crystalline rod, this weapon is capable of four powerful electrical expulsions before running out of energy, or eight stunning bursts. Does not seem to be capable of being modified or improved due to combat damage and unknown engineering safeguards, likely a deterrent to prevent reverse engineering.
  312. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Heavy Weapon rolls.
  313. -Technological Enhancemarent #1: grants a [1d6+10] <Lightning Elemarental attack.
  314. -Technological Enhancemarent #2: grants a [1d6+2] <Stun ability against living or technological opponents.
  315. -Charge Capacity: 4/4 charges.
  316. -Maximum Range: 50M.
  318. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  319. >OTHER ITEMS STORED IN ALPHA LOCKER: can ONLY be accessed by Naliyna.
  321. -1x Plutonium Core.
  323. -Light Construct Cannon (Ranged Weapon Traits: Unknown): a bright red cannon, 4" in diameter with a 4' long smooth-bore barrel, on a rounded orange mount, possibly concealing a temporary power cell, meant to attach to a Scout/Sentry Hybrid Model's body. Construct technology is far beyond the knowledge of any race on Tallus, with only a few unicorns that understand the baffling null-logic behind the form-shifting semi-organic metal, and even fewer that have marenaged to comprehend both the liquid-state circuitry, construction, and usage, making such weapons as this one mere curios: extremely high in demarend, ridiculously valuable, and wonderful conversation pieces, but none in use.
  328. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  329.                             THE ENCLAVE: a large, carved out dome 150' high and 800' in diameter, tunneled into a bluff on the edge of the southern Equestrian coast, close to the Ferron Beach Camp. Long used as a training ground for newly recruited Starborn, this particular Enclave was decommissioned approximately 50 years before Razorback's arrival due to the Starborn's consolidation and expansions to the Citadel. Needing a a monetary deposit location and enough space to store all the armor, weaponry, and the marely miscellaneous items that Razorback has collectively acquired over the past three years mostly due to insufficient space in the Fortress itself, Marquis du Spiral requested Luna's aid in selection a location with equal or greater safety than the Fortress. After consulting her assistants, Luna turned over ownership of the Southern Enclave to Spiral and Razorback, giving him the information necessary to reactivate it's few remaining defenses.
  331. The Enclave is comprised of 100 rooms carved into the stone, lining the outside of the dome's walls. 90 are easily large enough to house a five member team, though 10 are designed to be used as a barracks for ten or more. At one point Belltower stated there are numerous secret rooms in the Enclave itself, one in particular taking the form of an illusionary ladder leading upwards which masks a set of stairs, leading into a gravity-switched officer's quarters with four beds. Under Amerose's request, the officer's quarters was re-purposed and brought back to it's full capacity of ten, now containing luxurious beds for ten occupants, however, only one of these is long enough for a human to sleep on.
  333. At Jeff's, Belltower's, and Twisted Wing's, (but mostly Jeff's) requests, Lorekeeper Amerose and 25 Starborn Elites have chosen to retire from the Citadel, reactivating the Enclave and it's defenses in entirety, though they've all stated they have no interest in performing any duties other than ensuring the proper care and investigation of the relics contained within, and keeping the dangerous ones under constant vigilance.
  335. Can only be accessed from the Fortress by an Operator, Companion, the Starborn, or an allowed Ally as the Vortex Remnant will aggressively deny all others entrance.
  337. *****
  338. THE DOCK: a sickle-shaped wooden dock taking up the entire southern section of the cave serves as both a port and a fishing spot, often occupied by a certain always sleeping Enchained batpony. The dock itself is 100M long, and while kept in decent shape, is noticeably old and in need of replacemarent. The sole entrance and exit for ships is a winding cave a little over half a mile long, oddly enough Luna has stated that Tartarus Island is only a quarter of an hour away, making Belltower suspect that there is a large translocation matrice located somewhere offshore.
  340. *****
  341. -MISCELLANEA: five buildings on the western side of the Enclave have been renovated into storage facilities, each marked with a broad white stripe. Three orderly rows of tables and display stands in each hold artifacts and relics deemed safe for Razorback's use, while those under study or have a questionable nature remain in back rooms, contained within sealed enclosures. The more seedy or dangerous items have been placed into black diamond containers, specifically kept under Naliyna's watchful (but mostly suspicious) eyes when she's there, with Lorekeeper Amerose's help.
  343. *****
  344. -ARMORY: the eight northernmost buildings of the Enclave next to the dock have been renovated into a series of armor storage facilities, each marked with a broad blue stripe. Marenequins, carved by Bren and her crew while bored and not working, keep the various sets and armors in order for proper display. As most of the armors were specifically built for ponies, Amerose has divided them based on which species could wear a particular set . The southernmost is dedicated to storing armors that Amerose prefers not to be touched inside sealed diamond cases, several of which remain under Naghtmare guard due to their sensitive natures. Tended to by Lann whenever she's free.
  346. *****
  347. -WEAPONRY: six buildings on the east side of the Enclave have been renovated into weapon storage facilities, each marked with a broad red stripe. The majority of weapons are featured on hanging racks or display stands for perusal and usage by Razorback, while those under study are kept inside. The more dangerous weaponry has been locked down in the northernmost building, kept under guard by ten retired and reservist Starborn. Constantly monitored by Hodch when he's free, and sometimes Denra when he's not brooding, or reading.
  350. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  351.                                             UNIQUE MELEE WEAPONRY:
  353. >Archaic Void-Flux Biteblade (Unique Relic Moors Artifact): an ornately bound and wrapped, flat wooden haft with a thin, very heavy, 8" long black & white bisected blade that forms two sharp, armor piercing points, formed from a metallic substance similar in weight to tungsten, but only has the same durability as high grade steel, that was once found near Void portals in the Moors. A relic of the early Lishanki, one of the four main pegasi clans that split off from the original Ferron Clan long ago, the bindings and resin coating the handle are similar to those of much less precious biteblades created during the Moors Expansion era, marely years before the Lunar-Solar War, indicating this one to be of early Lunar faction construction, and has been fairly well taken care of. While the Void portals have ceased to exist and been replaced by the Scars of the Moors, the metal, often called voiding flux for it's strange cohesiveness and resistance to standard flux materials, is simple to reshape via arcane methods, and features an interesting Void-like offensive enchantmarent that does not harm flora, whether natural or otherwise.
  354. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  355. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/2 remaining.
  356. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  357. -Armor Pierce: 2 (negates 2DR).
  358. -Offensive Enchantmarent: grants [1d6+4] <Void-Flux offensive Elemarental enchantmarent causing effects similar to those of Ethereal weapons, though deals double damage against Otherworldly & Spectral beings.
  360. >Bluesteel & Blacksteel Twin-Beamed Lances: a matching pair of 4' long lances split in the center, half of their lengths formed into parallel beams with pointed tips. Originally created for use by, and still a favorite of, pegasi ambushers before the Lunar-Solar War, typically held in place by specially positioned loops on cloth armor with a sticky enchantmarent for backup.
  361. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Hooved.
  362. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/1 remaining.
  363. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  364. -Offensive Enchantmarent: Bluesteel: grants a [1d6+2] <Frostburn Elemarental attack.
  365. -Offensive Enchantmarent: Blacksteel: grants a [1d6+2] <Voidtear Elemarental attack.
  367. -Blacksteel Hoofclaws (Artifact, Rune-Forged, Unique): a quartet of hoofboots created by the master forgers of the Gryphon Vale. Heavily custom fit for a standard pegasi to use and augmarented with the addition of four extremely sharp, 90' angled claws pressure welded on for digging into trees, soil, or enemies. Allows the wearer to float up to 1' above any solid or cloud material surface.
  368. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  369. -Enchantmarent Slots: 1/2 remaining.
  370. -Base Modifer: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  371. -Armor Pierce: 1 (ignores 1DR).
  372. -Utility Enchantmarent: Silenced Slowfall-Float, adds +1 to all Stealth rolls.
  373. -Inherent Ability: the bearer may utilize a [1d6+4] <Blacksteel Repulse non-Elemarental offensive ability that bypasses DR, though both the owner and target suffer the resulting damage.
  375. >Crescent-Flat Spikeblade: a 6" long spikeblade made from a blackened steel alloy. Carved in Gozka with a single flat, flawless, smooth facing, the remainder is rounded, obviously for use as an armor piercing weapon, and although the mouthguard is missing it could easily be restored for use.
  376. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  377. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  378. -Armor Pierce: 1 (negates 1DR)
  379. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a [1d6+3] <Forcespike non-Elemarental attack that bypasses 1/2 of DR.
  381. >Dynasty Ruin Pike (Dynastic-Forged, Mass Produced Relic): an unassuming, rather plain 2' long pike head composed of an early steel alloy, attached to a 5' long wooden shaft of treated maple with copper sheaves woven across it's length, and bonded together by an as of yet unidentified compound, one that Amerose suspects to be biological in nature. Sent to Razorback by an unknown member of the main Ferron Clan, this relic was once wielded by earth ponies hailing from the Crusader's Temple during the Middle Dynasty era, one of marely city-states lost to history. Along with a number of other weapons from this era, Ruin Pikes, as they are known due to the very few surviving examples coming from ruined Dynasty era armories, are included in a particular subset traditionally called 'Escort Arms', and were awarded solely to Escort-ranked earth ponies as their primary weapon for dealing with hostile flora and fauna along the marely pathways leading from city to city. Since neither the minotaurs nor gryphons had developed proper trade routes with the Dynasty when these pikes were produced, a simple steel alloy composed of small amounts of nickel, cobalt, and carbon were alloyed with mostly pure iron, then further treated with several alchemical stabilizers in the hopes of competing with both the Hegemony and Gryphon Kingdom steels, though examples such as this one consistently display a moderate amount of aging in the form of minor pitting, small rust spots, copper oxidization, and (very slowly) decaying wood, leaving Amerose questioning whether or not it could, or even should, be restored.
  382. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Hooved.
  383. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/2 remaining.
  384. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry Riposte rolls.
  385. -Offensive Enchantmarent: grants a [1d6+2] <Armor Spike ability that bypasses 1DR, dealing double damage against both shields and Armored/Heavily Armored opponents.
  386. -Two-Hooved: grants an additional Block roll.
  388. >Form & Function (Unique Archaic Permarenent Relics): a matching pair of 3' in length redsteel Jansin rapiers, a much larger than typical form of rapier with wide, extended triangular blades, capable of slashing, piercing, and blocking due to their additional mass and heavy construction. Considered extremely unwieldy by even Tallus weaponry standards, this otherwise strange pair of rapiers features a circular 'grip' instead of a hilt and ornamarental acid etching in numerous flower designs. Created by a Gozkan smith for the use of a former Solar faction noble during the Post Lunar-Solar War era, Form & Function were designed specifically for the unicorn duelist, whose name has been passed over by the marely misgivings of capricious Equestrian nobility. Otherwise, they are merely a curious footnote in historical documarents dating back to this era. Despite their strange propensity to refuse being taken from their current owner, whether alive or not, Amerose has confirmed that neither rapier is sentient, but as of yet cannot be sure that both combined may not have some form of preventative anti-removal enchantmarent. Sent to Razorback by the Arkadian Divides, a large offshoot of the Ferron clan from before the Lunar-Solar War, as a gift for their aid in preventing the deaths of all Lower Las Pegasus defenders. Despite Amerose's best research efforts, she has no idea if the etches contain hidden meanings.
  389. -Melee Weapon Class: One-Hooved.
  390. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  391. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  392. -Unicorn Adapted: adds +3 to all Casting rolls.
  393. -Armor Pierce: 1 (negates 1DR).
  394. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: Form grants a [1d6+3] <Flamestrike Mystic Elemarental attack.
  395. -Defensive Enchantmarent #2: Function grants a [1d6+9] <Flameguard Mystic Elemarental shield.
  396. -Dual Wield: grants an additional Block roll if both are utilized, and are extremely difficult to separate from their owner.
  398. >Gozkan Reaper (Graven-Carved, Unique Ancient Eldritch Artifact): a 4' long, 25-degree curved bright red fang, carved down and thinned out into a blade, solidly attached to an 8' long, 4" in diameter twisted brown, white, and red haft, both parts made from the cured fang and body of a notorious worm-like planar creature, hatefully dubbed a 'Reaper'. Traditionally, a Gozkan minotaur seeking the title of Shaman must kill a forsworn planar enemy in order to prove their worth to Tallus. Which one, however, is told to them by an ancestor during a rite of passage. While the name of the minotaur that created this particular one is lost to history, it can be assumed they were one of the great shamans as Reapers are considered vastly more difficult to kill than such beings as a Heart's Fear or a Riftseeker, and considering the fact that it has no sentience, they must have been quite powerful indeed.
  399. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Handed.
  400. -Enchantmarent Slots: 1/4 remaining.
  401. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte attacks.
  402. -Armor Pierce: 3 (negates 3DR).
  403. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a [1d6+4] <Scornful Leech ability that transfers life directly from the target to the bearer.
  404. -Two-Handed Block: grants an additional Block roll.
  405. -Heavy Weight Penalty: incurs a -3 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  407. >Hatred (ELDRITCH ARTIFACT: Unique Ancient Legendary Cursed Artifact): a pair of highly flexible, bright white true wingblades made of an unknown composite, or possibly a metal, attached together by a thick, one piece sheaf of flawless, elastic white material, functioning as both armor and a saddle for other weapons/equipmarent to be attached to. Will automagically resize itself upon wearing. Three myths persist about the nature of this archaic pegasi artifact, with the first pointing to it's possible creation during the Early Dynasty Era, purportedly to be used against Otherworldly forces, but this one is hotly contested by the Master-Generals of the Tower Guard as they state true wingblades were developed during the later stages of the Middle Dynasty Era. The second states that it was likely created by one of Tallus's Legendary beings as a reward for an unknown member of the pegasi race, or perhaps for any pegasus to use, to protect against the racial conflicts and wars brought about by unicorns and earth ponies that were common before the Sisters had arrived, but this is likely a rumor created after the city-states of the Dynasty disappeared. The third is a story passed down by pure-blooded Lorekeepers of the Ferron clan, telling of a cataclysm that once destroyed three continents, and of the eight ponies that survived it with gruesome injuries and horrifying memories. While the oral retelling of the story itself takes from eight to twelve hours depending on the Lorekeeper, it states that there were once two more pony species, nearly as prominent as earth ponies are, though it does not explain what their appearance or abilities were, only that Hatred was brought back by the pegasus survivor. Unlike other species-specific artifacts, this one is revered to the point where it is a grave, neighretical crime for a non-pegasus to touch, but since no pegasus has dared to bear in recorded history it can be assumed that it should not be worn. Once stored in Old Canterlot's Solar Armory, it was transferred to New Canterlot under careful watch of pegasi-only Solar Guardians, and remained there until it was recovered from the Royal Enforcers, using the once underground storage as their cache. Until he can find a proper resting place for this legendary weapon, Hodch has made an absolute certainty that any whom attempt to touch or retrieve Hatred from it's black diamond casing will find themselves facing multiple Naghtmares, and likely other monstrous allied beings, on permarenent loan from the Citadel Armory.
  409. >Kranstaag (Graven-Carved, Lunar-Forged, Unique Ancient Legendary Artifact): a massive, custom made Gozkan sword with a 4" thick, 8' long kanpri blade, a 3' hilt wrapped with earth drake hide, further protected by two 1' blacksteel guards, while the pommel is an entire, well preserved skull from the notorious Saddle Arabian arkviper. Two reinforcing bars, made from purified whitesteel, centered on both sides of the blade allows a wielder to use this immarense weapon without care for structural integrity. It also weighs 300 pounds.
  410. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Handed.
  411. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  412. -Base Modifier: adds +6 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  413. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: [1d6+4] <Ark Viper Mystical Poison Elemarental attack.
  414. -Offensive Enchantmarent #2: [1d6+4] <Voidcrack Elemarental attack.
  415. -Modification: Two-Handed Block, grants an additional Block roll.
  416. -Heavy Weight Penalty: don't even try. Really.
  418. >Lacsidrae: penned in relatively recent years, this is an unassuming, thin white tome slightly larger than the average notebook. The face is marked with the tome's name, a word that has not been matched to any language on Tallus, while the reverse is devoid of script and ornamarentation, nor is there a foreword. Contained within Lacsidrae's tremarendously warded pages lie heavily specialized Anti-Elemarental, Eldritch, Elemarental, Otherworldly, Planar, and Spectral incantations, each isolated from the others by a clever enchantmarent which prevents the holder from turning the pages, instead forcing the holder to close the tome and open to their desired incantation. Discovered by Dancing Eyes when sorting through a delivery of books from the Enclave, she originally thought it was a joke, seeing as how the Tower Guard's experience with such attempts at creating incantations of the like had never been successful, before sending it back. Even with a thorough examination by the entire Lorekeeper Order in the Crystal Empire, the Starborn's archivists and historians, and sending it to Princesses Luna and Cadence, then finally Queen Chrysalis herself for study, Lorekeeper Amerose only had this to say when asked: "When were these spells researched, composed, and created? Who compiled and wrote each of these? How were these wards and this enchantmarent devised? And, most worrying of all, what could inspire a form of depraved madness so deep that it allowed one to translate languages, if they can even be called so, that cannot even be spoken on Tallus to exist coherently in common script?" Entirely unable to decide what should be done with it, Amerose sent it back to the Fortress, where Dancing Eyes has placed Lacsidrae on it's own stand in Spiral's lab to read in the hopes that somepony, or someone, will eventually answer one of the Lorekeeper's questions. She does note, with quite a bit of humor, that she still thinks the tome is a great joke. Must be read in order to categorize the spells available.
  420. >Lunar Full Wingblades, Copy (Unique Legendary Permarenent Artifact): a pair of lightweight, medium sized float enchanted outer wing spanning blades, for pegasi of course, with segmarented joints for maximum ease of use, versatility, and armor. The blades extend from the base of wings to the outer edge of the first primary, covering the entirety of the upper wing for maximum stability and protection. While the original was made by using the ancient Lunar Guardian lance discovered in Baskregg, the Reaper's Crypt, and inscribed with Luna's Mark & sigils of the Moon, Hodch and Krinza created this copy of Spiral's original design, the former reforging the original lance back to what it once was. Since it's only a kanpri copy there are no faction allegiances attached to it.
  421. -Melee Weapon Class: Dual-Winged.
  422. -Enchantmarent Slots: 1/3 remaining.
  423. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  424. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a [1d6+1] <Frostblade Elemarental attack.
  425. -Offensive Enchantmarent #2: grants a [1d6+1] <Voidblade Elemarental attack.
  426. -Passive Enchantmarent #1: Lightweight Slowfall-Float, significantly reduces it's bearer's weight by -50% weight.
  427. -Mechanical Enhancemarent: adds +2 to all Block rolls.
  429. >Malurian Vine Hoofboots (Ancient Living Artifact): a quartet of dark green, almost leathery, hoofboots created by the nomadic Malurian Clan of the Southern Everfree Forest, an offshoot of the original Ferron clan that broke apart long ago. Malurian weapons and armor are created by shaping a very heavy living vine which wraps around the owner's bodily parts snugly, and once on, they do not like coming off. While they seem to be immortal, having been passed down through over a hundred generations, it's very rare that a flower sprouts and only does so when an owner of significant honor bears them. Although the Malurians are fairly isolationist in comparison to the rest of the Ferron they greatly enjoy the presence of outsiders and have been known to give archaic presents, such as these to those, that visit them often.
  430. -Melee Weapon Class: Natural Light.
  431. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/1 remaining.
  432. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  433. -Offensive Enchantmarent: grants a [1d6+2] <Nature's Wrath non-Elemarental attack.
  434. -Armor Value: adds +1DR to the hooves (or hands).
  436. >Mythril Burst Staff (Living Artifact): a light, 5' tall mythril-infused oak branch, still living somehow, shaped by Spiral into a triangular headed walking staff. Shaped to look like tiny forest dragon heads, the mouths are inset with a single burst rune each, dating back to the Late Dynasty Era, allowing the wielder to summon powerful, contained spells. Only one spell may be summoned each turn until all three have been exhausted, at which point the runed-gems will cease to function. The weapon is not sentient, but apparently dislikes Undead.
  437. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Handed.
  438. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  439. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  440. -Unicorn Adapted: adds +2 to all Casting rolls.
  441. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a [1d6+20] <Gravity Shock Elemarental burst with a 10M radius, deals double damage to XL or larger enemies.
  442. -Offensive Enchantmarent #2: grants a [1d6+20] <Wildfire Elemarental burst with a 10M radius, deals double damage to XL or larger enemies.
  443. -Offensive Enchantmarent #3: grants a [1d6+20] <Voidcall Elemarental burst with a 10M radius, deals double damage to XL or larger enemies.
  444. -Inherent Ability: Deathbane, grants a [1d6+4] <Shatter non-Elemarental attack, effective only against Undead.
  446. >Permafrost Hookblade (Artifact, Rune-Forged, Unique): a 30" long bluesteel billhook, a type of sword with an upswept curved tip leading to a long armor piercing spike, with a 9" ironwood hilt wrapped with frost drake hide, and two short runic steel guards. One of two formerly owned by Lord Sevrit of Anfang before his timely execution, it is unknown as to which gryphon smith created these several centuries ago, but it's fairly likely that their descendant really doesn't want to admit as much.
  447. -Melee Weapon Class: One-Handed.
  448. -Enchantmarent Slots: 2/3 remaining.
  449. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  450. -Offensive Enchantmarent #2: grants a [1d6+1] <Permafrost Elemarental attack.
  452. >Prestaniszcio (Archaic Legendary Prenchian Artifact): an extraordinarily finely wrought, smoothly twisted and circular hafted black iron and greensteel stave 4' in length, with one end housing a triangular ruby gem and the other a sapphire sphere, both held in place by a round silver basket and supported by numerous clear diamond studs. Unique among ancient Prenchian artifacts, Prestaniszcio, often called 'Prestige' or 'Prancestigio' in historical documarents, was shaped by an unknown master forger some time between the Early and Middle Dynasty eras. Sent to Razorback directly from Farrierse, the capital of Prance, 'Prestige' is more a staff of office than a weapon. Only given to high ranking unicorn sorcerors or sorceresses that displayed exceptional loyalty to the head of the Chemontaris noble family, one of nine ruling factions during Prance's medieval era.. one lineage that failed to continue to this day and age. While considered inane in the hooves (or mouths) of those that are neither unicorns nor nobility, Prestige has the interesting capacity to grant access to two early bound arcane spells to those of non-unicorn lineages, IF they can meet it's demarending requiremarent of succeeding a 10 or higher on an Iron Will/Fearless roll for each attempt, and being a member of a primarily esoteric faction.
  453. -Melee Weapon Class: One-Hooved.
  454. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  455. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  456. -Unicorn Adapted: adds +2 to all Casting rolls.
  457. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: once per Operation grants a [1d6+18] <Prestigious Frost Nova Mystic arcane spell with a 10M radius.
  458. -Defensive Enchantmarent #2: once per Operation grants a [1d6+18] <Prestigious Flame Ring Mystic Elemarental, a literal 'ring of fire', which harms enemies that dare to enter.
  460. >Scourging Blade, The (Living Construct, Unique Ancient Planar Artifact): a 3' long artifact appearing to be a number of thin, sharp gears melded in perfect alignmarent, the non-guarded blade itself held together by unknown forces. While in all appearances a traditional longsword used by earth ponies, the Scourging Blade is in reality a sentient Construct from the Mechano-Plane. Though it's origins can only be guessed at, as the Construct itself either cannot, or will not, answer, it has been sighted across Tallus thousands of times, arriving to aid living beings shortly before their untimely demise, then disappearing some time afterwards once the being in question is safe. It's said that the Scourging Blade chooses where it goes and how, and can never be found in the same hooves that it once defended. What's most confusing to historians is how and why this Construct is capable of delivering an Ethereal strike, as the Ethereals are inherently hostile to the Rift. MISSING: has disappeared to unknown hooves after Caliya returned it to the Enclave.
  461. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Hooved.
  462. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/4 remaining.
  463. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  464. -Armor Pierce: 2 (negates 2DR)
  465. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a [1d6+4] <Ethereal Shock non-Elemarental attack that bypasses DR.
  466. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a <Rift Pulse ability that counts as an additional Block roll.
  468. >Slumbering Wrath (Unknown Legendary Otherworldly Artifact): a 2" in diameter, 3' long shaft of an unknown dim blue wood species, connected to a 6" in diameter spherical mass of shifting bright blue Otherworldly energies. Before the Dynasty was even a thought, Slumbering Wrath was originally discovered by an expeditionary team of Dusk Striders carving a path through the Underdark between the Moors and Manehattan. This 'weapon', if it can truly be called that, was picked up and brought into the physical realm to be studied in the hopes of understanding, and possibly reproducing, the marely Otherworldly materials present in spectrums linked to Tallus, but despite marely years of research and experimarentation to determine it's composition it was later considered an interesting but otherwise useless animate curio. Carried by Dusk Striders, passed from hoof to hoof and family to family, Slumbering Wrath was eventually given it's name for the strange, dissonant, and violent expulsions of nullifying flux energies it would produce when used to harm Planar beings. Although the Dusk Striders are long gone, most of their wisdom has been passed down through the Lunar and non-allied city factions, and along with their journals and tomes, the knowledge to summon a wrathful wisp from the 'head' of this weapon has been carried throughout history along with it's own existence. Regardless of their concerns as to how it appeared in the Enclave, both Amerose and Naliyna are positive that Slumbering Wrath was not recovered from the Solar Amory, while testing on Tallus natives (and 'maybe... possibly... well, it's kinda likely but I'm not going to tell you why there were several unwilling humans help us figure this thing out') has proven that it cannot harm anything but Planar beings.
  469. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Handed.
  470. -Enchantmarent Slots: unknown.
  471. -Base Modifier: adds +6 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, though ONLY against Planar beings.
  472. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: twice per Operation, the bearer may utilize a [1d6+10] <Summon Wrathful Wisp ability that brings forth a golfball sized, glowing blue and utterly hostile sphere which tracks down Planar targets with an inherent speed of 12, bypassing DR entirely; only one Wisp may be summoned at a time.
  474. >Southern Blades of the Moors (Legendary Permarenent Lunar Faction Set): a unique set of 100 shiny, luminescent wingblades, ranging from 16-28" in length. Ingeniously devised by the Sea's Bounty clan, a small offshoot from the main Ferron clan of pegasi, these Southern Blades are composed of an ersatz material created by grinding down the various sea shells, husks, claws, teeth, carapaces, bones, pearls, and other hard organic debris found along the Equestrian coastlines, which are then mixed with a number of adhesive compounds and substances, molded into into long blocky shapes, allowed to dry in the coastal sun for several months, and finally ground on the edges of sharp rocks, one by one, to custom fit each pegasus worthy of such a time consuming, and beautiful, set of wingblades. This particular set, brand new as far as Amerose can tell, was sent by Matron Ragged Ear herself to Razorback some time after the (mostly) successful defense of Las Pegasus during it's second short lived conflict with Stalliongrad, although Twisted Wing and Hodch actively avoid marentioning, touching, or even noticing them. May only be used by a member of the Sea's Bounty clan, the Lunar faction, or the Moors faction.
  475. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  476. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/1 remaining.
  477. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  478. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a <Sea's Fury roll that functions as either an additional Flurry or Block roll.
  479. -Mechanical Enhancemarent: adds +3 to all Block rolls.
  481. >Tomb Bringer (Graven-Carved, Unique Legendary Permarenent Artifact): an extremely heavy 3' tall solid steel handle, originally attached to Marrowgrin's impressively large, and powerful, sphere-headed mace. While it's sentience was mostly destroyed by Roust, it still retains the enchantmarents it bore, though now much weaker considering she was more determined to eat the remains than to preserve it. Despite Roust's inclinations, Lorekeeper Amerose (barely) convinced her to ignore it's previous owner in the name of historical preservation, although not without a great deal of grumbling from the Changeling Vanguard.
  482. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Handed.
  483. -Enchantmarent Slots: 1/3 remaining.
  484. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  485. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1:[1d6+2] <Agony Strike non-Elemarental attack that bypasses DR
  486. -Offensive Enchantmarent #2: twice per Operation grants a [1d6+10] <Ruiner's First Earth Elemarental attack that bypasses DR.
  487. -Heavy Weight Penalty: suffers a -2 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  489. >Tyrant Slayer, The (Crystal-Forged, Graven-Carved, Psion-Forged, Rune-Forged, Unique Ancient Legendary Cursed Eldritch Artifact): an 11' long, beautifully washed lance designed from hollow forged mythril by one of the Master Generals of Stalliongrad, the haft wrapped in woven diamond skirting by a Grandmaster Rune Forger of the Empire, the 2' long piercing spike carved from a single brick of kanpri in Gozka by a Grandmaster Stone-Carver, and inscribed with vile runes of hatred, piercing, and slaughter, by a dying Grandmaster Rune Smith gryphon. Created sometime during the Lunar-Solar War by five unknown Grandmaster smiths of Tallus, this blade was meant to be given to Empress Silver, still in exile, for the purpose of slaying the Solar Tyrant, then separate from Princess Celestia, though it somehow came into the hooves of an Imperial Warden on the southernmost outskirts of the Empire's territories. Myth has it that upon attempting to wield the lance, the Rune Knight was struck by unfathomable hatred, leaving his unit and running southwards, slaying all faction members in his path. Upon reaching a battlefield where the Nightmare and the Solar Tyrant were, once more, facing each other down, the Rune Knight charged them both, scoring tens of wounding hits before Luna's Flame Naghtmare guardians incinerated him, leaving only the lance. Unwilling to concede defeat in death, the Rune Knight cursed this weapon to be capable of being wielded ONLY by those without an ideology or faction loyalty. After the Lunar-Solar War ended, the Wardens decided to acquire this weapon from the Lunar Guardians since they saw it's existence as morbid, sad, and cruel, placing it in the Imperial Armory for safekeeping, though it disappeared a number of years ago. Much like Hatred, the Tyrant Slayer's protective diamond casing is outfitted with several Naghtmare Cores, and likely other monstrous allied beings, to prevent any from attempting to bear it due to the dangers involved.
  490. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Hooved.
  491. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/4 remaining.
  492. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  493. -Armor Pierce: 3 (negates 3DR)
  494. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: adds +2 to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  495. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: [1d6+4] <Arcane Poison Myster Elemarental attack.
  496. -Offensive Enchantmarent #2: [1d6+10] <Piercing Strike anti-Elemarental ability that ignores DR.
  497. -CURSED!: once carried, the bearer is incapable of removing the Tyrant Slayer until their death, forcing them to automatically seek out faction leaders and kill them.
  499. >Volkanist Lojier, The (Bound Primus Elemarental, Living Sciven, Unique Ancient Artifact): a unique artifact dating back before the Early Dynasty era, the Volkanist Lojier is a 6" wide, 10" tall, and 2" thick tome. The cover is composed of bound and controlled flame essence, while the pages seem to be sheets of volcanic 'flesh' which are warm to the touch. In reality, the Volcanist Lojier is a bound Sciven, one of the marely thousands of species inhabiting the Elemarental Plane of Fire, one that utterly loathes (most) Otherworldly and all Undead beings, along with some of the more hostile Planar inhabitants. While the Sciven itself rarely talks, it's few goals on Tallus are to: burn, immolate, destroy, and scorch, any new hostile species it has not yet encountered, while also trying to regain enough honor in order to return to it's home plane. When carried by a Tallus native, the Volkanist Lojier is capable of deploying Eternal Flame spells, much greater in power, range, and lethality than those able to be cast by unicorns. Non-Tallus beings are capable of carrying the Volkanist Lojier, though it will simply refuse to to perform one of it's spells if commarended or ordered to do so as Sciven are free spirits, honor bound to nopony and no one. When Lorekeeper Amerose asked what the Sciven thought of humans, it merely chortled and refused to answer. Must be read in order to active and categorize the spells contained within for an individual's use.
  502. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  503.                                                 UNIQUE ARMOR:
  505. -Ancient Waning Moon (Heavy, Lunar-Forged): a venerable relic of the Dusk Striders from the time before Luna, oftentimes known as the Nightmare, was crowned as Princess. In appearance, the Waning Moon armor is composed of thin purple, black, and deep blue kanpri plates of approximately 80% purity with the remainder being steel alloys, held together by woven strands of locks shorn from Luna's mane and tail. Thick pads of a firm, difficult to remove amber-like substance provide much needed cushioning, while the joints are covered by numerous pieces of interwoven rings and triangular scalemail pieces. While this particular set didn't come with it's original helmet, there are several surviving examples in the Citadel that Amerose is seeking to acquire.
  506. -Armor Value: 4DR.
  507. -Armor Class: Heavy.
  508. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  509. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  510. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: adds +1 to all Fearless/Iron Will rolls.
  511. -Passive Enchantmarent #1: adds +1 to all Negotiation rolls.
  512. -Heavy Weight Class: suffers a -2 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  514. >Custom Bluesteel Bodysuit (Armor Traits: 2/2 Enchantmarent Slots left, Artifact, Custom-Fit, Bluesteel-Forged, Magitek-Forged, Unique): provides 3DR and reduces all Ice Elemarental damage by 1/2. Created from a damaged, but complete, set of pegasi bluesteel armor taken from Skykeep by Natalia, now retired, and was acquired by Eric over a year later. Choosing to create woven strands of semi-fluidic bluesteel in two layers, Spiral further reinforced the exterior with the addition of smaller, overlapping flexible plates. The inner layer is provided a measure of shock absorbance via cured and tanned basilisk hide padding melded to the fluidic wire stranded frame, now entirely refit to Eric by Krinza, allowing full freedom of movemarent without sacrificing much needed protection.
  515. -Armor Value: provides 3DR, full body.
  516. -Armor Class: Light.
  517. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: reduces all Ice damage caused, whether physical, Elemarental, or Mystical, by 1/2.
  519. -Hegemony Adherent's Mail (Graven-Carved, Permarenent Artifact): an unadorned set of minotaur youth's armor, roughly the same size as the an adult human male, composed of various rounded triangular scales, ranging from whitesteel, to white colored steel alloys, to white drake scales, with small holes drilled through the edges of each scale, woven together by an alchemically infused and metallurgically enhanced spider silk threading. This standard armor is given to young minotaurs of the Hegemony that have passed their Initiate courses in mysticism and graduated to the rank of Adherent, and while the scalemail suit itself is imbued with several defensive and utilitarian graven enchantmarents, it bafflingly remains easily modifiable, unlike the majority of faction based armors. Sent directly to Razorback from Gozka.
  520. -Armor Value: 3DR.
  521. -Armor Class: Full Body, Medium.
  522. -Enchantmarent Slots: 1/3 remaining.
  523. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: adds +1 to all Block/Evasion rolls.
  524. -Passive Enchantmarent #1: adds +1 to all Meditation & Mysticism rolls.
  526. -Lightweight Hardened Bodysuit (Mass Produced): a standard production armor created by Spiral, devised by melding together multiple sets of kevlar armor into a single bodysuit. While it offers considerably more protection than most human armors due to the additional layers of kevlar, it's weight and consequently heat buildup suffer a bit as a result. 2 sets remaining.
  527. -Armor Value: 3DR.
  528. -Armor Class: Full Body, Light.
  529. -Enchantmarent Slots: 2/2 remaining.
  531. -Rage (Unique Ancient Legendary Cursed Artifact): in the precise shape of a tight fitting bodysuit that only earth ponies are able to wear, Rage is a flexible, voluminous, stretchy armor, created from what looks like bright white flawless skin, or perhaps leather, bearing startling similarities to the material joining the pegasi wingblades called 'Hatred'. Remaining unmarred and presumably unpenetrated throughout it's existence on Tallus, Rage has been worn hundreds of times in recorded history, giving it a reputation amongst earth ponies for reverent dependability, often disappearing and reappearing to where it's needed most. While the relatively minor side-effects are, to most, quite acceptable, the armor often prefers to remain with it's current wearer for longer than necessary, spending an additional [1d6] days after an attempt is made to remove it, giving earth ponies the impression that the consciousness residing within is both friendly and lonely, but also intensely shy.
  532. -Armor Value: 4DR.
  533. -Armor Class: Full Body, Unique Light.
  534. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/4 remaining.
  535. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  536. -Passive Enchantmarent #1: grants the BOSS-Class Fearless ability, rendering the wearer immune to most all forms of Demoralize and Intimidation.
  537. -Utility Enchantmarent #1: adds +2 to all Leadership rolls.
  538. -Drain Enchantmarent: wearer suffers a -4 penalty to all other rolls, cannot utilize Bartering, Charm, or Negotiation.
  539. -Additional Notes: may only be worn by earth ponies.
  541. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  542.                             UNIQUE SETS:
  544. -Converted Lunar Guardian Duelist's Armor (Crystal-Forged, Graven-Carved, Lunar-Forged, Unique Ancient Legendary Artifact): provides 3DR, reduces all Casting and Elemarental harm by 1/4. A unicorn only, full body platemail armor composed of a thin but flexible overlapping series of sapphirine-mythril plates, with the interior being thickly layered and bonded silks to reduce ha7rm from severe impacts. Originally created for the sole intent of providing master unicorns enough defense to safely duel each other during their trials of mastery testing, this armor, of which seems to be the only set fully intact, was hastily modified at the beginning of the Lunar-Solar War, and pressed into service along with a number of Grandmaster unicorns. Was recovered along with the horn ring and Spikeblade, from a Lunar Guardian barracks in the southern Saddle Arabian jungles, home to the Arcane Atelier, where it remained until being found by a search party from Razorback.
  545. -Armor Value: 3DR.
  546. -Armor Class: Full Body, Unique Light.
  547. -Enchantmarent Slots: 2/3 remaining.
  548. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: reduces all Casting & Elemarental harm by 1/4.
  550. -Converted Lunar Guardian Duelist's Horn Ring (Lunar-Forged): an oversized kanpri horn ring, the base much thicker than any previously seen, covered in archaic unicorn runes of dispersion. Allows a unicorn to utilize Casting up to 10 times consecutively without any negative effects, and can be improved to provide resistance against marental influences.
  552. -Converted Lunar Guardian Duelist's Spikeblade (Crystal-Forged, Graven-carved, Lunar-Forged, Unique Ancient Legendary Artifact): a slim, 8" long triangular blackened kanpri blade attached to a mouthguard, created for use as a unicorn's primary weapon. Originally meant for the purpose of dueling, these weapons, of which this seems to be the only one intact, was hastily modified at the beginning of the Lunar-Solar War, and pressed into service along with a number of Grandmaster unicorns. While it found little success in open combat, unicorns, and some pegasi, eventually began using the Duelist's Spikeblades as assassination weapons, greatly adding to the formidable capabilities of the few Lunar Guardian elite.
  553. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  554. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  555. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  556. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: once per Operation grants a [1d6+3] <Armor Crack ability which negates the result's amount of DR to the target on the following turn.
  558. >DUELIST'S SET BONUS: adds +1 to all Casting and Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls.
  561. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  562.                             ITEMS STORED IN THE ENCLAVE:
  564. -ADVANCED Tool Box: grants an extra roll to and adds +3 to all Engineering rolls at Untrained, +5 at Basic, +8 at Expert, and +10 at Master, but cannot be used for Blacksmithing. The Advanced Tool Box can be used two turns in a row, but the Operator MUST skip their 3rd turn after use.
  566. -Alchemical Tablet, Basic (Sapphire): a blue tablet, both sides covered in Common Equestrian text, with a beginner's guide to basic alchemical process. Recently restored and returned to Razorback. Adds +1 to all Alchemy rolls and allows a [1d6+2] <Heal ability to self or others, ONCE per Operation.
  568. -Altinier Core: a pulsing, bright pink crystalline sphere approximately 3" in diameter, the core remnant of an Ethereal being. Altiniers are humanoids with two triple-jointed arms allowing approximately 250 degrees of movemarent, two thin digitigrade legs with eight joints, and a perfectly round, cantaloupe sized head, with the rest of their bodies are a smooth, seamless, and jointless thin cylinder. While they are unusually fragile and non-combative for an Ethereal species, they're typically employed in diplomatic or other functional capacities. Altiniers are also semi-shapeshifters with the ability to mimic the physical bodies and voices of most living beings, giving marely the impression of them being the Ethereal Plane's (rarely if ever used) spies and agents. When used to reforge crystalline armor, grants a [1d6+4] <Altinier Valon ability, useable once per Operation, that allows the user to appear and sound as if they were a different being, one that they seen and heard at least twice; roll result*10 indicates the percentage of how effective the copy effect is.
  570. -Archaic Hegemony Battle-Vow: a pair of ancient minotaur battle-vow bracelets made from hard cast bronze and inlaid with six thick, curved strips of obsidian from the Eastern Hegemony Mountains. Traditionally, these bracelets are forged at the same time by two different smiths, the obsidian strips inset by two different jewelers, and finally a pair of minotaur mystics enact rites of bonding in runes of the archaic minotaur language. When read from left to right, or right to left, each extolls the virtues of "Strength from Within, Power from Without" and "Life from Self, Wisdom from Life". If a living being wishes to wear them, they must repeat each phrase twice, once while facing north, once while facing south; once this process is complete, the owner must then place them upon their wrists or chosen legs, where the loops will resize and become permarenent, only capable of being removed by either the bearer or the bearer's direct superiors if the bearer is asleep, rendered unconscious, or deceased, but must be returned if possible. Amerose has stated enchantmarents from the era these bracelets were made, a time known as the 'Endless March of Stone' when a force of Otherworldly Golems nearly conquered Tallus, had such limitations created to allow others to share what would otherwise be a token permarenently granted to one being, then shared with their family and eventually lineage. Must be bonded to a living being before use. Adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, but when attacking Golems instead adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, regardless of their origin; furthermore, the owner is able to harm Golems even when unarmed without causing harm to themselves.
  572. -Bitterwing Claw: a putrescent, bright green 4" long quarter-moon curved claw with a number of tiny, sharp, hollow spines angled towards the tip, harvested from an insect native to the Moors. A delicacy of insect-eating batponies, the Bitterwing is a squat, flat, six-legged predatorial water beetle that subsists on small fish and crustaceans. Though flightless, the Bitterwing uses it's pair of wide, sharply recurved wings to propel itself in water when ambushing prey. Bitterwings will poison particularly feisty prey, and any creature attacking them, by injecting an unstable, fast spreading and acting neurotoxin through the spines in their primary claws which causes no causing significant damage to the target's neural system, instead reducing their physical capabilities enough grant additional time to either deal a killing blow or escape from harm. When imbued to a weapon, grants a [1d3] <Bitter Poison effect where a result of 1 causes no effect, a result of 2 causes the target to suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls for 1 turn, and a result of 3 causes a -4 penalty to all rolls for 2 turns, but may be used TWICE per Operation against living beings only. In addition, if a target suffers three critical Bitter Poison affects during an Operation, their body will shut down for 10 turns or 10 minutes, whichever is applicable.
  574. -Blood Corrupted Water Elemental Shards: smooth granite shards inscribed with undecipherable text, fragmarents of the Water Elemental's skeletal structure. Causes additional harm against Cursed, Elemarental, Undead, and those capable of draining the life of others, Spectrals in particular. When infused to a weapon, adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, or provides +2DR if infused to armor against Cursed, Elemarental, Undead, or life draining beings; also grants a [1d6+1] <Repel effect to armor and weaponry, the greater the result the more effective the repel, such as forcing the target back on a result of 2, and paralyzing the target on a 7. Somewhat reduces the detrimarental effects of those afflicted with a curse. 1 owned by Ghost, 2 remaining in Enclave.
  576. -Burst Pendant: allows a [1d6+20] <Vile Poison Area of Effect (AoE) ranged magic attack, ONCE per Operation, that deals double damage to large enemies.
  578. -Crescent Sigil of Honor: an 8" long crescent blade shaped piece of steel, carved in Gozka and engraved with the minotaur phrase of: 'Conflict allows no prisoners' on the face side, and 'War breeds many' on the reverse. Long considered to be the symbol of the Minotaur Hegemony, these Sigils, meant to be an extension of one's honor and purpose outside the military, were given to warriors after their required contract of service ended, under the divinations of a shaman that the warrior in question had never slain a defenseless or innocent opponent. When enchanted to a living being or a shield as a final addition, the Sigil adds +X to all Block rolls, where +X is equal to the number of opponents in combat, capping at a maximum of +4.
  580. -Crown of the Ark Viper: an ancient bronze circlet composed of five snakes, the near-mythical Ark Viper of Saddle Arabia, weaving around each other, complete with their double-stranded tails 'holding' the frame together. When worn, two of the triangular heads faces downwards, two forwards, and one upwards, as if surveying the territory before them. The eyes themselves are composed of Howling Dunes crystals, quartz pieces that have survived the endless shifting sands and have rounded in their long years of constant movemarent. A relic of Buzzard's Rest, one of the largest and still most advanced Saddle Arabian cities, this crown, one of the three allowed to be worn by Desert Princes, essentially the Captains of the Desert Guards, was created sometime during the Middle Dynasty era, and remained in circulation for marely years afterwards. During the short, but violent, Stalliongrad-Saddle Arabia War roughly 250 years ago, marely artifacts and relics on both sides transferred hooves, leading historians to believe that numerous relics of the Desert Guardians were likely passed into private ownership across Tallus as a whole. When worn by a Saddle Arabian or a faction member of Saddle Arabia, this Crown adds +1 to all Mysticism, Negotiation, and Perception rolls.
  582. -Cursed Neckpiece: the bearer of this faded and slightly damaged bronze neck guard must ALWAYS add +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls when attacking living beings, but suffers a -1 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls. The bonus and penalty are in effect at all times when worn by livingbeings , though for obvious reasons it doesn't effect Undead beings. Sometimes, it decides it doesn't want to be removed, especially if it's wearer is quite interesting. Only sometimes, though.
  584. -Dance of Earthen Joy: an ancient, small, brightly washed sandstone shield, the symbol of Imeron engraved in copper: a single black monolith rising from a windswept sand dune, with several circles of archaic Saddle Arabian runes detailing a particular method of movemarent for ceremonial dances. These shields, often used by entertainers, are considered extremely rare in Saddle Arabia and are utterly unknown to the rest of Tallus, with most created sometime during during the Late Dynasty Era in numerous City-States. Later copies are either iron or steel with copper inlays, and are almost always forgeries with no special qualities. Awarded by Countess Folunasi. When infused to armor, the wearer is granted a [1d6+4] <Dance of Earthen Joy ability that functions as an additional Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint roll, but cannot be effected by other modifiers, nor can this effect be prevented from being used.
  586. -Drusk Refraction Plate: a crude, jagged edged plate, approximately 1'x1', of fossilized shell from the head of a Giant Drusk, a long extinct crab-like creature from the deep oceans. When used to reforge armor with, a portion of the Drusk's ability to refract limited tangible light is transferred to the armor, providing the owner a boost to their ability to merge with ambient shadows. Adds +1 to all in-combat and non-combat Stealth rolls, but does not function near or in bright sources of light.
  588. -Enchantmarent Nullifiers: a wooden box with a hinged lid containing a set of 10 heavy, brightly glowing green bricks, 1/2" thick, 2" wide, and 8" long, awarded by Shanis after Marrowgrin's death. The strange material used to create these powerful items is a closely guarded secret passed down from Tower Guard Master-Generals to their replacemarents, and as such cannot be replicated. Whatever they may be, their purpose is clear: to nullify all enchantmarents and render artifacts & relics completely useless within a 50M radius. Psions, those with special capabilities, and Planar/Spectral beings are unaffected. However, Otherworldly and Undead creatures suffer far greater harm from the distortion energies radiating from these bricks, forcing them to take double damage from all attacks, often bypassing DR entirely. Once crafted into a usable weapon, the effects must be marentally controlled and maintained throughout an Operation, as the owner needs exceptional willpower in order to prevent his own equipmarent, or that of his allies, from becoming useless. After the Operation is over, the weapon will disperse from reality.
  590. -Frost Dragon King Gelvran's Scales: three 9' tall & 6' in width, bright white triangular scales with icy blue edges that emit a cool temperature at all times. One of the most well-known and celebrated Dragons on Tallus and several other worlds, Gelvran was a kind but firm ruler, one of ten Dragon Kings among the Elder Council, himself one of the Blizzard Dragon species. Throughout history Gelvran appeared to lost travelers countless times, offering one of his wings as shelter during the harshest of storms, and if the traveler was polite enough Gelvran often taught those capable of casting or mysticism one of the marely spells at his disposal, particularly ice based. It is also rumored that a unicorn knows one of his more potent abilities. Only capable of being forged by a true Grandmaster, these scales will confer the full benefits of a frost dragon's resistances, but cannot be added to existing armor or weapons. Delivered by Dragon-Emperor Velkruz on Razorback's second Hearth's Warming Day. When forged into a weapon, Gelvran's essence automatically adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, gains Armor Pierce 3 (negates 3DR) if used as a piercing weapon, and grants a powerful [1d6+4] <Icestorm Elemarental attack. When forged into armor, automatically becomes a Heavy 5DR armor, reduces all Ice & Water Elemarental damage by 3/4, and reduces all Fire damage by 1/2, whether physical or Mystical.
  592. -Ghost-Speak Ring: a dented steel ring inscribed with necromaretic sigils and runes on a rusted iron chain. Allows the wearer to speak to, and understand, Spectral or otherwise dead beings, regardless of species or language. Does nothing to prevent Spectral beings from becoming hostile, however.
  594. -Greater Silk-Fang Heart: in it's natural state, this is a dinner plate sized, half-oval, half-triangular heart taken from a Silk-Fang, a highly prized and confusingly docile Eldritch serpent. Amerose has shared that some Silk-Fangs have been reported to be over 150M long, although why they're able to survive the Howling Dunes region of Saddle Arabia is fairly apparent: after the entire heart is consumed by a living being, their skin becomes noticeably softer, imitating finely melded silk. When struck, the infused's body reacts with enhanced shock, pressure, and heat absorbing qualities, yet the infused suffers from the same weaknesses of the Silk-Fang. Reduces damage from Air and Fire Elemarents by 1/4, and reduces harm physical from physical attacks by 1/2; however, in return the consumer suffers an additional 1/4 harm from Ice and Water Elemarents, and sustains 1/2 more damage from physical Ranged attacks.
  596. -Grifter Claw: a 10" long, curved green and black claw, oddly not very sharp, taken from a native feline predator of the Moors. A very common item, when reduced to it's immaterial state, the Grifter's essence creates a powerful, full body Sticky enchantmarent, allowing the owner to cling to nearly any surface, even cloud material, without fear of being removed. Allows a [1d6+X] <Perfect Grip roll, where X is the highest Assault modifier the user has available.
  598. -Imeron Iolith: a 5" long, 3" wide, and 1/4" thick black marble tablet, the surface engraved in numerous archaic Saddle Arabian symbols, and looking much like the protective Monoliths surrounding Imeron. These tablets are awarded to those that have persevered through a Monolith Seer's divination of contested fate, and while unusual to find outside of Saddle Arabia, they have become a bit more common over the past several years. Awarded by Countess Folunasi. When infused to armor as a final addition, up to three times per Operation, a [1d6+2] <Iolith Field ability may be used, the result reducing the amount of Elemarental or Mystic harm dealt to the user, whether due to Casting, offensive enchantmarents, or by other means.
  600. -Kingstalker's Lamarent, The: an ancient bronze circlet with a ring of thin, small kanpri rectangles around the exterior, inscribed with the same text as the Ioliths of Imeron, recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot. While whatever had been used for padding is long gone, it is larger than most earth ponies would consider comfortable to wear. A relic of Buzzard's Rest, one of the largest and still most advanced Saddle Arabian cities, this particular circlet was worn by an unnamed Desert Guardian during the Late Dynasty era, and was likely stolen after Empress Silver's disappearance. When worn by a Saddle Arabian faction member, adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte, Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint, and Mysticism rolls.
  602. -Mother Pearl: a 1" in diameter, extremely rare pearl with a shiny white exterior, harvested from a Seamother clam. These strange clams rarely, if ever, reach the ocean surface to eject their pearl in preparation for creating a new one. Unsurprisingly, most creatures will do just about anything to eat one in order to use their relative calming effects against other beings. Hold the pearl in line of sight of a living creature and roll [1d6], a result of 1: no change; 2: slightly calms; 3: moderately calms; 4: calms down and will not attack unless provoked; 5: remains neutral unless attacked or threatened; 6: will follow the user around for 2 turns, but will leave immediately afterwards. This effect may not work on Eldritch or Otherworldly creatures, and does not function against Spectrals or Undead.
  604. -Moon Shard: an extremely rare fragmaret of the Moon, taken by Luna before creating the Citadel, considered to be an artifact proving her ownership. Grants a [1d6+2] <Lunar Shock non-Elemarental roll that causes Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead beings to suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls, and Stuns for 1 turn on a max critical.
  606. -Nautilus Pearl: while not round, at all, this squiggly rainbow colored 'leaf' is actually the pearl formed from a Nautilus, and when infused to armor grants some of it's previous owner's protective qualities. When imbued to armor adds +1DR and reduces all Elemarental damage by 1/4.
  608. -Negation Amulet: adds +1 to all Fearless/Iron Will rolls.
  610. -Night's Breeze, The: a common looking, 4" long, 4" wide, 1/2" thick, flattened carved coconut wood circle displaying a serene tropical beach on one side, the other side featuring a campfire inside a traditional pegasi leanto, recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot. When placed on armor as a final addition, this relic of the Sea's Bounty Ferron clan allows the owner to regenerate, gaining +1HP/turn out of combat and losing 1 Fatigue level every third turn, but reduces all of the bearer's offensive rolls by -1, excluding Elemarental attacks, for 2 turns upon entering combat due to it's calming, placid nature, though a Fearless/Iron Will roll of 8 or greater will negate this penalty.
  612. -Peace-Breaker: an ancient, 5" tall, 5" wide, 1/2" thick precisely carved blood red plate, coated by an early form of natural shellac, with a series of triangular etchings in white silver rendered across the face, each triangle containing tiny scrawls of historical Old Canterlot events, while the back displays an archaic gold etching of a comfortable looking den with caricatures of seven figures: an earth pony, a unicorn, a pegasi, a Saddle Arabian, a batpony, a Crystal pony, and an alicorn, seated together around a square table with two to each side, though the eighth cushion is left unfilled. Along the exterior is a series of indecipherable scrawls reminiscent of archaic pony languages, excepting the side with the alicorn and empty seat. The table itself is covered in bizarre weaponry of styles and shapes that are either extremely rare by historical standards, ceremonial in nature, or unknown. A relic of the Solar Guard, Princess Celestia's first protectors, it was recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot, found inside a sealed wooden box with an authentic Solar faction diplomatic vellum paper atop it, requesting to 'use this to have the humans go missing.. like those creatures that once disappeared, too'. Interestingly to note, the writing is from an as of yet unencountered hoofwork style. Despite urging from other Starborn and the Lorekeepers themselves to destroy it, Amerose has stated it is ("relatively") safe to use, instead choosing to seek further counsel on what should be done with such an artifact. When infused to armor, the bearer becomes a Mortal Challenger, adding +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte, Demoralize, Intimidation, and Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Seed/Sprint rolls against mortal beings, but suffers a +3 Threat level penalty to ALL mortal beings, is always considered at Neutral Reputation UNLESS ranked infamously, and furthermore suffers a -2 penalty to all Medical and Bartering/Negotiation rolls. 3-slot enchantmarent.
  614. -Psychokinesis Pendant: a blank brass pendant designed before the Lunar-Solar War, allowing non-psions the ability to use a stable form of psychokinesis with several limitations. Grants a [1d6+6] <Psychokinesis ability, allowing the user strike an opponent with sheer kinetic force, shove a target off balance, hurl a small weapon, or perform other simple tasks, twice per Operation. This cannot be used to heal, form acidic bolts like Changeling psychokinesis, nor does it allow any marental effects.
  616. -Riftdrowner: two 8' long coiled balls of 3 intertwined razor and spike-covered vines taken from a plant-like Eldritch being only found inhabiting the Mechano-Planar Rift. When physically fused to the body of a living being, typically to the shoulders, Riftdrowner fragmarents become an extension of the owner's mind, using a [1d6+2] <Razorvine ability that functions as an additional Assault/Parry/Riposte OR Block roll, and inflicts Bleeding on a max critical against living beings.
  618. -Rogue Elite Cloud-Cloak: an incorporeal, and thus invulnerable, wide-brimmed cloud-blue & white cloak with a powerful slowfall-float enchantmarent that negates fall damage via an impact-dispersing cushion of air, automatically occurring within 10M of ground under damaging velocity, and allows the owner to float, walk, run up to 10M above any surface and even grants a limited form of flight in three dimarensions without the normal effects of gravity, able to reach a maximum altitude of 4 miles. An extraordinarily costly item, Cloud-Cloaks are solely given to those few Rogue Elites whom have earned the second highest rank, besides Matron of course. Due to the secretive nature of where Cloud-Cloaks come from, owning one without being a current or former Rogue Elite member, or having the favor of Las Pegasus's Matron, will likely lead to serious conflict. May only be worn by a Rogue Elite faction member. Adds +1 to all non-combat Stealth rolls in white or blue backgrounds, and adds +2 to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Spritn rolls.
  620. -Pure Void Drop: one of the two known material essences from the Scars of the Moors, this is a teardrop shaped, physical representation of the Void on Tallus, incapable of being subjected to touch for long, or it may disappear from reality. When consumed, a sliver of the Void's notorious 'quiet' influence is imparted, granting the consumer the ability to safely travel through the Underdark now and then, as if they were a being originating from there. Adds +1 to all in-combat or non-combat Stealth rolls, may safely travel through the Underdark once per Operation, with one more use at Master rank Stealth, and becomes considered an Ally to the Void; however, all Ranged capabilities are removed while under Stealth, and the consumer loses all DR for the turn after dropping Stealth as the transition from incorporeal to material spectrums is a jarring event. This effect becomes permarenent afterwards and retains it's negative qualities under use of Stealth, though is highly prized by batpony hunters nonetheless.
  622. -Rose, Warmth of Life, The: in appearance a bright red rose with smoothly curled petals, carved from a large flawless ruby, the stem delicately shaped from a long glittering emerald, this artifact was created during the Early Dynasty era, and was used to consecrate the long lost Temple of Sanctive Life upon it's completion. Recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot. Though whom or what created it is unfortunately lost to history, it was passed down through the hooves of marely healers across Tallus, given as a sign of truest mastery in the gentle arts of healing and negotiation. When carried, the Bearer of Life, as those whom bear it are known as, must add +4 to all Medical, Recovery, and Speech rolls, is incapable of acting dishonestly or dishonorably, cannot bear ranged weaponry, cannot enter combat unless to heal others, cannot use Stealth, and cannot be attacked by living, Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, and Undead beings. Against hostile Spectral beings, however, the owner's attentions are immediately focused upon them, becoming a Mortal Foe to Spectrals, must add +4 to ALL offensive rolls, and is granted a [1d6+4] <Auto-Regen ability.
  624. -Sea Breeze Pendant: a flat, 2" tall figure of a flying pegasi carved from a coconut hull, made by a unicorn ally of the Sea's Bounty clan. How old it is, how it was flattened out, and why it still smells of freshly shaved coconut, nopony knows.. or, as Amerose puts it: 'more likely than not, nopony really cares enough about simple trinkets like these to keep a record of their history. I cannot quite blame them, really'. When worn by or infused to a living being, adds +1 to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls, but the bearer suffers a -2 penalty to all other rolls.. except when Fishing.
  626. -Shattering Sphere: a 4" in diameter swirling green, silver, and blue sphere that pulses at regular intervals. An original sphere dating back to the days of the Early Dynasty Era, these were created by combined psion & unicorn efforts, predating Impact Seals by roughly 2,000 years. First devised for use by earth ponies in destroying cave ins and for mining dense minerals, it soon found use as an effective weapon for early lancers utilizing close-ranged suppression tactics. However, by the time Impact Seals found widespread use, they were quickly considered outdated, with nearly all Shattering Spheres replaced or repurposed once again for mining and rescue operations. When enchanted to a polearm or other large weaponry, grants a [1d6+10] <Impact Shatter non-Elemarental attack that deals double damage against heavily armored opponents, buildings, or fortifications.
  628. -Sigil of the Dusk Striders: a 1' tall, blackened copper kite shield embossed with an unrefined kanpri sigil of Luna's Mark. An archaic relic created by the Dusk Striders, the first Lunar faction militia known before Luna herself was crowned as Princess, this priceless Sigil is numbered amongst thousands of similarly priceless treasures and belongings lost before and during the Lunar-Solar War. Around the time the Dusk Striders formed, the Early Dynasty's city-states had expanded to create a thriving, if long distance, network of safe and well guarded, highly maintained roads roads. While Silver, not yet calling herself Empress then, was more than happy to allow all of her sister's factions free access, the Dusk Striders chose to make their own paths throughout Equestria, using the various stages of the Moon as travel guides and safety warnings. Eventually creating tunnels through the Overdark and Underdark for much faster travel routes, the Dusk Striders discovered marely of the Void's dual spectrum intelligent life forms, and quickly set about learning from the less hostile ones. As compensation for using their spectrums, some Void beings accepted offers from the Dusk Striders to learn of their world if they would teach or share knowledge from their own, including the ability to shape kanpri, one of the most difficult metals to extract from Tallus besides mythril. After marely years of trade back and forth, the Dusk Striders eventually presented this Sigil to Luna, whom gave her blessings to the militia as a whole, afterwards instructing them to award it to their most prized commarender each generation. May only be borne by a member of the Lunar faction.
  629. *When used as either a final addition to armor as a 3-slot enchantmarent, the Sigil of the Dusk Striders adds +1 to all Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint and Negotiation rolls, converts all Flight or Sprint rolls into Voidstep rolls allowing the bearer to travel near-instantly, and automatically becomes a Mortal Foe against Fire Elemarental and Undead beings.
  631. -Silverine Horn Ring: a shiny, bright, and completely unadorned silverine horn ring with a heavily rounded exterior, and while otherwise plain it seems to have suffered no damage throughout it's long existence. Amerose has identified this horn ring as being made in the Middle Dynasty era by the Empress, then gifted to one of marely unicorn escorts in the service of her city-states. Amerose has stated that virtually no silverine relics have been discovered during excavations, or passed down through families, leaving historians puzzled as to why. When worn by a unicorn, this ring adds +1 to all Casting and Grand Spell rolls, but due to silverine's lack of heat displacemarent qualities only allows a maximum of 5 attempting castings per Operation.
  633. -Smoke After Dusk, The: a bright, palm-sized, partially clear aquamarine carved in the shape of a nightshade petal adorned with several berries, a small onyx sphere embedded inside the center. Once the symbol of Princess Luna's earliest known militia, the Dusk Striders, this relic has been passed down to marely, particularly earth ponies, but has seen use by other pony species throughout it's existence. Often being used to normalize relations or declare conflicts between opposing herds and groups, the Smoke After Dusk represents a completely 'clean' table of negotiations, granting all parties an equal chance at having their voices heard. When presented during negotiations between two or more parties, a [1d6+4] roll is made for the number of turns that ALL modifiers that would affect Bartering or Negotiation rolls are removed, or equalize all modifiers to the lowest possible +X bonus, while also disabling Demoralize, Intimidation, and other negative vocal abilities.
  635. -Stricken Dreamcatcher: a dim white palm sized hoop, carved from what is likely the skull plate of a large reptilian species, with a single bright white thread woven about it roughly a hundred times to simulate a spider's web. Adorning the dreamcatcher is a series of tiny beads and tokens, ranging from miniature claws, teeth, perfectly round stones, and other odd paraphernalia. Sent to Razorback from an unknown location, but presumably from somewhere in the Zebra Lands. Despite Amerose's immarense patience and attention to detail, she has, bafflingly, claimed that she has no idea what the thread is, only that it resembles cotton with roughly the same density as steel, nor is there evidence of the thread being tied at any point, leading her to think it was created by the Neighle`Zi mystics. When infused to armor as a final addition, the Stricken Dreamcatcher draws hostile energies towards itself, absorbing 1/4 of all non-physical Casting, Eldritch, Otherworldly, Mystic, and Psionic harm from the bearer; however, Eldritch and Otherworldly beings see the bearer at a +2 Threat penalty, and finally the bearer suffers a -2 penalty to all Casting, Eldritch, Otherworldly, Mystic, or Psionic abilities of their own, including offensive Elemarental and non-Elemarental melee enchantmarents. 3-slot enchantmarent.
  637. -Sound Stone: a traditional piece of equipmarent for nearly all Saddle Arabian natives, these bright yellow oval pieces of glass are created by heating, compressing, and compacting a layer of Howling Dune region sand, then enacting several rituals of mystic perception. When carried against one's skin, sound stones enhance the bearer's sensitivity to vibration while also slightly increasing visual acuity, obviously emulating the ability to 'see' through sandstorms. Awarded by Countess Folunasi. Adds +1 to all Perception/Scouting rolls, but exceptionally loud noises will cause feedback.
  639. -Spectral Tool: a glowing, vaguely chisel-shaped tool of unknown mareufacture and age, but likely necromaretic in origin. Allows the bearer to fully harm Spectral beings as if they were living beings.
  641. -Vow of Steel: a short, cold hammered, shiny steel chain created in Gozka. While meant to be worn around a wrist or hoof as a battle-token, wise shaman have recently begun scribing these chains with glyphs of endurance, strength, and speed, granting slight improvemarent's to one's skills in open combat when enchanted to an honorable being. When worn or enchanted to a living being, adds +1 to all Assault & Block rolls the following turn after being attacked, but the owner loses the bonus if they are uncontested.
  643. -Whitesteel Shard: a small, unrefined, jagged, and heavy piece of whitesteel, an unnaturally hard and widely occurring material that appears in large quantities around the Dragonspine Mountains. Typically used as a replacemarent for mythril or kanpri, both of which are both extremely rare and exorbitantly expensive, whitesteel is suspected to be the oaths of long-deceased dragons, returning to protect the inhabitants of Tallus from the Planar realms. When infused to a weapon, adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, and when infused to armor provides +1DR, also greatly shortening the reforging process for either.
  647. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  648.                             UNIQUE SETS STORED IN THE CITADEL ARMORY: may be loaned out to Starborn members or affiliates for temporary use.
  650. >Legendary Ruiner's Armor (Crystal-Forged, Graven-Carved, Lunar-Forged, Rune-Forged, Ancient Legendary Artifact): an ancient, full body set of midnight purple armor with black trim, created for the Lunar Guardian's Heavy Lancer unit. A full face mask with a diamond composite is used for the eye slits, using segmarented kanpri plates for the neck and legs, completely protecting, and hindering, it's wearer. Forged by Luna with aid from her gryphon, minotaur, Eye, and batpony allies, this is the only surviving armor of it's kind, the scattered pieces of several others remaining in museums. After the culmination of the Lunar-Solar War, this one was hidden in the Ardent Crypt by Princess Luna, it's location entrusted to Generals Valden and Twisted Wing should the need for it's use arise. As all of it's past wearers have failed in some marenner of their duties, the Ruiner's set has come to be viewed with a great deal of distrust and suspicion, and some suspect that it may in fact be cursed.
  651. -Armor Value: 10DR.
  652. -Armor Class: Full Body, Extremely Heavy.
  653. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  654. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: three times per Operation grants a [1d6+X] <Lunar Pulse non-Elemaretal ability to an attacker from the previous turn, where X is 1/2 the total Casting or esoteric damage taken.
  655. -Heavy Weight Penalty: unless Charging, the wearer suffers a -12 penalty to all Block/Evasion/Sprint rolls, also rendering the wearer incapable of turning more than 90 degrees each turn.
  657. -Legendary Ruiner's Hoofblades (Crystal-Forged, Graven-Carved, Lunar-Forged, Rune-Forged, Ancient Legendary Artifact): a quartet of heavy, thick protective kanpri hoofboots with four 6" long blades attached to the front of each boot, meant for defeating heavy armor and performing defensive position entrenchmarent with ease.
  658. -Melee Weapon Class: One-Hooved.
  659. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/2 remaining.
  660. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  661. -Armor Pierce: 3 (negates 3DR).
  662. -Utility Enchantmarent #1: Superior Slowfall-Float enchantmarent.
  663. -Utility Enchantmarent #2: adds +2 to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint/Flight rolls.
  665. -Legendary Ruiner's Lance (Crystal-Forged, Graven-Carved, Lunar-Forged, Rune-Forged, Ancient Legendary Artifact): An extraordinarily heavy 8' long twin-beamed lance, forged from purified kanpri by Princess Luna, with aid from her gryphon, minotaur, Eye, and batpony allies before the start of the Lunar-Solar War, intended to be used by an earth pony capable of bearing the entire Ruiner's Armor. The lance can be held on either side of the Ruiner's Armor via a set of locking clamps, and while heavily warded to prevent it from being removed, it is possible to do so.
  666. -Melee Weapon Class: Two-Hooved.
  667. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  668. -Base Modifier: adds +4 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls when used.
  669. -Armor Pierce: 3 (negates 3DR).
  670. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: [1d6+4] <Lunar Chaos non-Elemarental attack
  671. OR
  672. -Offensive Enchantmarent #2: [1d6+50] <Ruiner's Blade physical strike, usable ONCE per Operation.
  674. >LEGENDARY RUINER'S SET: adds +1 to all Leadership rolls and grants an additional Assault/Parry/Riposte roll. Furthermore, the wearer gains these Traits: Honorable, Hyper-Efficient, and Natural Leader: Nocturnal.
  677. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  678.                                 UNIQUE SETS STORED IN THE CRYSTAL KINGDOM ARMORY: may be loaned out to Warden members or affiliates for temporary use.
  680. >Knight's Torrent Blades (Crystal-Forged, Unique Ancient Legendary Artifact): a set of 40 medium length bluesteel wingblades, Crystal-forged in the Empire 1,000 years ago for the only pegasus to reach the rank of Imperial Knight, a displaced former Solar Guardian from Old Canterlot. Engraved with his oath to the Empire, these wingblades are considered relics of the Wardens, though disappeared from the Imperial Armory at some point in history. Returned by Lont.
  681. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  682. -Enchantmarent Slots: 0/3 remaining.
  683. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte attacks.
  684. -Offensive Enchantmarent #1: grants a [1d6+3] <Frostshock Elemarental attack.
  685. -Defensive Enchantmarent #1: grats a [1d6+10] <Dampen Aura defensive ability, reducing the harm from Eldritch, Otherworldly, and Planar attacks.
  686. -Mechanical Enhancemarent: adds +3 to all Block rolls.
  688. -Knight's Torrent Armor: missing.
  690. -Knight's Torrent Helm: missing.
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