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  1. ### Twokinds Transcript
  3. ## Prologue
  5. # 1
  6. [Frame looking directly up at clear afternoon sky]
  7. [Trace lying on ground]
  8. Trace: Hm?
  9. [Trace sits up]
  10. Trace: Where... am I?
  11. [Trace looks around]
  12. Trace: [Thinking] I feel like I should know this place... ...but why?
  13. [Trace assumes a stunned expression]
  14. Trace: [Thinking] Wait a minute... Who am I?!
  16. # 2
  17. Out of frame: HELP!
  18. Trace: Eh?!
  19. [Trace looks behind himself]
  20. Trace: What was that? Sounds like some-one's in trouble.
  21. Trace: A girl?
  22. [Sword lying in the grass]
  23. Trace: Well, I won't know anything sitting here. I have a feeling I'll need this, though.
  24. [Tree tops]
  25. (In the forest...)
  26. [Man with raised sword approaches Flora]
  27. Man: Hey, little Keidran.
  28. Man: Looks like you're in a lot of trouble.
  29. [Flora crouched on one knee]
  30. Man: These are human lands...
  31. Man: And your head's worth quite a lot around here. You'd be amazed what they'd pay for a hide like yours.
  32. Flora: whimper
  34. # 3
  35. [Trace moves between the man and Flora, sword raised]
  36. Trace: Hey, leave her alone!
  37. Flora: !
  38. [Trace assumes an unsure expression]
  39. Trace: [Thinking] Great, now what do I do? I don't even know if I can use this sword! And what is this girl, anyways?
  40. [Man, annoyed]
  41. Man: Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? I saw it first, and... wait... you're...
  42. [Man points at Trace, shocked]
  43. Man: Y-You're the Grand Templar!
  44. Trace: Uh... I am?
  46. # 4
  47. [Man walking away from Trace]
  48. Man: My apologies, Master Templar. I didn't realize it was you. The Keidran's all yours. Goodbye, Trace.
  49. Trace: Uh... bye...
  50. [Trace]
  51. Man: Be careful around that one, though. You may want to dispatch her quickly. She can be vicious.
  52. Trace: !
  53. [Trace looks at Flora]
  54. Trace: V-vicious?
  55. [Man, aside]
  56. Man: Yes, good. This may work out after all.
  57. Man: Taking his memories was a stroke of genius.
  58. [Man's face transforming to cracked mask with glowing eyes]
  59. [Ephemural, in place of the man]
  60. Ephemural: My enemy has become my greatest asset. What better way to protect the girl than with the human's own weapon?
  61. Ephemural: Now I just wait...
  62. [Trace looking at Flora]
  63. Ephemural: [Narrative] ...and hope they don't kill each other... just yet...
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