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  1. 6/6
  2. Messages to thrive friend group:
  4. Guys can you please pray for my friend’s girlfriend? She once dated a girl and was hurt by churches comment about homosexuality. But my friend(daniel) invited her to live at thrive last night without telling her that it was held by a church , I didn’t know that she’s coming either..but once she saw “church” she was disgusted and ran away. They didn’t even see our performances.I didn’t even know how to pray for her. I guess just pray that she won’t be hurt again and she won’t feel deceived by my friend(?)
  6. yeah my heart was broken and I feel deeply sorry for that. sometimes we couldn't control how ppl feel even though we've done our best or try to be silent. it is especially sensitive when it comes to identity issue ( like in her case, she thinks that some christians are extremely rich and are able to use their money on promotion to affect the result of the refrendum, so they oppress the rights and freedum and its like a denial of their identity, that's why she's hurt and avoids every church)If I ever got a chance to talk to her, I'll tell her that i'm really sorry. christian are not perfect, only God is. even if we apologize for everything, simply the stand of christianity could easily make ppl hurt. that's why im asking for your prayers. I guess in this case only God can heal herˊˋ and I hope someday i can invite her to game nights hehehe
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  9. Messages to thrive frineds group:
  10. Guys I don’t know if you remember me asking prayers here for my friend Daniel and his girlfriend after live at thrive?
  11. his girlfriend was hurt by some church promotion before the homosexual marriage reference.after that she forbid Danial and I to hang out. so i mentioned this in thrive friend group, asking for prayers. and yesterday his girlfriend messaged me to apologize! she said what she did might hurt me and my friends(in church) and she is sorry for that. and she knew she was hurt but she acted too extreme, wanting to avoid all the church related thing so now she wanted to apologize to me. I was touched by her honesty and bravery. bc we were not even FB friends, but she messaged me in a private message. and this thing was held in her mind for a long time, i think holly spirit really works in all of this, even tho i thought secretly to myself :i might never had a chance to preach the gospel to Danial. but then now she permit us to hangout 🙂(and i also said sorry to the result of the reference and the thing that some of the church did to hurt her feelings. also explained the reason why i asked Danial to the community that i love, which is church, very implicitly, hope she would understand someday) so plz pray for our encounter everytime. Really hope that one day i can invite them to church.
  13. 12/7 D has been avoiding me for the whole time, and he didn't want to catch up. He has been closed off, I was hopeless for a period of time, thinking that I ruined the last chance of conversation. Idk I had Cate and Alvin and Steven pray for him for attending alpha but now I just think it's kinda impossible for now? But now he said he could hang out= = suddenly … maybe I can just 陪伴他only but not asking him to attend alpha?
  14. But today she messaged me saying that she wants to talk. I  wanted to ignore her message bc she said she wanted to talk on the phone, Cate said I don't need to if I don't want to. Cate really really comforted me and left me a space and freedom of choice to think clear about how I feel about the whole thing and im grateful for that.idk. I don't want to talk to her tbh cuz I don't know what she wants to say and It feels so weird for two strangers to talk…and without any predictable topics zzzzz. what I did to his gf through messages was just, apologizing, saying that im sorry for the harm, saying that I admired her bravery, her thoughtfulness on her relationship, her self awareness. I was really impressed that she can thought of so much details.But I just just just don't want to talk to her on the phone = =she said what I “analyze” daniel and her interactions are very accurate or something but I didn’t do that intentionally. And  I don’t think there’s anything more I can help her. But from the chaos of their relationship, somehow, I saw hope of the Gospel, I saw how God could work during this crisis and can turn into the blessing fo their lives.
  15. 12/8 I got a feeling that I had to speak to his gf. Bc D promise to meet up tonight, and I don't want her girfriend to worry about anything. But I was anxious bc I didn't know how the conversation would go. So before that I talked with trixie and had her pray for me. (ALSO CLAIRE she's also an encouragement bc of the sharing.) and then I talked to her. It was an one hour and a half long convo, and she shared a lot of her worries, a lot of the tough situations that she's in. and I was just so grateful that she can open-up to me. She just doesn’t hide anything. And during the phone call I sensed oppurtunity and I literally just thought, whatever, im just gonna share, god would take responsibility. and I shared my personal experience, how I feel about the community, what is our church stances for LGBT, how we view about LGBT, how I feel our church community can bring for Daniel,and what is alpha. And after I shared she literally said she gives her full support for daniel to attend alpha, and she said Alpha sounds reeeeally good !! and im so excited to hear that, bc I never thought that I would hear such a thing coming from his gf. It is just so crazy. ( and another part of me just thought,,,,ummm from what I heard what jenny said about alpha, it didn’t sound that good tho….lol)but Im just so grateful. And from what I remember, I didn't say anyting that can turn things around immediately, im 100% percent sure it's God. Only he can turn things around so quickly.  today I met up with daniel. The convo was just out of my expectation, completely different from what I expected it to be, but God blessed us so I eventually invited him to Alpha, and he said yes. Yooooo. Crazy . Praise the lord. But I also got another feelings lol. I think God want's his girlfriend to go to church. But maybe not thrive, but I don't know, anyway I'll leave it to somedays to think over it and pray.
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