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Batch file to finish sorting MAME ROMs by genre

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  1. REM This is the ~~~TidyUp.bat referenced in guide at http://libretro.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6618
  2. REM This batch job applies finishing touches by copying games intentionally excluded from the main
  3. REM batch files and adding interesting clones. Chop up and edit as suits you.
  5. REM Curation edits
  6. copy altbeast.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Altered Beast
  7. copy baddudes.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Bad Dudes
  8. copy cbuster.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Crude Buster
  9. copy evilston.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Evil Stone
  10. copy narc.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM NARC
  11. copy vigilant.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Vigilante
  12. copy astorm.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM Alien Storm
  13. copy wonder3.zip ".\Misc" || PAUSE REM Three Wonders
  14. copy ladygolfe.zip ".\NintendoVs" || PAUSE REM Golf Women Ver.
  15. copy salamand.zip ".\STGHori" || PAUSE REM Salamander
  16. copy sectionz.zip ".\STGHori" || PAUSE REM Section Z
  17. copy sexyparo.zip ".\STGHori" || PAUSE REM Sexy Parodius
  18. copy stargate.zip ".\STGHori" || PAUSE REM Stargate
  19. copy pang.zip ".\STGSingle" || PAUSE REM Pang
  20. copy spang.zip ".\STGSingle" || PAUSE REM Super Pang
  21. copy pang3.zip ".\STGSingle" || PAUSE REM Pang 3
  22. copy mpang.zip ".\STGSingle" || PAUSE REM Mighty! Pang
  25. REM Worthwhile clones
  26. REM http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/26943-list-of-mame-clones-worth-playing-redux/
  27. REM https://github.com/superjamie/lazyweb/wiki/MAME-Clones-Worth-Playing
  28. copy aligatorun.zip ".\STGMisc" || PAUSE REM Aligator Run unprotected (reg. ver. is marked preliminary)
  29. copy drgninja.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
  30. copy bublcave.zip ".\PlatformSingle" || PAUSE REM Bubble Bobble Lost Cave hack
  31. copy sboblbobla.zip ".\PlatformSingle" || PAUSE REM Super Bubble Bobble hack
  32. copy dkongx11.zip ".\PlatformSingle" || PAUSE REM Donkey Kong II hack
  33. copy gaunt22p.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Gauntlet II 2-player
  34. copy gauntlet2p.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Gauntlet 2-player
  35. copy hcastlek.zip ".\Platform" || PAUSE REM Haunted Castle JPN (less brutal)
  36. copy ikarijpb.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Ikari Warriors joystick hack
  37. copy jojon.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM JoJo's Venture No CD
  38. copy jojobane.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM JoJo's Bizarre Adventure No CD
  39. copy kchampvs2.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM Karate Champ 2-player
  40. copy kf2k5uni.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM King of Fighters 2005 Anniv (hack of 2002)
  41. copy lifefrce.zip ".\STGHori" || PAUSE REM Life Force (enhanced Salamander)
  42. copy mhavocrv.zip ".\STGMisc" || PAUSE REM Major Havoc hack "Return to Vax"
  43. copy mshvsfj.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter JPN
  44. copy metamrphj.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM  Metamorphic Force JPN more fair, has lifebars
  45. copy nslasherj.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM Uncensored JPN version
  46. copy pacman.zip ".\Maze" || PAUSE REM Pac-Man
  47. copy qix2.zip ".\Puzzle" || PAUSE REM Qix II Tournament
  48. copy quartet2a.zip ".\Action" || PAUSE REM Quartet 2-player
  49. copy rambo3u.zip ".\STGMisc" || PAUSE REM Rambo III U.S.
  50. copy rampart2p.zip ".\STGSingle" || PAUSE REM Rampart joystick version
  51. copy gaiden.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM  Shadow Warriors U.S. version
  52. copy simpsons2p.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM The Simpsons 2 player
  53. copy simpsons2pj.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM The Simpsons 2 player JPN w/ bugfixes
  54. copy svcsplus.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM SNK vs. Capcom Chaos Super Plus (bootleg, cast unlocked)
  55. copy sf2rb.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM SF2CE Rainbow Edition bootleg
  56. copy sfiiin.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM Street Fighter III: New Generation No CD
  57. copy sfiii2n.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack No CD
  58. copy sfiii3n.zip ".\Fighting" || PAUSE REM Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future No CD
  59. copy ssridersubc.zip ".\Platform" || PAUSE REM Sunset Riders 2-player
  60. copy tmnt2po.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM TMNT 2-player
  61. copy tmnt22pu.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM TMNT2 2-player
  62. copy twincobru.zip ".\STGVert" || PAUSE REM Twin Cobra US version, slight differences
  63. copy uccopsar.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM Undercover Cops Alpha-Renewal (better graphics, more moves)
  64. copy vendetta2pu.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM Vendetta 2-player Asian version
  65. copy xmen2pa.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM X-Men 2-player
  66. copy xmen6p.zip ".\BeatEmUp" || PAUSE REM  X-Men 6-player dual-screen
  69. REM CPS2 and Neo Geo BIOSes
  70. @ECHO OFF
  71. ECHO.
  72. ECHO Copying Neo Geo and CPS2 BIOSes to relevant folders (required to boot many popular games)
  73. ECHO (Note that various other ROMs will still require other BIOS files or CHDs to run in MAME.)
  74. ECHO.
  78. :CPS2BIOS
  79. IF EXIST ".\Action" copy qsound.zip ".\Action"
  80. IF EXIST ".\BeatEmUp" copy qsound.zip ".\BeatEmUp"
  81. IF EXIST ".\Fighting" copy qsound.zip ".\Fighting"
  82. IF EXIST ".\Puzzle" copy qsound.zip ".\Puzzle"
  83. IF EXIST ".\Quiz" copy qsound.zip ".\Quiz"
  84. IF EXIST ".\Sports" copy qsound.zip ".\Sports"
  85. IF EXIST ".\STGHori" copy qsound.zip ".\STGHori"
  86. IF EXIST ".\STGSingle" copy qsound.zip ".\STGSingle"
  87. IF EXIST ".\STGVert" copy qsound.zip ".\STGVert"
  88. IF EXIST ".\Tabletop" copy qsound.zip ".\Tabletop"
  89. ECHO Copied CPS2 BIOS qsound.zip to appropriate folders.
  90. ECHO.
  91. GOTO BIOS2
  94. ECHO Couldn't find the CPS2 BIOS file qsound.zip, so Capcom CPS2 games won't work. A copy of
  95. ECHO qsound.zip must reside in every folder that contains CPS2 ROMs before MAME cores will be
  96. ECHO able to load them.
  97. ECHO.
  98. ECHO After you find a copy, just run this batch file again and it will copy qsound.zip to the
  99. ECHO necessary folders.
  100. ECHO.
  101. PAUSE
  102. GOTO BIOS2
  104. :BIOS2
  107. :NEOBIOS
  108. IF EXIST ".\Action" copy neogeo.zip ".\Action"
  109. IF EXIST ".\BeatEmUp" copy neogeo.zip ".\BeatEmUp"
  110. IF EXIST ".\Casino" copy neogeo.zip ".\Casino"
  111. IF EXIST ".\Driving" copy neogeo.zip ".\Driving"
  112. IF EXIST ".\Fighting" copy neogeo.zip ".\Fighting"
  113. IF EXIST ".\Maze" copy neogeo.zip ".\Maze"
  114. IF EXIST ".\Misc" copy neogeo.zip ".\Misc"
  115. IF EXIST ".\NeoGeo" copy neogeo.zip ".\NeoGeo"
  116. IF EXIST ".\Platform" copy neogeo.zip ".\Platform"
  117. IF EXIST ".\PlatformSingle" copy neogeo.zip ".\PlatformSingle"
  118. IF EXIST ".\Puzzle" copy neogeo.zip ".\Puzzle"
  119. IF EXIST ".\Quiz" copy neogeo.zip ".\Quiz"
  120. IF EXIST ".\Sports" copy neogeo.zip ".\Sports"
  121. IF EXIST ".\STGHori" copy neogeo.zip ".\STGHori"
  122. IF EXIST ".\STGMisc" copy neogeo.zip ".\STGMisc"
  123. IF EXIST ".\STGVert" copy neogeo.zip ".\STGVert"
  124. IF EXIST ".\Tabletop" copy neogeo.zip ".\Tabletop"
  125. ECHO Copied Neo Geo BIOS neogeo.zip to appropriate folders.
  126. ECHO.
  127. GOTO END
  130. ECHO Couldn't find the Neo Geo BIOS file neogeo.zip, so Neo Geo games won't work. A copy of
  131. ECHO neogeo.zip must reside in every folder that contains Neo Geo ROMs before MAME cores will be
  132. ECHO able to load them.
  133. ECHO.
  134. ECHO After you find a copy, just run this batch file again and it will copy neogeo.zip to the
  135. ECHO necessary folders.
  136. ECHO.
  137. PAUSE
  138. GOTO END
  140. :END
  141. ECHO.
  142. ECHO Finished tidying up. Exiting.
  143. ECHO.
  145. PAUSE
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