Peyton Video #2 Transcript

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  1. The following is a supplement to a post devoted to celebrity hacking, #TheFappening ring, and The Daily Capper predator ring, which can be found here:
  4. Transcript of youtube clip Peyton 2:
  7. Weird. That like...I didn't know what to believe...because me and Kody would talk like for...ten hours at a time, every night...he knows everything about me. And if he was being honest with me, then I would know everything about him. I just want to believe that I thought I was in love with would hurt me like that...
  9. I don't kick anybody anymore...unless they're being retarded and pervy...and, a lot of people think that since, because of what I did with Kody, that I'm a slut now. And I'm not a slut. Because...why should...they take advantage of girls, they don't care about the girls...they sweet talk them, like Kody did, he'd give me songs, and...yeah, everybody thinks I'm a slut. Or not everybody, but a lot of people just because I got in my bra and panties for Kody. Okay. You can call me a slut if I fingered myself on camera, or something, but I didn't. And um, it's just like going to the beach in a bikini. least I was lucky, that he didn't um...that he didn't post it on a lot of websites. That he only gave it to a few people.
  11. He didn't post it on anything.
  13. No, it isn't. That's a different video.
  15. Wait...give me the website.
  17. I don't even know the website.
  19. Okay. Hold on.
  21. It doesn't...I don't really think...
  23. I don't see anything...well, what am I doing in the video?
  25. There isn't a video.
  27. Don't see anything.
  29. Yes, I had a...
  31. There's a video of me...showing...leaning over the bed...and I was in a dress...and my friend lifted up my dress...and showed the whole world my...panties. Yup. Not the whole world. Everybody on blogtv. Just makes me like...sad, like, once you recorded, it's on the internet forever. Like, if anybody posts it, when you post something on the internet, there's no way you can remove it, permanently. I don't know. So, like, once you interview for a job, like, later in life...what if they look up your name, and then see a video of you naked or something? What did you learn from that? Obviously, I'm scared to death now. Right after I found out that he recorded me, I didn't want to be like, get on blogtv, I didn't want to like...have the cam down below my face...I was scared that somebody, something was going to happen and they were going to record me. I was really scared, like...I dunno, just worried about everything, I couldn't trust anyone...I don't know how to trust anyone...
  33. I found out, like, a month ago he recorded me for the first time, and then I was stupid enough to keep doing it...'cause he said he was never going to do it again. And that he was stupid, and he didn't want to ruin our relationship. And they just used me, and he stopped calling me, and he stopped talking to me...and he just used me, and then he stopped calling me, and he stopped talking to me, and he just wanted me out of his life...because I gave him what he got. I gave him what he wanted. Yup. And what's sad is, I would still talk to him now  if he tried to talk to me...because I'm stupid. Because...he like sweet talks me, know how you can like...songs to listen to...that are sweet. He'd give me...he'd make a website for me, that said "I love Peyton," and then at the end it said, "Just the way you are," and there was a link to the Bruno Mars song, and then he would um, call me beautiful and he'd talk to me on the phone every night. Yeah, he pretended to love me. And I was like...not living a fairy tale, but I was in love with the fact that...I never had a guy treat me like that it was different. I fell in love with the fact of being in love with him.
  35. Thank you.
  37. Yeah, but when people told me about that...he did that to other girls, I didn't believe him because Kody was...called me and was like, "That's not true, they're trying to get you against me because they're jealous that you do stuff on tinychat for me, and you don't do it for them. They're just..." Saying it wasn't him...and I believed him because I thought I loved him, and I didn't. And so I wouldn't listen to anybody else. But now I know that everybody that was telling me that he was a sick pedo that records girls were right. I want to kill Kody...if he ever tries to talk to me, like, I'm not going to talk to him...I would just...I want him like...I'd like to get revenge, so like I would...I recorded him...and I know that sounds really gross, because I'm not a pedo or anything, but I recorded him...and then, yeah (laughs) So, if he threatens me, I can just threaten him right back...and he's really fat, and ugly. Okay, I will in a second. Okay. I have his address, he lives in Canada, I know he lives in...[redacted from transcript] I know his cousin's name, his family...his full name is Dakota William Shayne Maxson. I know his phone number...and you can trace home phone numbers, right? It's his real info. 'Cause my mom did a background check on him, after she found out that he recorded me...she did a huge background check. She had to pay for it and everything. It was like...But like, in a way...yeah, I tell my Mom everything. And she just hugged me, she didn't get mad at me,, I'd never do this, like, I'm not a bad girl...I'm not like that. I'd never do anything like that. I'm never gonna make out with a guy...I dunno why I did that for Kody...I don't know.
  39. Guess I was just liking the attention that he gave me. I don't want revenge, I want him to start begging me to talk to him again, just so he'll know what it feels like. Because I used to beg him to talk to me after he got what he wanted, he just left me. And didn't want me in his life any more after he got me to get on tinychat. Not revenge...revenge would be posting his info, his videos, his pictures, his facebook, his phone number...I've already posted his phone number millions of times...
  41. ("Like a G6" by Far East Movement plays)
  43. Why do you keep changing your account! You have like fifty! Oooh, this is my song to him. Ready?
  45. (another song plays)
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