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  1. Silence doesn’t exist when she’s home.
  2. There’s always something she’s asking from him-- to help with this and that, listen to stories about bitchy brandwhores in her comm, LOOK AT THAT ITA, whatever, it didn’t matter.
  3. Sitting in his room allows for some peace and quiet.
  4. Knock knock.
  5. Usually.
  6. “Oniiiii-chaaaaaaaan!”
  7. Never.
  8. “I’m coming in!”
  9. Peace and quiet would be a joke, actually.
  11. “Onii-chan,” She started, demandingly, “I need help tying my waist ties.”
  12. “Your what?”
  13. She turned around, back facing him, hands holding two strips of fabric on either sides of her waist.
  14. “You know what that is, the bow on my back.”
  15. “I’ve done this enough. Can’t you do it yourself?”
  16. “This is what big brothers are for! Tying waist ties and making their little sisters pretty.”
  17. “Pfft, prett--” He took a glance towards her. No. Nope. Not pretty at all.
  18. He looked away.  Covered his face. It felt hot.
  19. “Pretty? N-Not pretty at all.” Fuck.
  20. He looked back at her to see her looking down at the floor.
  21. She was looking away, but looked back up to meet his eyes. She immediately switched her sad face for a bratty pout.
  22. “Well, its not like I was trying to be pretty for you anyway, onii-chan.”
  23. “Right.”
  24. “Ri-ight!”
  25. “Nice voice crack, /cgl/.”
  26. “Shut up!”
  27. Another pout. Boo hoo. Pout all you’d like, its not making you any cuter for the meet.
  29. She walked over to where he was sitting, stood in front of him, and turned around. Her small back directly in front of his face, the slight poof of dress touching his bent knees. He took the waist ties from her hands and began working on the perfect bow. He’s done this a few times now. He doesn’t have to watch the YouTube instructional video again.
  31. “Your dress is a little less poofy than usual, /cgl/. Whats up with that?”
  32. “Hmph. This is a more casual dress, onii-chan. It has a higher waist so I want it to have less poof to not look like a pregnant ita. Plus, I’m not done getting ready yet!”
  33. “Alright, alright, jeez,” he sighed. “I’m ready to pop a vein just listening to you, brat.”
  35. Waist ties, done. He almost felt a little proud of himself for how perfect the little bow looked. Since that was over with, she could leave. The loss of company almost made him feel a little sad. Wait, what? No. Probably not. He was just sad he couldn’t make fun of her anymore. So maybe he could tease her one last time before she left to leave on a good note.
  36. One problem, though, he said the last thing.  She didn’t reply to his last insult, so wouldn’t he sounds like he was trying too hard if he just continued off of his last comment? Its already been a good minute or so, its too late for that. Maybe pick on something about her coord? It was quite plain, so there wasn’t much to say.
  37. Oh! Its not on the outside, but the inside. Her grandma underwear! Those bloomers all lolitas wear. They all wear those, right? She’s probably delusional enough to wear bloomers and feel like a princess because of that, isn’t she? Alright, its settled. Flipping her skirt to make fun of the grandma underwear.
  39. He wanted to laugh even before he made the joke. Timing is the key.
  41. “Finished, weeb.” he said, holding back a giggle.
  42. “Yay! Thanks, onii-chan! I can always count on you~!” she replied, and started walking towards the door.
  44. His thoughts raced, in a panic: Wait, walking away? You’re going too fast! I haven’t made the grandma joke yet! I haven’t made fun of you enough! This isn’t all according to keikaku*, you fucking weeaboo! Get back here!
  46. At a loss for what to do, he suddenly got up from the chair and reached under her dress as fast as possible, and flicked it up into the air--
  48. N-no petticoat?
  49. No…no grandma underwear?
  50. It felt as though time had actually just fucking stopped, and everything was moving in slow motion. He saw.. Everything.
  51. He immediately took a step back, hands up pleading guilty.
  52. “Im so sor--”
  53. “/F…!” Her face was red hot with anger and embarrassment. “/F…/FA/!!”
  54. She quickly put her hands over her dress in a motion to flatten it down, covering herself. She was at a loss for words, stuttering and blushing. “You!” she squeaked out, “You’ll pay for this!” and bolted out. Two slams, his door, and then hers.
  56. “God damn it,” he breathed. At least he didn’t get an immediate smack to the head. “What the fuck have I done?”
  58. Back in /cgl/’s room, she touched her face. It felt hot, but she had foundation on, so, he probably didn’t notice, right? That fucking baka aniki. What was with that, skirt-flipping all of a sudden? She’s not an ita, okay? Misty Sky doesn’t need a petticoat, okay! it’s a casual coord! AP Has a built-in petticoat, and, its not that noticeable that she’s not wearing a petti, and, its cuter and more casual this way, and, the material is light enough that the built-in petti provides the necessary poof for a casual meet just to get some milk tea! She’ll be the cutest one there anyway, most definitely not an ita for not wearing a petti!
  60.  She looked back at her laptop, photos of other girls wearing misty sky open in a few other tabs, and slipped on an old bodyline deflated petti.
  61. Aniki was right, the dress was way too flat.
  63. In his room, he sat back in his chair, covering his face with his hands.
  64. Haha.
  65. He saw it.
  66. Her white lacy panties. White lacy garter belt, holding up socks topped with something frilly. Like a frame around her tight, perky a--
  67. Stop.
  68. STOP.
  69. That kind of shit shouldn’t…no, DOESN’T belong on his mind.
  70. “God damn it,” he breathed.  And he smiled a little. “What the actual fuck have I done.”
  72. *T/L note: keikaku means plan
  75. ~~~
  76. hope you liked it.
  77. This was greatly inspired by the trilogy written by another writer in /fa/ who wrote "the book", "unexpected visitor" and "cake". I'd like to think this is a fic to their fic. I wrote this with the universe they created in mind. Original Author-san, if you're reading this, I hope you gave my fic blessing.
  79. -crybaby
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