Psychic Arceus intro

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  1. Armed with His Mind Plate, Psychic Arceus pays no heed to His brutish challengers in the Uber tier. With unwavering discipline, He causes His fellow Psychic-types in Mewtwo and Deoxys-A to concede to their creator like they do to no other Pokemon. Although Latias may initially seem like a better choice as a defensive Psychic-type, Psychic Arceus differentiates Himself with better physical bulk, more Speed, a lack of weaknesses to the common Ice- and Dragon-type attacks, and a support movepool that no mere mortal could ever hope to achieve, with options such as Will-O-Wisp, Stealth Rock, and Perish Song. Even so, brains are not always better than brawn, as Psychic Arceus's access to Calm Mind and STAB Psyshock give Him the edge against any Calm Mind user foolish enough to challenge Him. In spite of all of that, even the strongest minds feel emotion, and the common Ghost-, Dark-, and Bug-type moves are more than enough to cloud Psychic Arceus's brain with fear. In combination with only two resistances, He is not as impervious as He looks. Moreover, Psychic Arceus's creations are apparently ignorant, as a myriad of Pokemon in Ubers resist or are immune to His STAB attacks; truly, it is difficult to inject intelligence into stupid beings. Entry hazard setters also give Psychic Arceus a hard time because He struggles to find a moveslot Fire Blast, exposing the limits of what He truly knows, although Psyshock variants can beat Tentacruel. Ultimately, despite Psychic Arceus's flaws, it would be foolish to underestimate Him lest your own Psychic-types fall victim to the wrath of His willpower.
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