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  1. [04:18] Vel Invidia says, "Ah. Hold that for a second."
  2. [04:19] Sera Elisheva says, "Mm..."
  3. [04:19] Vel Invidia says, "Right.. I recognize one of you."
  4. [04:19] Sera Elisheva says, "I thought this tower was destroyed."
  5. [04:24] The lighting cracked from his body as he approached the tower of obsida on a patrol alongside one of the demi-angels.
  7. The qilin unsheathed his blade and held it forward. "Don't worry you will soon know of me... Vampire sympathizer... You are under arrest for war crimes against Hangzhou and the Sheng empire surrender now or be forced to submit."
  9. The qilins assertiveness came with a blunt sense of justice.
  11. The qilin moves behind the kitsune... he was sure a fight would break out soon.
  12. (Rai Yu)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [04:32] "Ah.. So by the looks of it, I'll have to turn the both of you to ash.
  17. Fine by me.."
  19. An amused grin was present on the Invidia's face as he held his hand out, conjuring an orb consisting of nothing but pure flames. His grey eyes would immediately become surrounded by fire just as he glared towards his enemies...
  21. "You were fools to come here with only two.. I am not called the Flame Emperor for no reason, chaaaha!"
  23. The growing ember within his hand would soon envelop the entirety of his body.. A flame more powerful than any within the area- No.. any that stood on the lands of Agartha..
  25. -And they were prepared to consume.
  27. "Now.."
  29. Vel continued to glare..
  31. "Let us get this over with.. Shall we..?"
  32. (Vel Invidia)
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [04:34] One such gaze of pale blue lingered upon this figure of power which stood before them. The idle winds which had once gently pushed across this landscape soon being wrapped around the body of this young Demi-Angel. Conflict having seemed inevitable before such a clash would even so much as begin.
  37. "Shameful." His words spoken outwards as a sudden explosion of winds would soon come to clash against those flames which burned. Soothing and gentle with a certain harsh power that refused to be put down by those flames of this supposed emperor to none.
  39. "That is what you are, shameful."
  41. Needing not elaborate more, all as he readied for this coming conflict.
  42. (Sera Elisheva)
  43. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. [04:38]
  46. {LOAD GAME}
  48. [04:53] In silence flames and winds would collide as a monstrous demon of a man would find themselves standing against both divine and blessed. The sounds of rolling thunder from the clouds above colliding with these grounds as strength in numbers had come to overpower such a terrifying individual. This spear clutched in his hands slamming forwards as golden blades would fling in the direction of Vel.
  50. Aiming to sever, to wound without hesitation.
  52. "Shameful that you stand alongside Vampires and Demons with the intent only to kill." His words ringing outwards as winds would blast aside those flames, pale blue eyes only peering forwards. "Shameful that you would call yourself a ruler, emperor with the blood of Jianghu flowing through your veins." Sera had spoken once more, heeding not the cries of his companion.
  54. "You are shameful, without proper judgement." The youngest of The Divine blooded children would finally speak in a calmed manner. One final blade shot outwards in the direction of Vel as such was all that remained required to knock this aging warrior down. One who only continued to stand at the very peak of Agartha, uncontested as the most powerful in these lands.
  56. "And one day, you'll face that very judgement you fear."
  58. His words ringing along those winds, lightning striking down as that final blade had connected and pushed this Invidia back.
  59. (Sera Elisheva)
  60. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  62. [05:01] The fire emperor was fierce and strong- the qilin had no doubt in his mind that if he didn't have a partner he was sure to fall and turn to ash, violent flames filled the battlefield.
  64. This was destruction- his name was Vel invida the true face of horrors across the lands. While the demi-angel was at least able to trade blows with the kitsune, rai would have to take a more precise take on the fight. Stepping to close to his flames and getting burned was something he couldn't do without falling drastically.
  66. as the two battled rai would take a few steps his eyes tracing his opponent as he uses his flames to try to down the demi-angel.
  69. The qilin held the blade forward pointing it towards vel, the sound of birds chirping could be heard as lighting begins to engulf the blade.
  71. "Blessed be his children, blessed be his qilin- for when they fight they fight for his grace, Oh merciful lord give me the strength to strike down my enemy... My Emperor give me thy wrath!"
  73. The clouds would darken and lighting began to strike against the ground rapidly.
  75. Rai would rise- his eyes engulfed in lighting and mana. "Enough with you!" His body began to flicker as he dashed towards vel aiming to strike him with his blade.
  77. The initial hit would miss, but as quick lighting rai would turn around mid-air and strike downward with his sword- Smashing onto the ground as lighting hits it's mark.
  79. "BE GONE!!!" A gust of wind and strong powerful tornados and cyclones would be made upon the heavy blade smash- the sky shows it's wrath with lightning strikes and rain.
  82. The dirt riseing would give low visibility to everyone- Not even the qilin new if he hit his mark.
  83. (Rai Yu)
  84. [05:13] The soaring divine blades which took a golden, ethereal form proved to be formidable, even against the Kitsune.. Not only that but for once in his life, the Invidia was able to have a taste of his own flames.. He had to admit.
  86. They were pretty intense.
  88. Soon enough, the Qilin would take initiative and end the battle once and for all, completely staggering Vel through the use of powerful winds and heavy rain.. akin to a Storm that would be capable of dousing even his own flames.
  90. Staggered and fatigued from this fight, Vel quickly uses the knockback from the Qilin's attack to restore his foundation with room to escape. Though.. just before doing so.. the Flame Emperor had words for them.
  92. Dirt tainted his skin and blood leaked from his body.
  94. "Shameful..? No."
  96. Flames aggressively raged about the Kitsune, almost as if they were preparing themselves for battle once more but-
  98. That would not be the case. Not this time, at least.
  100. "You are shameful, child. Shameful that you continue to fight for a hopeless cause..
  102. Shameful that you continue to kill yourself for this very reason..
  104. Shameful that you believe that you carry the ability to determine such.."
  106. The Wyrm would return to his back.. Vel was filled with superficial wounds from the battle but he refused to show any weakness.. Not now. He would continue to turn his back towards the two and start to walk away, however.. a few more words slipped from his mouth just before he fully focused on doing so.
  108. "Shameful that you didn't end me here..
  110. Because now-
  112. Now..
  114. I will make sure you become ashes..
  116. Ashes that none will remember."
  117. (Vel Invidia)
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