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CS270 bomb tidychat

Silverlining33 Jul 18th, 2017 559 Never
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  2. CS270 bomb tidychat Jul 18th, 2017
  4. Live chat
  5. Bill S. Preston​turn off slow mode you imbecile
  6. Rusty Parker​All money parked in Qatar, Why?
  7. TrumpmmxviCom​Killary2016Org is going to prison w #PedoPodesta #iAlwaysWiN! 😉
  8. Rener Newton​Hey scrunchies. what you doin?
  9. Your Brother​Striped shirt day 👚-
  10. sapsapsap001​Summary?
  11. Cosmo Sherry​@JasonGoodman PAT JUST TWEETED THE SHOW LINK, Great job! I tagged you in the tweet. Now onto the next booking
  12. Bread Garlic​slow mode on.
  13. Mamasabe1 W​Listening
  14. Stephen Tice​cp. lithium for batteries in Afghanistan (major deposits).
  15. Mimi Miller​hello sry on wrong stream
  16. Virtual Me​please kill old stream. :-(
  17. edward moreno​There are many who want to see the stream. Be patient.
  18. Investigate Racine​Social Justice League of Racine uses the homeless, veterans, elderly, women & children, illegal immigrants, and "interfaith coalitions" along with corrupt Foundations to control the community
  19. Ginger3855​Christians please pray a hedge of protection for becks
  20. annaj​Hello all
  21. Benjamin Anon​hi
  22. Rob Weller​no notification today
  23. N8​Heather, Tony Podesta dinner for Ukraine link we saw today as well
  24. Joe Moss​Weird...didn't get the periscope notice
  25. paradise pete73​well..allrighty then..
  26. Paula Bonney​Praying for the Becks
  27. LearningLifestyle​Will be praying
  28. Sam W​All good now. Good Morning from WA.
  29. Bill S. Preston​spoofers gonna spoof
  30. Suzy Odom​yes pray for the BECK's
  31. Mike Townsend​Praying for Becks
  32. Cosmo Sherry​Always be thankful for anything anyone does for you because it's hard to find that in life.
  33. Ron Sisler​Look at Quinn YT today when you get a chance.
  34. TrumpmmxviCom​if u want ALL the inside illegalities going on in Wisconsin u must read #BlackSwanWhiteHat EagleOneToWantaCom
  35. Simplify 0007​These Bastards n
  36. sapsapsap001​Becks should be safe Coz they let the info out?
  37. TRYHEART67​I have no sound
  38. Kathy Randall​I think maybe Ukraine will sing.
  39. Virtual Me​Fleecing of America.
  40. Your Brother​Bitcoin is going back up. Bitcion is checking Ethereum is savings. @Jason Goodman
  41. squeek123able​morally corrupt lossers
  42. Rener Newton​no pick no dound
  43. Investigate Racine​Carpetbagging is moving to a new community to take over the government/industry
  44. Ginger3855​Not on yet
  45. J B​Good morning
  46. Joe Moss​cant post
  47. Bill S. Preston​let trish the dish talk you chauvinists!!!
  48. Bread Garlic​😎😎😎😎😎😎
  49. robin whelan​I believe te Becks' family will suffer. No question. Whether or not you take your travelling circus to the sunshine state. You unfortunately have no teeth
  51. Cosmo Sherry​Have a great day everyone!
  52. SoCalSunSetS.com​it means you relocated to another state to run in politics
  53. cheese burger​sup homies and homett
  54. NoLongerIgnored​Everyone, PLEASE check out new story on Medical Kidnap dot com today.....PLEASE!
  55. Dan Halen​Sarcasm in the morning with GW
  56. Your Brother​Erasing Confederate memory is a conspiracy.
  57. Donna Myers​Acting Blue. Bombing White. #BleedingRed
  58. tnrina​ActBlue is an affiliate of David Brock’s shill group called ShareBlue
  59. Clark Howell​Trishes audio is always distorted and too low
  60. Mike Townsend​pretty doom and gloom robin
  61. Paula Bonney​Medical kidnap ill check it out
  62. jenna peter​Jason posted this link several times.
  63. TrumpmmxviCom​Medical Kidnap sounds like the same thing as CoastGuardReadyCom w stealing people
  64. Donna Summers​Thanks Trish. That's quite a drive from Boston so thanks.
  65. squeek123able​I should be working.lol
  66. Bill S. Preston​stop talking over trish the dish you chauvinistic pig!! so rude...
  67. Joe Moss​Something wrong with posting
  68. S.L Sully​Trish needs to up her mic
  69. Blondie 95​youtube sucks! I missed 7 minutes of live stream
  70. Trish Pauley​Facebook stream is GOOD
  71. NoLongerIgnored​THANK YOU!
  72. UpinCT​barely hear Trish
  73. Your Brother​Anyone ever ask, "Why are we fighting ISIS/Daesh?" @Jason Goodman
  74. Robert Gile​everyone likes white phosphorous on their cheerios, right?
  75. Ginger3855​at what point do we have 1775
  76. Investigate Racine​@Jason Goodman Solvay = linked with SC Johnson through the Vemedia Group in Belgium and Netherlands
  77. Mamasabe1 W​So the end game here is to drive these bad actors to carpet bagging. Get out of the United States because your activities are exposed? I don't get how we get justice.
  78. Bill S. Preston​who spoofed trish the dish's audio? 😦
  79. TrumpmmxviCom​539 watching not enough people to need slow mode
  80. Donna Myers​In other words...act like a progressive? Acting Blue is just an act performed by actors. How about acting like a responsible steward of planet Earth. #StillSanders
  81. Mimi Miller​ffs
  82. chicky rogue​there is the sound ;0
  83. Virtual Me​Not much more info than Google maps.
  84. VLeigh_111​Hi @Your Brother
  85. Harmless Rain​She should have had someone with her. That whole area in Somerville is Shadesville
  86. Ginger3855​I'm tired of coup words back and forth I want war on them
  87. sapsapsap001​Need more investigation
  88. Investigate Racine​The End Game is total Global Enslavement and control over all resources from food and water to energy and information. Court justice is futile. Exposing the truth about Racine, WI is the answer.
  89. TRYHEART67​No sound on any YT channels for me in Ca
  90. Unknown Vegan​Good job Trish
  91. Pebbles FLINTSONE​no video only sound?
  92. Mamasabe1 W​Yes going alone to these places not wise
  93. SGT Haze​Somerville where?
  94. Donna Myers​ugh....no sound here either
  95. John Townley - OIT​why is there two live streams? i didn't see this one until i rebooted.
  96. Mimi Miller​they are still running folks credit cards from primary?
  97. Barbara k​All a good on YT here
  98. Trish Pauley​omg you are still getting charged Trish..??? 😭
  99. Love GOOD​Sound is fine
  100. Donna Summers​MASS
  101. sweep 2
  102. Live chat
  103. robin whelan​HRC can eat dung, in fact  I wish that for her. No REALLY! 😎
  104. paradise pete73​Trish..report fraud to police..and Bank..fill out an affidavit, at the bank..they will stop the charges somehow
  105. LoriHammink Peterson​Not bad on the eyes either
  106. Sharon​Maybe IRS would be interested in ActBlue
  107. chicky rogue​indonesia is holding the real gold and they all use black berrys
  108. Mike Townsend​Titus Frost did a great youtube on Clinton body count
  109. jenna peter​Kucinich is another one with a set.
  110. Janice Kirkpatrick​the whole judicial system is fd up broke. no justice till that gets a big enema ppl. thats why trump went after them pronto!
  111. PolitiKellyRite​@Janemc she truly did
  112. Charlie Cat​Can anyone see this?
  113. Rebecca Makara​Republican steel worker who loves Kuchinch
  114. Joe Moss​I like the Rock too but I don't want him as president
  115. SnowBlind​Scott Bennett Truth vs New$ great show to add to weakly to do list
  116. Charlie Mitchell​looking good Trish..
  117. Conspiracy Farm with Pat Miletich & Jeffery Wilson​THANKS FOR COMING ON GUYS!!!! WOW!! My BRAIN HURTS!!
  118. Investigate Racine​You mean Eric Braverman accepted a promotion to Google for his complicity? The Rock is involved in the circle of Hollywood corruption with Ashton Kutcher and Emanuels.
  119. Susanne Jones​yes Charle Cat
  120. Jeannette Fridley​I see your Charlie
  121. Terry Ambrose​says 129 on PSC and 775 on YT
  122. Stephen Tice​So why have a primary if Kamala is the chosen candidate????
  123. batterista​Again with the food
  124. Or Urphy​Hi all
  125. Joanna​I think the Clinton Body count is 12-15 new dead since March 2016, it was 80 before so now is around 100 dead bodies. We need to stop any more deaths, Clinton is on a killing spree
  126. Freempg​Kamala Harris is a fascist of the first order
  127. Deb savethechildren​I don't like fb anymore
  128. Dire Straights​I keep losing Comments..oh well..
  129. UpinCT​yep on Kamala
  130. Kim Cater​Ikea and CHAI announce 16.8 million to reduce child poverty. Many foundations involved.
  131. Oma 05​GET BROWN OUT IN 2018
  132. robin whelan​🌷🥀🌻🌸🌵🌱🥀🌾🌷
  133. Florida Girl​She can be president from Casablanca
  134. thaboy26​Shes dumb as a rock
  135. Mimi Miller​the think tank is screwing us
  136. LoriHammink Peterson​School Play
  137. Jennifer Madison​YUCK !!! she won't win!! being tied to hilary
  138. Dan Halen​We already had one: Dick Cheney
  139. Dave Acton Is Back​..
  140. Kat Rogers​Another woman so they can play woman card
  141. cherylpass​Shell game...it's what they do.
  142. Joe Napoli​@Jason Goodman can Trish report card stolen?
  143. Mamasabe1 W​Kampala ugh, want to vomit
  144. C Elizabeth​Hi Dave
  145. R Wesley​No stream for me. You all getting it?
  146. paradise pete73​and Bernie will need to go outside Dems
  147. chicky rogue​we are core yes refresh another loser trump will be 2 term
  148. Keith David​@Jason Goodman so did Eric Braverman sell out?
  149. Janice Kirkpatrick​u can add some body count to that w homeless deaths in ca central calley drought created by gov jerry brown. im sure hes bosom buds w clinton etal
  150. jenna peter​She won't win but they learned from this time for a more cunning installation.
  151. Donna Summers​I can't stand that woman
  152. Teresa Kay​mine says 803 YouTube
  153. John Beckman​CLINTON FBI FILES scandal is the BLUEPRINT • Get the BLACKMAIL OP setup 1st.!
  154. curly cods​Greetings from Tasmania mate
  155. tnrina​ActBlue is an affiliate of David Brock’s shill group called ShareBlue
  156. me ga​The Dems are done. I'll vote 3rd party next time.
  157. NIGHT BY NIGHT​Wasn't Podesta the classic example of Shadow President? (would have been for HRC)
  158. Dave Gill​Talk about the 'Google Mosquitos' Google just released in California- Weird Google is not just the internet anymore.
  159. SnowBlind​Quit facebook 5 months ago Not missing it at all!!
  160. janemc​in a way the card really WAS stolen
  161. Charlie Mitchell​the real crime going on is the worldwide daily chemtrailing poisoning the very air we all Breath...
  162. Patricia Negron​Joe Napoli - I explained to Amex what was happening and they told me the new card number would stop the charges, but it didn't
  163. MAGA 12​K. Harris is not going to win in 2020, especially following Clinton's lead.
  164. Dana Rosales​Kamala Harris is awful....they would have to do a lot of voter fraud to get that nasty beast elected...lol!
  165. Barbara Drawe​I can't see the FB and only got notifications on Periscope
  166. Susanne Jones​How's the trailer comng Dave?
  167. SGT Haze​Kamala compared Trump/Comey meeting to getting robbed at gunpoint. She's not right in the head.
  168. N8​This whole scam is really just repetition for 100 years or more
  169. Conspiracy Farm with Pat Miletich & Jeffery Wilson​THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!
  170. OneLilSparkler​If you don't get notifications, unsubscribe and then re-subscribe. Helped me
  171. Investigate Racine​Paul Ryan is the shadow President. He is hiding a main root of Global Criminal Corruption in Racine, WI. @Keith David yes Braverman is deeply involved and complicit to it all.
  172. batterista​I have an issue with the rock.
  173. Ginger3855​Kamala was involved in senator Ted Stevens death I'm sure plane tampered with
  174. Mike Fletcher​The truth is a POTUS can be impeached even after they served if high crimes and misdemeanors are proven. I think everything was kicked into high gear with the community organizing structure of Obama.
  175. UpinCT​Harris is a black woman, shoe-in in 2020
  176. Or Urphy​@Dave Gill yeah in Fresno...creepy cant believe they can do that without permission
  177. robin whelan​802# YT I like it slower as well.
  178. Joe Napoli​@Patricia Negron ahhhhhh, and AMEX is usually really good about that sort of thing....
  179. LoriHammink Peterson​Hey curly cods nice to meet you
  180. Jeannette Fridley​DONATE
  181. Matthew Miller​How about the guy with the deathbed confession on 9/11?
  182. Mimi Miller​dirty money on kamala
  183. kshav62​@onelilsparker I tried that and it did not help for me
  184. cherylpass​Kat Rogers...exactly right. The "woman" card + the "black" card.
  185. Dewey Bueno​LOL Drought created by Brown? WOW the water war oligarchs have a long history in CA,
  186. dennis k​need to use a credit card for donation, How?
  187. chicky rogue​yes he likes breathing ask hard bastard how he hooks it up he rocks his nitifications are on target yes small planes someday hillery will e tossed from one
  188. PolitiKellyRite​That's crazy Trish .. these ppl are so damned crooked
  189. Joe Napoli​@Jason Goodman do you, the big truthistotle and Trish know if Podesta is Mormon?
  190. Rebecca Makara​Gabart 2020
  191. Donna Summers​I agree Dana Rosales
  192. Oma 05​DJT 2020
  193. Scott Worden​Even Trump back on 9/11 said it was a bomb
  194. SnowBlind​Voter fraud is real Hillary stole most of her votes
  195. Janice Kirkpatrick​watch syncs. we're on track
  196. D War Coors​[message retracted]
  197. Jennifer Madison​I feel about Kamala what trump haters feel about Trump 😝she is a young maxine
  198. jenna peter​Don't forget to click on like for a thumbs up folks!
  199. Dave Gill​Fresno was where Google released these GMO Mosqitos? I wonder is there any way to check for a spike in doctor visits recently? haha
  200. Joe Moss​I could deal with TulsiGabbard but not Kamala. I lived in CA for ten years and she is insane.
  201. OneLilSparkler​@kshav62 I also leave Jason's Twitter page open.  That seems to notify me faster than YouTube
  202. Charlie Cat​Podesta is a pedophile Catholic.
  203. Your Brother​Smartmatic Voting Machines are a company whose chairman, Lord Mark Malloch Brown, is a business partner of George Soros @Jason Goodman when you cut the rolls during recount, voting can be manipulated.
  204. Or Urphy​@Dave Gill its happening in many location across the country at same time
  205. Kim Cater​Ikea bought that energy company you were looking at the other day. Nordex.
  206. UpinCT​don' forget to hit like button!
  207. Dana Rosales​For sure Donna Summers! Evildoers!
  208. robin whelan​📎📎📎📎📎📎
  209. LoriHammink Peterson​Racine can you post some of your findings someone on GW's YT channel?
  210. Jeannette Fridley​PATREON
  211. Dan Halen​Open source is the answer
  212. Joe Napoli​@George Webb @Patricia Negron do you guys know if Podesta is Mormon??
  213. Investigate Racine​@Dave Gill Zika patent is owned by Rockefellers and Zika was a test ran by them, SC Johnson and other partners.
  214. Joseph Abbenda​Its the LEXUS DU Model
  215. kshav62​@onelilsparkler yes, that is the only way I know they are going to go live.
  216. Kay B.Texas​Kamala Harris... Nothing more than Female Obama! She is NOT the WOMAN To break the Proverbial glass ceiling EITHER!
  217. Dewey Bueno​Voter fraud? How about Election fraud... get real
  218. Patricia Negron​@Joe Napoli I don't know if John is LDS
  219. SnowBlind​Mosquito's used for slow genocide by ((Big Harma
  220. Joe Napoli​@Patricia Negron ok, thx..
  221. Rebecca Makara​Tulsi and Trump are not deep state! He should put her in for 2020 as Vp then 2024 as President
  223. Dave Gill​Or Urphy really? Not just CA? Is Google also doing releasing in other states with GMO Mosquitos? Perfect way to mass inoculate the guinea pigs, I mean, us. lol
  224. chicky rogue​thread findings at reddit r/truthleaks
  225. Terry Ambrose​that is over 7000 lbs
  226. MAGA 12​@Joe Moss Heard this about Harris in CA. What type of crazy stuff did she do? Is there a good article that summarizes?
  227. Oma 05​bohemian Grove TIME
  228. Charlie Cat​Dave Acton is also 'Alien Fossil Project'.
  229. David Cooley​yay to the Linux users
  230. Mike Townsend​It's drugs in trunk
  231. Dana Rosales​Dewey yes ALL FRAUD!!!
  232. Jennifer Madison​Kay agree🙋
  233. Andy Stoner​reminds me of some girls I know that went after drugs in Mexico for some guys at Mexican restaurant and they were told to go thru one certain person at checkpoint and car weighed over 800 pds!
  234. Stephen Tice​6 ford fusions busted this week with drugs from mexico
  235. Kim Cater​Zinc mining.
  236. Investigate Racine​@Joe Napoli Podesta is tied to Jesuits and Kabbalah with Ashton Kutcher, also tied to the inner circle of the Pilgrims Society going back to Black Nobility and Council of 13.
  237. UpinCT​They caught tons--tons--of heroin coming in to Ohio through a Ford plant in Mexico
  238. TurtleIsland Publications​wrecked cars shipped to Pakistan on YOUTUBE..
  239. LoriHammink Peterson​He raped a woman in MN too and Fusion GPS helped bring him in
  240. jenna peter​400 lbs of pot was shipped in a ford on a train from Mexico, so much for the wall.
  241. Jim Morris​armored cars are heavier than a factory car
  242. Joe Napoli​OMRK is airport code for Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
  243. M Edmond​Mt Shasta is beautiful today!!!
  244. Dewey Bueno​Medstar Test
  245. Keith David​Z
  246. Janice Kirkpatrick​The glass ceiling is a sick masonic joke referring to the dome that covers this plane – T that we live on. there's a lot of nuggets being dropped right in our lap right now for plenty of disclosure
  247. Scott Worden​But new Mexican Ford & get drugs free
  248. NoLongerIgnored​Dave, why don't you go on show w/George?
  249. chicky rogue​yes tulsi rocks/the wall is to keep us in silly
  250. Mary de Angel​Isn't weather mispelled? Should be whether.. right?
  251. Jill Orlove​*****ActBlue email addess reveals Somerville MA address, private,. ACTBLUE is run by ERIC HOLDER***
  253. Dire Straights​@Mike Ya and then some...
  254. Andrea DiSanto​I'm not getting live notifications
  255. Bubba Jones​FORD CANNABIS
  256. NIGHT BY NIGHT​They think Kamala will turn out AAs who didn't for HRC
  257. Rebecca Makara​Agreed Racine Wisconsin is very evil and not as it appears.
  258. tnrina​ActBlue is an affiliate of David Brock’s shill group called ShareBlue
  259. Joe Napoli​@Investigate Racine there you are buddy!!!! Yes, you shared that before...just didn't know if there might be a tie to Utah specifically
  260. Barbara Drawe​Joe. I've seen no Mormon/Podesta info in what I've read.
  261. Your Brother​@George Webb During the recount in Wisconsin they cut the voting rolls from the electronic Smartmatic voting machines. Hence making it harder to prove vote machine manipulation.
  262. Dave Gill​Investigate Racine- the key to all that OLD Stuff to remember is this EUropeans were Europeans long before there was ever a Catholic CHurch. The Catholic CHurch and the Templars ARE the COnspiracy
  263. Charlie Cat​You can see the same flat rock patio in both Dave Acton and Alien Fossil Project videos. Total phony.
  264. Candace Wagner​whoa @Jill Orlove
  265. Officer Barry McCochiner, PC Police​Lexus both times
  266. Jennifer Madison​I think ford trucks brings drugs in via the mexico border 🤔
  267. UpinCT​jenn--sorry--thought it was heroin--it was pot.
  268. LoriHammink Peterson​Connect this to Bashir in Sudan and you can get attention
  269. robin whelan​can you ship a Lexus in an airplane???!!
  270. Dou Gen​Purple. Aren't Jesuits fond of using purple? It was also worn by Hillary. Bill, and Ms. Kaine after the election.
  271. Kab kar​@ Joe Napoli - giving update port this stream?
  272. Investigate Racine​@Joe Napoli You are correct about the LDS connection as well. It is called a "Global Interfaith Coalition"
  273. Essie Sachs​My husband worked for Air Canada Cargo. He was convinced that illicit materials were shipped in coffins with dead bodies. Coffins,supposedly with bodies inside, were not examined
  274. chicky rogue​purple is the color of the opened eye
  275. Joe Napoli​UBBB - Heydar Aliyev International Airport??
  276. SnowBlind​Agreed @chicky rogue Wall to keep us in after next communist revolution starts
  277. Jill Orlove​YEP. LOOK IT UP.
  278. jenna peter​pot this time, probably heroin shipped the same way
  279. Andrea DiSanto​OMG!
  280. Joe Napoli​@Kab kar later tonight
  281. Dewey Bueno​was looking into a Dr arr Mayo tied to Medstar Georgetown, found another Dr doing a Head transplant this yr? Wack Guys
  283. Oma 05​if you use marijuana you can never get a transplant
  284. Keith David​@Tr
  285. Joe Napoli​@Investigate Racine I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  286. Dire Straights​Purple is also Higher Chakra
  287. Terry Ambrose​stars and garders LOL
  288. Charlie Cat​Dave Acton can lick the mayonnaise off my face..
  289. Tom Finley​We need to get you guys to run for office.
  290. Mamasabe1 W​Eric Holder? I want to see that
  291. Jennifer Madison​they ship the presidents beast in air force one
  292. D War Coors​[message retracted]
  293. Janice Kirkpatrick​i'd say mind the Russian orthodox church - we need to think globally - I am far from anti-putin but there's always something with the religions in each country - They have a strong hand in things.
  294. Your Brother​@George Webb Smartmatic voting machines chairman Lord Mark Malloch Brown is Open Society George Soros' business partner.
  295. Dave Gill​Templar lands are Switzerland, Scotland. They have infiltrated everything. Podesta is not Catholic
  296. Nancy WaterFall​purple is the third eye chahra
  297. Joe Napoli​Heydar Aliyev International Airport
  298. Joe Napoli​is UBBB
  299. J S​Create an Outlook pst and import msg files. Youll be able to see all emails in Outlook.
  300. Investigate Racine​@Dave Gill Racine links back to Black Nobility and Council of 13 through the Pilgrims Society and Knights of Malta / Pythias / et al
  301. Jason Goodman​email truth@crowdsourcethetruth.org for a secure Bitcoin sponsorship link
  302. chicky rogue​yes the crown amethyst will open the third eye enhances .... prple diamonds tooo good luck iwth that ;0 [most rare and expensive]
  303. UpinCT​If Caitlyn Jenner can run for senate anyone can.
  304. M Edmond​NATO Generals
  305. Rebecca Makara​Yes Racine!!! Paul Ryann and priebus
  306. Jason Goodman​Become a sponsor of Crowdsource the Truth and support the effort http://paypal.me/crowdsourcethetruth
  307. Stephen Tice​Jason please retweet the linux info for those so inclined.
  308. tnrina​ActBlue is an affiliate of David Brock’s shill group called ShareBlueActBlue is an affiliate of David Brock’s shill group called ShareBlue
  309. Cyndi Holcomb​you set the bandwidth to 40,000 on your router in settings
  310. Keith David​@Jason Goodman so did Eric Braverman sell out or will he be a witness?
  311. Mimi Miller​Act Blue has that Raul I trust on board.
  312. Oma 05​What's up with the Colorado voting deal?
  313. Jill Orlove​two web sites do email reverse searches
  314. Dou Gen​Re purple, just wondering if Hillary wore purple to show solidarity with Podesta and the ratlines.
  315. Rener Newton​put on web page
  316. Jason Goodman​https://patreon.com/user?u=4903359&ut...
  317. Charlie Cat​Sell your million dollar condo.
  318. D War Coors​The public key is meant to be published so people can send freely. Should put it in the notes.
  319. Jason Goodman​**Legal Disclaimer: Sponsorship of Crowdsource the Truth is made at the sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsorship funds are not tax-deductible, are non-refundable,
  320. Red Canoe​I'll take your bitcoin seeing how you guys don't believe in it.
  321. Jason Goodman​and do not represent any ownership, equity interest or decision-making authority in the organization.
  322. Ron Sisler​Best I can do is share your stuff atm. Once I get caught up I'll donate.
  323. Scott Worden​Hillary wore purple to support Heaven's Gate occult
  324. Nancy WaterFall​purple=al seeing eye
  325. Laurie Anstead​I'm still trying to absorb the Elizabeth Beck interview.
  326. Candace Wagner​It's my own fault for staying glued to your streams....but I'm also going broke!
  327. Terry Ambrose​dont do it Jason LOL
  328. kalitor mensa​The world's largest cargo aircraft is the Russian made Antonov An-225 Mriya
  329. Dave Gill​Investigate Racine I understand I know they are connected but what I say to add is that these 13 Black nobility families are neither-European, nor Catholic.
  330. SnowBlind​Im worth about$1.70
  331. Investigate Racine​Water is the real Oil, and Information is the Real Gold. @Rebecca Makara how else do you think those corrupt Boy Scouts became so powerful?
  332. Andrea DiSanto​Funny George. A million doesn't go as far as it used to
  333. Jennifer Madison​i thought bit coin was tanking ?
  334. chicky rogue​hang at reddit r/truthleaks r/coincidencetheorist
  335. Jeannette Fridley​2346 BITCOIN
  336. Your Brother​James Comey was HSBC board memeber @Jason Goodman
  337. TrumpmmxviCom​i3DonaldTrumpCom will tell u what is coming next
  338. Kay B.Texas​Sell your Plasma Jason!!! 😂😂😂
  339. R Wesley​Despite what GW believes, these people are evil!
  340. Imo​I looked for the dismissal and could not find either
  341. Dan Halen​Elizabeth's facial expressions are what stands out
  342. Mamasabe1 W​LOL Snowblind same here
  343. Rebecca Makara​Im on a fixed income but I'll send 10 bucs
  344. J B​@George Did u c there is a new sketch out in the Case of the 2 girls
  345. Mimi Miller​those who share help as well .. many of us are poor
  346. Pattye Kistner​Harvey Schlesinger?
  347. Kat Rogers​I signed up for monthly donation on PayPal but they held till start of month to start it
  348. tnrina​ActBlue is an affiliate of David Brock’s shill group called ShareBlue
  349. LoriHammink Peterson​Maybe USAid can donate to you guys for humanitarian causes
  350. David James​ACT BLUE wiki: ActBlueActBlue logo.pngFormation 2004Type Political action committeeLocation Somerville, MAExecutive DirectorErin Hill
  351. janemc​and her sagging shoulders - looked very distressed
  352. Freempg​Kamala Harris has been groomed for years, attending Martha's Vineyard soirées with the likes of Caroline Kennedy, Vernon Jordan, Harvey Weinstein, Larry David, Carly Simon,
  353. sweep 3
  354. Live chat
  355. ratlines investigation​Comments have stalled
  356. Florida Girl​Lev - that's the sad truth
  357. Gramp Torino​The Swamp is Deep
  358. Joe Napoli​@George Webb Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did friends and family under Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  359. chicky rogue​i think melania has made him promise to end the trafficking trumps mom was trafficked
  360. Cyndi Holcomb​thanks 104424
  361. T Ruth​Investigate Racine you should place all you know on the CTT facebook page so all can review it. I agree with what you are offering.
  363. annaj​i hope u guys have weapons
  364. Joe Moss​Love Good, then George is right that it doesn't exist if the Hollomon case is not it.
  365. Ara Blumenfeld​When are you going to Florida to interview them? Thanks Ginger!
  366. UpinCT​YES Joe Nap!
  367. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Trump with all his faults like all of us, truly wants to solve some of this corruption stuff. And he has been talking about this for years... so not a new thing on his side.
  368. Jason Goodman​Your Brother, someone told me it's not safe to post the bitcoin address, is that incorrect?
  369. Red Canoe​someone has slow mode on
  370. Lorchid23​Funny how ppl bitch & whine about Trump but THEY aren't getting out, spending THEIR money to run for office. Nope, just keyboard warriors. LOL
  371. Will Jones​Someone who claims to know Racine was unaware of SC Johnson's pedophilia rape. Hmmm
  373. Teresa Kay​Radical Gaiam, TRUMP already has in Pennsylvania
  374. Judy Yount​Ortell just tweeted a treat to meet with you guys.
  375. Joe Napoli​@UpinCT I mean it was outta control
  376. K.E. Saxon​Permanent description of YOUTUBE, Jason
  378. Robert Corbett​Publ. Jul 17, 2017 Prof. Sabah Alnasseri and Paul Jay discuss a front page NYT article that blames 'Iranian expansionism' for sectarian war in Iraq and the region; says the U.S. invaded Iraq to esta
  379. rebecca kane​Rogers Benjamin confirms Holloman vs MAYO dismissed by Schlessinger
  380. Love GOOD​Joe, I searched for it all morning and could not find it.
  381. Ben Rogers​Holloman vs mayo was dismissed by schlesinger!!
  382. Rebecca Makara​Carter = Roosevelt Clinton= Rockefeller Trudeau= Castro and on and on and on........ Macron?
  383. Bill Milford​MADOFF seed is rife on Wall Street and gay Hollywood
  384. PolitiKellyRite​@investigate Racine .... Thank you, I'll look it up
  385. Blondie 95​Then why vote Bernie?
  386. drdebo Cherry​i am a socialist
  387. Jennifer Madison​check out Mueller article on Daily Mail he wants to interview a "mystery" person who was in the Jr. meeting 🤔
  388. Or Urphy​pls post the links you show in the program after the stream...@Jason Goodman in the stream description after the stream closes
  389. Radical Gaiam​its draco Reptilians who run the coal Mines
  390. Dewey Bueno​Judy Repeat in Caps if is now
  391. ratlines investigation​COMMENTS DISAPPEAR THAT'S WHY JASON.
  392. Dean Lowry​Is anyone ready to admit that Bernie is a fraud?
  393. naturalverities​Drain the swamp first... then we can have respectful disagreements about policy.
  394. janemc​agree trish
  395. Mauny Kaseburg​I thing that there is a common feeling amongst both Bernie and Trump voters. We were tired of "corruption as usual"!! E pluribus unum!
  396. Your Brother​@Jason Goodman 108morris108 posts his bitcoin wallets address and he is in east asia. It is safe if you keep a wallet for that purpose and periodically deposit fund from to another wallet.
  397. Graham 95​anti rejection pharma must show a large uptick/profit level
  398. Gramp Torino​Agree Trish
  399. Norsk Amerikaner​anyone is better than Hillary
  400. janet alvarez​I'm a socialist just like most Americans
  402. Investigate Racine​Mega Donors are in Racine, Wisconsin @Will Jones Who claimed to know about Racine that doesn't know about SC Johnson's pedo rape cases?
  403. jenna peter​Social Democrat, people wrongly equate it to communism.
  404. Florida Girl​Deplorables!!! lol Divide us and the deep state conquers us.
  405. Banana Man​That's Cultural Marxism for you.
  406. Mimi Miller​our corporations have Socialism subsidies
  407. Ginger3855​joe info on meresk toady?
  408. cherylpass​drdebo cherry....study Venezuela...you'll change your mind!
  409. Freempg​@Radical Gaiam Did you see the Forbes article where Iranian government accused the US of being run by Tall Whites?
  410. Celia Harrison​Socialist checking in.
  411. Kim Rafelson​we need to get away from parties
  412. Joan Kelly​Jason, agree with your view on Trump. compared to what else is going on, trump's a boyscout
  413. drdebo Cherry​i could not vote republican but i did not vote for killery- and will vote for trump next time!
  414. Candace Wagner​Point taken, @Patricia Negron ~ we cannot generalize "socialists" even if I disagree with support of Bernie
  415. Scott Hamilton​@Dean Lowry  Ive said so from the first day i heard he was running
  416. Kari Summerfield​Labels=Divide and Conquer
  417. Joe Napoli​@Ginger3855 later today/early evening
  418. paradise pete73​Jason..comparing the two streams..Periscope and youtube..periscope is better quality..and 5 seconds sooner..some interruptions (might be on my end)..but your multi stream concept does work well..
  419. CG Sussed​Just baseline comments to try to get under your skin guys!
  420. 5 Eyes​taxation without representation
  421. UpinCT​YES Floridan Girl---divide & conquer!
  422. Mike Fletcher​Do you know how transplanted organs are distributed? There are many avenues one can go down to obtain a transplant.
  423. Cyndi Holcomb​Bernie...a Communist socialist wants no walls and all us to pay for all who enter
  424. fred sobel​The more wrong it is, the more the perpetrator deserves to live in Casablanca.
  425. Rener Newton​social works until you run out of other people's 💰
  426. Bill Milford​A moral or agnostic is shiek to the pseudo intellectual
  427. Char Beltran​So true....red vs blue....divide and conquer
  428. PolitiKellyRite​Division is by deep state design
  429. Teresa Kay​Radical Gaiam really??? really???
  430. Love GOOD​Ben Rogers, Holloman was from 2010-2012. We are looking for a case between 2015-June 8, 2017
  431. Radical Gaiam​Dracos are under the mines
  432. Nicholas Tucker​The Oliver Stone 4-part docu. w/Putin on Showtime is well worth the time investment
  433. Dewey Bueno​Cyndi Please stop that is just bull
  434. hor104​*yawn* never any results from these two
  435. Jennifer Madison​Trish !!! watch Scott Adams (Dilbert fame) on Periscope!!🙋🙋🙋he makes some great observations on Trump! he is great!
  436. kshav62​I sent that link in your email
  437. Sam W​was dismissed in 2012
  438. Donna Summers​VERY TRUE Trish
  439. Joe Moss​that was dismissed in July 2012
  440. Brand Account​Mike Pence Indiana ratlines kids murder sacrificed Pence sponsored
  441. bigskyaz​It's Paul et al v mayo
  442. me ga​@Scott Hamilton he regularly claims he never said stuff he's on tape saying & has several lawsuits from contractors he never pays. He's a good showman who knows how to say what's popular. But he lies.
  443. Mauny Kaseburg​I wake up every morning and thank God that Hillary isn't POTUS!
  444. Your Brother​@Joe Napoli you subscribe to Lloyd's List Intelligence yet? 🚢
  445. R Wesley​Jason, what happened to Kucinich interview? I can't get the stream
  446. jenna peter​A social democrat, Tommy Douglas, gave Canada it's healthcare.
  447. David Cooley​hollowman v.mayo
  448. Omaha Ben​Steve Stevie the facebook killer was involved in organ harvesting.. WOW
  449. Mimi Miller​people live in capitalism but not corporations
  450. Timothy Sullivan​Did U all read Glenn Greenwald's latest abt NeoCons & Dems coming together? All of your favorite ppl in that group. Interesting read.
  451. Jeannette Fridley​Send it to HANNITY
  452. Joe Napoli​@Your Brother S#$& not yet my bad
  453. Gramp Torino​Quite obvious GOP are just as much Dems part of Resistance, I voted Trump to resist the Aforementioned
  454. Freempg​Use DuckDuckGo, screw google
  455. Nikki M​Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem
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